8 things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you!


Wouldn’t it be useful to know his thoughts?

You may think you already know your man’s thoughts and how men think in general and what they want. But think again. Women and men are completely different “species”, and to understand how guys think, and what men really want in a woman, you should continue reading.

We’ve prepared here for you top 8 things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you!

We’re going to dive into that part of the brain, where intimate thinking processes of a male occur. These processes are far less complex in men when compared to women. Yes, it’s true, men are simple. But that doesn’t mean that they are simple to understand. Not at all! And this is basically the purpose of this article here, to give you a deeper understanding of how men think and which are those things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you. By mastering this you will be able to take control over your relationship, avoid relationship problems, whether it is with boyfriend, husband or merely a friend whose thoughts seem to be a locked-up secret.

When you read this, you will probably think: “Nah, my man is not like this, he doesn’t want those things.” – Let me assure you, that you are wrong there. And you can do a test yourself, try following our tips for just a week, and you’ll see the changes. Suddenly he will trust you so much more, open up to you, reveal his secrets, and with time you’ll be able to understand his thoughts.

With this article we would like to provide answers to the questions below:

  • What men really want in a woman?
  • What do guys want from a relationship?
  • What are the things men wish women knew?
  • What things men secretly want women to know, but are afraid to say them out loud?
  • To simplify, what men want from a woman?
What Men Really Want In A Woman

Recommendation –> Great video explanation by a renowned relationship expert, Michael Fiore.

Like Michael Fiore says in his video, why can’t men just tell, with all their honest, how they feel, what they want, what their thoughts are, and last (but not least) what they desire?

It is incredible that in his survey Mr. Fiore managed to get thousands of men to open up and give answers to some of the most notorious questions: what they truly wanted from women, what hurt them most about women, and why they lie to women.

It is very interesting, since men are at most times embarrassed, when it comes to talking about emotions. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out what conclusions and lessons has Mr. Fiore prepared in his astonishing program, with which you’ll be able to read any man like an open book.

Let’s go all-in now, and check those 8 things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you, even if you cry and beg for the truth.

1. Admiration and praise

No man will ever admit to his woman that he needs a bit of praise here and there. How good he looks, how well he did some task, all the way to how well he performed in bed. Without boosting man’s ego you are making him depressed.

Every man will hide that depression and never admit that he needs admiration and praise. But the problems is, if you are not sincere. You should wait for him do something of true value, but at that time, you have to let him know that he’s simply the best.

If you honestly do not admire him, or believe that he does not deserve any praise whatsoever, then you should reconsider who you’re with. But look deep into yourself – is he really that bad, does he not contribute at all? Or are you the one missing and neglecting all his efforts?

2. Strictness (might even say bitchiness)

strict woman - what men want in from women

Men like strong women, even if they appear as if they suffer when you’re giving them orders and chores. And why is that? – In the first moments of you’re “bitchiness” he will hate you. But the keyword here is “a challenge”.

Men need challenges, and if you are not a challenge for him, if you’re too easy to handle, he’ll subconsciously forget to think about you. He’ll meet a woman, who is challenging, who won’t let him near easily, but still act seductively. And boom, you’re history. He’ll do anything to get inside her pants. Trust me, I talk from real life experiences.

A man’s mind is made of goals. And those goals need be achievable, yet still hard. If unachievable he’ll surrender and get depressed. If no challenge, equals no goals, he’ll get bored with you. You need to give him something to glorify over. Can you become a woman that is herself a challenge for him? Then don’t treat him all nice, and don’t be that “I’ll do anything for you” type of girl. You do need to praise and admire him, while still remain that strong bitchy woman who takes no sh*t and demands stuff to be done. Just don’t take it to far.

3. Men need attention (even if they claim otherwise)

Men need attention, period. They don’t understand you love them, but have simply other things to take care of. Men believe they should be a center of events of their woman, or they tend to think they’re not doing things good enough.

And yet again no man will ever tell you that he craves your attention.

The truth is even the strongest men are not as strong as an average woman – emotionally. They act their entire life, trying to appear mentally tough. However, inside they lust for female attention. By merely noticing him, you can make his day.

But when left unattended for a longer time, they suffer. Why you think they go to the bar charming that sexy bartender. Because they feel they’re getting more attention from her fake smiles and empty words she’s saying only for her shift to pass faster.

Give him attention when possible, and you’ll win his heart and soul.

4. Men love women who initiate sex

men want women who initiate intimacy

Women who don’t just wait for men to start things going, women who know how to initiate intimacy, those types of women are every man’s dream. One might think that it’s a slutty thing to do. You’re right to some extent, however, it can be done in a classy manner.

It doesn’t mean you have to jump him like you’re horny as hell (although no man would resent that, if that’s your thing). But there are simple ways to charming him. For example, simply put on some tight clothes and make yourself beautiful for him in the evening. And when asked if you’re off to somewhere, just say “Nope,” and give him that naughty smile.

Try wearing some sexy lingerie for him. You are underestimating the seductive power it has on men. Stockings, corsets, laced underwear. Oil up your skin to make it shine and glow. You can use simple stuff very effectively. Every man will understand how fortunate he is to have such a woman. He knows it will be hard to get that with anyone else.

There are techniques you can use, that aren’t slutty at all, but still work as a huge turn on. What every man really want’s from a woman when it comes to intimacy, is that he is not always the one expressing the need. If you’re not doing that already, try it. It’ll blow his mind.

5. Space in relationship

As I said before, men might have simplistic brain processes when it comes to relationship, but just as much as they need attention, they also need space in relationship. Simple things are at most times hard to understand.

Men want to be noticed, men want attention, men need praise and admiration, but one thing that every man really needs is a space in a relationship.

And you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because of it. It’s nothing wrong that you’ve done. Men simply need that little bit of freedom. They need time for themselves. And it’s important that they’re not bothered at that time. By merely sending them a short text, they’re “freedom” will be compromised (in their head).

The best way to do it, is to set a fixed time. Ask him: “Could you please tell me which days you want to do something for yourself?” – I’m sure he’ll be able to give you his full schedule of “wishes” within minutes. And don’t let him have all (remember you must be strict and tough), but still let him have like 33% of everything he’ll suggest. Let him have “some” freedom.

6. Support in hobbies

mans hobbies - climbing pic

Yeah. He might change his mind 10 times about what he wants to do in life (besides his job, of course). It can be a silly thing like painting or chess, or an extreme thing such as climbing or riding a motorcycle.

Regardless of what it is, men want women to support them in their hobbies. And don’t use the word “hobby”, that might offend him. They believe they’re pro at this, so better call it “passion” instead of hobby.

Anyway, the support should be somehow real, so try to keep up to date with what’s going on in the niche they’re involved with. It’s not that hard. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes online and go through some basics. If he’s into chess, you’ll soon find out about who Magnus Carlsen and Gari Kasparov are. Try learning one or two interesting things, and discuss that with him. Be with him occasionally when he’s engaged in his activities and cheer for him (not out loud, of course).

Same goes for any other hobby. If he’s into football, for starters learn his favorite club. And then dig deeper and arm yourself up with knowledge. You will give him so much joy, when you two are going to be debating about something he loves. This is every man’s dream – to have a woman who understands and supports his activities.

7. Having a woman who cares about her looks

It doesn’t mean you have to have the looks of the sexiest Hollywood actresses. It simply means, that what men want, is you to make yourself nice occasionally.

Remember, you are his “trophy”. And when he goes out with you, he wants everyone to get a bit jealous of his trophy. He will never tell you this, but when you make yourself beautiful before going out with him, he will appreciate that a lot.

He might even panic, like “why are you trying to look so nice, is there someone else at the party where were going that I should know of?” – He’ll be suspicious for the first few times, but once you earn his trust, he will accept the fact that you’re making yourself look nice only for him.

8. Trust in them

8 things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you

Trust. It is such a powerful word. And such a hard thing to earn. I know your relationship might have its ups and downs, but regardless of what he did, if you two have managed to put it behind you and move on, you shouldn’t stay suspicious at him or distrustful in any way.

I know it’s hard for a woman to trust in a man. I recently talked with my good friend Jacob, who said his wife had big trust issues when it came to letting kids alone with him for longer time periods (like 12 hours plus). He said to me, that the fact they’ve been together for so long, and that he sensed fear when she left kids with him, depressed him heavily.

He turned out to be a good “nanny” and his wife eventually told him, she loves him for how good he is with the kids. However, he still resents that she didn’t have trust in him in the first place.

Come on. Taking care of 3 kids, feeding them, changing the little ones diapers, playing with them, taking them out for some outdoors fun … it’s not that hard, and what could go wrong. Everyone had plenty of fun, especially kids themselves. He said it was hard to manage at certain times, but nothing that a real man couldn’t handle.

8 things men secretly want you to know – Final thoughts

With this we conclude our article. You may be surprised over some things men want from women, however, keep in mind that this is exactly what they want.

We only went through 8 things men secretly want women know but will never tell, but you can find out so much more about how men think and what they really want in a comprehensive work by Michael Fiore [source].

So, what do men really want in a woman?

  • Admiration and praise
  • Strictness (might even say bitchiness)
  • Men need attention (even if they claim otherwise)
  • Men love women who initiate sex
  • Space in relationship
  • Support in hobbies
  • Having a woman who cares about her looks
  • Trust in them

The list may sound simple. But to master the skills and to get to that psychological level that is needed to do this things right, you almost need to be a super woman.

Thank you for letting us present you these 8 things men secretly want you to know but will never tell you, and we hope that our “wisdom” didn’t offend anyone – we merely try to shed light on things as they are, and help people who’re desperately looking for how to solve or enhance their relationship.

Stay happy and stay in love. Hope our list gave you some clues and new ideas about what men really want and how you as a woman can make actions towards getting closer to your man. See you.


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