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The world we live in is changing, and this change brings along a new and better understanding of sex and the pleasure and desires attached to it. Over the years, many companies are trying hard to destigmatize the education of sex. There is no doubt that there is a lack of easily available genuine and trustworthy information around this topic.

Given how we’ve perceived the understanding of our physical needs and understanding, sex is more of a taboo we’re often reluctant to talk about, mainly due to issues such as sexual shame. Our society has numerous issues when it comes to sex and the shame in talking of such frantic relation.

It is high time we address these issues and normalize these issues before matters go out of hand. As per a recent survey, approximately 40% of women worldwide, that is one in every eight women go through some kind of sexual complications caused due to personal and interpersonal distress.

Sex Toys: Tale, Taboo, Myth?

Talking of misinformation about sex, there is no denying that people still have confusion regarding sex toys. Over the years, many businesses have been pushing hards towards revolutionizing the perception of sex toys. With various products specifically engineered to suit different types and variants of bodies, these companies have played a key role in driving us towards the new era of pleasure tech.  

As per research conducted by ResearchAndMarket, the global market for sex toys was worth $23.7 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $35.5 billion by 2023.

This growth is accredited to the overall increase in desire for experimentation and the candid approach of the general public towards sex and pleasure. Even though the cultural stigma surrounding sex still exists but on the bright side, it is good to see a gradual shift in the opinion of the general public.

Keep reading further to eliminate all the confusions and stigma surrounding sex toys while also discovering ways to spice things up a notch. Get prepared to initiate your journey in the world of toys that offer pleasure. Let’s gather some knowledge!

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Types of Sex Toys to Oomph the Satisfaction Scale!

Before we begin, let’s state the less known fact that sex toys are not just dildos and vibrators, but there is a lot more. Let us take a better look into the variants of sex toys available in the market and their uses.

●    Vulva Toys: Vibrators and Dildos

Dildos and vibrators are the most commonly used sex toys and people somehow often fail to recognize the difference between both. Furthermore, both these devices have an elongated phallic shape, which does not help much with the confusion.

These devices are often mixed as they are both used for penetration and look more or less similar to each other. So let us start with getting a detailed understanding of these devices.

  1. Vibrators: Vibrators are available in numerous shapes and sizes. These devices can be used both internally and externally based on the size and shape of the device. Vulva toys are usually designed for internal and external uses, but one can always take a step further and use them internally and externally. With the right knowledge, there is no harm in experimenting with these devices. Furthermore, vibrators can be divided into three categories: internal vibrators, external vibrators, and dual vibrators.
  • Internal Vibrators: These vibrators are much similar to dildos in terms of shape and size; however, what sets them apart is that these devices vibrate. These devices are designed to activate movements in your G-spot and are normally shaped with a curved head.
  • External Vibrators: External vibrators are designed for externally stimulating the clitoris. These vibrators are usually small in size and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. There are two main types of external vibrators, namely finger and bullet vibrators.
  • Dual Vibrators: These vibrators are often known as dual wands or rabbits and are very popular among vulva owners. It can be used both externally and internally to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. The vibrator is equipped with a vibrating cylindrical base and an external head designed to reach the glans clitoris.  

2. Dildos: This is the most basic sex toy with a long and cylindrical shape.

However, these penis-shaped toys are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Even though most vulva owners prefer dildos that resemble the shape and good looks of a penis but there are still various other options available in the market. What sets dildos apart from vibrators is that dildos do not vibrate. Various dildos are curve-shaped to access your G-spot.

Penis Toys: Penis Rings, Masturbation Sleeves, and more

Yes, you read it right! Our curiosity and pleasure isn’t only limited to women. There are sex toys designed for the males as well. Even though penis toys come with fewer risks, it is still very important to understand these toys before using them.

  1. Masturbation sleeves: Just as the name suggests, masturbation sleeves are sleeves used for masturbation. These are the most primitive forms of masturbation toys that are designed to look like a vagina. These sleeves often get a bad reputation for being weird due to different reasons. But on the bright side, over the years, numerous companies have come up with new and better-designed masturbation sleeves.  
  1. Vibrators: Of course, vibrators are used for the vulva; however, they can be used for penises too! These devices are very adaptable as long as they are kept away from the anus, and using a wand vibrator on the head of the penis can take you to some different realm of pleasure. But it is highly recommended to use lube before getting it on with a wand vibrator.
  1. Penis Rings: There are various types of penis rings, and these rings are designed to go around the base of the penis and restrict the blood flow. Penis rings are very helpful in getting greater control over the climax with much intense and longer orgasms. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure the ring is made of medical-grade safe silicone. Furthermore, it is advisable to use a reliable water-based lubricant to ease the friction.

●     Anal Toys: Beads, Dildos, and Plugs

Anal toys fit a separate category as they are much safer than that any other sex toys. An important note here is that the anus normally has two different rings, namely the inner and outside rings. The outer ring is the one we can flex while tightening our buttholes and the inner ring is the one that isn’t in our control. These toys are designed to act as a stopper with their widened base. Interestingly, there are different butt toys that are present in different shapes, sizes, and variants that vibrates and the one that does not vibrate, so before purchasing an anal toy, it is recommended to read the below description before making a purchase.

  1. Anal Dildos: One of the ideal matches with strap-on pegging, an anal dildo fits perfectly with a harness, making it perfectly suitable for anal intercourse. Anal dildos do not look much different from a classical dildo except for one single feature, the flared base. However, when you’re about to begin, initiate the pleasure process with smaller dildos, ensure that you’re comfortable and convenient with it, before you decide to upscale the size. Nevertheless, it is always a smart move to communicate with the partners and discuss the levels of comfort with your partner before upgrading.
  1. Anal plugs: Anal plugs do not look much different from any random plug except that these plugs have a widened base. These plugs are known to have a wider base to stop them from getting stuck in the anal canal’s opening. Available in variants of the ones that vibrate and one that does not, anal plugs are available in different materials such as glass, silicone, or wood.
  1. Anal Beads: When we talk of anal beads, we talk of an array of beads arranged in the form of a string, presenting a shape similar to a bracelet designed in a way to seamlessly plug in the beads to trigger the anal opening with various nerves. You can consider removing one anal bead at once to stimulate a sense of awakening and achieving orgasm to increase the sensation. Most importantly, always go for beads with a widened bottom so that none of the beads are lost in the buttocks.
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Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Sex Toy

Buying a sex toy for the first time can be very overwhelming as well as exciting. With so many sex toys available, it can be very difficult to choose the right sex toy. However, here are a few tips to help out people select the perfect sex toy for themselves.

  • Safe material: Always be sure to go for body-safe materials such as glass, non-silicone, and wood. It is important to understand that despite numerous body-safe sex toys available in the market, many phonies are still available. It is best if some research is done before making the decision. Manufacturers today have recognized the growing popularity of safe materials in toys, and this is why they often brand their products as safe even when they are not as safe as advertised.
  • It does not always have to resemble a penis: Penis-shaped sex toys are not bad or anything, and people should always select the toy they are comfortable with. However, there is no harm in exploring some beautifully designed sex toys that resemble the fleshy penis. Sex toys are designed to please users, so there is no harm in trying something new as that toy might be comfortable.
  • Seek consultation from sex toy bloggers: When choosing a sex toy, it is best to look forward to a well-informed person who can lend their knowledge and help others make a better and informed decision about purchasing a sex toy. Various well-experienced sex toy bloggers are available on the internet, and one can leverage their expertise before choosing the right sex toy. All these bloggers have their unique tastes and preferences, which is why one must check as many of them as possible.
  • Carry out the necessary research: It is highly recommended that one take their time while choosing the right sex toy for them and not feel rushed to get the first toy they see. There are various options available in the market, and it’s not like one is buying a new sex toy every day, so it is best to take some time and conduct the required research and evaluate all the needs and preferences before choosing a sex toy.
  • Grab a good lube: There is no argument that lube is great and useful for both beginners and experts as it can effectively reduce friction and get things going in a smooth and frictionless manner. Most experts recommend water-based lubes as it does not interfere with the materials used in the sex toys. It is often said that silicone lube is great for silicone toys, but experts say it only works efficiently if the sex toy is cent per cent silicone and not mixed with other materials. However, as often seen, most easily available and reasonable sex toys are not always made up of 100% silicone. Therefore, it is best to go for a test run on the spot before deciding. 


A sex toy can always come in handy if the user’s partner is far away or even if something is getting in the way of traditional sexual or physical experience. This modern era brings a huge variety of toys and applications that can be very helpful in stimulating the sexual organs and providing an enhanced sexual experience. The important thing here is to realize that there is nothing wrong with using sex toys, and any stigma around it should be destigmatized as soon as possible.

Especially for couples staying far away from each other can use a sex toy or some application to get intimate with each other. Of course, the experience may not be as real as one would want it to be, but something is always better than nothing.


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