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In this post we’re going to see how it looks like when you receive Penchant Premium lubricant. We’re going to show the complete process – from unpacking to lube application to your skin.

We previously written a post (a review) of the Penchant Premium lube, and as you can see we rated it as one of the best silicone-based personal lubricants.

The reasons why we rated Penchant Premium so high is due to its astonishing features and the gentle feel it provides. It is one of those lubricants that won’t cause yeast infection but instead enhance your sexual experience in a healthy and safe manner.

Without further ado, below is the video showing how it looks like to order a Penchant Premium lube via lubeforsex.com website. It’s what you’ll be receiving when ordering here. And when you try it in a combination with the Revolutionary Sex, your sexual acts will be lifted to another level.

YouTube video showing us opening the package containing the Penchant Premium lube

As you can see this lube contains only 4 ingredients (which are all rated as safe by EWG.org), and one must understand that less is more when it comes to the count of ingredients. Some lubricants contain like 10+ ingredients of which more than two thirds are dangerous preservatives (like parabens and formaldehyde releasing agents). Penchant Premium is just the opposite. It is a lube made for people with sensitive skin, designed to improve your sex life.

Why Penchant Premium is one of the best lubricants?

There’s not just the ingredients composition that make this lube so great. There are also other reasons why somewhat fell in love with this little bottle.

Here are the key advantages of Penchant Premium:

  • Safe packaging – The package that I received this lube in was very well protected. The Lube has a seal on it, preventing any spillage. It is as if you’d order fragile vine glasses, nothing can be damaged during shipment.
  • The bottle design – Great looking, visually appealing bottle in which the lubricant is contained, is one of the most elegant features of this lube. It looks like something “premium”, just like the lube is titled.
penchant premium - lube that wont cause yeast infection
  • Enhancing your sexual experience – The feeling this lube provides is on another level. It will transform your sex life, making you feel as if you were a horny teenager once again. This is one of the main reasons why this lube is so great.
  • Safe ingredients – There are four ingredients (Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol and Phenyl Trimethicone), of which all are rated as safe by EWG. Do you have sensitive skin or are you prone to yeast infections? Then Penchant Premium is the lube for you.
  • Edible – If you want to enjoy oral, you can freely do so. This one feels fresh, having no taste to it. There’s no chemical taste to it and the scent is just not there. You’ll still be able to taste your partner instead being annoyed by the taste of lube.
  • Long-lasting and thin – If you like gentle thin lubricants that will last for a long time, you must try it. I love how you basically need to apply just like 3-5 drops and you are good to go. Zero waste, a little goes a long way.
  • Works under shower – Since it is silicone based, you can use it during water sports. Reducing that friction that water tends to cause can be avoided. Now go ahead, take your partner along with you under the shower and have some intimate fun using Penchant Premium lube.
  • Drop-by-drop application – You do not need to squeeze the lube out. Once you open the cap, you simply turn the bottle to a horizontal position. It will not run out in a flow. It will go out drop by drop, enabling you to measure how much you’re applying.

What Penchant could improve with their Premium lube?

As with anything and anyone, also this lubricant does have a few opportunities for improvement. Nothing big, but the devil is in details. Hope that the manufacturer reads this blog and does something about it, taking their intimate lubricants to another level.

Here’s what we didn’t like about Penchant lube:

  1. If the bottle was made of glass, this would be such an amazing upgrade. Glass would make it even more elegant and I would pay an extra $ for that feature. What do you guys think?
  2. If you want to use it with silicone toys, forget about it. However, this applies to all silicone-based lubricants. The materials don’t work together, silicone will react with silicone. But if you’re sex toys aren’t made of silicone, then you are safe to go.
  3. Since the bottle is thin and tall, it is easy to tip it over. And if you had forgotten to close the cap, you’re going to have a cleaning project ahead of you, while also losing the content (the lube)!

Penchant Premium lube – Is it worth the price?

When I ordered I was like: “God, this better be good!” – Since using it I have zero issues with the amount of money I had to spent for getting my hands on this little gem.

It is of great quality, I love the way you can apply it drop-by-drop, and I love how little you need to make it work. Even though the bottle is small, it lasts forever. You can use it for at least 50-80 sex acts. Which is vice-versa to some other lubricants that absorb too fast, leaving you with an empty bottle after 5 uses or even less.

So go ahead and try it. I am 100% sure that regardless if you’re a man or a woman, you’ll fall in love with this personal lubricant. Penchant has truly come up with an amazing formula.

Thanks for watching us unpacking Penchant Premium lube. Hope the video and this article helped, and hope you’ll be satisfied.

PS: Also don’t miss out on this sex course to spice up your sex life.

penchant lubricant - improve your sex life


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