The Effects of Alcohol On Our Sexual Life


Alcohol is a drink that has been around for centuries. Millions of people love the drink, and they drink millions of gallons of alcohol every year. Some people drink it for recreational purposes. They want to experience the pleasant feelings that come with drinking alcohol from time to time. Many others drink it to help them function better socially.

These people even drink alcohol to improve their sexual lives. There is a lot of performance anxiety that comes with having sex, leading to many problems during intercourse. However, there are some truths and myths associated with alcohol use for sexual purposes. If you want to find out the accurate effects of alcohol, you’re in luck. This article will help to explain the impact of alcohol on human sexual life.

The Effects of Alcohol On Males and Females

It is essential to understand how alcohol affects males and females to know how it would affect your sexual life. That said, here are the effects of alcohol like Weller 12 on men and women:

1.   Effects On Men

Admittedly, the effects of alcohol on men are pretty similar. Firstly, alcohol makes men less picky when trying to pick a sexual partner. They are more confident in choosing partners. A set of scientists conducted a study and found out that men under the influence of alcohol experience less inhibition when trying to pick a partner.

Have you ever wondered how a guy would randomly walk up to you and try to talk his way into bed with you? For some men, it’s just sheer confidence. However, many other men need a stimulant to get confident enough to pull that off. The stimulant is alcohol in this case.

It also affects men by dulling their senses. A report shows that when they drink, many men experience a lot less sensation in their genitals. This is good news to some people and bad news to others, depending on the situation. Less sensation in the genitalia would mean that they would be able to last longer. However, this could also lead to sexual dysfunction problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Lastly, men are a lot riskier when under the influence of alcohol. They are willing to try new things with strangers. As you may expect, this can lead to the transmission of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

1.   Effects On Women

Interestingly, women are likely to get drunk faster than men. The logic is that the bigger your body mass, the more alcohol you need to get drunk. This difference is also due to hormonal and metabolism differences. That said, alcohol affects women in two main ways. For one, alcohol makes women feel more attractive. A reputable study reports that they tend to feel more comfortable in their skin.

However, this is only when they consume alcohol in an appropriate amount. First, if they consume too much alcohol, they exhibit adverse physiological effects and decreased sensitivity in the genital region. Secondly, women are also more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior when under the influence of heavy alcohol.

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How Alcohol Affects Sexual Life

Now that you know how alcohol affects men and women when it comes to sex, you must understand how alcohol would affect your sexual life. It affects your sexual life in two ways, and they are:

●    Shakes off anxiety

Performance anxiety is a condition that plagues a lot of men. Many men think they aren’t good enough or make some mistake when partaking in sex. Additionally, they are less likely to approach women over the fear of being shut down. You may not think it, but women experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to sex. This anxiety prevents women from experiencing orgasms and also fills their genitals.

The first thing alcohol does is to help you shake off that performance anxiety. By shaking off this performance anxiety, it would significantly improve your sex life.

●    It doesn’t make people seem more attractive.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t make another person seem more attractive to you. In a lot of cases, the person looks the same regardless of alcohol consumption. You are only more likely to approach them due to that increase in confidence.

●    Excessive alcohol could cause sexual dysfunctions.

As mentioned previously, alcohol can be pretty beneficial to your sex life. It gives you a certain level of confidence and reduces your performance anxiety. That said, consuming alcohol in excess can cause you to exhibit some side effects. For one, it would lead to several forms of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In addition, consuming excessive alcohol would make it a lot more challenging for them to experience pleasure and orgasms.

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As mentioned earlier, alcohol can affect your sexual life in either a positive or negative way. However, it is essential to get consent from your partner before you think about intending alcohol in the bedroom. Moreover, It’s still sexual assault if you fail to get consent from your partner regardless of how drunk you are.


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