13 Worst and Most Stupid Things Men Can Do In Bedroom


Which are the 13 worst and most stupid things men can do in bedroom? – Read this article, so that you can avoid making these same mistakes yourself. In the continuation you will find the list of 13 worst things men do in bed.

Many men frequently don’t pay enough attention to their behavior when spending time with their partners. They quite often ignore the most obvious hints and are capable to irritate even the most patient girl, when they don’t understand her body language, and signs telling them why they are not supposed to do this or that thing.

Firecams investigated what are the most stupid things men can do in bedroom when spending some time with their beloved ones. Here is the list of 13 things women seriously hate about men’s behavior.

1) Twisting Nipples

Twisting nipples is on the 1st place of our 13 Worst and Most Stupid Things Men Can Do In Bedroom list.

Even though some women may like when men twist their nipples, the majority of women hates when men do it. Especially, when men do it assertively without cautiousness and respect.

The female breast is full of nerve endings, but they are all on the surface of the nipples around them and are very close to the surface of the skin. Women’s breasts also have mammary glands consisting of 15–20 separate cone-shaped lobes with fat between them that creates the size of this seductive part of the women body. The lobes themselves are dense, and their compression, as well as the compression of the nipples, can be painful.

There is even more – the breast sensitivity changes several times during the month. The closer to the days of menstruation – the more susceptible women’s body become. Sharp touches to such a sensitive body part in this period can cause serious pain. Sometimes the sensitivity of the breast is increased so much, that any contact with it can cause the discomfort, and this is a quite normal and regular phenomenon.

To avoid quarrels, ask your partner during preliminary caresses whether she is comfortable with what you do in the bed. If she is fine, continue to do what you do. Communication can really help you to avoid hurting her at parts where she is sensitive. You can also talk about this in advance to find out her preferences. If you think that such a conversation can kill the romantic approach of you, you are mistaken. This will only show that you are a caring and loving man.

Most Stupid Things Men Can do in Bedroom

2) Ignoring The Foreplay

When men ignore women’s need to have foreplay, they in advance spoiling all the pleasure that both men and women can get out of the sex.

Lack of foreplay is the 2nd mistake on our list of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom.

The biggest mistakes a man can do in bed is to ignore the needs of his partner and skip all the romantic things in favor of his instincts. Many males sincerely think that women are designed the same way as men – once they have an erection, they are ready to have sex. Nevertheless, often women need much longer foreplay before sex to feel sexual arousal and get some lubrication, otherwise, sex can be unpleasant and even painful.

3) Initiating Kinky Things Without Asking

Many men like to do kinky stuff in bed or are interested to try it for the first time with their partners. But usually they just don’t embody their desire properly.

About one-fifth of all men don’t discuss with their partners about their desire of performing kinky sex – they just do it. As a matter of fact, in some cases, this may be considered as sexual harassment, even if two people are a couple in a relationship.

All kinky stuff in bed requires mutual agreement – otherwise, this can be regarded as sexual abuse. The brightest example of kinky thing in bed is BDSM – also referred to as Dominance & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. According to wikipedia.org, BDSM is risk-associated kinky stuff. Many of the risks that are associated with  BDSM, are closely related to mental health.

The act of BDSM can lead to consequential problems with physically & mentally abusive dominant partners, self-hating subs, etc. This is the primal reason why the decision on kinky things in bed should always be mutually agreed by both partners. Otherwise, it is regarded as a violation of human rights.

Worst Things Men Can Do In Bed

4) Contraception Ignorance

Among all the worst things men can do in bed, is the unwillingness to use condoms when having sex.

Barrier contraception is an essential part of healthy sexual interaction. Unfortunately, many men ignore the need to use condoms, citing the lack of comfort and natural feel. Even the most talented lovers say something like “I don’t feel it well in a condom” and “I can’t satisfy you while wearing this”.

To convince your partner that condoms can bring pleasure when used properly, tell him that a contraceptive that is correctly sized should not press, rub, slide off the penis or in any way affect erectile function. In addition to almost ultimate protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, the condom also allows partners as a whole to feel safer during sex, which positively affects its quality.

Not wanting to wear a condom is one of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom. If she wants safe sex, wear a condom, period.

5) Sex During Period (Sex During Menstruation)

According to Everyday Health, not necessarily all girls stop having sex during their period. For some women, sex during menstruation feels even more pleasurable than usually.

However, many men regularly feel irritated each time their partners experience menstruation, and make one of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom – trying to force a woman into having period sex. They just can’t get over the idea that women just take their time to ignore their natural needs. The thing is, that while some women like sex during their menstruation, other women just don’t feel well about having period sex.

This is dictated by their physiology which rarely can be cheated to have pleasurable sex during period. However, there are certain advantages in having sex during period. The need for lubrication lessens in this time, and the orgasm presence can soften the period-related symptoms such as migraine and cluster headaches.

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6) Penetration Alone Is Supposed To Feel Amazing?

Talking about things women really hate in bed, then among the top of them should be men’s opinion that their deep penetration should lift them above the clouds and provide her the most powerful orgasm ever.

This tactic can work with men, but unfortunately, when it comes to the satisfaction of a woman, there needs to be something more extravagant – at least the clitoral stimulation.

Due to physiological differences between men’s and women’s bodies women have a much broader spectrum of how to get satisfaction. Frequently it needs more than a few types of sexual stimulation to get the desired orgasm. Moreover, frequently women feel pain at the beginning of the sexual act when men start penetrating them. Only after they get used to the tempo of penetration they start feeling pleasure. To stimulate women men need to pay more attention to the clit stimulation. This brings warmness that tingles through the women body bringing new different and pleasurable feelings.

13 Worst and Most Stupid Things Men Can do in Bedroom

7) Treat Cunnilingus Like A Foreplay For Penetration

About one-fifth of all men refuse to make cunnilingus as they claim it to be a shame for them. This might be one of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom.

And about half of all men don’t understand that cunnilingus isn’t enough to make a woman ready to have sex. Quite often women need some time to get wet and be fully ready to start bed games.

Cunnilingus is extremely important for intimate relationships and can only be a part of foreplay but women need men to tease and rub them so that they become horny and ready for the sex.

Still, many women experience discomfort during cunnilingus. For some, it is associated with complexes about their smell and taste, or with confidence in the ugliness of their genitals. Others worry that the man does not like to do this. Others do not like to be in the spotlight and cannot relax.

As a rule, a woman is hypercritical to her body, so man’s eyes, nose and mouth in her most sensitive and vulnerable area cause at least slight resistance.

Do not make one of the most stupid mistakes men can do in bedroom and let her know you love performing cunnilingus and that she smells and tastes amazing.

Stupid Things Men do in Bedroom

8) Squeezing Breasts Too Much

Squeezing breasts too much is one of the worst and most stupid things men can do in bedroom. Breast are sensitive and squeezing them too much only results in pain.

All men should be aware that women’s breasts are among the most sensitive parts on their body. Being gentle with women is necessary to maintain balanced relationships as a couple.

“Regular intimate relationships contribute to breast augmentation”, sexologists are saying. Although for a long time this fact has been questioned. But today it is scientifically proven that the hormone Prostaglandins (which is found in male semen), when ingested, stimulates the production of female hormones, including estrogen.

Thanks to estrogen in women, the volume of their breasts and hips increases. It was proved that gentle caressing can add a few extra centimeters to the breasts size.

9) Initiative Denial

The idea that intimacy is interesting only to men and sexual desire is not at all characteristic of the fair sex, is so tightly rooted in the minds of some men that they do not recognize and sometimes even ignore the playful mood of their partners.

Sex in their minds should occur only on their initiative. Women hate when men don’t let them take initiative over the sexual life of them as a couple. In the 21st century, the sexual initiative is more than common to come from both partners. Thinking that only a man can initiate sex, can just as well be the 9th of the worst and most stupid things men can do in bedroom.

In sexual life, it is very important to compromise, and therefore, to yield. By regularly taking an actively dominant position, a man can deprive a partner of the opportunity to take the initiative.

Sometimes a man deliberately tries to demonstrate that he is in charge in bed: he sets the tempo and leads the change of position. And even when he is the one receiving, he tries to manage the process. But sometimes a man should just relax and take the pleasure.

A change of roles can have a beneficial effect on the quality of sex, allow partners to express their desires and understand what their second halves want. Do not make the mistake of always trying to be the one controlling the situation, for it is one of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom.

Worst Things Men do in Bed

10) Silent Sex

Men, in general, are raised in such way that they grow more restrained. As a result, they are less susceptible to emotions, while maintaining sobriety of their mind, they do not show their feelings to others. Even with close people, some men experience difficulties in describing their own feelings. Many active women may be irritated by the complete silence when having sex with their beloved partner. 

General restraint often leads to the fact that during sex a man remains in stoic silence. At the same time, not all women want from men to make characteristic moans during sexual activity. But still, sounds are one of the easiest ways to let your partner know if you like everything that is happening.

By the way, this can be done not only with the help of sounds but also with the help of words, which men usually prefer when having sex – However, wrong words can kill the mood, so there’s a lot to learn.

11) Giving Criticism During Sex

The problem is not that men criticize the actions of their partners. Often they do this rather harshly and thoughtlessly as if they want to intentionally insult a partner.

And even if they express a completely objective opinion there are more appropriate moments for this than during sex. Men should more carefully pick up a suitable moment to discuss anything related to the sexual life with their couple.

Criticism sometimes gives its wonderful results. However, it is important to be able to choose a suitable time and place. In no case should a man to make comments to his partner during sexual affection.

If some of the actions bring discomfort, they should be ended as soon as possible and later discussed to solve the problem. You can discuss anything with your partner later, preferably not in bed, with a positive attitude trying to find solutions and improvement, instead of putting and emphasis to the problem itself.

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12) Ask For A Blowjob, Refuse To Do Cunnilingus

Some men like blowjob but as they care about public opinion too much they refuse to caress their beloved woman with cunnilingus. Possibly one of the most stupid things men can do in bedroom.

The society is still patriarchal, despite the successes of various activists. Besides, due to many factors, such as the level of sex education, our society is extremely hypocritical about oral satisfaction of women.

Also, the majority of men are too much dependable on public opinion. So it turns out that most men are under the oppression of themselves. This is why they consider cunnilingus and caressing their second half as something that they should be ashamed of.

It is one of the worst and most stupid things men can do in bedroom, to ask for oral sex but not give it in return. Avoid being selfish. If she gives you blowjob, you should also go down on her vagina with your mouth and take her into heaven.

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13) Forget To Keep Lubricants Handy

Again, due to physiological difference, women can not always get wet naturally, enough to have painless sex.

Frequently due to their women calendar, they don’t have enough resources to become wet when being with their man. That is why these couples, who prefer having regular sex despite the calendar situation and periods, have to keep their lubricants (lube for sex) at hand to guarantee pleasurable feelings for both partners during sex.

Also, a woman’s vaginal lubrication is not always enough. This can be either a girl’s innate feature or an acquired trait: for example, during and after pregnancy, the hormonal background changes dramatically and a woman may experience a feeling of dryness in the intimate area.

Lovers of stormy and long sex know – for a long and unforgettable pleasure it is better to have a few bottles of lube on your stock – as a guarantee for pleasant sexual experience.

Final Thoughts – 13 Worst And Most Stupid Things Men Can Do In Bedroom

Although we live in times when moral values are free from prejudice, many women continue to believe, that it is a man who should be the initiator of sexual contact.

The psychology of men is structured differently: they secretly want a woman to seduce, fascinate, give secret hints of sexual intimacy.

And to find the golden middle of intimacy in relationships both partners have to pay enough attention to their beloved ones to track what they like most and how they want their partners to act in bed.

The key to the perfect intimate life has always been communication and it will remain so. I’d like to thank you all for reading our article titled: 13 Worst and Most Stupid Things Men Can Do In Bedroom. Finally I’d like to thank Gregory for guest posting and contributing to development of our website.

We will continue to publish new articles on sexual wellness and personal lubricants weekly, so stay tuned.

Yours truly, the lubeforsex.com team


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