Why should you use lubricant? 7 great reasons to use lube


Have you been thinking about getting yourself a lube, but you’re not sure whether your decision is wise? Take a look at 7 great reasons to use lube, and what things to pay attention to before getting one.

If you’re wondering why should you use lubricant, you’ve come to the right place! At lubeforsex.com we specialize in lubricants and sexual health topics, and within this article we would like to shed some light over one of the most commonly asked questions: “Why should I use lubricant and is it safe?”

You may have already heard the phrase wetter is better, and you may enjoy that wet fun a lot more than doing it dry. But before making your decision, whether using lube (personal lubricant) is a thing you wanna do, you should first learn some pros and cons.

In continuation you’ll find 7 great reasons to use lube, while we are also going to share some concerns and try giving you advice on how you can select the best lube for your personal needs. Not every lubricant is the same. There are different types, there are certain ingredients to avoid, and there are specifics, which should be taken into consideration prior to getting yourself that intimate bottle.

Pros: To begin with advantages, here are 7 great reasons to use lubricants:

  • Because wetter IS better.
  • To reduce friction during sexual intercourse.
  • To prevent vaginal dryness.
  • Using lube for anal pleasures.
  • To ease pain during sex.
  • To “taste” your partner (flavored lubes).
  • Because oiling up that body is just an amazing thing to do!

Cons: On the other hand, here are some concerns when it comes to using lube:

  • Some lubricants (bad ones) can cause yeast infection.
  • Lubricants with cheap (harmful) ingredients can cause burning sensations.
  • Choosing wrong type of lube may turn out to be not functional for your personal needs.

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top reasons to use lube - secrets to mans heart

Back to the topic …

I think we should give you an in-depth explanation about why should you use lubricant yourself, and give you some concrete stuff that you need to pay attention too.

Below you can find the secrets we’ve learned on our journey. The claims we are going to make are all supported by science and clinical studies. We aren’t talking “opinions”, we’re talking facts!

Is using a lube really safe thing to do? Are there any reasons why you should not use lubricants? Let’s see …

Most frequently asked questions about lube concerns

Let’s turn things around and first go through concerns and key facts that anyone should know before using lubricants. You’re body and your health are the priority here. So let’s not beat around the bush no longer.

Can lube cause yeast infection?

Indeed it can! Using a bad lube often results in Candida overgrowth, which results in yeast infection. How to avoid such “bad” lubes you wonder? It’s pretty simple. By getting the purest, most natural lubricant out there. The main ingredient that causes yeast infection is glycerin (glycerol). It degrades into sugar, which acts as a feeding source to Candida species. Therefore, at all times, when buying a lube carefully check that glycerin is not list as on of the ingredients.

Can lube cause burning sensation?

Based on our study, many low-quality lubricants contain harmful ingredients that can cause serious burning in male and female genitalia. Those with sensitive skin will feel those burning sensations immediately, while it’s also very unhealthy for the ones who don’t experience any physical pain. These ingredients are mostly cheap synthetic preservatives of which many are formaldehyde releasers. DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, parabens (e.g. methylparaben), and many more. Avoid at all costs!

Is the type of lube I choose important?

But of course. When picking a lubricant always know what you’ll be using it for. Is it going to be for anal sex? Is it going to be for sensual massage? Is it going to be for shower sex? Are you going to use condoms during sex? – It is a known fact that oil-based lubricants don’t work with condoms because they degrade the material. You should know that water-based lubricants are absorbed fast by the skin, therefore not optimal for massage. And you should never use silicone-based lube when playing with sex toys. Read this to learn more about the types of lube.

7 great reasons to use lubricant for sex

Top 7 reasons why should you use lubricant?

In the previous chapter we talked about disadvantage and concerns. Now let’s switch sides and talk about the advantages. We’re going to discuss the top 7 reasons why should you use lubricant. There’s so much good about using lube (when it’s a proper lube), that we believe that by the end the good wins.

Lube is enjoyable, lube is healthy, and using lube is fun! When you manage to get your hands on the best personal lubricant that fits your needs, you can most definitely experience heavenly pleasures.

Why should you use lubricant? – Let’s discuss lube benefits.

1. A proper lube can ease pain during sex

One of the greatest reasons to use a lube is to ease pain during sex. Not everyone deals with this problem, however, many women (end men in some cases) may feel certain discomforts during sex. So, why should you use lubricant? Simply to eliminate any pain during sexual intercourse.

Some men are well endowed, and even if it’s considered an advantage at most times, it also tends to be a big problem (bigger isn’t always better). Many women complain about painful sex and inability to enjoy sex, when penis is too big. And here we have a problem that can be solved by using a proper lube.

2. Good lube can prevent vaginal dryness

With peri- and post-menopausal women, hormonal imbalances may lead to vaginal dryness. Certain lubricants can be very effective when trying to fight this problem, and that’s also one of the top reasons to why should you use lubricant at all.

It’s been proved that fresh aloe vera gel, and natural oils (such as cold-pressed coconut oil, and extra-virgin olive oil) can effectively fight vaginal dryness in menopausal women, when used as intimate moisturizer.

The only thing to be careful of, is that you should never use oil lubricants with condoms. If you’re going for safe sex, better go with water-based lube where aloe vera might just be your perfect choice.

Why use lube? - Top reasons to use Flavored Lubricants

3. Use a lube with your favorite flavor

Tell me, what’s your favorite flavor? If you want your partner to taste of vanilla, strawberry or even Piña Colada, everything is possible when going for a flavored lube. Flavors are definitely one of the top reasons to use lube and will surely make things in bedroom more spicy.

But keep in mind, that not all flavors are good. Some manufacturers use synthetic flavors and artificial sweeteners in their lubricants, which results in a lube getting all messy and sticky, while also posing harm to your vaginal health and sexual well-being.

4. Using lube for anal sex

Anal sex … such an intense and pleasurable act, when done properly! But so painful when things are poorly planed and unprepared. One of the top reasons for why should you use lubricants, is without a doubt pleasurable anal.

Dry anal is almost an impossible thing to go for, and most certainly a very unpleasant one. For maximum anal pleasure, using lube is a must. But you have to be careful in your choice of lube because you don’t want it to be too thick, while also avoiding those that tend to dry out fast.

Therefore, your best options for anal lube are silicone- and oil- based lubricants. The two best ingredient-friendly silicone lubricants are Penchant Premium and Uberlube. And if you’re more of an oil type of person, the healthiest choice that works great for anal are coconut oil and olive oil.

Why should you use lubricant: For sensual massage

5. Oiling up your partners entire body (sensual massage)

Imagine, how hot is the experience of using way too much lube and oiling up your partners entire body? Doesn’t that sound just like an amazing thing to do.

Engaging in a sensual massage (that has a “happy ending”) is one of the things you do with lube. One option is also switching from massage, to more naughty, kinky stuff.

Why should you use lubricant: I think we can all agree that seeing your partners body covered in oil, is another one of the greatest reasons to use lube.

6. Lubricants reduce friction during sex

Avoiding vaginal lacerations and painful friction during sex is probably one of the main things, couples are trying to achieve when buying themselves a lube.

To much friction is the root cause why your vagina feels sore after (and during sex). Reducing friction is how you can make sex more pleasurable and achieve that ultimate orgasm.

I mean how can a woman enjoy sex, if there’s pain involved? It’s not possible! You should use lube if you love your body. And there’s nothing wrong or slutty about it – Lube is mainly used for intimate health and sexual well-being purposes. Reducing friction is just one example.

7. Wetter is better, using lube is good

Anyone who hasn’t tried using lube yet, should definitely go for it. The experience is sensual and that feeling that you get from using lube is simply amazing.

Whether you plan to use lube for:

  • solo action,
  • vaginal intercourse,
  • anal sex,
  • or oily massage,

you can be sure of the fact, that wetter is better. Why should you use lube? – Because lube is good!

wetter is better, lube is good - sexual wellness article

The bottom line: Sex is a thing everyone should be able to fully enjoy. By using lube for sex, couples can spice up their sex life and avoid any discomforts during sex.

Thank you for reading our article titled: Why should you use lubricant? 7 great reasons to use lube. Hope you got some new ideas from us and that by using lube your sex life will improve. We can conclude that the benefits of using lube outweigh the concerns by far.


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