What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl?


I opened this topic although I have no clue about the answer to the question “What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl?” – I guess we will be learning together… What I will do is check all available sources and gather information here, so that you can find all the answers at one place. We are not merely gonna discuss the white fluid, we will also check other colors of the fluid that comes out of a girl.

What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl? – The fluid that comes out of female vagina is vaginal discharge [1]. Vaginal discharge is in most cases perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. It plays an important role in keeping your vagina healthy. The function it provides for vaginal health is achieved by flushing out dead cells and bacteria from your body, while also maintaining natural pH balance. However, sometimes vaginal discharge can also be a sign of an underlying problem.

Within this article we will check what different textures, colors, thicknesses of a vaginal discharge are there, and what do they mean. Thus we will provide the answer to the question what is the white fluid that comes out of a girl?

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Vaginal health being one of the main topics of our website, this seems like a pretty relevant question to find an answer too. Generally we like to discus personal lubricants (lubes) but anything related to sexual wellness and sexual health also fits our site perfectly.

This is why it is of big importance to us that we cover as many related topics, and most of all, answer questions that you may not find a comprehensive answer to anywhere else. Questions related to vaginal discharge and what is the white fluid that comes out of a girl will be answered within this article.

What is normal and what is abnormal vaginal discharge?

First of all, if there’s no pain, irritation or itching which you suddenly developed, you should not worry about your vaginal discharge. If you feel good, you shouldn’t worry.

There are many reasons why your vaginal discharge may alter color, texture and thickness. Most of the time it’s normal, but sometimes it can be due to infection (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, …).

Let’s first take a look at some normal causes for the change of vaginal discharge, which are harmless and you shouldn’t worry about.

vaginal discharge

Changes of vaginal discharge due to puberty

If you are around the age of puberty the white fluid that’s coming out of you, might not merely change in color but can also change composition and the amount. It may seem like something is completely messed up and wrong with your body, but it’s not – it is perfectly normal.

Your body will be changing in this time, and so will you vaginal flora. Ovaries will start producing estrogen and also the pH of vagina will change. The environment will be become more acidic, making the pH of vagina after puberty around 3.5 – 4.5.

Changes of vaginal discharge due to pregnancy

During pregnancy the amount of vaginal discharge increases. Color may vary from white to brown.

White color can be clear or it can be milky white. Both are normal, the discharge becomes milky white because it’s protecting you from infections.

Brown discharge is like that due to the blood being mixed in it. Sounds dangerous but in most cases it’s not. During pregnancy your cervix is a lot more sensitive and can start bleeding after sex or after being examined by an ob-gyn.

Changes of vaginal discharge due to menopause

By entering menopause you will notice that your vaginal discharge has also been subdued to changes. In menopause your vaginal flora will change back to as it was before puberty. Even the pH acidity level will decrease back to 6.0 – 7.5.

Many women experience vaginal dryness when they enter menopause. Due to this reason sexual penetration may become painful and additional lubrication is needed.

Changes of vaginal discharge due to menstruation

Menstrual cycle has an effect on the color and composition of your vaginal discharge. Your vaginal discharge could be thick and sticky – this is common in the days following your menstruation. You will also notice that the volume has decreased at this time.

During ovulation, or a bit prior to it, your vaginal discharge should be increased. At this time it is normal that your vaginal discharge is of clear transparent color and normally it has thin composition.

Puberty, pregnancy, menopause and menstrual cycle are 4 common reasons for changes of your vaginal discharge and at this times you should not panic. However, if you feel any sort of discomfort it is advised to seek professional help. “What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl and is it normal” is a question that can be connected to any of the discussed periods in life. It is normal that during these periods you will notice changes of color, thickness and texture of vaginal discharge.

We are now going to check how you can recognize abnormal vaginal discharge, what are the common causes and what colors of vaginal discharge can be alarming.

Abnormal vaginal discharge and how to recognize it?

As we previously mentioned, most of the time there’s nothing to panic about the changes of color and composition of your vaginal discharge. If there’s no discomfort there’s usually nothing wrong.

However, if you start to feel itchy, or if there is any kind of pain, irritation or burning sensation that you might be experiencing, there’s a big chance that something abnormal is going on.

What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl

Simplest way to analyze what it could be is going through the different colors of vaginal discharge and check what a particular color could mean. What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl? We will learn there’s more than just the white fluid. Vaginal discharge can also be yellow, green, brown, etc.

Thick, cheese-like, white vaginal discharge

So there’s suddenly a change in your vaginal area. Not just the discharge, which has changed color and its structure, but also other side effects – such as itching?

Chunky bits looking like cottage cheese that are white colored and without any particular scent, usually mean that you have infection – yeast infection to be more precise.

Yeast infection can be mild or severe, and it usually happens because of sugars and sweet stuff that you are adding to your body (orally or vaginally). Using lubes with glycerin or flavors added, can trigger yeast infection. Eating sweet stuff can do the same.

Use virgin cold-pressed coconut oil to treat your yeast infection, while also changing your diet to a less-sweet one. Sugars act as food to Candida albicans and other Candida species, therefore by adding sweet stuff to your body, you may have caused candida overgrowth.

Yellow and green vaginal discharge

If your vaginal discharge gets yellowish or greenish there’s no need to panic instantly if there are no other symptoms. Such as:

  • Itching;
  • Pain during urination;
  • Weird, uncommon smell;
  • Other discomforts…

Yellow/green color, being accompanied by the above mentioned symptoms, may however point to type of vaginitis called trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is caused by a parasite. It is a tiny, microscopic, one cell parasite carrying the name Trichomonas vaginalis. Many people get infected by it, without experiencing symptoms in the form of a discharge.

Treatment should be done on both partners to get rid of the parasite. By going to the doctors, you will be given pills (antibiotics). But at lubeforsex.com we believe in more natural approaches which you can also check and try by going here.

Some natural remedies for treating Trichomoniasis involve garlic, apple cider vinegar and pomegranates juice.

Gray / white vaginal discharge with fishy smell

Again we must emphasize on the fact that if there’s no discomfort, you are probably just fine.

But if you have experienced this color change in vaginal discharge and you are also experiencing itching and irritations, there’s probably something up – something abnormal.

Grayish color of a discharge can be quite normal. But if the smell resembles to the one of fish, you should get tested for bacterial vaginosis.

Bacterial vaginosis (B.V.) is a type of vaginal infection that happens due to overgrowth of certain bacteria which can naturally be found in vagina. Most common causes of B.V. are public places with bacteria – such as swimming pools, saunas, public toilets, etc.

What to do about it? – Again, the doctors will simply give you antibiotics in the shape of a pill or it might be a cream. If you would rather try natural approach there are home remedies you can also try. You can find some user comments on how they treated bacterial vaginosis at this source.

Vitamin E oil is mentioned, garlic is also mentioned, probiotics like yogurt, etc. You should also eat healthy – good, healthy food is of key importance.

Brown colored vaginal discharge

Answering the question of what is the white fluid that comes out of a girl, we have also came across the brown color of female genital fluid. To make it clear as soon as possible – brown usually means blood.

If this happens right before or after your menstrual period, it is perfectly normal. Your menstrual fluid is red because it rapidly leaves your body. But when the blood is inside of you for some time it gets brown.

When should you worry about brown vaginal discharge? – If it’s not after rough sexual act, if it’s not right before/after your period, and if there’s any discomfort, you should go to the doctors to confirm diagnosis. Brown color can mean lots of things:

  • It can be caused by several STI’s;
  • It can be because of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome);
  • If you are pregnant it can be a miscarriage;
  • And the list goes on…

Brown is harder to pinpoint to a certain condition, since all that it tells us is that there’s old blood coming out of you. It may not be alarming at all, but it can also happen due to a certain abnormality.

For all of the above changes of your vaginal discharge (color or composition or smell), we advise that you go to the doctors, get diagnosed and treated accordingly.

What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl? – Article about vaginal discharge conclusions

Sexual health is of key importance, and to be able to maintain our body fit and well, we must learn as a good deal of useful information on specific topics.

Article titled with “what is the white fluid that comes out of a girl” has inspected different types of vaginal discharge – We talked about colors, composition, smell of the discharge… We also discussed what it could mean, is it normal, what could cause it and what you can do about it.

We have recommended a few home remedies to treat certain conditions, but we should emphasize on the importance of correct diagnosis. Always go to the doctors to confirm what you have. If you’re going to treat something you first need to be sure what it is.

We also recommend that you listen to medical advice and accept the recommended treatment.

More importantly you should learn how to prevent such unpleasant occurrences in the future. Try pin pointing what caused your disease if you indeed had one. Was it the sweet food? Was it due to public pools? Were you having sex with different people in a short period of time?

Anyway, I hope it helps. Thank you for reading What is the white fluid that comes out of a girl?, an article with focus on female sexual health. Stay safe.

Vaginal health - colors, composition and smell of vaginal discharge

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