3 Reasons Why Seniors Need Lube In Their Sex Lives


Wetter is better for men as well as women – Palo Alto, Sex Therapist.

Lubricants are something that adds pleasure to sex. Particularly when we grow old, using lube for every sexual act makes things more exciting for both partners. Lubrication can be used for all kinds of sex, toy sex, solo sex, or any sexual activity you get involved in.

Lube brings back the fun in friction. But don’t be hasty and rush to the drugstore to buy a common brand – there is a whole new world of lubricants out there that are good for aging genitals. But, not to worry, we will help guide you with information on lube and how it can help older couples enjoy sex while avoiding discomfort.

Here are 3 reasons why seniors need lube in their sex lives.

1) Older Men Need Lubrication to FEEL again

Older men usually meet two sexual difficulties: arousal and erectile dysfunction. Even though the media and Big Pharma concentrate almost solely on the latter, arousal problems can be fairly problematic too! This is because arousal can start to decline by the age of 50 for a man.

After the age of 50, the sight of a slim body no longer “automatically” attracts the observer. The first time this occurs can often leave a man feeling anxious because they’re bodies are taking longer to react to sexual encounters than they did when they were younger. It can be such a drastic break from the past because it can also make a man worry about the future of his sex life and if he will be able to “feel” again.

If you’re getting older and start noticing these changes, don’t freak out. It’s important to know that arousal is still possible, and as we age, It just means that our bodies need a little more time to get the engines running. For example, a man’s genitals become less receptive to sensual touch. And because of this, a man needs a combination of things to help get him aroused.

Men concerned with their ability to please their partners can consult with their doctor about ED treatment or acoustic wave therapy treatment at home. In addition to this, lube can also help increase erotic touch, allowing older men to get excited while experiencing more sensual pleasure.

2) Older Women Need MORE Lube to fight vaginal dryness

The female body also changes when they get older. Vaginal dryness can be a problem for women after they have gone through menopause.

As women age, their estrogen levels start to decrease, and their hormones start to change. The genital tissues in the vaginal walls become thinner, and as a result, can become really sensitive during sex.  Older women also have a harder time producing lubrication. This may cause penetration to feel uncomfortable or even painful when using a sex toy. Moreover, clitoral touching may also be painful if there’s no lubrication.

But, this is where lube comes to the rescue! Lube can help older women stay lubricated if they’re unable to produce enough lubrication themselves. It can also help outer or inner touching or massaging more pleasurable and intimate.

3) Wetter is just better

It just takes 10 seconds to show how lubricants can improve our sex lives.

  • Close your mouth and dry your lips.
  • Run a finger gently over them, paying attention to how it feels.
  • Now, lick your lips and your fingertip.
  • Run the wetted finger softly over your moistened lips.

Feel any difference? I bet you felt more satisfaction with a wet finger and lips. That’s what an Indiana University study found in a survey of 2,500 women of all ages who ranked sex with lube more fun. A related survey of 1,874 men associated lubricant with longer-duration sex, another example of pleasure. Even better, lube enhances sex instantly.

But, as for other couples, lube is just one piece of the puzzle to keep the sex going after 50. Even with the help of lube, older couples need to continue to have sex in order to make things work for both reproductive systems.

Older couples need more than just lube

lube for older couples

There’s a popular misperception that as you get older, you’re no longer interested in sex, or that older couples don’t have sex at all. This is a lie.

Although the body does change as we get older, sex is very much still possible for both men and women. As we now know that lube is important for older couples to help keep things slick and comfortable, it’s just one piece of the puzzle to help keep the fire burning.

Couples should maintain an active sex life and communicate with their partners about the changes going on with their bodies. For instance, women need to engage in more sex because it will keep their vaginal tissues healthy, and lubricated. The less sex you have the narrower the vagina becomes, making it harder to engage in comfortable sex. Women may also want to try water-based lubricants or fragrance-free lubricants and moisturizers to keep things less dry. For more information and recommendations on lube, you can read our 4 types of lubricants and key differences between them.

As for older men, they need to take care of their erections in order to perform and enjoy sex with their partners through intercourse. Whether it’s visiting a doctor for Erectile Dysfunction medication or using acoustic wave therapy for better sensitivity, a man should also be communicating with their partner on health issues that may cause arousal and erection issues. Even if the function of their erection is limited, they can still use lube to help smooth things out and make penetrating comfortable for both him and his partner.

Lastly, lube isn’t just for sex. If sexual intercourse isn’t always the outcome, the goal can also be for pleasure. Lube can make things more pleasurable by touching your partner in their erogenous zones or by helping them masturbate.


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