Sexual Health: The Importance of Having a Regular Orgasm


Why Regular Orgasms Are So Important?

The sheer number of sexual orgasm benefits is mind-blowing. Apart from helping you sleep better, sexual health benefits include clean skin, healthy bones, and helps keeping your immune system strong – and these are just a few of many!

Physical intimacy plays quite an important role when it comes to relationships; even the best dating sites won’t give you the orgasm you are looking for.

When you don’t have enough sex with your partner, a lot of things can go wrong. Couples tend to feel less bonded and connected, which results in dwindling love and affection, according to many studies on sexual health awareness.

Besides keeping a relationship steady and strong, sexual pleasures and regular orgasms play a critical role and can cause sexual health disparities in our physical and emotional health. We will present you with the main advantages to get a better idea of what we are talking about.

Read further to find why regular orgasms are of key importance for your sexual health!

1. Living Longer

According to sexual health experts, there is a relationship between the mortality rate and the frequency of orgasms among middle-aged men.

People with two or more orgasms per week had a lower mortality risk than those with less-frequent orgasms. Among women, the case is almost the same; longevity and sexual intercourse are closely connected, and this determines the mortality rate.

2. Cures Headaches and the Common Cold

People tend to avoid sex because of health problems like headaches and the common cold; it should be the opposite. The sexual health framework has scientifically proven that orgasm can relieve pain. Always give sex a chance before reaching out for the pill.

A good orgasm blocks pain because the hormone that is released during the process increases the pain threshold. Even if you do not want to get into it entirely, a simple stimulation is enough to get the job done. For ladies, even a small self-love session can significantly reduce the cramps; it also protects you from the common cold.

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3. Improves Your Sexual Health and Immune System

It has been researched that having frequent climax increases the level of immunoglobulin in your body. Immunoglobulin makes your immune system stronger and improves sexual health during the pandemic, which everyone is facing right now.

Also, the lymphatic system, a part of your body that helps detoxify it, gets some relief. Regular orgasm increases the number of killer cells in your body, also known as leukocytes. This means that whenever you are not feeling too well, a round of sexual activity can significantly boost your immune system and kick it into high gear.

4. Helps Regulate Your Cycle

It has been studied that regular sex and climax can be linked to regular periods. It means more relief from menstrual cramps. Frequent orgasms (and sex) can help regulate the monthly cycle.

Many women have to deal with irregular periods. However, little do they know that daily sex is quite beneficial in this aspect. According to these studies, women who have an orgasm at least once a week have more regular cycles compared to those who have never or rarely have sex.

5. Stronger Pelvic Floor

For both men and women, a strong pelvic floor is essential. Regular sex and some Kegel exercises will help you strengthen it.

The benefits of sexual health for youth do not entirely end here. For women (especially if they have children), a strong pelvic floor will improve their bladder control and function. For men, the advantages are almost similar, plus the protection against erectile dysfunction.

6. Helps You Look Younger

If you want to look better, you can simply forget make-up and head directly to the bedroom. According to several sexual health guidelines, frequent climaxing can help you look a decade younger. While the reason is not explicitly known, it is believed that the human growth hormone is released during sex that makes the skin glow and look silky.

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7. Better Sleep

If you often have trouble falling asleep, you will understand the value of a good night’s slumber. However, the silver lining here is that regular sex and orgasm might help you fall asleep faster. A sexual health information source states that the body releases prolactin hormone, making you relaxed and sleepy.

Also, dopamine and oxytocin released after an orgasm promote the feeling of intimacy, peacefulness, and rest. Hence, it should not be surprising that people tend to fall asleep after sex. It has been studied that more than half the women in the US masturbate to fall asleep. Hence, instead of gulping down a pull, all you need to have is good night sex, and you will sleep like a toddler.

8. Increases Body Confidence

With the help of frequent orgasms, you will feel better about your body. When you start focusing on how much pleasure your body can give you, you learn to concentrate on the process.

You start getting more comfortable and enjoying sex more fully. The more sex and climaxing you have, the better you start feeling about your body. In turn, your body confidence increases, and you find bliss.

9. You Feel Happier

This should not be a shocker; orgasms make you happy. However, there is also a bit of science thrown into the mix. People who experience orgasms regularly are happier than those who don’t, especially women.

After a climax, the brain gets flooded with endorphins that make us feel good and promote the feelings of bonding and bliss. Frequent orgasms help us combat bad moods and keep us connected to our partners. If our relationship is strong, so is our mental health, according to many sexual health questions and answers.

More orgasm means an improvement in the menstrual cycle (of women), sexuality, and mood. It has also been linked that sexual activities increase the overall sense of well-being. This leads to a higher quality of life and a better sex drive.

10. Relieves Stress

When you have sex with sexual health oil, your body releases the oxytocin when you hit orgasm. This hormone relieves stress and gives you a feeling of warmth and relaxation. In a way, having a climax will relieve you of stress.

When you climax, the released oxytocin acts as a medicine for stress. Additionally, it has been studied that in women, the part of the brain associated with fear and anxiety is not active during orgasm. Hence, it can be used as a weapon to overcome fear.

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11. Enjoyable Exercise

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must stay active. However, not everyone can hit the gym after work. The good news here is that sex offers a great workout, especially if you are looking for cardiovascular exercise.

Even if you have sex for 30 minutes, you easily burn off more than 85 calories. This is because a lot of muscles are being used for the session, and your heartbeat rises. Apart from making you feel good, regular sex and orgasm can help you burn some calories.

However, you also need to remember that if you want your session to burn some fat, you need to work and sweat. This will keep pushing your heart rate forward. Do not merely lie down and expect your partner to do the job – try out new positions with a lot of foreplay.

12. Helps Lose Weight

When we are talking about losing calories, it automatically means that you end up losing weight. Frequent sex and climax, whether done solo or with a partner, have often been connected to a smaller waist and hip circumference in both men and women. Apart from feeling healthy, having sex can lower the risks of health problems and diseases that are tied with being overweight, like Type-2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Alleviates Pain

13. Alleviates Pain

When it comes to periods, it is quite common for women to suffer from menstrual symptoms like cramps. However, the good news here is that sex and orgasm can help you reduce the pain. According to sexual health facts, the release of corticosteroids and endorphins can help eliminate this pain. Since sex is an excellent analgesic, it will only suppress the pain, not affect the sensitivity. This means that your body can be ready for a great orgasm. The same can be said for men. If you are suffering from a muscle ache or a headache, sex and climax might simply be the thing you need, instead of a pill from your medicine chest.

14. You Are Likely to Conceive

If you are trying to start a family, then timing is something that you cannot take lightly.

It has been studied that women who hit orgasm while having sex with their male partners can retain more sperms. It has likely more to do with oxytocin, resulting in orgasm. Additionally, regular climax prepares the body for a healthy pregnancy overall, with women more than ready to carry to term.

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The Conclusion

From the above, we come to know that orgasms combined with intimate lubricants is so much more than just fulfilling the sexual needs and desires of the human body.

From lower stress to healthy hormones that lead to a sound immune system, the benefits have often been underestimated. When you climax, your body releases oxytocin, prolactin, and neurohormones, all of which give you a very pleasurable feeling of bonding and attachment to your partner.

Apart from sex making you feel so awesome, it also has multiple health benefits, some of which have been mentioned above. Now that you know the truth, you need to put in the time and effort to ensure you and your partner reach the climax you both deserve. Or, to know more, simply apply for sexual health internships. You can also call a sexual health line to get even more details on the matter. If you have any queries or want to start a discussion, write them in the comments section below.

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