7 Most Annoying Things Women Sometimes Do In The Bedroom


Physical attraction isn’t everything. The way someone behaves and the actions they take, can have a huge impact on their partner’s mood.

It is the same as if you are being served great delicious food, but someone starts talking about something repulsive, which completely ruins your appetite!

While men are perhaps even more problematic, we are going to focus on women today and which are those things that women tend to do, that are bound to turn off any guy. This can sometimes be useful for a girl (if she wants to scare him away), however, in cases when you expect a romantic night finishing off with some intimacy, you should definitely avoid doing these stuff.

With this reason we’re sharing today the 7 most annoying things women sometimes do in the bedroom, of which every single one presents a major turn-off for a guy. So, if you want sex tonight girl, be sure not to make these mistakes!

Before diving into the content, see these simple tricks to make him love you and sexually want you (even if you two have been together for years now)!

Below you can find 7 worst turn offs for men. Hope that you don’t find yourself doing any of these!

Turn off #1 – Talking about serious things just before sex

No guy likes to jump to bed, just to be faced with a serious conversation right before having sex with their wife. But sometimes girls feel the need to talk to the guy about “something important” before having love. It is really annoying and it doesn’t work as most guys will just say “yes” to everything at that point because they want to finish the conversation as soon as possible.

Turn off #2 – Telling him to wait because you need to shave first

turn off for men - shaving legs before sex

There’s nothing worse than having an image of hairy legs stuck on your mind, when waiting for her to make herself pretty before coming to bed. Don’t get me wrong, it is great that you go and have a shave, making sure you’re clean and smelling all fresh. Just don’t say it out loud for Christ’s sake. Better just tell him to wait a bit, because you have a surprise for him. Come out of the bathroom wearing something sexy. That’s bound to turn him on and make him lust for you.

Turn off #3 – Taking sex (and the guy) for granted

We’ve all been there and some (or perhaps even the majority of people in a relationship) still are – You simply get used to your significant other and stop appreciating them. You find yourself dreaming about having sex with other people, while the sexual relationship with your partner feels more of a chore than anything else. When a woman treats a man in such fashion, a guy can feel that … and that’s a real turn-off! He can see that you have no passion for him. You’re physically there but that’s all there is to it. If you show how much he means to you, he will love you for that.

Turn off #4 – Farting (obviously, but I had to put it on the list)

7 Most Annoying Things Women Sometimes Do In The Bedroom - Farting in Bed

This 4th of the 7 most annoying things women sometimes do in the bedroom is a real stinker (get it, lol). There are two things couples should never ever do in front of each other, and both come out of their asses – the 1st one is farting, and the 2nd one is taking a dump while the other partner is present in the same room (toilet and bathroom not being separated for example). Anyway, both are a huge turn-off, and regardless of how long you two have been together, trust me, even if he says he’s OK with it, he isn’t. You can test him, by asking him right after you took a huge dump, if he wants to have some fun in the bed. I am no fortune teller but I know what his answer will be. So please, just don’t do it!

Turn off #5 – “Phone is the most important thing of my life” attitude

“Beep”, and she turns to look at her phone for a second … one min later “beep” and she does it again. One min later … you get the idea… Those “beeps” aren’t just ruining your lust for her, the phone addiction is a real thing and can ruin a relationship completely. If you ask me, phones shouldn’t be allowed in the bedroom, especially when a couple is trying to be intimate. You have that phone with yourself 24/7, so at least put it away for those 30 minutes that you’re with your man. Phone obsession is definitely one of the most annoying things women sometimes do in the bedroom.

Turn off #6 – Bad breath

female bad breath is a major turn off for a guy

Did you brush your teeth and washed your mouth before coming to the bedroom? If not, you can hardly expect him to say anything, however, you are for sure turning his sexual desire off by not taking care of the freshness of your breath. I know a guy who told me that his girlfriend has an appointment at the dentist because one of her teeth was actually rotting. And that her breath has been awful for like 6 months now. I asked him, how do they have sex, if it’s that bad. He told me: “We hardly have any, I can’t wait she fixes the issue!”

Turn off #7 – Acting like a virgin, being against any type of kinkiness

Look, those pajamas that mother bought you 5 years ago, are all nice with those cute rainbow hearts. But for sure they are not sexy at all. And if your plan is to just lay there in the bed, that’s certainly not the hottest thing a girl can do. You need to create a sexy atmosphere and stop acting like a virgin (because you’re not)! Better be fast and find some kinky ideas to surprise him in bed. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can be sure he’s going to be blown away by your “new you”.

So, we came to an end. Thank you once again for reading our content. We believe that if only 1% of what you read was useful to your needs, that we’re doing a good job here. Come back soon as we publish weekly, and we’re sure that you’ll once again be able to find something sexy and beautiful.

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