Weed after Sex: A Perfect Combination


There are many things the internet has propagated to enhance sexual performance and stamina. Marijuana (weed), on the other hand, is also thought to trigger certain moods and behaviors, but when it comes to sex, there are mixed reactions. Most people believe it has little or no impact. While some others think it could delay orgasm or do nothing.

Most people think marijuana has mythical libido-boosting powers. For this reason, most people choose to get high frequently before and after sex to explore its perceived benefits.

But you will agree that having sex while high can be quite an experience. But the question is can you have great sex while high? This article will reveal insights, research and experts’ opinions about weed and sex. Enjoy reading!

Is It Really the Perfect Combination?

There is a science that explains why being high on weed can affect sexual performance. All thanks to cannabis legalization, we can now make sense out of these reports. The endogenous cannabinoids system in the body has certain physiologic features that bind to CBD and THC compounds in the cannabis plant, thereby producing a myriad of experiences for the person.

The effects vary and range from enhanced senses, decreased inflammations and inhibitions. Altogether, they make sex more pleasurable. Although cannabis is safe, still, it could become detrimental to your health and sex life if you consume high doses or take it the wrong way.

Most grocery stores and over-the counter- medicine stores seem to be enjoying the party as they have made it possible to order weed online and get it at your door. You can easily buy Weedsmart online and get the hit before sex.

The fact is that weed’s influence on sex is probably more than what you think. In reality, you need to examine the above assumptions and famous myths to know if weed after sex is a perfect combination, as many claims.

Can Weed Consumption Improve Your Sex Life?

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Weed can help you have a creative sex life. Many users can attest to how weed has increased their libido and help them enjoy better sex each time they felt too lazy to explore sex options. But you have to take it in the right way and proper dose to have such expectations.

This requires you to understand your tolerance level. There is no perfect dosage that all weed users must adhere to because what works for you might not work for another person.

If you can get your dosage right, weed can help you focus, become more creative, active and even burst your sexual fantasy. Here is how it does the magic.

  •  Weed May Enhances the Senses

Weed can help you think better and faster. Life could take on a new meaning, and even your daily chores could become more attractive. According to many experts, men quickly develop sexual urges when they take weed. It can lower pain and inflammation and increase the sense of touch, which creates a smooth pathway for sex. Although everyone’s tolerance level is different, the vibe may set in sooner than you expect.

  • May Alleviate Pain During Sex

A study reveals that three out of four women experience pain during sex. Cannabis can work as a perfect painkiller mainly when applied topically. It increases pleasure sensation and reduces pain, thereby encouraging blood flow during sex. So CBD lubes on the market can be a good choice if you are looking for an enhanced experience.

  • Can Help Create a Connection Before Sex

Many things make sex more pleasurable for both parties. Some factors include communication and foreplay. Taking weed before sex can make the conversation more exciting. It helps the parties open up to each other, thereby creating a connection that eventually leads to foreplay and great sex.

When a person is high, chances are they can easily share some secrets with their partner and say nice things to them that would make them feel loved and open up too. Connection is crucial for good foreplay and sex. It is reserved for relationships alone. Even both partners in a relationship will enjoy great sex if a connection exists between them. All thanks to weed! Now let’s see how you can improve your sex life with this magical plant.

Tips for Having Better Sex with Weed

how to have better sex smoking weed

If you like sex and smoking weed, you may want to explore ways to bring both of them together. You can indeed enjoy better sex with weed, but it is not just enough to consume any cannabis product and expect results. Here are some tips for having sex while high.

Choose the Best Cannabis Strain

Not all cannabis strains work for better sex. Some do the magic more than others. You need to do research and figure out which one will help you enhance your mood in your desired manner during sex. Remember to do what’s best for you and if you are new to the world of marijuana for sex, start small and work your way up.

Catch on Creativity

Weed can help you explore your imaginations during sex. If you notice this feeling before or during sex, don’t sleep on it. Instead, take advantage of it and try different sex positions you never knew existed. Remember to do things that you and your partner are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to encourage your partner to catch on the train too.

Know your Limits

When it comes to smoking weed for sex, always remember that less is more. To avoid getting too high on sex because you may end up getting more stoned than you want. Sex is more pleasurable when it is not over-enhanced with weed.


Both partners tend to get the best of a sexual experiment when they take it one step at a time. For example, if you are trying weed for sex for the first time and want to see how it can be a perfect combination, it is best to start with small doses. Then, depending on its influence on your sex life, you may decide to increase the dose or reduce it drastically.

There is no best way to determine if weed can enhance your sex life than to try it. And when you do, remember to stay within your limits to get the best sex experience ever.


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