10 Reasons Why Men Love Women Who Do Yoga


Understanding Men’s Obsession with Girls Who Do Yoga

Yoga isn’t just a fitness routine; it’s a lifestyle. Yoga, as a philosophy, focuses on uniting the body, mind, and soul. But aside from its physical and emotional benefits, this practice can enhance your love life. It’s not uncommon to find men on the best online dating sites seeking a beautiful yoga woman. Even if they don’t practice yoga themselves, here’s why men love yoga women.

They’re Confident

One of the yoga benefits for womenis confidence. Low self-esteem triggers jealousy since your partner continually questions her worthiness. Your lover also feels like a burden making it difficult to open up. This goes hand in hand with faking her personality to avoid rejection. If your partner’s insecurity stems from her body size, yoga accelerates weight loss and muscle toning to provide a killer figure.

Additionally, yoga reveals your crush’s capabilities and limitations, allowing her to make peace with what she cannot or doesn’t enjoy doing. Because stress hinders confidence, breathing exercises relax the body and prepare the mind to handle future worries. By aligning the body, yoga enables the girl of your dreams to stand upright, exuding confidence.

Not forgetting mantras that reinforce body image. Self-assuring words minimize distraction and make it easier to share ideas. Aside from being sexy, a confident woman makes the relationship long-lasting.

They’re Strong

Date a woman who loves yogaif you’re looking for a lover and a fitness partner. A yoga girl is the last person to back out of a plank challenge. High lunges, squats, dolphin push-ups, standing splits; you name it, different poses build strength.

But strength isn’t limited to physical abilities. A woman who practices yogaboasts of mental fortitude. Because she isn’t afraid of showing initiative, your partner won’t burden you with planning the perfect date. She’s also bold about her sexual needs, so you won’t kill yourself trying to satisfy her.

This mental strength translates to independence. Though she won’t strip you of your manly roles, an independent woman doesn’t mind contributing to the home’s bills. The fact that she uses yoga to relieve stress makes a yoga woman less demanding than other girls. Most importantly, you won’t become mediocre because she pushes you to be better.

They Have Great Bodies

Yoga girls look great whether they’re rocking bikinis or yoga clothes for women.After all, they’ve worked hard for that sexy yogabody and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.So, how does yoga shape the body? Being a full-body workout, yoga requires total muscle control.

For example, the downward dog exerts every muscle, particularly the core, to avoid tipping over. What’s more, engaging the chest and abs simultaneously provides resistance to align the entire body without straining the back.

Moreover, yoga stresses the bones to boost their calcium storage and promote muscle toning. The best part is that yoga doesn’t feel like physical activity. Concentrating on posture and breathing makes muscle pains less noticeable. This, together with the instructor’s voice and soothing yoga music, ensures your crush doesn’t give up on the perfect body.

two woman doing yoga

Better Sex Life

Dating a yoga girl translates to vibrant sex life. First off, yoga minimizes fatigue, arousing your partner after long days. Secondly, this practice enhances your lover’s body image to make her feel desirable between the sheets. Yoga also improves flexibility by lubricating joints and relieving spinal tension. That way, you can try new positions without worrying about hip cramps.

Furthermore, yoga clears your head to promote sexual satisfaction. It’s difficult to enjoy sex when you’re angry with your partner or suffering from anxiety and depression. Again, yoga shifts Mula Bandha, the pelvic floor’s energy area.

This triggers the pelvis’s supportive muscles to facilitate spinal movement, recreating kegel exercises. On top of intensifying your woman’s orgasms, toned PC muscles increase the grip on your penis for unforgettable bedroom sessions.

Zero Judgment

Yoga opens the heart to receive love and release any judgment collected along the way. Yoginis strive to live a yoga lifewith love, regardless of the wrongs committed against them. Whether someone stole their parking spot or cut them off in traffic, yoga women understand some situations are perfect for other people even if they don’t favor them.

What’s more, the world is evolving, and they could find themselves in paths they once criticized. They understand everyone, including themselves and their lovers, are imperfect. This way, they don’t set unrealistic standards.

Not saying she won’t get mad at you. Although disagreements are inevitable in relationships, your girl will examine her emotions before reacting to them. By picturing the situation from your perspective, they’ll understand the reasons behind your actions and cultivate forgiveness.

They’re Healthy

You can forget hospital trips when you date a yoga girl. There are numerous health benefits of yoga for women.To begin with, it improves blood flow to prevent strokes, hypertension, and heart attacks. It also reduces blood sugar to prevent diabetes and related complications like blindness and kidney failure.

Another advantage is relaxing the nervous system for better sleep. Besides promoting deeper calming breaths, yoga prevents asthma attacks by encouraging nose inhalation to filter and warm the air. Not mentioning the practice’s contribution to digestive health. Since it reduces stress, yoga soothes ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

The body movements also accelerate food transportation and waste disposal to ease constipation. In most cases, these women also watch their diet and incorporate other fitness routines. If you’re looking for someone to put your health in check, look no further.

They Live in the Moment

Mindfulness, one of yoga’s primary teachings, encourages participants to acknowledge their current feelings, thoughts, sensations, and environment.  However, technology and life’s struggles have threatened this awareness. Since your lover is present in the relationship, pleasure is guaranteed in and out of the bedroom. They’re also empathetic in sad situations.

yoga pose

Not only that, yoga women are spontaneous. Although they value work, they won’t let it steal their happiness. They’re the type of girls who do their morning yogaand jump on a plane in the afternoon for a weekend getaway.

Such partners also tag you along on their adventures and brighten the dullest days. But you don’t have to go on their escapades if you don’t want to. Since they also need alone time, these women leave you to your thoughts upon request.

They’re Positive

Your partner’s positivity inspires you just as yoga inspires her. Instead of controlling her surroundings, she strives to master her reaction to particular situations. Yoginis believe that success and failure depend on their thoughts. It’s not uncommon to find her chanting ahead of, during, and after yoga sessions. Hearing your partner continually say “I am blessed” or “I am whole” makes you positive. She might also write the mantras on cards and throw them in your coat pocket.

Like other workouts, yoga posesimprove circulation to release positive hormones. The same applies to rhythmic breathing that promotes oxygen absorption to eliminate absorption and create room for positive thoughts. On the other hand, meditation raises self-awareness, dispelling negativity when it occurs.

Your partner’s diet also contributes to her positivity. On top of eating wholesome foods like fruits and veggies, yoginis regulate their portions and chew properly for maximum physical and psychological benefits. A fresh mind translates to positive thoughts.

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They’re Balanced

A sexy yoga womanrestores balance to your life. Forget handstands and tree poses; balance goes beyond the body to include the mind and spirit. Take the case of Prakrti and Purusha energies. Representing the body and mind, Prakrti manifests everything physical.

Conversely, Purusha symbolizes pure consciousness. Another example is Prana and Apana. While Prana feeds the body through inhalation, Apana uses exhalation and other functions to release energy. Yoga girls understand that stability isn’t about being right every time. Rather, it’s making progress no matter the situation.

These partners also encourage you to move at your pace. Most studios encourage yoga practitioners to take their time to master particular techniques. Your lover will bring these lessons home and encourage you to pursue your dreams without feeling like time is running out.

They’re Consistent

You don’t have to worry about mixed signals with yoginis.  The time spent learning complex poses and the soreness thereafter have taught them good things take time. This goes hand in hand with the numerous teachings from her instructor and yoga books.

That way, they won’t give up on the relationship during tough times. Remember, your partner has experienced adversity. Like other spiritual practices, most people seek yoga to understand the meaning of life. Since she has encountered distress, a yogini commits herself to constant improvement. This dedication extends her friendships, family, and romantic connections.

Moreover, yoginis appreciate small gestures, from doing the dishes and making breakfast to writing love notes and picking her up at the studio.


From being confident to looking good, approaching a yogini isn’t different from other girls. However, connect with your spiritual side first. Yoga girls can detect malicious intentions. Do you have a hot yogawoman in your life? Share tips on how to date a woman who loves yoga in the comment section below.

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