Sexy Lingerie – 10 Insanely Sexy Dress Ideas To Surprise Him


Hello, my dear! Did you ever thought about wearing something a bit more “provocative” to gain men’s attention? Are you thinking about putting on a hot sexy lingerie for surprising your husband tonight but you don’t wanna appear silly? Have a date with your boyfriend and you want to blow his mind by wearing a new sexy dress, while maintaining appropriate and professional looks?

At Lube For Sex we present to our beloved women audience, a sexy tips article entitled: Sexy Lingerie – 10 Insanely Sexy Dress Ideas To Surprise Him! If you ever wondered which little detail can arouse your husband to a level that he won’t be able to resist you, you’ve come to the right place.

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We are going to focus this article on how to dress sexy for your man. We are going to discuss some of the sexiest ways to wear lingerie, stockings, corsets, dresses. The goal of this article is to share and discuss, what kind of sexy dress men find to be the most arousing. Giving women tips on dressing insanely sexy, while still looking professionally.

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Citing SpringerLink who recaps pretty much everything in two sentences: “Stop giving your man a reason to check out other sexy women at work. Give him a reason to leave work early and rush home to tear your clothes off.” – and that’s exactly what our article is about! Happy reading.

Women’s wear: 10 sexiest dress tips for women

You’ll be able to find here 10 sexy dress tips, how a woman can surprise her husband. Still not married? No problem, these sexy dress tips will work on younger men also (young men love women in sexy lingerie, just as much as married man). We have decided to cover it to the extent, where a woman, regardless of her age, may seduce her man – regardless of his age.

nice short seductive clip of a confident woman wearing sexy lingerie

What we see most often, is that women are afraid to wear provocative dresses and lingerie, being shy and afraid to appear silly wearing some of these. Well, you should be confident, that no matter what you wear the most important factor to keep in mind is, how you wear it. Wearing sexy lingerie with confidence is essential.

At all times, you should be confident and believe in yourself. You have no reason to feel silly, old, or not beautiful enough! Building confidence might be the hardest thing to achieve, but it is essential. You will not appear sexy to your man, if you wear your sexy dress without confidence. Remember: You are a very beautiful and sexy woman already, and our sexy lingerie tips can only add for a positive surprise effect.

Here is a great article that presents 8 tips for women to become more confident about themselves and their beauty. We do recommend reading it, and upgrading your confidence level first, if you believe you have some issues about it. Lacking confidence IS a problem!.. and note that “confidence” is the sexiest thing a woman can wear for her man.

We hope that our article Sexy Lingerie | 10 Insanely Sexy Dress Ideas To Surprise Him, will indeed bring you some hot new ideas for surprising your husband by providing you with most amazing and orgasmic nights. Let us know in the comment section below if you enjoyed our content.


Sexy dress tip 1 | Wearing high heels drives most men insane

High heels - sexy dress tips for women

One might think that high heels are just a fetish of some men, it is not the case. High heels are not by themselves the object men may consider sexy. It is in-fact the way women legs are shaped while wearing high heels, making for insanely hot & sexy effect.

Wearing high heels is one of the basic ideas that comes to mind, when trying to dress sexy. It may not be a part of lingerie, but in my personal opinion, high heels are essential dress element, which provides for sexy appearance of a woman.


By wearing high heels:

  • Your legs become shaped in a different, sexier manner, that will make most men to turn their heads.
  • You train leg muscles, that are otherwise idle, when wearing normal footwear.
  • Wearing high heels will strengthen your ankles joints.
  • You appear more elegant and womanly when wearing high heels.
  • You express your confidence level – wearing high heels needs courage and skills.

If you want to grab men’s attention, wearing high heels is essential. High heels are an element of dress code that provides for not just sexy, but also elegant effect. I’d recommend reading this article on high heels, where you can read more about crucial things to consider, and related health benefits of wearing them.

We noticed most men adore seeing women wear Christian Louboutin high heels. Here are extremely sexy and glamorous black ankle high heels [link to Amazon] by Christian Louboutin, that will not only provide for sexy appearance, but also make you feel like a queen walking down the alley or attending a certain public event.


Sexy lingerie tip 2 | Stockings for elegant & sexy appearance

stockings - insanely hot woman wearing sexy stockings

Mhm, stockings! If we relate to the previous chapter about high heels, stocking are the perfect addition you can pull up your legs to make men drive crazy. Most men love seeing women wearing stockings.

While stocking are insanely sexy to most men, this sexy lingerie is absolutely not a “slut wear”. Stockings can be elegant and glamorous, providing for the appearance of a confident and beautiful woman. Many high position female executives, wear stockings to their daily work routine. The combination of professional looking skirt, blazer, shirt and stockings, assures that not much skin is shown, making for a perfect professional appearance.

I deeply love both the Quora and Reddit. That is why I sometimes like to reference articles from these sources. Why? Because both sources are very well moderated, and no garbage content can be posted there. Every single post is manually reviewed and if anything suspicious, irrelevant, or fake is posted it is immediately removed (deleted). Therefore, I’d like to link to this question being asked on Quora: “Why are stockings sexy to most men?”, and the answer given by Adey Hill is the one I recommend reading.

Basically what Miss Hill says (among other things) is that stocking are like a gift wrapping – men love women legs, that’s no secret. But when women wear stockings, they tease male brain. The brains are desperately trying to remove that nylon material. Stockings are creating that mystery effect. What is behind this “gift wrapping”, what is inside? It is a real teaser for most men, while it also shapes your legs and covers all possible anomalies you may have on your skin.

To conclude; yes, wearing stockings is a no-brainer, your man (or your date) will 100% be intrigued by you. Once he sees your legs crossed, he’ll be in for a painful torture trying to look you in the eyes while communicating. Wearing this sexy dress element is possible in just about any situation (job, home, party, event, anything…).


Sexy dress tip 3 | Looking hot wearing a sexy corset

Sexy dress tip 3 - Looking hot wearing a sexy corset

Corsets are highly underrated, when it comes to sexy, elegant lingerie. A corset could just be one of the most essential sexy dress elements, you’ve ever worn. Not only will a corset make you look sexy, for it will also provide for beautiful, elegant and glamorous appearance. This is definitely not the type of lingerie-wear that would make you look “trampy”.

There are numerous benefits of wearing a corset:

  • It actually can reshape your body shape if worn daily, making you look more feminine and slimmer in a long-term.
  • Regardless of how much you weight, a corset will make you look thinner.
  • Wearing a corset is good for your back, as it gives you additional back support.
  • It’s just incredibly sexy – There is not a single man on this planet, that would dare saying he does not like women wearing a corset. It would have to be a blatant lie.

Corsets are an awesome sexy dress addition. They are worn by many famous and confident women around the world. As a reference take a look at this photo of Beyoncé wearing a corset. It makes for 100% difference (in a positive way).

In this second example, you may take a look at Nicole Scherzinger. She is wearing this sexy dress style, that would not be complete without this amazingly looking sexy red corset. A dress really does make for a woman’s beauty.

And the third example is vintage – Marilyn Monroe wearing corset back in her days (cca. 1955). At that time, Marilyn became an instant sex symbol. All women wanted to be as beautiful as she was. And Marilyn wearing a corset, indeed made men go crazy over her.


We can conclude that regardless of your race, being black, white, Asian, Latino… That regardless of your time, being young, old, now, or in 20 years from now… Corsets will always be that insanely glamorous, sex appealing, fashionable dress addition, that is always going to leave men standing there with their jaws wide open.


Sexy lingerie tip 4 | Push-up bra makes your boobs look amazing

push up bra sexy lingerie for women

It is no secret that men are in love with women’s breasts, and the invention of a push-up bra can be marked as a revolutionary moment. Why men’s brain are triggered by good looking boobs, can be explained solely by Mother Nature and the God himself. Breasts are one of your key attributes that you can use for making him desperately want you and the push-up bra can provide for astonishing visual effect here.

Let’s first clarify – for us men, it is not about the size (mostly), it’s about the shape! Wearing a push-up bra can definitely contribute to an amazing shape of your breasts, making them look bigger, rounder and firmer. When combined with a correct cleavage, men will have a hard time concentrating, keeping focus on your eyes.


Wearing a push-up bra comes with quite a few surprising benefits:

  • It helps you maintain a healthy posture, slouching is not possible and your shoulders have to be pulled back, while your head is correctly lifted up.
  • Wearing a push-up bra helps your back.
  • It is extremely hot to most men -the looks and the firm shape of your breasts are unimaginably hot when wearing a push-up bra.
  • This sexy lingerie could be the key element for positively surprising a man you are planning to seduce, or maybe just wanna tease him and make him want you.

Basically by wearing push-up bras you are not just making for a sexier busty look, but you are also gaining health benefits. Here’s a great in-depth article from a high quality source about wearing push-up bras. We recommend reading it, and after deciding on whether you should wear one yourself.

Here are a couple of examples or before / after wearing a push-up bra. In my opinion this truly is a sexy lingerie any woman should wear (regardless of her breasts size) to improve the looks of her bust, and thus challenge every man’s imagination.

In all 3 cases (it might just be my humble opinion), the push-up bra provided for improved, sexier appearance.


Sexy dress tip 5 | Glasses can be insanely arousing element in bed

hot girl wearing sexy glasses - sexy dress glasses

Do you wear glasses and might even be ashamed of the fact? Do you consider it to be “dorky”? Well, here’s a surprise – most men like women wearing glasses! Choosing an elegant looking glasses, will make you look like his favorite sexy high school teacher he always dreamed of, and that’s a truly powerful fantasy to stimulate him with.

Reading article we can agree to most of their content, about why women with glasses appear more sexy to men. To recap the reasons they’ve written of:

  • Wearing glasses provides for that smart and elegant appearance.
  • It makes you appear more reserved, conservative, which can be extremely arousing, since you look harder to get as opposed to other women.
  • Women wearing glasses are confident about who they are, and how they look, showing the world they don’t care about what they think of them. Confidence is sexy!
  • Glasses can make you look hotter. Choosing the type that suits your face most, can make you look prettier.
  • Glasses make you stand out from the crowd, since most people aren’t wearing them. You are that special one.
  • Glasses used to be considered as something bad, something you wear due to anomaly with your eyesight. But not anymore. Glasses in these times are a cool, sexy, fashionably addition, just like a necklace or a ring.

These are just some of the reasons we believe that you might get more impressions from men, if you wear glasses. Wearing them during sexual intercourse can be extremely hot. Most men would kill for oral that includes a woman wearing glasses, because that style strongly resembles a naughty teacher looks, or a bad secretary, or just recently a gone-wild bookworm girl.

There are many fantasies happening in your man’s head, that they’ll never tell you about and sexy wear such as glasses can provide for an insanely orgasmic experience.


Sexy lingerie tip 6 | High waist lace thongs every man’s dream

High waist lace thongs every mans dream

If you watched Bay Watch (Pamela Anderson) back in the days, you know exactly what I’m talking about. High waist panties had been extremely popular before the millennium, then they “died” a bit, and now they are trending back. Why? Because they’re one of the sexiest lingerie, men had ever seen women wore. Lace making for the perfect combination.

Thongs. To even wear any type of thongs, as a woman you have to be extremely confident in yourself. Definitely, most certainly, 100% guaranteed your exposed “legs” will make men look behind you. You have to be confident about yourself looking good, being attractive, but also know how to walk in this particular lingerie. There’s plenty of skill and confidence in every woman who ever wore thongs in a public place (e.g. beach).

Of course to wear them as underwear, may not be as “attention seeking” as previously described case. But will definitely make your man stand there amazed once you reveal those and make a sexy move or two with your hips.

Personally what I find most attractive is, when a woman wears thongs, and they can be seen “through”. You can see them only under a certain light, therefore you are watching even more closely, being focused 100%.

What is also amazing about the high waist thongs is, that if you wear them in combination with low waist jeans, everyone can see them – look at this photo to understand what I mean. This is probably one of the sexiest thing a woman can wear, but it is not very glamorous. Consider wearing this to a party, but of course don’t ever wear this to any official event, or to the dinner with your mother-in-law. Wear it for him when he gets home! PS: I can see Jennifer Lopez found a way to wear this sexy dress style for official appearances, but I just don’t dig it… It does not go well together. At least not for me.

If you’d like to see our recommendation, here are Alyce Intimates [link to Amazon] high waist Thongs with a specially beautiful lace. They come in different colors, and besides being extremely sexy, they are also very comfortable. These are Amazons Choice for “lace thong underwear for women”, meaning they had been given very good customer ratings and that they are trending in their niche.


Sexy dress tip 7 | Leather boots for dangerous night mistress

insanely hot and sexy leather boots girl

Leather boots can make for so many attractive appearances – you can go for the dirty “slutty” look or you can go for highly glamorous, elegant look. Leather boots are an object of extreme fantasy with most men. Women wearing high heels leather boots are the sexiest, period.

We have found for you 63 examples of insanely sexy high heels boots ideas to wear. Pinterest is a great visual source to get ideas and information on specific topics. There aren’t just leather boots that are fascinating, high heels boots also come in different types of materials, and just about every single one of them can be create an extremely hot visual illusion.


There are a few facts to know about this sexy dress addition:

  • High heels boots make your legs shape appear sexy to look at.
  • Men love seeing women in high heels boots.
  • High heels boots are perfect for late fall, winter and early spring.
  • Waiting at home for your husband dressed sexy and wearing high heels boot, can guarantee for biggest surprise he ever experienced.
  • Being in a club, where most women will wear some standard footwear, you are going to be the star of the night, if you put on a sexy pair of high heels boots.
  • The sexiest thing that can happen to a man is a woman giving him the perfect view of crossing her legs, while wearing stunning high heels (leather) boots.

Trust me, all the guys I talked to about what dress-up makes a woman look astonishing and desirable, more than 80% of them had mentioned high heels boots when describing the sexiest woman dress wear. Wearing these will make your legs look longer, more elegant, and you are going to appear taller and thinner. Men will look after you, when you’ll be passing them in the streets. You’ll feel their eyes on your body.


Complete Sexy Lingerie Tip 8 | Wearing sexy brides lingerie

sexy bridal lingerie (dress in a hot bridal dress)

This is great in both cases – if you are married already or not married yet. It is insanely hot for a man to relieve his weeding night or to see what is coming at him if he’ll be able to keep you in his life. In both cases, roleplaying as his bride for the night, is one of the sexiest dresses you can appear in. Brides lingerie is insanely hot.

White sexy lingerie dressed beneath your silk night robe. Imagine his face when you took the robe off. He will stand there stunned and jump you the second you open the robe. How many times you wear sexy seductive white lingerie?


A complete combination of brides lingerie should be a combination of:

  • white, elegant, seductive lace thongs;
  • white lace push-up bra;
  • incredibly sexy nylon stockings;
  • a seductive wedding garter;
  • high heels footwear (preferably white);
  • optionally: elegant white gloves;
  • optionally: a sexy bridal corset.

Here are some awesome examples of bridal lingerie. Dress up like this on a random day to blow his mind out and make him go completely insane. These examples confirm that bridal wear, can be just about the sexiest lingerie and a part of the most erotic male fantasies.


Complete Sexy Dress Tip 9 | Put on a naughty nurse costume

naughty nurse costume - sexy dress and lingerie for women

Has he been sick lately? No? Then make him play sick and force him become your patient. While you can be his cure, by playing that sexy nurse, or maybe even the hot medical doctor, who’s going to fix all his health problems. Start as if it’s a real deal, and roleplay to finding out the problem to be in his penile region. Sexy nurse costume is one of our top choices as sexy lingerie dress wear.

I bet $100 that within the last year, at least once, every single guy you point out, had seen a pornographic movie where nurses or medical doctors are involved. Without exception. Every single guy with working internet connection did it. So why let them pleasure themselves over some movie clips, when you can do that 100 times better?

All you need is to buy yourself a nurse costume and become the sexiest female medical doctor, he has ever been treated by. By the way – As he may be suffering from schizophrenia, it is advisable that you tie him down to the bed, when performing the diagnostics examination.

Now check out some of the sexiest costumes we hand-picked for you online [links to Amazon]:


I love this article from Reddit where the sensation of role-playing as a nurse-patient is described. How sexy lingerie and dressing up can make such for such an incredible & orgasmic impact, for spicing up your sex life. It is one of the greatest ways to make your marriage become interesting again and to improve your sex life.

If you need to use a lube during the treatment process and haven’t got a proper lube for sex at home, do not worry, here are healthy and natural lube alternatives to use instead of lube from your every day household items.


Complete Sexy Lingerie Tip 10 | Become a Tomb Raider for the night

Sexy Lingerie Tip 10 - Become a Tomb Raider for the night

Well hello! Yes I am a man, and I know when I see something, that I definitely like it. You really need to have confidence when slipping into a dress of Lara Croft, and becoming a sexy Tomb Raider. But this is merely a psychological barrier. Trust me, your looks don’t matter, if you dress like this for your boyfriend, he’ll love you for it!

I can still remember playing the Tomb Raider with my cousin, when I was like 12 years old – which is at this time 18 year back. The graphics were horrible at that time, but I can remember feeling aroused, even though at 12, I didn’t even know what that particular feeling meant.

The Tomb Raider “Lara Croft Costume” become one of the most exciting sexy dress which we do not come across a lot, since as I said, many women believe they will look ridiculous wearing such type of sexy lingerie. But as a man, I would advise against such thinking. All women are beautiful, and by being courageous and dressing in such style, you will show your man, that you have the confidence and the looks.

If you are not familiar with Tomb Raider, you can read about it here. All the adventures of Lara Croft, since 1996, are presented in the linked article.

If you’d like to get the sexy Tomb Raider costume, you may grab one here [link to Amazon]. You can also pretty much do the DIY (do it yourself) from your existing wardrobe. Although if you want to have all accessories to look like the original Lara Croft, you’ll be needing guns, bombs, etc. Which you probably lack at the moment. But hey, it’s not crucial to have those too look amazingly sexy and similar to the Tomb Raider.

Go ahead, surprise him. I bet he will stand there with his jaws and eyes fully open, when he sees you for the first time dressed as sexy as this!


Bonus – Insanely Hot Women Dress Tip | The She.E.O (business female executive CEO)

beautiful_and_hot_CEO - female_business_woman_extremely_sexy

Imagine staging a fake job interview for your husband / boyfriend. Surprise him, clean up at home and arrange “an office meeting”. He will be stunned, trust me. He does not know what is coming at him.

You can just as well role-play by telling him the plan. Tell him he must pass the interview if he wants to have fun tonight. If he fails, tell him all the fun will be on you. Or make him know that if he fails the interview, he’ll be the one caring for the chores and cleaning house for a week.

Anyway, men love authority women figure. I bet if you ask 100 men if they ever fantasize about having sex with a hot female boss (real or imaginary) they’d confirm. These tight authoritative clothes will make any man want you insanely.


What is so special about dressing up as a She.E.O. (the popular phrase for business woman – a female CEO)? Well, here are a few reasons why men will love you for this sexy dress:

  • You look as an authoritative figure – which is hot, period.
  • Second, you are not showing too much skin – making a bit of a mystery what you are hiding under your clothes, which make men wanna tear those off.
  • Third, you are the boss. He might not be used to it, but when wearing this, let him know you are the superior, and he is just a little human being, who is completely dependent on your decision-making.

So, this is our last (11th – the bonus) tip, on how to dress extremely sexy for your man, in order to surprise him when he gets home. You may apply this same dressing style when going out for a drink, but you may scare most of the men. You will probably have to be the one approaching men, the only exception being the most confident men, who may approach themselves. But that’s a though chance, they’ll mostly want you, but they’ll be to scared to even speak to you.

You may get business dress blazer from Amazon now by clicking the link [link to Amazon].

Dressing sexy for your man, wearing hot lingerie will spice up your sex life

I guess we had covered a number of sexy lingerie and hot dress wearing styles you can use to surprise your husband (or boyfriend) for spicing up your sexual relationship. If you had wondered, about how important dress actually is to men, we can conclude that it has an enormous effect on male sexual stimulation. Men like to watch, and watching a woman dressed provocative, elegant and sexy, is something we enjoy feasting our eyes on.

Not enough? You hadn’t found any interesting ideas on how to drive your man crazy by dressing up sexy for him? Well, luckily we aren’t quite finished yet! Below are our honorable mentions (the last one, at the bottom, is the one to go for, if you are serious about making him go crazy over you).

Sexy dress ideas: Princess Leia Sexy Dress Costume
Princess Leia Sexy Dress Costume
Sexy dress ideas: Sexy Mexican Maid Cosplay Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Mexican Maid Cosplay Sexy Lingerie
Sexy dress ideas: HOT Cat woman (from Batman)
Sexy dress of a Cat woman (from Batman)
Sexy lingerie for women: The Hottest cowgirl on the ranch costume
The Hottest cowgirl on the ranch costume
Sexy lingerie for women: Insanely sexy police-woman costume
Insanely sexy police-woman costume
Horrifyingly sexy Silent Hill nurse costume

I can tell you that the last one (Silent Hill Sexy Nurse) can be extremely amusing, since you can freak him out of his mind. I just love the appearance of this costume and I believe by wearing it you will have full control over your man.

The hottest idea, which is extremely orgasmic and comes to my mind, is a scenario in which a woman is wearing the silent hill sexy dress of a nurse, while being completely silent herself. Surprising him, but not speaking at all. Just push him into bed, walk around in a weird manner, and jump him once you see he is freaked enough. Oh, how hot is that. A man would be terrified of you but simultaneously brought to an insanely strong orgasm… wow!


Sexy dresses and sexy lingerie – Conclusions

We had presented in this article some of the hottest dresses and lingerie that came across our minds. It is essential that regardless of a dress you might wear, that you are confident about your beauty.

Trust me, you are beautiful, and you can believe us when we say, do not be shy of wearing provocative clothes for him, when trying to surprise him. Confidence is the sexiest dress wear and you need it before dressing up for him. He will be stunned, he might even laugh and call you crazy, but stay confident and punish him for his insolence! – By performing sexual acts on him that he would have never imagined happening in reality.


Thank you for reading and our article Sexy Lingerie: 10 Insanely Sexy Dress Ideas To Surprise Him. We hope you had enjoyed your read, and that you were able to collect some inspiring naughty ideas about your next sexy dress styles. And don’t forget to wear sexy lingerie tonight ;)


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