THC Lube | How Cannabis-Infused Lubes Affect Libido


Well now, a THC personal lube O_o What exactly is a THC lube? And how cannabis-infused lubes affect your libido? Latest trends in the lube for sex division are cannabis-infused sexual lubricants. But how THC lubes work exactly and what are the effects of Cannabis-Infused Lubes? Are these lubes even safe? Can they improve your sex life or make everything worse?

Let’s first make it clear what we are talking about here. If you ever researched the world wide web for cannabis-infused lube, you’ve most certainly came across two different types of terminologies used:

  • CBD lubes (cannabidiol) and
  • THC lubes (tetrahidrokanabinol)

There are mayor differences between the two, and we should first clarify those.


CBD lubes (cannabidiol) vs THC lubes (tetrahidrokanabinol)


So the first question: Does CBD lube get you high?

No. CBD lubes (cannabidiol), are not psychoactive and will not get you high. Cannabidiol (which has a formula C21H30O2) is one of 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants. It accounts for 40% of plants extract. CBD was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2018 as a treatment for epilepsy disorders – Epidiolex.


How about THC lubes? Can you get high from a THC lube?

Yes. THC lubes contain a psychoactive ingredient tetrahidrokanabinol, which can make a person feel the sensation usually referred to as “being high”. Both CBD and THC share the exact same chemical formula C21H30O2 – however, structurally, there is a small but very important difference between the two; where CBD contains a hydroxyl group, we can see that THC contains a cyclic ring (picture below). This makes for a completely different pharmacological properties between THC and CBD.

lube for sex - thc lube vs cbd lube

What are the effects of CBD lube?

The effects of CBD lube are mild. During vaginal intercourse, you might feel a bit more relaxed than usual which provides for better orgasms, but nothing revolutionary as to what you are experiencing at the moment with a “normal” lube. CBD lube being edible, it will not provide any sort of “high” sensations if consumed. Generally people are giving good reviews to CBD lubes such as BC Bud All Natural Hemp & Avocado Personal Lube (link to Amazon). Follow the link to read customers reviews and more detailed description of this CBD lube.


Most common effects of THC personal lubricants

THC personal lubes are more revolutionary and a “thing” lately. Many users are glorifying THC lubes by naming it “magic lube”, “life changer”, etc.. These THC infused lubes are also quite hard to get. There are just few manufacturers offering real THC lube (not to be confused with CBD lubes).


When using THC personal lubricants, women can expect certain effects to their body which come as a consequence of THC and may be quite powerful. Using it only vaginally or for solo action, you will most likely not get high, but to my experience you will have much stronger orgasms, due to the local effect of THC to your genitals. Remember to put a lube on (and inside) your vagina at least 30 minutes prior to your session. This way you give the THC time to absorb in your body and produce its effect.

an example of THC lube

For men, the effect is a bit less powerful. The THC lube is a holly grail for women, while men who use it on their penis may feel certain benefits from it but in smaller effects. This is due to penis being less absorbent than vagina. Although we had read number of statements by male users who were very pleased with their THC lube for sex.

We’ve written in our article on the 4 different types of lubes that oil-based lubes are not safe to use with condoms, since they dissolve latex. You should therefore be very careful what type of THC infused lube you are buying. If you are planning on using your new lube for safe sex, go for water-based or silicone-based THC-infused lube. If you know you will not be messing around with latex, you are free to use oil-based THC lube.


Based on our research and personal testing of THC cannabis lube (we had tried Foria), we would like to point out some of its key effects to a human body & psych, which indeed can be powerful:

  • 10 seconds orgasms being prolonged to as much as a 3 minutes orgasm;
  • multiple orgasms during one private session;
  • more stamina and longer lasting in bed;
  • stronger sensations and your private parts being a lot more sensitive;
  • if consumed you will get “high” and you do not want to have a routine employee THC test anytime soon.

Healthwise, are THC lubes safe to use?

THC cannabis-infused lube - WEED LUBE FOR SEX

Well, drinking an entire bottle of THC lube can of course be very dangerous and you might end up hospitalized. I’ve read an article where a woman did a stupid thing and drank a full bottle of lube out of curiosity. She reported being high and unable to do routine works for 3 days straight.

But on the other hand using THC personal lubricant once or twice per week, without consuming ridiculously high amounts, poses no threat to your health. You can use it safely for vaginal, oral and anal sexual intercourse.


Well then… What should I be concerned of when buying a THC lube?

THC is just a compound added to other ingredients that lube is made of. THC is not the “base” it’s an addition. Therefore, you should keep an eye on other ingredients and consider a safety of lube based on those. If you read any other articles on our website, you should be aware by now that some ingredients, are just wrong for your body.

Buying for a THC lube, you already know there is THC inside it (duuuh)… But do you know if that THC cannabis-infused lube contains one of these 7 common ingredients:

  1. Glycerin May contribute to overgrowth of candidas, which can result in yeast infection.
  2. Parabens – This study showed that tissue of 18 (out of 20) breast cancer samples contained 5 different types of parabens.
  3. Perfume – I’ve noticed quite a few lubes have added perfume, which might give a nice odor to a lube, but has very bad effect to your skin.
  4. Butylphenyl Methylpropional – aka Lilial, is a substance that is under study to possibly be classified as a CMR2 (substances suspected of being carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic for humans) for its possible effects on fertility.
  5. Benzyl Alcohol – Or any other types of alcohol that might be added to a lube. It is common for benzyl alcohol to trigger allergic reactions.
  6. Flavours and Scents – Avoid. Use natural, unscented lubes. That cherry and vanilla flavour, or whatever it is that you like, you should avoid it. It’s full of sugars and it’s artificial.
  7. Petroleum – Yeah, that same petroleum as in diesel. Many moisturizers out there (including Baby oil and Vaseline) are petroleum-based, aka petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly may congest and irritate most of skin types and is just not natural to be used on a human skin.

These were just few ingredients that you should avoid. Every time, before buying a lube for sex, take out your phone, open and do a thorough research of all of the ingredients that are listed on the label. Really, THC is the last ingredient that you need to worry about!


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