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Hmm.. I was wondering way back in 2018: “Is there such thing as a secret seduction spray, which could help me attract women?” – Going online I quickly found tons of such products, presenting themselves as the best pheromones spray, with which you can win even the most desirable women.

Suddenly, my eyes were caught by this particular pheromone spray. It’s supposed to be the right tool to make her want you. Basically, what this miracle spray does (or is supposed to do) is, that no matter which woman you approach, the scent and the pheromones will trigger her brain functions and make her sexually attracted to you. Imagine it as a female Viagra.

What surprised me the most, was how confident the manufacturers were, about their secret seduction spray functionality. They stated:

” Secret Seduction Spray – We are giving away free samples, so that you can make sure our stuff really works, before making your purchase! Grab your free sample, and later decide whether Secret Seduction Spray is of any value to you.”

sex product - secret seduction spray
secret seduction spray 5 free bonus e-books
You will also receive 5 free bonus books focused on improving your dating skills and sex performance

We are going to write this pheromone spray article with a sense of doubt in mind and present a little research about secret seduction spray from the scientific point of view. Can it be possible that an odor can attract women? Even so, can this “smell” effect be big enough, have such impact, to produce a sexual desire and make her want you? Well, lets dive into the content and see what findings are we gonna be able to produce.


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My personal test of Secret Seduction Spray – 3 key findings

I have purchased and afterwards systematically tested secret seduction pheromone spray through the period of one year. And below, in the table, what you can basically find are the results of how many times I “scored”.

The logic is quite simple. My life has basically the same tempo for the last 3 years. I have a daily job, and in the end of the weekend I tend to go out with friends. Of course this is the time, I sometimes meet a lovely lady who I “fall in love with” that particular night :) Somehow, haven’t been able to stay longer than few months with any of them yet. So I’d call most of them one night stands.

The left table shows results from 2018, when I wasn’t using secret seduction spray. I purchased it on November 2018 and was regularly using it, through most of 2019. Since we are now in the middle of December 2019, I guess we can compare the results from both year. Yeah, I know it’s creepy I keep this data, but I have this organizational problem, I always put everything on my calendar and event management is very important to me.

Anyway… Can you see any difference since I started applying the pheromone spray?


These results do in-fact speak in favor of Secret Seduction Spray, mathematically validating its authenticity. Although there could be other factors influencing the results, we can not be 100% sure that this result is without a doubt due to the use of this pheromone spray. But we can conclude that:

  • 2018 “productivity” = 0,23 sexual acts per party – In 2018, I attended 47 parties and ended up having sexual relations with 11 women in total that year.
  • 2019 “productivity” = 0,47 sexual acts per party – While in 2019 (which still has a couple of days to end), I attended 43 parties and ended up being with 20 women.
  • Δ +204% – Conclusion is that 2019 was twice as productive in a sense of me “scoring”, in comparison to the previous year. There might of course be other factors, but it is a fact that by the end of 2018 I purchased and started using Secret Seduction Pheromone Spray.

I believe it’s now time to check from the scientific point of view, how this seduction method works. We will check what exactly are pheromones, how they trigger brain functions, and basically how can such a simple thing as a scent make her want you (sexually).

Pheromones – What are pheromones and how does pheromone spray trigger sexual desire?

So how exactly do pheromones work? What these pheromones even are? We should dive deep inside the “pheromone world” and make analysis of what is known about pheromones and their effect on brain functions. What makes Secret Seduction Spray so functional in terms of bringing results?


Definition – what are pheromones?

The official medical definition by says, that a pheromone is an agent secreted by an individual that produces a change in the sexual or social behavior of another individual of the same species; a volatile hormone that acts as a behavior-altering agent.

Wikipedia says that pheromones are chemicals, capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual, to impact the behavior of the receiving individuals


According to here are some basic facts about pheromones.

  • Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body.
  • They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal.
  • Most insects use pheromones to communicate.
  • Some chemicals have been investigated for pheromone actions in humans but evidence is weak.
  • Many pheromone products can be purchased online, but research suggests that most of them are ineffective.
  • There are four types of pheromones: releaser, primer, signaler and modulator.

Is there any scientific data or confirmation about pheromones actually working (having impact on women)?

Although there are limited evidence, there is handful of studies that do confirm the effects of pheromones on humans. Pheromones have been confirmed to positively impact persons mood, level of happiness and producing sexual desire towards another human being.

For example, here is a 2013 study, that concludes [J. Verhaeghe, et al.]: “In conclusion, some data indicate that 16-androstene pheromones, in particular androstadienone, play a beneficial role in women’s mood, focus and sexual response, and perhaps also in mate selection.”

And another excerpt from that same study suggests [J. Verhaeghe, et al.]: “Upper-lip application of a pharmacological dose of androstadienonein women results in improved mood and heightened focus – particularly to capture emotional information. A positive mood is known to facilitate women’s sexual response, and increased focus improves sexual satisfaction. Indeed, some studies showed a beneficial effect of androstadienone on sexual desire and arousal.”


Below you can find an interesting video, that shows the power of pheromones. Secret Seduction Spray works the same way, only it’s formula is made with the latest available data and is perfectionized to the highest level of quality.

Pheromone Spray – video about pheromones [source: YouTube]

Secret seduction spray is a pheromone spray, that will trigger brain functions of any woman. With some of them it might create just a slight sexual desire towards you, and with others it might have much stronger impact.

But of course pheromones are not the only factor in winning the girl of your dreams. You should also follow some of our sex tips that are not directly connected to Secret Seduction Spray, but are rather more logical steps to making her want you. Below are 10 tips to follow when hitting on a woman:

  1. Dress well and be tidy (take care of your looks).
  2. Take care of your personal hygiene (you shouldn’t smell bad, you should be shaved, have clean hair).
  3. Try adding some sports to your routine (you’ll look healthier and with more energy).
  4. Be confident (appearing confident is one of the most important factors when seducing women).
  5. Listen to what she says and develop conversation based on her topics.
  6. Don’t talk too much, encourage her to do most of talking.
  7. Don’t disagree with what she says, but also don’t agree – try debating stuff, seek for pros and cons.
  8. Be elegant and polite, have manners.
  9. Be interesting and not too serious (have some interesting facts and funny jokes prepared).
  10. Do not be too direct. Flirt with her, but in an elegant style (compliment her hair, dress, etc… do not be disrespectful).

Following our 10 sex tips and using secret seduction pheromone spray, may drastically increase your chances of having sex with any woman you meet at the club. And it can also be any other place – business conference, class, theater, at the movies… anyplace really, these tips and pheromone spray can trigger woman’s sexual feelings towards you.


How will you know if (or when) she is getting in the right mood?

That is pretty easy. If she is mostly talking to you, or giving you random eye contacts, you’re on the right track. If she starts touching you – like doing random contacts (for example when laughing, she puts her hand on your shoulders), or anything similar, that’s the sign you have her. You WILL feel that she want’s you trust me. And the key point here is not to make a move too soon. Don’t move on to her, if she doesn’t start giving you clear signals that she’s into you. You first have to make her want you. And Secret Seduction Spray can help you a lot with achieving this.

3 biggest, most common mistakes guys do when seducing women

Here are 3 biggest and most common mistakes I see guys doing when hitting on a woman in a bar, or at any other social event. By sharing these “secret seduction mistakes”, we’d like promote awareness so that these won’t happen to you and that you will be able to elegantly avoid them. Avoiding these critical seduction mistakes, will make you appear as an alpha-male in the eyes of a woman you’re hitting on.


Not being straightforward about your sexual intentions

sexual intentions

To make her want you, you should always be straightforward with your sexual intentions, but in a classy (not primitive) way.

The mistake most guys do, is that they fail to create sexual tension from the start. Usually, if they ever manage to produce enough courage, they approach women with some silly question. I heard many guys trying idiot techniques, such as asking for a lighter, and when she gives the lighter they take it as if she had just signed an of agreement, obligating her to talk to them for the next 3 hours.

One of the sleaziest, most repulsive lines I’ve ever witnessed was when a guy asked for a lighter and she gave it to him, and then he said: “Thanks, but I don’t smoke,” which made him look really stupid and making her effort of searching for the lighter without any value what-so-ever.


There are of course also other bad, primitive pick-up lines which I’ve heard through my “seduction career” and are destined for failure, since they treat her like a piece of meat instead of a person. Don’t ever try lines such as:

  • “I’d really enjoy having you in my bed.”
  • “Hey honey, would you like to see my package?”
  • “I must tell you a secret. You’ve never experienced sexual pleasures I could give you!”

You should be aware of your goals. Your goals are, that you let her know you are sexually attracted to her, but also to express that in an elegant and confident language. Personally I had many success when meeting a girl in a bar, when I approached the girl with these pick-up lines:

  • Hi, my name is George, I just can’t help myself noticing how beautiful you are. Would you mind having a drink with me?
  • Hey there. Sorry for being so straightforward, but I have to say that I had never seen lips as beautiful as yours. Would you like to dance with me?

These were just two examples that clearly state that you are physically attracted to her and that you would like to hang with her. And later… who knows! If she agrees to your initial question you have a chance. But after the initial agreement, she will test you and analyze how worthy of her you actually are. In about half an hour with you, she will make final decision about sleeping with you that night.


Failing confidence tests women like to give

dating confidence tests

You can be certain she will test your confidence in some way (women love doing it). At that point you mustn’t shy away.

At some point she is definitely going to test your confidence. This can be as simple as starting to chat (in the middle of nowhere) with some other guy, and testing what you’re going to do. If you back away, leaving her there with that other guy, she knows you have little to no confidence. And believe me, physical appearance is just that first impression of how sexy you appear to her. The 2nd thing she is going to be evaluating, is your confidence level and mental strength and if she is not attracted to your “personality” she’ll flee.

So you’re wondering what to do, if she starts chatting with the other guy? You start chatting with him too. Engage in a conversation just as if you think nothing of it. Talk to him like he’s your pal, and try to be closer to her than he is. When he tells something, debate and discuss that topic, which will make you look smarter than him. Don’t argue, just discuss, share your own experience (or make it up).

Secret Seduction Spray can be of big help here, because you get instant advantage over other guys. But even miracle pheromone spray can’t help you if you appear without any confidence whatsoever, without any dating skills. Be confident, know you’re the best she can have. But don’ be arrogant and self-likeable. Just appear mentally strong and that’s it. Do not be bothered by anything. Keep control.


Few tips for appearing confident, which will make her want you even more:

Do not obsess with her – Hang with her, but don’t let her know she is you only, biggest, the most important target tonight. For instance, chat with her friends also, make her a bit jealous, show interest in other women, talking to them casually. Maybe also irritate her by making a phone call and telling her you’ll be right back that you have some important 5 minutes errand to do. You test her, if she’ll wait. If she waits, she’s 100% yours. If not, find her and apologize and win her back.

Never appear like her slave – Like if she says “hold my drink” and goes away, don’t just stand there like her butler and wait for her to come back. Say to her: “You can put it there on the table,” or grab it put it on a table yourself, and continue chatting with someone else until she’s back. When she comes back, praise yourself how good you managed to save her drink, that without you her drink would 100% be gone. Make her thank you for your “hard work”.

Do not blindly agree with anything she says – Always present your own mind, debate and discuss topics she brings out. Like when she says: “I really like going out partying,” tell her, “Yeah me too, but sometimes it’s just to much, would rather just chill at home and watch a good movie. Hey, I have an idea, maybe you could join me sometime.” Be slick, and be elegant. The worst thing to do is to confirm like a robot anything she says.


Appearing tense, nervous or desperate

Nervous desperate dating sex

If she senses you are nervous or that you desperately want her, she’ll back off. You must be confident and relaxed, cool guy.

Nervous, shaking, sweating, not being confident at all… these are the reasons most guys fail to win beautiful women. Women need strong guys, she does not dream of some crybaby, who she’ll have to support in his hard times.

World today is full of challenges, and you my friend must be the guy, who eats all those challenges as easily as going to the nearest pie shop. And she has to realize that you are not afraid of changing your routine and facing new challenges coming towards you.


Here are 7 key indicators, how people get caught appearing nervous.

  • Speech errors (you suddenly lose your speaking skills, start talking like you’re 6 years old again);
  • Not knowing where to put your hands (having them behind you, moving them from one position to another);
  • Laughing to much (there’s a limit to everything, even the laughs!);
  • Sweating (yep, hard to cover this one, but believe me it’s all in the head);
  • Talking to fast (you should use voice color, and talk casually, do not race your speeches);
  • Blushing (you blush usually, when you think, someone else thinks something of you. Forget what other’s might think, be confident);
  • Being afraid of touching her (you are with her for more than 30 mins and you still didn’t make any body contact. That’s a sign of insecurity. Touch her, hug her, see how she reacts, but don’t over do it).

Following secret seduction tips for avoiding some of the basic mistakes people make, is not the easiest thing to master. You might fail once, twice, or even three times. But as with any other thing we do in life, experience and fails are going to make you better if you analyze what you did wrong, and where to improve.

But you need to have self-awareness of where are your key opportunities for improving you flirting skills. Remember, always be genuine and don’t fake personality which isn’t yourself. You must learn to appear casual, cool, and confident. Secret Seduction Spray may help you improve way faster releasing those pheromones and making girls want you sexually by default. You are your worst enemy, it is up to you how successful you are going to be in scoring tonight.

Troy Valance – Who is the inventor of Secret Seduction Spray?

Troy Valance is the inventor and creator of the Secret Seduction Spray, which carries the function of sexual booster, making the woman you approach want you, after just a few minutes of socializing with her. He developed his unique formula based on long year learning, absorbing knowledge and becoming experienced in the field of dating, seduction and sex. Secret Seduction Spray is one his well renowned products, used world-wide by thousands of men.

troy valance - secret seduction pheromone spray

Troy Valance is a sexual tips guru, with many published articles and product on how to win women, how to be successful in you seduction, and how to be that special guy that she will choose over other men. His theory is based on the fact, that it does not matter how good your looks are, how big you penis is, you can apply certain proven techniques, that will make her want you by creating a sexual desire towards you.


With his Secret Seduction Spray, he is also offering along 5 free bonuses (reading material), which you can use in the process of seducing even the most desirable women. You can see the bonus material below.

secret seduction spray 5 free bonus e-books

Troy Valance is so confident that you will not be disappointed in what you are getting, that he also offers:

  • 60 days full money back guarantee (no questions asked) and
  • free of charge sample, which you can order for free, before actually making your purchase.

Basically, you have nothing to lose here. Either you will be satisfied and pay a few bucks for it, or you will find out that Secret Seduction Spray is not working for you and you will get all your money back. It is that simple.

If you’d like to order a free sample to test secret seduction pheromone spray, you can grab one for yourself instantly.

Visit this link if you’d like to make your full purchase, while also receiving all the included bonuses along with the Secret Seduction Spray.


I have yet not seen a negative review about Secret Seduction Spray by Troy Valance. Every statement and review seems to think highly of it. When I purchased it in the end of 2018, I didn’t really do any research is just grabbed one for myself, and It did provide me with some additional “luck”. I believe that SSS can work for anyone, especially combined with our 10 Sex Tips which we shared in the chapter above.


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