Textgame | 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number


Hey there. I want to tell you a short story about a man who met a woman, who he happened to really like.

She was also very good-looking, while his physical appearance was also not-that-bad. After some time, this man miraculously managed to get her phone number. Things were going just great, or so it seemed. Until that man started texting her, and completely blew things up, making sure that the girl he fell for will never speak to him again.

That man, was me. Learning from mistakes can be an expensive lesson. Therefore, I decided to share here some tips that I learned about texting girls after you manage to get their phone number. Don’t be a fool like I have been. I call this article textgame, because texting a girl can sometimes be just like an important game, and here you will find 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number.

Let’s first establish whether texting is important?

  1. Based on this article, initial texts are crucial step when trying to win a girl.
  2. Your texting skills can result in her being interested, or make her hate you.
  3. Someone who can’t text, just won’t be able to win a gorgeous girl (fact).
  4. Great texts can make her want you sexually.
  5. Mastering the art of texting can make her fall in love with you.

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text game - how to win women through awesome texts

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Ok, back to the topic, let me share with you some powerful tips that I learned on my path. I learned these the hard way, through mistakes, which costed me many gorgeous women, who are now hanging out with guys that were more skilled in communication, and mostly, in texting!

You can do better, so here they are: 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number.

6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number with TEXTGAME

1. Who should text who first?

You should definitely be the one who texts first. However, if you just got her number, don’t do it the very same day. Don’t even do it tomorrow … let her wait a bit. 2 days seems perfect. After 2 days, send her one short text, simply saying “hello”.

Imagine, if you just give you number to a girl, and she starts texting you like crazy after few minutes, wouldn’t that seem a little awkward to you?

No girl likes a desperate, obsessive guy, who texts like crazy. Therefore, my 1st of the 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number, is: Wait 2 days, and after that slowly try to engage in a conversation.

And of course, if she’s the one who texts first, before those 2 days, you are a winner. A true badass we might say! – Again, if she texts you first, wait an hour or two before replying.

You can apologize and let her know you were doing something important. Something that will make her think, that you are a responsible person. Like: “Hey there. Thanks for your msg, sorry replying so late, been working on something in the backyard.” – Make something that that isn’t a complete lie. Like if you say that you’ve been building a shed, it’s great if that shed is actually there, in your backyard. And that it’s not 10 years old!

You see now why do I title this article a “Text Game”? And why does Textgame actually feel like a game? Because you must do some playing in order to win a girl.

To recap my Textgame 1st tip for texting a girl:

  • You should be the one who contacts first.
  • But only do it when 2 days pass after receiving her number.
  • If she texts you first, reply after 1-2 hours.
  • Act playful, but also responsible.
  • Don’t do any big lies, and try not lying at all if possible.

Let’s also check the above conversation and how Martin texted Amanda. He did a very slick job, he wasn’t intrusive, and simply send her a kind “hello”, and then waited for her to reply.

He after replied playfully and tried to get the conversation develop around music. Now that’s super great, if you know what she likes to listen. If you don’t you are risking things a bit.

So, what to say to Amanda after she asked what music he’s listening to, if you don’t know what she likes? For example, you can simply say: “Just listening to this random radio station, some sh*tty music is playing, don’t know what this is. By the way Amanda, what type of music do you like?”

There you did a nice job, not telling her what you like, instead you turned the table around and now she has to answer to you.

texting a girl - text game

2. Find the “golden middle” when texting a girl

We’ve already mentioned in the 1st chapter that being too aggressive with your texting, can end up being a real deal breaker. Like you see in the above example, Martin completely screwed-up things over there. Sending hundreds of texts before even getting a reply.

I mean what can Martin say to Amanda here? Nothing, she already thinks he’s a bit weird even if he manages to find an excuse for his strange behavior.

The phrase golden middle refers to following her tempo. Let her give the momentum. If she writes like crazy spamming your inbox, so can you. But if you send her a text, and she needs like 1-2 minutes to reply, try keeping her tempo and do the same.

In a textgame, keeping the golden middle momentum going, is one of the most powerful tips for texting a girl after you get her number. It’s just like dancing, where both dancers have to be synchronized and follow each other steps. No one can rush and no one can be too slow.

Texting a girl is like dancing. You need to be smooth, elegant, and keep up with her.

2nd tip for wining a girl through texts is:

  • Never flood her inbox.
  • Try keeping the same tempo with her.
  • If she writes one msg and waits, you also write one. Not 10!
  • When the conversation develops and gets its momentum, occasionally, on random moments, keep her waiting for a bit longer.

A thing that works like a charm that you can do, is leave her “on wait” occasionally. For example, after texting for 30 minutes, simply disappear for like 5 minutes. Keep her waiting and wondering why you’re not replying. That way she will be thinking of you, and thinking about what’s so important that you don’t text her back.

But you better find a damn good excuse in the meantime. Like: “Sorry, my dads dog somehow managed to escape, and I had to chase him down the street!”

You should do this when the conversation is at its peak. When she writes intensely. But don’t do it to often.


3. Be positive and give subtle compliments

You know, no one likes a “complainer”. Everything is bad, the world is against me, nothing is working as I thought it would, but it’s not my fault the society is to blame.

With this kind of morbid attitude you’ll never win a girl. And when we speak of best tips for texting a girl after you get her number, you should note that positive attitude and compliments can be the key to winning her.

According to the textgame, there’s so much lack of positivity and praise nowadays, that overdoing it may not even hurt at all. When was the last time, that you remember someone calling you, or texting your, just to say: “Hi man, how you’ve been. I’m only calling ’cause I miss you and think you’re a great person.”

Exactly, it never happened. Maybe such call came from your parents, but where’s an added value in that?!

Textgame’s 3rd tip to wining a girl with awesome texts:

  • Never be negative, like truly negative.
  • Try to be motivational, and supportive.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Do not be afraid to give compliments (but don’t over do it!).

I remember how I used to be a person who was always nagging, complaining and saw the world as a dark place. And then one of my friends finally have the courage to tell me: “Dude, why don’t you for a change try to say something cheerful? If you’d win the lottery, you’d probably still be complaining about the taxes!”

This one drunken sentence touched me deeply, and from here I have created the 4th of the 6 tips for texting a girl after you get her number – the positive attitude.

By the way, do not overload on compliments. A compliment here and there is OK, while constantly saying to someone how great and beautiful they are, can be really annoying. Remember the “golden middle”.

This might seem obvious but it isn’t. You wouldn’t believe how many people start telling problems, instead focusing on the good.

best tips for how to text a girl after getting her number 04

4. Keep attention to her “tests”

Girls (and women in general) will always try to test a man, before they decide whether that man is “the one”. These tests can be really cunning and make a guy go crazy, mad, or jealous.

The key thing is that you don’t fall for it. I have had an experience, where this girl that I went to the club with, tried testing my jealousy (at least I think that’s what she was trying to do). She told me to hold her drink, and went dancing with another guy, like is all normal, it’s just dancing.

She probably expected me to hold her drink like some sort of slave, until she’d get tired of dancing. Or she expected that I’d get jealous and try to take her from the dance floor. I don’t know.

What I did was: I drank her drink, and went dancing myself, but with another woman that I somehow got eye contact with.

In the end, she was the jealous one, and I was the calm guy, who didn’t get upset or triggered in any way by the situation.

Tips for texting a girl after you get her number #5:

  • Fact – girl will try testing you in some way.
  • That will trigger your emotions.
  • But it is vital to stay calm and react in a mature manner.

When talking about tips for texting a girl after you get her number, not mentioning these “tests” wouldn’t make our article complete. You will face such tests in reality (like the case I described) and also over text messages when texting with her.

Like Martin with his lovely Amanda, where she simply stopped replying to his messages, just to see how he will react. Martin kinda screwed it up, by getting all scared and emotional there. If he’d follow our Text Game advice, he would know better and simply stayed calm.

Women like to think they are in charge of the situation, and that they can make a guy dance to their beat. Show you are strong and mature person, that doesn’t fall for silly tests.

text message to a beautiful girl

5. Get things emotional

The 5th in the line of our unique tips for texting a girl after you get her number is truly a strong one – the emotions. If you manage to wake up her emotions, you are a winner.

Once she starts trusting you, telling you her life experiences that somehow affected her emotionally, that means she trusts you, and that you are a person she can tell things, that she’d normally wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Your main focus, in this step of the TextGame is earning her trust and getting her to become emotional with you. Until you both talk only superficially, and don’t share personal experiences that’s quite impossible. The best way to do it, is by telling her something private about yourself and show that you also have feelings. Perhaps a story, that touched you deeply or had a big impact on your as a person.

The key points of the 5th tip to seducing a girl with great texts, are:

  • Earn her trust.
  • Make the conversation personal.
  • You have to advance from a general chit chat, to an emotional level.
  • Understand her problems and be supportive.

I remember how one girl completely opened to me, when I told her about my little brother, how I teach him stuff and care for him, but is now already growing up. She immediately started chatting about personal things, and whole conversation became much deeper and much more emotional.

Once she does open up to you, you have to appreciated that. You have to listen and keep focus to what she’s saying. She must feel that you understand her, and that you support her.

Once she knows that you are the one, who she can tell absolutely everything, and that you are a trustworthy person who always makes her feel better at the end of the conversation, that’s when you two already have a connection.

Textgame - 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number

6. Don’t be afraid to cut her off

If you let her to decide when the conversation is over, that’s not a sign of a strong man. A strong man, will tell her that now is the time he can’t speak any longer, because he has to do something else, instead just texting all day long.

And the effect that leaves is a strong one. Why? Because she wanted to tell you so much more and couldn’t. Leaving her thinking about you, and how she will later (or tomorrow) tell you all the things she hadn’t had a chance to text with you at this time.

As long as she is thinking about what other topics she wants to discuss, you’re on a good track.

As I said, the worst thing is, to let her text for hours, and to go through all topics, and leave none for the later occasions.

The final of the 6 tips for texting a girl after you get her number:

  • Don’t stick around to the very end.
  • You decide when there’s enough of the texting.
  • Let her know you have other more important stuff to do.
  • But still, don’t cut her off when she’s emotional (find good timing).
  • Good texting duration (full focus) is between 30-60 minutes.

Being a textgame master, you will soon learn that texting somewhere between half an hour to one hour is somehow reasonable. Everything else is probably not as effective.

She might play offended when you cut her off, and may even ignore you for a day or two, or try to cut you off the next time. But, show her you are better, and never get offended by any of her “games”.

If she cuts you off, be completely calm and say that you understand, and that you also have something to do, and don’t have much time left.

If she ignores you for a day or two, don’t panic, she will eventually start texting with you again. And she’ll know that her methods are not working on you, while most other guys would probably beg on their knees. You are no like most other guys. You are better. You are the textgame master!

Thank you for reading our 6 best tips for texting a girl after you get her number. Hope they help you in seducing girls with some awesome texts. And if you want to get even better and get access to hundreds of examples and comprehensive course on how to text a girl, see the textgame.


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