What are the ingredients in Uberlube and are they safe?


If you aren’t completely new, you’ve probably already heard about the überlube. Uberlube is a silicone based lubricant, manufactured by Uberlube Inc, a company located in Evanston, Illinois.

This article is focused at Überlube Luxury Lubricant, which you’ll be receiving in an elegantly designed 100ml glass bottle (another option is a smaller 50ml container).

We are going to try to provide as many answers as we possibly can about Uberlube personal lubricant, primarily focusing on the ingredient composition and the safety of überlube ingredients.

According to customer reviews, many people are very satisfied with this product. You can check Uberlube on Amazon, where you may read more about the product and browse through customer opinions. Overall, überlube is getting mostly positive (and in many cases fantastic) reviews.

Seems that from performance point of view, this lube is quite astonishing. People praise for its slippery glide, the long-lasting properties, and the feeling of cleanliness you get from it, never experiencing that nasty “need to wash it off” effect.

All that aside, I believe we should question the ingredients anyway. Leading us to the main topic of this article: What are the ingredients in Uberlube and are they safe?

Überlube Luxury Lubricant is made of 4 ingredients in total:

  • Dimethicone,
  • Dimethiconol,
  • Cyclomethicone,
  • Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)

Now, the main question is, are those ingredients safe? Can they in anyway pose threat to your sexual health, causing problems such as vaginal infections (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, …), irritation, burning sensation, and other unwanted outcomes.

You will find short answer just below, whilst you may go further down the article to find in depth explanation. After the ingredient analysis, we also provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions people are asking about the überlube.

Is Uberlube safe to use?

“Our extensive review of available studies and data from EWG shows that the ingredients featured in Uberlube Luxury Lubricant are safe for sexual use, and that Uberlube is one of the cleanest silicone-based lubricants out there. It is pure, scentless, flavorless, completely edible and does not include alcohol, glycerin, parabens, or other potentially harmful stuff. Personally, I believe that Uberlube is a very well designed high-quality lubricant, made for people with sensitive skin in mind. However, same as with other silicone-based lubricants, Uberlube is not compatible with silicone toys.”

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Uberlube - Best Lubricant For Anal Sex

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Many personal lubricants contain harmful & toxic ingredients that may not only feel bad during intimate moments, but can also cause immediate or long-term health related issues. Mostly these ingredients are added to prolong shelf life of the product, add certain scent to the product, and other non-vital characteristics. Many lubricants have more than 10 ingredients in total. – Already we can see the 1st good characteristic of Uberlube, using fewer ingredients (less is more)!

Let’s “spring into action” and verify what are the ingredients in Uberlube, checking their safety in relation to sexual well-being.

Besides checking the EWG hazard rating of each ingredient, we are also going to research for available studies. For those of you who are not familiar with EWG Skin Deep, they asses skin care ingredients, rating them on a scale from 1 (the safest) to 10 (the most toxic). Anything rated above 3, is best to be avoided.

Uberlube ingredient 1: Dimethicone

What are the ingredients in Uberlube - dimethicone

Dimethicone (Polidimetilsiloksan) is a silicone-based polymer and even though there has been some controversy surrounding this chemical, all scientific studies show that it’s generally safe for use in cosmetics.

This is the main ingredient of all silicone-based sexual lubricants, it is not merely being featured in Uberlube. Manufacturers include it in personal care products because it adds to the smoothness of the product, creating a fine silky feel.

What dimethicone also does is create a vapor permeable barrier on top of your skin, meaning it prevents moisture loss, while not limiting the ability of skin to breathe. This is very different to how Petrolatum works, which actually creates an impermeable layer on top of your skin trapping everything beneath and preventing oxygen to enter your skin. In regard to this matter, silicone-based products are definitely safer compared to petroleum-based products.

Dimethicone is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), non-acnegenic (doesn’t cause acne and pimples), and is hypoallergenic. In fact, it is used in many products designed for treating acne, because of its ability to prevent scarring.

You may read a thorough review of this ingredient at educatedtherapists.com, where Jacine Greenwood who is a qualified Cosmetic Chemist answers questions about Dimethicone.

Uberlube ingredient 2: Dimethiconol

dimethiconol - lube for sex

Dimethiconol is similar to Dimethicone, the main difference being that the two chain-end methyl groups have been replaced by hydroxyl (-OH) groups. It is a very safe ingredient according to EWG, where it is rated with a hazard rating of 1, meaning there are no concerns surrounding this ingredient at all.

Functions of Dimethiconol in Uberlube are much similar to Dimethicone. However, the high molecular weight of Dimethiconol makes it excellent for skin conditioning, acting as a non-greasy emollient it allows the lube to easily spread all over your skin. Checking the classification we can find that Dimethiconol is:

  • antifoaming agent,
  • skin-conditioning agent,
  • emollient,
  • and moisturizing.

It is often used as a “heavier” silicone in a combination with the lighter silicone types, for better delivery of all functions to the skin.

I enjoyed reading one user’s experience, who wrote this: “At high concentrations, or 100% pure, dimethiconol feels a bit ‘wet’ and ‘colder’ afterwards, unlike dimethicone.” – From this we can assume, that it is Dimethiconol, which provides that soothing relieve when applied to persons sensitive skin and intimate parts.

You may read a lot more about this ingredient at truthinaging.com, where facts about numerous skincare chemical are revealed.

Uberlube ingredient 3: Cyclomethicone

cyclomethicone uberlube ingredients

When answering the question “What are the ingredients in Uberlube?” we can’t go pass the 3rd ingredient listed on the lube bottle, Cyclomethicone. Let’s check out what exactly this one does and whether it is safe for application to male & female genitalia.

In skin care use, Cyclomethicone leaves the skin feeling lubricated and moisturized. It gives the product a smoother texture, preventing any stickiness or “oily” experience for the lube users. Cyclomethicone also carries a function of viscosity control.

EWG SkinDeep gave this ingredient a rating of 2, which is a very minimal hazard rating (with the rating 1 being an indicator of a perfectly safe chemical).

Final report on the safety assessment of Cyclomethicone, which you can read here, found this ingredient safe for use in cosmetics:

  • It is not significantly absorbed through the skin.
  • Exposure to inhalation showed no effects.
  • Rats orally exposed to it, ended in no deaths nor any gross lesions.
  • Dermal studies produced no behavioral, local skin, gross, nor histopathological changes.
  • Cyclomethicone did not produce reproductive effects in rats.
  • When applied to the intact and abraded skin it produced little or no irritation

Seems that the ingredient is generally safe, since it does not work as an irritant nor an endocrine disruptor. The biggest concern seems to be environmental – as we all know, the production of most silicone types does not have any positive effects for the well-being of nature. Cyclomethicone is also classified as being persistent and bioaccumulative, which means that it breaks down very slowly. This can be a problem for the health of a human body, environment, and the wildlife.

Uberlube ingredient 4: Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)


Simply put Tocopheryl acetate is a chemical compound that consists of acetic acid and tocopherol (natural vitamin E). The natural vitamin E (Tocopherol) can be found in household items such as olive oil, sunflower seeds, nuts, spinach, avocados, squash, …

While the natural d-alpha Tocopherol is usually produced from sunflower seeds, soybeans, or rapeseed oil, the Tocopheryl acetate is produced when this naturally derived d-alpha tocopherol is combined with acetic acid in a process known as esterification.

OK, so we are talking not 100% natural here. But is this bad? – Not necessarily!

As we already pointed out, Tocopheryl acetate is the ester of Tocopherol. On the molecular level it is the same, with an acetate group added. Mainly this makes the substance more stable, prolonging its shelf life. You are on the safer side, that your lube isn’t expired.

Anyway, here’s the main concern why EWG rate this substance 2-3:

  • Possible allergic reactions.

However, many substances used in skincare, can cause an allergic reaction (even the 100% natural ingredients!). The best way to avoid this, is to apply a small amount of your new lube to another part of your body (for example to an area on your arm), and keep attention whether your skin will have some reaction. If nothing happens, if there’s no redness or itching, than you are good to go to use it for your intimate acts.

According to verywellhealth.com these are the benefits of Tocopheryl acetate for skin:

  • Helping skin with healing wounds.
  • Promoting healthy skin (e.g. moisturizing and preventing wrinkles).
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Anti-aging properties.
  • Cancer treatment symptoms (side effects of radiation therapy).

To conclude, I believe that this is a safe ingredient, with many more benefits than there are concerns. Most studies found Tocopheryl acetate safe for use in cosmetics, which you can also read on page 19 of the CIR Expert Panel safety assessment.

With this we hope we provided an answer to: “What are the ingredients in Uberlube and are they safe?” – We could have seen that all four of them are rated below 3 by EWG, we could have seen that most come with skin benefits making Uberlube an ingredient friendly silicone-based lube, without parabens, glycerin, alcohols, formaldehyde releasers or any other ingredient that may irritate your sensitive skin or cause vaginal infections.

Frequently asked questions about Uberlube

Uberlube - FAQ all questions answered

img source: facebook, vavavooom

Is Uberlube safe with condoms?

Uberlube is a silicone-based lubricant, making it completely safe with condoms and other latex materials. Oil-based lubricants are the ones you should avoid when using condoms.

Can Uberlube be used with sex toys?

It can only be used with toys that are NOT made of silicone materials. Meaning you can use Uberlube with glass, crystal, metal and all other materials that are not based on silicone.

Can you use Uberlube for hair?

Actually yes! Here you can read an experience of a user, who tried using Uberlube for hair. You can see that she was very satisfied with the results, pointing out that Uberlube made her hair shiny and smooth, without making them weighed-down or greasy.

Can Uberlube be safely used when TTC?

Because of the ingredient-friendly composition, this lube is safe to use when trying to conceive. None of the ingredients included in this lube are spermicidal, and none of them have any reproductive concerns. You can use this lube without being afraid for the health of your child.

Is Uberlube good for anal sex?

Because Uberlube is long-lasting and more on the thin side, it makes it a perfect lubricant for entering the back door. Anal sex with überlube will make both partners fully enjoy the experience, without painful friction and without the need of numerous reapplication.

Is Uberlube Luxury Lubricant edible?

As we could see, the owner drank a shot of Uberlube, and he is still around. With all seriousness, I wouldn’t recommend drinking it, but engaging in an oral sex after you’ve applied the lube, is 100% safe. You won’t be able to taste the lube at all, because it is clean, scentless and tasteless. And, you won’t be having any digestion problems afterwards either. So go ahead and have some oral fun with it.

Should I wash it off after sex?

Don’t ever try washing it off with soap or stuff that can disturb your vagina and ruin your vaginal flora. Uberlube won’t be bothering you after you use it. And your body will clean itself via discharge. If you must wash (if that’s your thing), use water only. But keep in mind that you will still be able to feel the lube for a while, however, that’s not a problem and it is not bad for your health in any way.


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