What exercises target upper glutes? – 8 upper glutes exercises


Working out your upper glutes is essential if you want to get strong round buttocks. Glutes, also known as “gluteal muscles”, are a group of 3 muscles which make up your buttocks. Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Many women wonder, how to get that perfect Brazilian booty. And even though genes and your body structure play a significant role there, almost anyone can get a nice round booty by merely working out the right muscles. Therefore we wonder, what exercises target upper glutes? – And we want to find the best of them, the most effective ones, the ones that bring results fast.

Today we will be talking about upper glutes exercises. Getting your upper glutes in shape, will definitely get rid of that flat behind. By practicing upper glutes exercises, you’ll be able to see results in a very short time (like few weeks).

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round brazilian butt - upper glutes exercises

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What are the upper glutes?

Simply put, upper glutes are muscles located at the top of your buttocks. Technically speaking, those are gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, and to achieve a rounder rear end you need to work them out. Upper glutes exercises are the best exercises to make your butt look round and beautiful.

What exercises target upper glutes?

Key thing to note here is, that doing squats alone won’t build your upper butt muscles (at least not effectively). Anyone knowledgeable in anatomy knows, that without working out your glute medius you can not achieve full potential of your booty shape. Many so-called online fitness celebrities tend to neglect gluteus medius, which is a big mistake, when you want to achieve a firm round booty. Therefore, we are going to be the ones showing you exercises that bring results, exercising your upper glutes, focusing on “the forgotten butt muscle” gluteus medius.

So, here are top 8 exercises that target upper glutes:

  1. Hip abduction chair replacement
  2. Lateral squat shuffle
  3. Reverse frogger abductions
  4. Glute kickbacks
  5. Fire hydrant / donkey kick
  6. Barbell squats
  7. Kneeling squats
  8. Weighted squat jump / curtsy lunge

Additionally, we wanted to include videos and brief description of each exercise – these you’ll find further down the article. You can therefore visualize what exercises target upper glutes, and you won’t need to search presentations around the web.

Another thing to consider is diet, which is important. You don’t want to lose weight, but there are certain foods that boost your butt. By eating correct foods you can improve the size and the shape of your buttocks. You may find those here.

I’d like to thank you all for reading our article “What exercises target upper glutes?” where we present the most efficient (and at many times forgotten) 8 upper glutes exercises. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We truly believe that by working out presented exercises and adding some passion to it, you can (and will) get that perfectly shaped sexy Brazilian booty. It is after all a proven method!

Upper glutes exercises #1: Hip abduction chair replacement

Source: Pinterest [1]

One might think how is this exercise targeting your upper glutes? When first seen it looks like it’s targeting side muscles. And indeed it does. However, hip abduction chair replacement exercise is one of the most effective gluteus medius workout techniques. And is needed to buildup those upper glutes.

You will see in continuation that our recommended upper booty workout actually consists of many exercises that at first appear to focus on the sides of your buttocks. But this is carefully studied and works magic when it comes to getting those upper glutes in shape. Your booty will get rounder and firmer in no time!

Upper glutes exercises #2: Lateral squat shuffle

Source: Pinterest [2]

Using a booty band (officially called resistance bands) is a great way to train those thigh muscles, hips and the upper glutes. You can see on the above video an exercise, which might at first glance seem easy to do. But trust me, I tried it, and even without weights my thighs and butt were literally burning. Lateral squat shuffle is anything but easy! Just keep in mind, that you shouldn’t go too low in your knees. Merely bent the knees slightly.

Upper glutes exercises #3: Reverse frogger abductions

Source: Pinterest [3]

Reverse frogger abductions is another wicked workout for shaping your booty. When talking about what exercises target upper glutes, this workout simply can not be left neglected. All you should do here is spread + lift your legs, and then hold that position for about 5 seconds, before slowly going down back again. The greatest challenge here is to manage 12 repeats.

Upper glutes exercises #4: Glute kickbacks

Source: Instagram [4]

Doing glute kickbacks using cable machine is a great booty exercise to try at the gym. It focuses on those upper glutes, and when done systematically, brings fast visible results. Attach the cable via ankle wrap to one of the legs, step away from the machine and pull back. You know your stance is correct when your body is almost in a horizontal position (neck leveled with you buttocks).

When you pull up, don’t forget to hold for a few seconds. I always recommend 5 seconds hold, before going slowly back down again. Remember, going slow is the key to success. You can’t rush it. You must do it slowly and steadily. What exercises target upper glutes? – Glute kickbacks are surely one of the best!

Upper glutes exercises #5: Fire hydrant / donkey kick

Source: Instagram [5]

The workout presented above is called fire hydrant / donkey kick. It is probably one of the hardest of the upper glutes exercises, while also being one of the most efficient ones.

First lift one leg sideways, and right after bringing it back down, do a donkey kick and hold it high. Without any weights, without using a resistance band, it is still a tough challenge to complete this exercise. Try doing the 3 x 20 (each leg) if you dare!

Upper glutes exercises #6: Barbell squats

Source: Pinterest [6]

This one is not for rookies. Barbell squats are extremely effective when it comes to growing your butt size, however you must do this exercise 100% correctly and when you’re already in good shape. Trying this as a beginner you might hurt your knees. So, when to start this? First read this article about how to do barbell squats correctly. Study it into a very detail. And the next thing to remember, you can start using barbell once you are 100% comfortable doing squats alone, without it, at least 5×20 with no knee pain.

Upper glutes exercises #7: Kneeling squats

Source: Pinterest [7]

Kneeling squats combined with some extra weights is one of those workouts that comes to mind when asking: “What exercises target upper glutes?” You can see in the video above how this exercise is to be done.

While on your knees, do the up and down movements. Once you reach the high position, contract muscles in your buttocks and hold. After holding for 5 seconds, slowly go back down. After doing the 4 x 20 as the video here instructs, my butt muscles were quite sore. Maybe I should visit the gym more often myself, instead blogging here?

Upper glutes exercises #8: Weighted squat jump / curtsy lunge

Source: Pinterest [8]

Many people commented that women in these videos are probably wearing butt pads, to visually increase their butt size. Regardless if this is true or false, I think most of them have gorgeous behinds, and legs to die for!

In the last, the 8th video presenting upper glutes exercises, you can see a combination of weighted squat jumps and curtsy lunges. This is another great workout to try at the gym for getting those sexy Brazilian legs. It is not an easy one (as none on this list is) but indeed it does bring results fast when repeatedly performed.

And so we conclude our article titled What exercises target upper glutes? – 8 upper glutes exercises. I hope you got some new ideas from reading this, and that you have found our content helpful in any way.

Also thanks to all fitness models for presenting these exercises in such a professional manner. I personally don’t know their names, so if any of you does, please tell me, so I can link to their social profiles.

Now go and train those upper glutes! Remember, working out the forgotten muscle, the gluteus medius, is the key to getting that sexier rounder Brazilian booty.


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