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For guest writing we accept anyone who has the skill to research a particular topic in full detail and make a valuable and interesting (2.000+ words) article out of it.


Below you can find a download link to guest writer application form (word document). This document is obligatory. Download it, fill it up, and send it back to us so we may revise it. We’ll get back to you in 10 business days. Send to lubeforsex@gmail.com email.


What are the benefits of becoming guest writer at lubeforsex.com?

You can find a very nice article on advantages of guest writing here at this quality source. We recommend reading it to see all benefits of guest blogging.

1st reason: Lube For Sex is a new, developing website, established in august 2019. Therefore, we are not charging any money (yet) to our guest writers. It’s completely free and you may include a do-follow link in the article as long as it’s related to the content.

2nd reason: By publishing on our website you help us grow, and as a consequence, our website is getting value. Any backlinks you may include in the content, are becoming more valuable by each new article posted on our website.

3rd reason: You will also be mentioned at the end of the article as an author. Your article has your signature. And your signature can link to your official (most known) website. Being mentioned as an author, adds value to your guest writing references. Thus providing a positive impact when you’re applying for potential guest writing opportunities on other authoritative websites.

4th reason: Your signature may include a link to your own website (backlink). With this you are bringing traffic to your site (more visitors). Although, your site will be manually reviewed before we can confirm your link – but in general if everything is clean, reader friendly and spam free, your link should be approved.


For any further details contact us at lubeforsex@gmail.com – so that we can specify your topic and talk about general condition about submitting a guest post to us. But keep in mind that only high quality articles will be accepted. Our readers are number 1 priority.

Now is your chance to grow with us.


A step-by-step process how to become a guest writer

Step 1 | Read rules (terms and conditions) that every guest writer at lubeforsex.com must follow.

Step 2 | Download lube for sex guest writer application LFS_Guest_writer_application.docx and fill in the required fields.

Step 3 | Send the application to our email address lubeforsex@gmail.com.

Step 4 | Wait for our feedback regarding the acceptance of your application. We are also going to determine the topic of your article at this point.

Step 5 | Write full article in an empty word document (at least 2.000 words and structure your document with at least 2 levels of headings <h2> and <h1>, with <h1> being the main title of your article). Do not to forget to include links in your article. Do not forget to include some high quality pictures. Sign yourself as an author and include a link to your main website.

Step 6 | Send us your article via email for a revision. If all is ok, we will publish it with your signature/authorship included. If some little fixes are needed, we will do those ourselves. If there are major issues with your article, we are going to send you a list of issues you have to fix.

Step 7 | We are going to email you a link to your article and a thank you note with topic suggestions for future articles. Enjoy reading your article featured on our website.


By being published on our site you are establishing yourself as an author.


Terms and conditions for guest writing on Lube For Sex

lube for sex rules

1) Write in english – your english must be very good or perfect. We do not accept poorly written content.

2) Even thought this is sexual content oriented website, we never use vulgar language.

3) We only accept articles longer than 2.000 words. Your article should be 2.000+ words in order to be accepted.

4) Structure your article. With headings and subheadings. Try using at least 2 levels of heading titles.

5) We only accept articles that are educational and interesting. Quality for our readers is the main priority.

6) Every claim you make in your article, must be supported by facts. Either link to an authority website to prove your claim, or include a data that supports your claim.

7) Never include link to an affiliate website. You may link to a site which includes affiliate links, but linking directly to a product selling website is strictly forbidden.

8) Every link you include has to have 100% relevance to the content of your article.

9) Use high quality, unique pictures – include some nice looking pictures in your article. Self made pictures are preferred. We are focused on keeping our content unique. Try not using general internet photos if you can make your own picture.

10) Always write for the audience (readers) – our readers are most important to us. So make sure your content adds high value to our readers. We only cooperate with writers, who are willing (and capable) of creating highly valuable original content.


Thank you for applying as a guest writer at Lube For Sex.


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