Text Chemistry: Use texts to make men love you [Text Chemistry by Amy North]


Write him a love text so powerful that he won’t be able to resist you, and he’ll think only about you from that moment on. – Amy North

“Text Chemistry” is the most recent work by Amy North, renowned YouTuber, dating coach, relationship expert and one of the best selling authors on aforementioned topics.

And today we’d like to discuss this topic ourselves, while also reviewing Amy North’s Text Chemistry. Is it any good, what we think of it, what other people have to say about it? – We’d like you to know everything about this brand new dating guide for women, so you can be sure about what you’re getting, before making to your last decision. We are also going to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about this guide (you may find FAQs in the end of our article).

If you came here looking for answers to questions such as:

  1. What exactly is Text Chemistry?
  2. Who is Amy North the author of Text Chemistry?
  3. Does Text Chemistry really work?
  4. Where can I download Text Chemistry PDF?
  5. How do you make him fall for you through text?
  6. What should you text him to get him back?

… then you are at the right place. I’ve read all reviews out there about this product, and they all fail at being concrete, not giving any valuable information, not revealing any real dating tips, except trying hard to make you fall asleep right there on your keyboard.

We won’t reveal everything either, because that simply wouldn’t be fair towards miss Amy. However, we will give you a glimpse of what you’re getting. And most certainly we will share some of our own knowledge (solutions) for how you can get a guy crazy about you, merely by using psychology and seductive texting techniques.

PS: If you do not want to read any of these and wish to go straight to the download page, click here and you’ll be taken to Text Chemistry official website.

Text Chemistry official product image - Amy North

Maybe just to sum it up briefly. If you want to take control over your love life, if you want a certain guy to fall in love with you, if you want to get back a man who recently dumped you, then Text Chemistry will not disappoint you. It is an ultimate solution that includes simple approach and smart techniques, that you can start implementing into your own life within the next few days. Amongst other material, you’ll receive 13 video courses and a number of PDF guides describing this secret seduction method in detail. And if you don’t get what you have expected, you can simply refund it and get all your money back (within 60 days).

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry by Amy North is a system that reveals a secret approach to how you can use texts to make men love you. Text Chemistry was first available on open market on December 31st, 2019. Since then, this program has helped thousands of women achieving their relationship goals, and make their dream guy fall in love with them.

Text Chemistry uses unique approach, advanced psychology and seductive language that is proven to work on all men. There are two sorts of conversations. The ones that simply answer someone’s question, and the other, which makes the person on the other side keep thinking about you. That’s exactly what Amy North reveals in her work – texting techniques that make a man keep thinking about you.

This same technique is used by the best Hollywood scriptwriters to keep audience fully engaged in a movie for more than 2 hours.

What you’ll be getting when you sign up for the Text Chemistry program?

  • 13 in depth video courses on how you can use texts to make any man obsess over you;
  • Text Chemistry PDF e-book;
  • Bonus 1: “The Phone Game” e-book;
  • Bonus 2: “Why Men Leave” e-book;
  • Bonus 3: “Tinder Success Secrets” e-book;
  • And many other full membership bonuses.

Who is Amy North the author of Text Chemistry?

Amy North is a relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada.

Amy North author of Text Chemistry

She has a degree in social psychology, which she has obtained from Western University (London, Ontario, Canada). Her life has been focused at helping women from all around the world achieve happy marriage, relationship success, and helping them to get the man of their dreams.

Since publishing Text Chemistry, more than 100.000 copies have been sold (in just few months). She is trusted by many women, because of her unique techniques, which proved to work for her clients and generated some of the most amazing success stories.

Note that her system isn’t based on manipulation. She says it is of the highest importance that one stays true to themselves, without acting or trying to be cunning in any way. But one must become the lover of love, and build a belief in passion. By achieving such state of mind, you can start to communicate on a different level. On a level, where the guy you’re texting with, won’t be able to sleep at night simply because his mind will be preoccupied with thoughts of YOU.

Does this seduction texting system really work?

For anyone having problems in their current relationship, and for all you women who want to get that dream guy who somehow just doesn’t notice you, the Text Chemistry system should work in 99% cases.

Why not 100% you ask? Because nothing in this world is bullet proof. And anyone claiming he is perfect or has done something to perfection, that person must be oblivious or perhaps even delusional. People who built Titanic have said that, and what happened there?

Simply put, in most cases this system works. In rare cases, if done improperly or if the guy is a complete quack, it may fail. However those cases are rare … like very rare. You should be able to do all it teaches properly, since once you hear what it’s all about, and understand all those psychological seduction secrets, you should be able to pull it off easily, without even thinking too much about it.

The Pros & the Cons?

Now let’s talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of Text Chemistry. As we previously mentioned not everything is perfect.

The pros:

  • Unique, never seen before technique
  • Comprehensive guide
  • Video courses included
  • Not ever it gets boring
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Affordable price
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Effective at what it teaches
  • Simple to implement into your life

The cons:

  • A lot to go through (extensive material)
  • Time investment
  • May change your life upside down

If you are not ready for real changes, then this system is not for you. Your life will become different in many ways. Your view of love, passion and feelings will change, and instantly you will be able to advance in life. There will be no more routine, instead you will face every day changes and new challenges. Are you up to that?

What I enjoyed the most, is how well everything is explained in a structured and easy-to-understand manner. Many people could teach the same thing, and yet wouldn’t be able to present it in such way as miss North does. It is there that one notices her astonishing relationship coaching skills.

Another cool thing are the bonuses you get with it. One of the bonuses titled “Why Men Leave” provides a great explanation about most common reasons that are not all obvious. Men tend to leave for stuff that you would never think of. And you can prevent this successfully! Instead making him leave, you can make him attached to you and even make him completely crazy about you. And if you are (or have been thinking) to search for your dream guy on Tinder, you get a bonus “Tinder Success Secrets” which reveals key points and secret recipe for how you can get the best looking, honest guy on Tinder.

And those were just 2 of the many bonuses.

How do you make a man fall crazy in love with you?

Here are 5 simple steps to make any guy fall crazy in love with you OVER TEXTS. These secret seduction texting techniques, when done properly, will work almost every time. So, let’s check them out, shall we?

By the way, what you’re about to read is not directly from Text Chemistry. It is our unique content. And it’s not even 1% compared to what you’ll be getting when applying to Amy North’s program.

make any man fall for you over texts (text chemistry)

#1 : Be interesting and flirty

Men tend to lose interest in women when they start having that feeling, that every time they speak with that woman, the conversation will just be another boring one and 100% predictable. Texting becomes more of a burden, a pain in the ass, instead being a suspenseful ride full of lust.

For example, let’s compare the two texts below and pay attention to detail.

  • Boring example: “Hey, what you doing?”
  • Better go with something like: “Hey, been thinking about you. Don’t care what you are doing atm, but would be interesting to hear what you’d be doing if I was there with you ;)”

Now, both these lines are basically a “Hi” message. However one is boring as hell, while the other is bound to grab his attention and redirect his current activities and focus, into actively texting with you.

#2 : “Unintentionally” give away visuals

Men have great imagination when it comes to visualizing women they’re talking to via messages. How is she dressed? What she’s wearing beneath her clothes? Is she hot and sweating?

Without being too direct you can give a man subtle clues to make his imagination working and him wanting to know more. You should however always do it “unintentionally”.

Saying something like this is wrong in many situations: “I am so sweaty right now wearing nothing but tong and bra. You should come here and help me cool off ;)” – this is just trashy and may seem weird to many guys. Like, is she a slut, they might wonder.

But saying something like: “Just been jogging for 5 miles, now I’m so sweaty, I’m actually few seconds away from taking a nice cold shower.” – You basically let him know you’re all sweaty, probably (half)naked since you’re just a few second away from shower, and the fact that you are going to have a shower will also turn him on. And you manage to do it “unintentionally”, which makes you classy.

#3 : Send subtly seductive photos

Send him a photo here and there, which is on the edge of being “inappropriate”. It should be seductive but in a very subtle manner. You don’t wanna send him a photo of you naked, lol. That would end in a disaster, when you’d find yourself going viral online on adult websites.

Instead, what you wanna do is send him pics that aren’t slutty in any way, but again, those should make his imagination go wild. Send him a photo of your new leather pants – Of course you are going to make those tight accentuating your round booty. And if they are thin enough maybe even tong straps will be seen through.

What ever guy loves are women legs. Once you two are in the middle of texting, you can mention that you bought a pair of new high heels. Ask him: “Wanna see?” – He’ll definitely say yes and at that moment send him an astonishing photo, or a short clip, like the one below for example. Trust me, his mind will go crazy. He will want more, but don’t give him. Play him.

Pinterest @ ikrush.com

#4 : Leave him wondering

You have to be the one that doesn’t reveal everything. You have to be mysterious occasionally leaving him in the dark, wondering what’s going on.

A great way of doing that is to start a topic and when he asks something concrete about some detail, leave him wondering by saying that you’ll tell him that some other time. Yeah, he might get annoyed if you do it to often, however if you do it just here and there, his focus will be entirely on you even after you stop texting. And when he goes to sleep he’ll be thinking about you and the thing that you didn’t want to share with him.

And that’s your goal and what the Text Chemistry is all about – to make him think about you all day long. Even if he’s a bit upset. He must lust for more. He should be the one waking up in the morning eager to text you.

#5 : Always appear confident

Never complain too much, never appear as if you are too much into him, never let him know that you are deeply in love with him and lust for him physically.

Of course give him a compliment occasionally, however if he says something that might trigger you, you shouldn’t show that. Simply act cool and confident – as if you don’t really need him at all.

If he says he can’t meet one day, don’t try to push it or find out when he does want to meet. Actually, you should never be the one asking to meet. He should be the one who’s begging you. And before you agree to a date, you should turn him down at least twice. “Sorry, can’t tomorrow, got plans.” – Simple. And don’t change your mind.

And on his 3rd attempt, go for it. “Luckily, I have time on Wednesday, so yes, we can meet.”

And for those who are already in a long-term relationship and want to make their husband crazy about you, same principles apply. Always be confident, regardless of who is who, and who looks how, and who’s bringing more money home, … You are the queen. You are confident. He is the lucky one to have you, not the other way around.

Trust me this works. Guys that are with women who act humbly, simply stop appreciating their spouses. To get his love, you must give him a challenge. And you are his challenge.

Thanks for reading our article about Text Chemistry by Amy North – one of the best seduction guides available to download instantly, where you can learn how to get any guy by merely mastering texting. Text Chemistry is truly an inspiring work, which has and will serve women for many years to come.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Text Chemistry system by Amy North

What’s the price of Amy North’s Text Chemistry system

The price for a complete program (e-books, video courses, bonuses, etc.) is basically $50 (49.95). It is an affordable cost for what you are getting, and should be thought of as an investment.

Does Text chemistry work?

In short, yes. It works once you manage to master what it teaches. Amy North beautifully explains everything. Even though it’s a comprehensive work, it is easy to understand. Therefore you should have no problems achieving your personal relationship goals.

What is the e glow text?

E glow texts are complimentary texts to your man. These texts basically let him know how much you love him, appreciate him, care for him and how perfect he is for you. They are meant to boost his ego, because men simply need that occasionally. Just don’t over do it. Sending an e-glow text shouldn’t be a too frequent thing, but also should not be forgotten of.

What is the tantalizing seduction text?

The difference between tantalizing text and seductive text is based on the time of your relationship with the guy. Seduction texts are more suitable for a couple that know each other for some time already, while tantalizing texts come in handy for early dating stages and are basically a lot more subtle. Text Chemistry explains that really well and gives lots of examples.

How do you arouse a man with words?

Subtle seductive messages are proven to work best. According to text chemistry, You should remain classy and never appear trashy. “Unintentionally” giving him clues about what you’re doing, wearing, looking like, is something that men love. For example: “Been working out, need to go shower now,” may sound completely innocent but will give his mind something to think about.

What can I text a guy to get his attention?

Something inconcrete. Something that makes him wonder what’s happening. A good way to get his attention is simply saying something mysterious: “Gosh, if only you were here to see what’s happening.” And if you want to be flirty, you can say: “I’m putting on something I bought today. Wish you could see, so that someone could tell me if it suits me.”

Should I sign up for Text Chemistry program?

If you are single, in a relationship, or married, you can benefit from this course. What you’ll learn is how you can make a man that YOU want, crazy about you. Unhappy marriages were healed using this system, single women got their dream man by learning these principles. So, if you have such ambitions then yes, you should most definitely sign up.

Is there a refund option if I am not satisfied?

Yes. The author of this program is confident enough to give 60-day refund option, no questions asked. Therefore if you are for some reason no happy with what you’re getting you can get all your money back, to every last cent.

Where can I download Text Chemistry PDF + videos?

Here’s your link. All you do is go there, sign up and you’ll get access to everything … all PDFs, e-books, videos, etc. will be yours from that moment on. Take action and change your life today.


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