Revolutionary Sex | 7 powerful secrets to better sex


In this article titled “Revolutionary Sex” we are going to discuss 7 simple yet amazing things a man can do, in order to please his woman to an extraordinary level, producing some of the best orgasms she’s ever had.

My story goes like this; I’ve been left by a woman for another man a few years back. And she said: “I just wanna try some other guys, before I get into a serious relationship.” Basically it was about sex, and her not being satisfied. And deep down I knew it. Therefore, I decided to share with you 7 powerful secrets to better sex, which I’ve learned in the past ~7 years, and I believe these secrets can help anyone to perform an amazing, revolutionary sex.

I know… a girl doesn’t leave you just for sex… Must had been other things too, but good (revolutionary) sex is something that is very important in every relationship. Ever since that girl left me (which I thank god for), I studied techniques and woman’s body erogenous zones, while also reading books on female psychology, learning how much a mental state is important when it comes to sex. And here is one book I am particularly fond of – I learned so much from it, that’s why I titled my Article with the same name as this book holds – Revolutionary Sex (by Alex Allman & Laura Berman).

New Revolutionary Sex Book
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By purchasing Revolutionary Sex e-book you will join hundred thousands of readers (including myself) who were all very satisfied by the content it teaches. The content is professional, well written and explains in-depth some of the most important details that separate average guys from the so called sex gods. However, if for some reason you’re not satisfied, or if you find out this is not what you were looking for, you can claim a full refund at any time during the initial 60 days trial period.


Who are the authors of Revolutionary Sex?

Alex Allman – Revolutionary Sex author #1

“His writing, lectures, public appearances, and videos have been seen by more than 10 million people around the world. In 2007 he founded the company Life Love Passion, Inc., with the mission of helping men and women have the experience of True Love, and to help them get more fun, deeply connected passion, and intimacy in their relationships [source:].”

Bellow you may see two of Alex Allmans videos from conferences, where he speaks to his audience about sex and related topics. *Tip: combine Alex’s lessons from Revolutionary Sex and our recommended personal lubricants for full pleasure!

Las Vegas event
Los Angeles event

⁍ Laura Berman – Revolutionary Sex author #2

Laura Berman is an American relationship therapist. She is the host of In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is also a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and hosts her own nationally syndicated radio program, Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman. She previously starred in Showtime’s reality TV series, Sexual Healing [source: wikipedia].

Bellow you may find two of Laura Bermans videos from conferences, where she speaks to her audience about sex and related topics. *Tip: combine Laura’s lessons from Revolutionary Sex and our recommended DIY lube recipes for full pleasure!

Windy City Live, Nov. 6th 2017
Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

Both authors are very well recognized professionals in the field of relationship, love and sexual health. They both coached and advised thousands of people on sexual wellbeing, and provided some amazing results. If you are looking for quality sex-tips material, they are the best.


…Back to the topic. The 7 powerful secrets to better sex I am about to share, are not from the content of Revolutionary Sex book. These “sex secrets”, or should we call them “sex tips”, are compilation of many works, literature, and personal experiences from my life. I only recommended the Revolutionary Sex e-book as an upgrade, if you are really into it and want to seriously study the expertise for better sex. Now let’s dive into our unique list of 7 important sex tips, which you are probably neglecting in your relationship. Anyway, these worked for me and tons of other people.

Sex Tip #1 | Do you care what she eats (aphrodisiac foods)?

There is undoubtedly strong correlation between food consumption and sexual arousal – some foods are proven aphrodisiacs.

If a woman you are trying to satisfy, eats foods that are not on this list, maybe you should try serving her some of these. If you achieve that she eats what you want her to eat, you should see changes in the way she feels about sex… Trust me, from now on she’ll be the one to approach you and initiate sex herself.

Beside women love to be served. From now on cooking is your task! Aren’t you happy you stumbled upon this article already? :) Well, without any effort, there can be no results… so yeah in order to become a “sex god” you need to do some work. Here are 5 foods that are proven to increase libido.


1) Maca – Number 1 aphrodisiac in the world

MACA - best ingredient to boost your libido

Yeah, MACA also known as Lepidium meyenii – Probably the number 1 aphrodisiac in the world. This root origins from Peru and was found at the most inaccessible spots of Andes. It has been discover not so long ago in 1980’s near Lake Junin.

This is not just allegedly an aphrodisiac, it is proven by a number of different scientific studies, that Maca is in fact a natural Viagra. Here is study 1 (mice), study 2 (people), study 3 (people), and I could just go on. All these studies conclude that men and women, who were part of the research felt the aphrodisiac effect of the Maca root.

How to prepare this powdery looking thingy? Well, there’s nothing to it. Just mix it into your smoothie. Drop in one or two tea spoons, which is roughly about 5g – 10g. Drinking the smoothie once a day, will not only result in achieving higher libido, but will also fill you (or her) up with all those healthy vitamins.


2) Oysters – Perfect raw food for revolutionary sex

oysters sex food

Yummy… Personally I don’t really like oysters, but if you manage to persuade her to try them, you should immediately take her out for dinner. Oysters are a proven aphrodisiac and here is an article supporting my claim.

Until 2005 the effect of oysters on libido was unsupported but since then []: “A new study, however, shows that oysters, clams, mussels and scallops all have chemical compounds that release sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Skeptics still abound, however. Some scientists wonder if the foods have enough of the chemicals to trigger libido.”

Studies suggest that oysters are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones. Even the Italian guy Casanova is remembered by his favorite breakfast meal – the oysters. However your need to know that if your girlfriend feels repulsion against eating oysters you shouldn’t try to force her. If she doesn’t like them, they’ll have no effect on her – at least not a good one!


3) Pistachio nuts – Powerful aphrodisiac and nutritional treasure

Pistachio Nuts Powerful Aphrodisiac

Watching a movie together and thinking about what to serve? To hell with popcorn! Pistachio nuts can be just the thing you need. Romantic night has just gotten its true colors. Pistachio nuts can be a great contribution for building yourself more stamina, and for her to want you even more. These little greenish thingies, carry all the properties of a natural aphrodisiac. You will both benefit from them, since they are proven to increase the level of testosterone.

The Assyrians and the Greeks knew that pistachios could be used as medicines, aphrodisiacs, and antidotes. By the end of his reign, Emperor Tiberius, the Roman consul of the province, introduced pistachios into Italy. From Italy, they had spread into Mediterranean regions in southern Europe and North Africa [].

Not only are pistachio nuts an aphrodisiac, they are also very healthy. Pistachios are one of the healthiest sources of fat. The kind of fat that you not need to worry about being bad for your arteries. You will gain energy which is great for any type of exercise, while pistachio nuts also beneficially affect dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) in the brain.

From every perspective, pistachio nuts seem like an essential addition for all health aware people.


4) The Red Hot Chili Peppers – Spice up your sex life

red hot chili peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Revolutionary Sex. One of my favorite funk bands actually. If you remember their album BSSM (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) I should inform you, you are getting old – slowly but surely ;) A song from Blood Sugar Sex Magik album, entitled Sir Psycho Sexy is representing that sexy tune you need to produce. And the chili peppers (fruit of the plant genus Capsicum) are your natural, organic, spicy friends with tons of medicinal values and aphrodisiac properties, that can make you create a perfect atmosphere with a perfect dish.

Stop using store bought pepper in powder. Instead, go directly to the farmer, buy organic chilies and use them as spices when cooking your beloved wife the best meal of her life. Prepare a diner, something she adores, and make things hot by adding in a bit of chili. Just don’t put chili on ice cream like Jamie Oliver does – the guy puts chili in everything lol.

It is due to the “hot” effect of the chilies, your body starts feeling warmer, and your blood flow increases. This is good for several health reasons and also for boosting your libido. By the way, if she doesn’t like spicy, tell her that chili peppers are connected to weight loss, and of course that is proven by studies. All women I know like the type of food that reduces weight, and that’s regardless of how much they weight at that particular moment.


5) Alcohol – Drinking a glass of fine vine

fine wine - chateau de serres - libido boost sex

Going for two bottles and getting insanely drunk is of course not what we have in mind here! But if that’s your thing it’s also fine with us :) However, drinking too much and doing it systematically, will definitely affect your libido in a negative way. In fact, says: “Drinking too much over an extended period of time can turn a temporary condition like ‘brewer’s droop’ into full-blown impotence.”

Our tip simply suggests that a glass of quality red wine, which is rich with resveratrol, can also help both of you relax and enjoy the moment to its full potential. “Bad mood” is one of the main causes for bad sexual experience, and an obstacle to revolutionary sex. It’s not always about “performance”… in fact, in most cases female orgasm depends strongly on her mood and desire for sex, which has nothing to do with how well a man has performed or how big his loyal friend is.

By having a glass of wine before the sexual act itself, you may create a perfect romantic atmosphere. You can also use that time for caressing and cuddling, which is an essential step of foreplay that we usually skip.

Sex Tip #2 | Most enjoyable & revolutionary sex positions to try

So you’re having sex, and it seems like you are doing it all the same every time it happens? Did sex become a routine for you? You should never let anything in your love life become a routine! While everyone has a specific taste, most women claim they had experienced some of the best orgasms, trying the sexual positions shown below.

I was just reading this book the other day, where a woman talked about how turned on she was by her husband, who after 15 years of marriage, started experimenting new positions in bed. And here we have gathered for you, a couple of interesting positions to try, for keeping things orgasmic. Remember, routine is boring and for revolutionary sex, you have to begin experimenting and spicing things up!


Revolutionary sex positions 1: Legs-On-Shoulders

legs on shoulders sex position

Legs on shoulders is one of the hottest sex positions, especially if you enjoy classical missionary. There’s a little change needed to come from missionary to leg-on-shoulders, but the change is a big one indeed for both, him and her.

This position lets you look at your partner straight in the eyes, and enables deeper penetration. So I suggest when trying it, don’t put it as a first thing on the list. Start with classical missionary and to spice up things, change to legs-on-shoulders sex position. It’s especially hot when you see she’s about to cum, to do it like 30 seconds before that.


Revolutionary sex positions 2: The Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow sex position

Wanna impress her? Try “the wheelbarrow” sex position with her. It might be a challenge to persuade her into doing it, but tell her to trust you. Also, make sure you have a pillow beneath your knees, or you’ll be hurting a lot, having knees are straight against the hard compact floor.

This is an amazing position since it feels different from other conventional positions. You are thrusting your penis inside of her, in a certain direction that might feel amazing for her. There’s another variant to the wheelbarrow position, where she is with hands against the floor and you are standing behind her. Also amazing to try when both are in the mood.


Revolutionary sex positions 3: Bent Spoon

bent spoon sex position

A nice relaxing, loving position that is also perfect to begin with – bent spoon sex position. It is not as revolutionary as the wheelbarrow, but it is a perfect position for a romantic, slow start. It is very hot doing it while watching TV at the same time.

Let’s say one night you two are seeing this movie at home. You climb behind her, start doing romantic things, kissing her neck, caressing her body, and all of a sudden you gently slide your hero inside her from behind. This can be such a hot experience, since it’s so naughty. Most women I’ve talked to stated, they enjoy sex more when it happens spontaneously, unplanned. Therefore, try it someday… and if she’s in the mood she’ll let you do it. Here’s a great article with tips on how to have spontaneous sex.


Revolutionary sex positions 4: Cowgirl

cowgirl sex position

Both “cowgirl” and “reverse cowgirl” are amazing positions. But based on my interviews, most women said they like classic cowgirl better. It gives the woman a certain dominance and freedom to “become the boss”. And if she knows how to twerk, many man may not be able to hold their orgasm for much longer.

While male partners might think, that this position isn’t worth it since they themselves aren’t really contributing, they’re wrong. You are doing just plenty by staying still down there, and trying to keep the rhythm she’s giving. And you can rest a bit and explore with your hands just about everything. Personally I know many women who said, that no matter how many positions they tried, their all-time favorite is “the cowgirl”.


Revolutionary sex positions 5: Doggy Style

doggy sex position

Doggy style is a classic, but we sometimes forget how good it can feel and how many variants are there to it. Her being bent down like the above picture is showing, can be extremely arousing for a man. And for a woman, she can close her eyes and fully concentrate and relax.

This position can produce some of the strongest orgasms of all the positions out there, even though it’s considered to be a “standard position”, perhaps sometimes referred to as not the most creative one. Every position can be creative with a little tweak here and there. Moving differently, grabbing her differently, thrusting differently. It’s all about how creative you are willing to be.

If you’d like to know more than just 5 sex positions in full detail, I recommend you check out Melany Kant’s incredible 145 pages book about interesting sex positions [link to Amazon], which is suitable for both, the beginners and the advanced sex practitioners.

Sex Tip #3 | Using lube (personal lubricants for revolutionary sex)

The 7th element of revolutionary sex tips is the use of personal lubricants – PS: she this article for 11 best and safest natural lubes. Lubes can be great addition for improving your sex life, and most women state that sex for them feels better and more enjoyable when using lubricants.

According to “An Indiana University study involving 2,453 women ages 18 to 68 found that lubricant use during sexual activity alone or with a partner contributed to higher ratings of pleasurable and satisfying sex.”

using lube for sex revolutionary sex

A good lube can:

  • be used for sensual massage,
  • feel better and more enjoyable during penetration,
  • is edible so can be used with oral,
  • will provide an extra spark and make things more interesting,
  • some people even state of medicinal values that quality lubes provide (treating yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, ED, …).

While a badly chosen lube can result in some pretty nasty things:

  • skin irritations,
  • promoting yeast infections,
  • causing bacterial vaginosis,
  • causing vaginal lacerations,
  • and other potential problems, which may occur.

Therefore, you can be safe when choosing a lube on – we only recommend the best of the best, safest and healthiest personal lubricants available on the market. We care about your ingredients and we therefore exclude lubricants that contain hazardous ingredients, such as:

  1. parabens (connected to breast tumors),
  2. glycerin (known to promote yeast infections),
  3. formaldehyde releasers (connected to cancer),
  4. perfumes, fragrances and flavors (promoting allergic contact dermatitis).

… For a complete list of ingredients we exclude from our recommends, see our articles on 5 toxic ingredients and formaldehyde releasers. We only promote natural and organic.


Recommended lube for revolutionary sex #1: Penchant Premium

revolutionary sex - penchant premium lube
get Penchant Premium now from Amazon

Penchant premium is a silicone-based lube. Silicone lubricants are well known for their long lasting properties, which means a little amount of lube may go a long way. The only limitation of a silicone is, it does not go along with silicone – thus making it incompatible with silicone sex toys and accessories.

Silicone-based lubes are perfectly safe for use with latex condoms and polyisoprene condoms, while not being compatible with polyurethane condoms. So you do need a certain care in mind, based one what you are using your silicone-lube with.


Recommended lube for revolutionary sex #2: Aloe Cadabra

revolutionary sex - aloe cadabra lube
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Aloe Cadabra is breaking limits in the area of water-based lubricants. Completely natural and organic formula, makes Aloe Cadabra an exception amongst other water-based lubes. User from reddit, highly praised Aloe Cadabra lube as one of the top he and his wife ever tried [source]. Since it’s water-based, this lube is really made for revolutionary sex, since you may use it in combination with toys, condoms, it’s completely edible and made of healthy ingredients.

Aloe Cadabra being a water-based lube without any unnatural components does dry out a bit faster in comparison to Silicone and Oil based lubes. Occasional re-application is needed. But in no case, does it ever become sticky! It’s slick and smooth, and when it absorbs, simply add some more.


Recommended lube for revolutionary sex #3: Shea Coconut Oil

revolutionary sex - shea moisture coconut oil
get Shea Moisture Coconut Oil now from Amazon

Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil is rich with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help restoring skin’s vitality. Natural triglycerides help retain moisture and keep skin smooth to the touch. This coconut oil is cold-pressed, which does indeed make it rich with nutrition and vitamins, and for that an amazing solution as a lube.

Coconut Oil is a miracle product with amazing amount of medicinal benefits. It is proven to cure yeast infections (preventing candida overgrowth). And it is proven to carry many skin beneficial properties. Coconut oil is not only edible, but actually provides very good effect on digestive system, therefore its healthy to be used for oral acts.


One of the most popular and revolutionary lube category lately are THC lubes… also called “Weed Lubes”. You can read more about THC lube type here, if this particular topic interests you.

Sex Tip #4 | Erogenous spots of female body

Are you familiar with all those sensitive erogenous spots of a female human body? If you think you are, think again. There is so much to learn about a human body, that we might still be learning about it in the afterlife. There is an insane amount of female sensitive spots, most men don’t even know of.

Everyone knows about the clitoris and the g-spot. But most women hate, when men simply go for one of those two right from the start. There are at least 3 other erogenous zones to attend to before diving full-in, to make her ready for the ultimate orgasm.

Below we introduce 5 erogenous spots, you probably didn’t know of. Stimulating these spots (or “zones”) may provide an insane level of arousal for a woman. We are excluding the obvious (e.g. clitoris, g-spot, etc).


Inner thighs

erogenous revolutionary sex - inner thighs

The inner thighs are one of the most sensitive body parts on a human body. Gently caressing this erogenous spot, will provide for a sensual experience later on. Biggest mistake a man can do is to go straight for vagina, like the horniest creature on this planet would do.

You must make her want you. You must create a real moment of desire. And you will achieve this by stimulating erogenous zones which many women don’t even know about themselves. Best ways to stimulate inner thighs:

  1. While kissing move your hand to her legs. Use the tips of your fingers, gently and slowly moving them up and down her inner thighs.
  2. You may go down on her, in the same position as if you wanna give her oral, but instead going straight for vagina slowly make your way up, kissing her inner thighs first.

To make her go crazy, kiss her inner thighs, and once you rich the vulva area, don’t touch or contact it in any way, go back down and go up kissing inner thighs again on the other leg, slowly making your way up once more.


Mons Pubis

erogenous zones - revolutionary sex - mons pubis

One of the most underrated and unknown erogenous spot is the “mons pubis” also known as the pubic mound. This is the fleshy part above the labia, which most people skip during foreplay. Here is an interesting article from describing mons pubis and the effects of stimulating it in full detail.

Here’s a quote by Alix Fox, Durex’s sex and relationships expert:

“Lovers tend to focus on a woman’s clitoris and vagina; with all good intentions, they can get so side-tracked by concentrating on a lady’s ‘downstairs area’ that they don’t realize they could also bring her great pleasure by taking a small step upstairs and giving the mons pubis some attention too.”


Therefore, you shouldn’t skip this erogenous spot and give it some attention. Your girl might get completely overwhelmed by the orgasmic experience your magic skills are providing. But how to do it? Here’s a complete guide for stimulating mons pubis aka the pubic mound. And what I like to do most is:

  • Before going on her clitoris with your fingers or mouth, I love to tease her by caressing and kissing her mons pubis.
  • There’s also an insanely orgasmic experience for her, if you start kissing her pubic mound while fingering her or just gently caressing her labia (vaginal lips).

Use your imagination, but be aware that the soft tissue, above woman’s vagina is as erogenous and sensitive as her clitoris. Pay attention to it and make her beg you, before touching her vagina.


The neck

erogenous zones - revolutionary sex - the neck

You probably heard about this one before, but maybe you are underestimating the strength of stimulation you may achieve by going for this erogenous zone. I had on many occasions experienced, when a woman grabbed my head and pushed it towards her neck. This was an automatic response which basically means: “I want you to kiss my neck!”

But hold on! You are probably thinking that what I’m talking about here are the sides of the neck. Wrong. While the sides of the neck are also sensitive, the most sensitive part is proven to be the back of the neck.

Grab your girl, turn her around, pull her hair up and start kissing her at the back of the neck. Slowly move down her back, to her ass and thighs. Now, you already know how inner thighs are sensitive, but you can also go for the spot at the back of her knees which are also famous as an erogenous spot.



erogenous zones -nipples

“The sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix,” says a well trusted source at

You have to be careful though – some women like it rough and some like it more gentle. What I suggest is, to start slowly and gently. Using tung and your hands / fingers. You slowly progress to sucking on nipples and a bit of pinching, and if she won’t like it, she’ll let you know. If that happens, go back to being gentle. But if she likes it, it means she loves to play rough. In that case, go full-in and don’t be soft on her.

I know it might sound a bit “crazy” but even the gentles looking women, that you’d expect are a nice, soft, girls which you’d expect to find in a library, can sometimes transform into wild animals. Your task is, to find out what she likes and progress accordingly. The mistake would be to do something she clearly isn’t fine with.



cervix - sex erogenous zone - revolutionary

Some people believe you can achieve cervical orgasms by penetrating the cervix, but that’s not exactly true. Cervical orgasms are achieved by stimulating the cervix — and not by penetration (going inside of it).

You should understand, that cervix penetration is not possible, while cervix stimulation is. A woman may achieve a full body orgasm from cervix stimulation, but that however isn’t always the case. Some women may need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and that orgasm is different – it feels more “local”.

Cervix can be stimulated by penetrative sex. says: “When a woman can really open and relax in the cervical area, she can experience the most powerful orgasm of her life.” – Therefore, your task as a man, is to gain her trust and have her relaxed. A glass of wine, and a nice sensual massage is the perfect thing to do, for having your beautiful girl in the most relaxed state.

Woman has to be relaxed and comfortable to experience cervical orgasm. You don’t have to go straight for it as a man – this means don’t go for deep penetration right away, since this may work counter-productive. She will feel pain, and “close” herself. Go in little by little. And when you feel she’s in the moment go for doggy style or legs-on-shoulders, which are the best positions for cervix stimulation. Now stop with teasing and go deep inside of her.

By the way… Yes, your penis is long enough, don’t worry about that. It’s more important that she is relaxed and comfortable. Otherwise you will not achieve the state of revolutionary sex, even if you are hung like an elephant.

Sex Tip #5 | Revolutionary sex: Surprising HER


When was the last time you surprised your chosen one? Are you just a regular guy, going to work every day and coming home for dinner, you do a few chores, put kids to bed and the next day you do it all over again?

And for those younger boys, without kids… Does your life with your girlfriend look like a routine and you know her just for a few weeks, maybe months? All u2 are doing is going to bar, and occasionally go see a movie?


Stop being that dull, boring guy. It’s unattractive, and she’ll run to someone more interesting than you soon enough. Just wait and see!


Even when if you think your girl likes peace and quiet with some basic routine, that is 100% not the case. Women are strange beings. They say something while they think something else. Do not ask her if she wants to do something different, something fun today. That’s wrong. Simply surprise her, and engage her in the activity you have prepared for her. Pro tip: It might be good to know what she likes, so that the surprise is actually a good one. Like, you don’t wanna take her to bungee jumping, if you are well aware she’s afraid of heights, lol.

Below are few surprise element tips, we’d like to share with you.


It’s all about being interesting

I believe you are smart enough to know if the girl you wanna impress is bored. This can be short-term boredom, or a long-term boredom.

* Short-term boredom is when you are engaged with a woman in a certain activity and you notice at that very moment, you are not doing that well in a sense of making her excited.

* Long-term boredom is harder to diagnose. She might seem to be happy, smiling and stuff, but she’s got tired of you and deep down you can feel. She is disconnected from you for the last few months or maybe even years.

Don't be boring - Revolutionary Sex tip for sexy

Either way, you have to change that and stop making her feel boredom when she’s with you. You may fix everything pretty easily, but you have to change you act. Let’s say you two are at the dinner, or having a drink in the pub, or whatever… and you notice she’s bored. What I like to do is try to engage her. There are few ways to do that:

  • Ask her to tell you something interesting that happened to her that day. Truly listen to her, and develop the conversation in that direction. Discuss her topics, not yours! And be supportive, do not criticize, even if what she tells you might be worth criticizing. Support her, period.
  • Make a suggestion to do something interesting tomorrow (or today) and that you have no clue what – ask her for opinion of what might be a fun thing to do. After her suggestion always put a little twist on it. Don’t just agree and case closed – no! That’s boring. You must challenge her. Like if she says: “We could go swim at night,” you should then argue that of course, but only if it’s a skinny dipping ;)
  • Always try to talk with passion and excitement. I know lots of guys who can present even the simplest things with passion using the changes of their speech (tone) color. And vice-versa, the guys who could actually see the God himself but tell about it in a manner that even someone high on ecstasy would fall asleep.
  • No matter how long you are together, flirt with her. Tell her how pretty she looks today, compliment her hair, notice her new dress, nail polish, tell her how you fell in love with her the day you first saw her… there are tons of stuff you can tell her. And if you will notice those little details about her, she’ll love you for it. I love how Nicolas Cage tells the story to Eve, about how he met her (in the movie Face Off). She at that point realizes that he is not the bad guy. It’s so emotional… Below is the scene if you’re interested.

Wow… What an amazing story, told with a style, full of emotion and real love. When did you ever tell your woman, how much you love her, and a story from the early days of your relationship? Well, you should do it occasionally, and let her know how much she means to you.


Be emotional, exciting, supportive, motivational… engage her, challenge her, speak about stuff with true passion!


The last but no least, you should never forget to be romantic once in a while. Today being a Casanova is considered awkward by most people, but girls miss it. And only true men, with “cojones” are able to pull it off! A few examples, but be creative and do it even better:

  • Bringing her flowers,
  • Prepare her a warm bath with candles and full of rose petals,
  • Cook her a surprise dinner, with champagne even when there’s nothing to celebrate,
  • Write for her a song, take your guitar and sing for her,
  • Teach your little children the song, and when mommy comes home all of you sing for her.

There are tons of romantic things you can do for her, that will show your effort and your awareness of her importance to you. She will appreciate you for that, and doing something different, something interesting, something romantic, something revolutionary & sexual, like once a month isn’t really that hard, is it? While it is very effective to keep your relationship unmonotonous.

Sex Tip #6 | How self-confident are you?

Women are more attracted to a self-confident man, than they are to his physical appearance. Although good looks and confidence usually go hand in hand, this is not always the case. I’ve met lots of men who carried the looks of Casanova but were shy and insecure. This kind of behavior can be sensed by people around you.

self confidence important sexy feature

Of course there’s that golden line between being self-confident and being an arrogant, delusional prick. Women love self-confident, mature guys, who they feel safe with. Being self-confident is an art, and Revolutionary Sex teaches how to build self-confidence among other things.


To give you an example from my University: There was a year I skipped classes a lot. I was in classes like 10%. But I did study for exams, and I was always confident I’ll pass. One day this girl approaches me, and asks me if I did pass a particular class, which many of other students failed. I told her: “Yes, of course I did.” I saw how stunned she was, and went on: “How can you do it, I mean you are never even here?!” I simply told: “I have my own system of studying which works for me… for now.”

The next thing I know, I was at this party, she was also there… she was sneaking around me all night, starting conversations, dancing etc… and eventually we ended up having sex that night. I believe, to this day, that all this happened as a consequence of me being self-confident in that one-on-one chat we had about the exam.


Now here’s what you need to start doing to build self-confidence and thus become more sexually appealing.


Stop seeking self-affirmation

The sex was great until he asked me how well he’s doing.

  • How well did I do?
  • How good does my new hair cut fit me?
  • Look at my new shoes, aren’t they amazing?

These are just 3 examples that portray what seeking self-affirmation is. If a girl notices new hair, just tell her “yeah I did change my style a bit”, and let her comment how well it looks or doesn’t. Don’t put yourself as the star of the night, rather talk about her and other stuff. Actually, try talking about yourself as minimally as possible, except if asked of course. Let her know it’s not about you, it’s about her.


Look in her eyes when communicating

It is so sexy when he looks me in the eyes while we are talking.

This is one of the most important signs of persons confidence. Are you looking the person you are communicating with, in the eyes?

eye contact communication, looking in the eyes while talking

You may not even be aware of it, you may be doing it completely subconsciously. But the person on the other side does notice that, trust me. And looking away from someone while talking to them, is not just inappropriate and disrespectful, it’s also a sign of your confidence.

To achieve the level of revolutionary sex, and to make her want you even more, you must build your self-confidence. One of the changes you need to make at once, is start looking at the eyes of a person you are communicating with. Otherwise, you reflect the appearance of a shy, insecure little boy.


Show her respect and show respect to others

By respecting others, he earned the respect of others.

When you discuss something with someone, how are you expressing yourself? With a simple yes or no? Are you a bit of a philosopher, never giving an actual answer. Are you someone who’s always using sarcasm in your conversations? Are you rude? Studies show that the most self-confident language, is the type of language, in which respect for other people can be sensed.

Let’s try an example, and try to answer one question with 4 types of replies.


Question: “Hey, did you see Mrs. Smiths new car? I believe it’s a Mercedes?”

  • Answer 1 (insecure): “I don’t care about her car or anyone elses car for that matter. Waste of money on a metal.”
  • Answer 2 (bullsh*tter): “Yeah, I’ve been thinking of getting one myself, but I’m waiting for the brand-new model to enter the market.”
  • Answer 3 (confident): “She’s always been looking at good, expensive cars. That car had to cost a fortune. But let’s be honest, she worked hard for it. At least now she’ll be able to take all those long business trips with some comfort. Besides, I’ve just read the other day, how Mercedes improved their quality by investing $600mn into Quality Assurance System, thus this might be a good investment, that will serve her well for years to come.”

Answer 3, does not express either the agreement nor disagreement, does not express envy or jealousy… It simply lists some of the possible advantages and a disadvantage. But most importantly it shows respect for that woman, regardless of her act. When people know you are respectful, they will respect you back, and they’ll consider you self-confident. Signs of an insecure person are jealousy and aggression, which is just the opposite of what you are representing. To become revolutionary sexy in the eyes of other women, you need to respect other people.


Adding value to people

I genuinely feel better after having a conversation with him.

Adding value to people, is the sexiest thing any woman can experience with a man. Revolutionary sex can be achieved when you are a “lifter”, when you lift people from the bottom to the top.

adding value - rev sex
  1. How many people did I make happy today?
  2. How many people did I listen to today?
  3. How many people felt my complete support today?
  4. How many people did I inspire today?
  5. How many people felt good talking to me today?

5 questions to ask yourself every day, when becoming a person who adds value to people. You need not teach them stuff, let them share knowledge with you. Your value added is much higher when discussing their topics and through discussion upgrading both yours and theirs knowledge of the subject.

If someone tells you about their trip, develop the discussion further and be inspirational about it. Do not be fake. You can disagree and still discuss constructively. It’s a science to master it and a true skill. There is only 1 “lifter” who truly adds value, to 50 “leaners” who will rather negate and demote most of your topics and ideas.


Be honest and be real

The guy is real and honest, I trust him and listen to him.

How many people do you know, that are just fake. What they talk is fake, the style they wear is fake, everything about them seems ungenuine. Usually this kind of people aren’t take seriously, everyone around them knows they are full of sh*t. Are you a bullsh*tter?

Do you make up stories to appear more interesting? Do you talk about something you have no clue about, trying to look all smart? You’re changing your style wear faster than your underpants? No one likes it, especially not the women, that you are trying to impress.

I know a guy who was always talking blablabla about how much money he has, trying to impress girls. He even lied about where he works and what he does. He became a laughingstock, without even knowing it, when a guy who actually worked there exposed him as a fraud.

Even if you don’t know anything about the subject being discussed you can be honest and appear self-confident. Letting people know, you know nothing about something, isn’t a bad thing. Be honest, be elegant, but be curious and learn how to listen. Your colleagues and women surrounding you, want you to be a good listener. Listening is so much more than talking, yet everyone seems to think they’re the ones who need to speak 95% of time.

Sex Tip #7 | Revolutionary sex & a clear vision for u2 as a couple

happy couple - vision, planing, love, sex

Most people need goals to be excited about their actions. Like, you aren’t saving money for nothing, you know damn well what you want to buy, when you collect something extra. It’s called having a plan and a clear vision. So, you aren’t doing your daily job for nothing, you have a goal for your finances.

Although we gave an example from finances, same principle applies to love. If your love relationship has no plans, no vision, no goals that you two want to achieve, she might get bored and stop seeing the point, why she’s with you. If your woman does not know what you two as a couple are trying to accomplish, that’s rather unsexy and you will never achieve the state of revolutionary sex if that’s the case of your relationship.


For true revolutionary sex, you both need beliefs. And not the faithful beliefs in God, but the belief in you two as a couple. The vision and planning the actions for succeeding, is the key to functional relationship. And most importantly, for keeping her motivated she must be an important asset for achieving that vision, having a key role in the vision realization.

You may think “I’m not in a serious point of relationship yet, so I don’t need goals, or vision…” but you’re wrong there. Every relationship needs a vision. The only difference is, that in a beginning of relationship that vision can be a bit less serious. Like: “Let’s have sex somewhere public, maybe in an elevator of an apartment building,” could be one of the goals of a not so serious relationship still filled with sexual desires.


On a serious note, when setting goal for serious relationship, we advise you set goal according to SMART model. The SMART stand for [S]pecific, [M]easurable, [A]chievable, [R]elevant and [T]ime based. When setting goals and vision, you both should cooperate and take your time to fully understand eachothers wishes and desires. Based on the “wish list” you can set some pretty strong and targeted goals, that you want to achieve as a couple.

SMART goals

…you may think I’m a bit silly, but let’s take a look at few examples below, that will make us all understand SMART and appreciate its strength in correlation to relationship happiness.


SPECIFIC relationship goals

When setting a goal as a couple, these goals need to be focused and specific. They should not be to “general”, to wide. Saying that your goal as a couple is “to be happy”, is not a specific goal. It is just a desire, a wish.

The specific goal would be to go jogging together twice a week, every Tuesday and Wednesday, and therefore spend time together, hang out and care for your health. This sort of activity will provide you with happiness, and only happy, loving couples can have truly powerful bond and an amazing sexual relationship.


MEASURABLE relationship goals

How will you know when you’ve reached a certain goal? The “M” in SMART, tells you that the goals you two are setting should be measurable. You need to have control over progress and realize when the goal is achieved… How else are you going to celebrate?! :)

With all seriousness, let’s take a look at the example. Couples goal: “We want to have 3 kids. At least one must be a boy.” – Might seem awkward and silly, but that’s quite measurable, lol. You can simply count all your kids and look at the color of their clothes to know how successful you’re doing ;)

Providing your loved one with revolutionary sex experience will take effort, and you building happiness and her interest in you. The act of revolutionary sex cannot be achieved if she is not happy and motivated to be with you.


ACHIEVABLE relationship goals

I personally know this guy, who is what I call “a dreamer”. He’s always talking about, how he’s going to do something that’s totally out of his league, and we all know he’s never gonna actually do it. Every goal you set as a couple, should be achievable.

Have some fun and plan trips. For example, set a goal, that every time of the year (spring, summer, fall and winter) you two will go for at least a 3-day trip somewhere. In winter plan visiting skiing resorts if you like winter sports. In summer go to a far, never before visited sea vacation. And I’ll let you decide, what would be a cool place to go to in fall and spring. I know my GF loved it when I took her to Paris this fall. We had some fun and romantic moments while staying there.

…At least I didn’t set a goal of going to the moon one day, like my friend, who I mentioned in the beginning of this chapter! Set achievable goals, achievable in near future, or she might lose interest, since your goals will never be achieved which is demotivational.


RELEVANT relationship goals

How to know if a goal you are setting is relevant for your relationship? Quite simple! If it seems important to her, then it is relevant.

If she thinks nothing of it, let it go, since it’s quite obvious that achieving a goal that is not common to both of you, will not contribute to your relationship happiness. It will only contribute to you as an individual, which you can do by yourself, alone, you don’t need a wife for that.

Example. If your fantasy is to have a convertible, while she wants a big family car, set the goal according to what you both need as a family. Do not be selfish and go for what your individual ass wants to drive. Think of her and your kids. Setting irrelevant goals is a problem in many couples lives.

Work together, hang out together, discuss things, and once you reach a level of agreement, make common goals which are relevant for your relationship progress.


TIME BASED relationship goals

Time-based is referring to, that every goal you set, should be limited by time. Saying simply: “I want us to move to our own place one day,” is not a time-based goal. Time-based goal would be: “Before we reach our 30’s, I want us to be living in our own house.”

Let’s say your 25. You have lots of work to do, in order to achieve this goal. Do you have finances? Do you have income flow? Are you both working full time jobs? Can you get promoted? How to earn more money and improve your income? Where do you want to live – location? Should it be in city? Or in the country-side?

For a goal like that, you will have to do so much work, and go risk quite a sum of money. Both of you will have to sacrifice your time, your money, and put in such project all your efforts. Your love will strengthen towards each other 500% more, compared to couples who live from day to day, without having any common goals set for their future.


A VISION, is something that’s a bit larger than a goal – A vision is realistic and achievable yet revolutionary dream. My vision is to live a happy life on a farm, with peace and quiet, without access to the internet, with all the time in the world to spend with my beloved. My vision is to sit and swing on an old rocking chair, while my wife brings out coffee, and together we watch sunset and talk about everything and anything that comes to our mind. My vision is love and happiness.


Thank you all, I hope you enjoyed this article titled: “Revolutionary Sex | 7 powerful secrets to better sex” – we believe that sexual experience is deeply associated with happiness and emotions in general. Take care of your woman, appreciate her, caress her… We hope that you’ll find some of our tips useful and that you will surprise you woman by providing her with the most amazing, powerful & revolutionary sexual experience she’s ever had. Thx and see you around.


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