Advantage of oil-based lube is that it doesn’t dry out (it is not absorbed easily with skin). It’s a last longing, perfectly natural, organic lube. Oil is great since it absorbs but also lasts-long, which is an advantage compared to water-based lubes. The only downside is that oil-based lubricant will break condom, so it can’t be used in combination with condoms.

homemade DIY coconut oil as an oil-based lube for having sex - best coconut oil recipe

Homemade Coconut Oil From FRESH Coconuts | 100% Natural

One day, when I was attending this conference, my mind was entirely somewhere else… wondering if I can make my own personal coconut oil lubricant? I researched this topic thoroughly, … Continue readingHomemade Coconut Oil From FRESH Coconuts | 100% Natural