Reigo Vilbiks: Enlightenment Is For Dummies (attract people, things, happiness, love, money… become magnetic and get enlightened)


Reigo Vilbiks is an artist and the author of a self-help program called “Enlightenment Is For Dummies“. Law of attraction [1], self-help, spirituality are 3 keywords that best describe this course. You’ll learn how to attract people, things, love and money, by becoming a better self – by improving yours state of mind – by becoming happy and magnetic person.

Reigo Vilbiks introduces himself as a Spiritual Master. He is funny and appears to be a bit crazy at first impression. But I must say that listening to what he has to say is indeed very interesting, educational and enlightening.

• I’ll never forget Reigo Vilbiks’s words: “Why people suffer? – They choose to suffer.”

• And another fantastic quote: “I smile. Even if it’s fake. It is only fake for few seconds.”

By clicking the image below, you can watch his new 2020 amazing and funny video, which can help you become a better self. He calls it Enlightenment Is For Dummies. If you want to know the answer to what is even better than sex?, I recommend you give it a look. Video is entertaining and educational.

Reigo Vilbiks - Enlightenment

When you click the image, you’ll be taken Reigo’s official website where you can watch the video.

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Who is Reigo Vilbiks?

Reigo Vilbiks is this skinny, funny looking guy, who you’d never think of being a coach. He has years of coaching experience related to self-help and becoming a better you. Helping people becoming happy, motivated and enlightened is his professional practice.

His newest course Enlightenment Is For Dummies is quite outstanding, and possibly one of the most interesting educational programs for understanding the law of attraction.

After going through the course Enlightenment Is For Dummies, you being your journey to a better life and you learn skills and principles that will enable you to start practicing the law of attraction. Despite his crazy appearance Reigo Vilbiks is a genius and a true Spiritual Master.

Reigo Vilbiks
Reigo Vilbiks, author of Enlightenment Is For Dummies

What is Enlightenment Is For Dummies?

Have you ever wondered why some people look satisfied and happy all the time? How did they achieve such state of mind, where nothing can bring them down?

These people are usually successful, in life and career. But if you believe that this is the reason for their happiness you are wrong. Their success is a consequence. Due to being positive and motivated, these people have become successful. It is basically the other way around. They don’t feel good about themselves because of their success. They are successful because they always focused on positive thoughts and felt good about themselves.

Enlightenment Is For Dummies is an educational course made by Reigo Vilbiks. Through this course you will learn how to attract money, love and happiness. You will be transformed. Reigo Vilbiks will share his wisdom and personal stories with you, to guide you through the process of enlightenment.

Enlightenment Is For Dummies
Enlightenment Is For Dummies

By engaging into this program you will learn:

  • How to manifest money and abundance?
  • What is the secret to happiness?
  • How to overcome your fears?
  • How to shift your reality?
  • How to stop suffering in life?
  • How to find your passion and true calling?
  • How to heal your body?
  • What is the nature of reality?
  • Why people have sex and what is even better than sex?
  • How to be happy even if you are alone?
  • What is true magic and how to make magic?
  • How to find your inner child?
  • What is Kundalini awakening?

Learn how to take control over your life and how to attract only positive things. Reigo Vilbiks will be your coach and mentor. You just sit back and relax, and let the magic being.

Along with this course you will also be getting a comprehensive manifestation programme called: “Sleep magik” – It includes 14 hours of guided audio meditations. It is 11 hours long content full of sleep stories, teachings, meditations, affirmations, … with the most beautiful healing music.

Sleep Magik by Reigo Vilbiks

You will receive audio lessons such as:

  • Sleep and grow rich – Learn how to earn wealth through sleep meditation and affirmations.
  • Happiness is for dummies – Learn how to stop worrying and become positive in life.
  • Deep sleep hypnosis – Guided meditation for sleep and healing.
  • Self love – Learn how to love yourself through guided meditation.
  • Have the best day ever – Morning meditation for an amazing day.
  • And many more.

I am not here to tell you that this course is something amazing and that you should get it instantly.

But I must share my good experience with this course, with which I was extremely satisfied personally. I am glad I discovered Enlightenment Is For Dummies, and I do recommend you to check out Reigo Vilbiks works. He is one of a kind interesting character, and his teachings are logical and when you think about it, very wise.

You can control your mind, and you can become magnetic. There’s a new you just a step away. You just need to learn how to being the transformation and the steps that you should take during the process.

5 tips for real spiritual enlightenment that you’ve probably never heard of before

Let’s see 5 tips for self improvement and real spiritual enlightenment, of which you have probably never heard before. These are made by us and we have learned from many (also from Reigo Vilbiks).

This is unique content, which you will not be able to find anywhere else. These are our tips, and we decided to share them here with you. Hope you find them helpful.

1) Value people, value moments, value yourself

I remember the state I was in, when my depression was at its peak.

I had no desire to meet people or to socialize at all. I had no feelings over the most beautiful moments that life can give you. And I had been devaluing myself, thinking about how I am just another statistical number in this world and that my death would be nothing special – one person less, who cares.

You need to step out of such mentality because it will destroy you. You have to understand that life is short and that you should use every moment of your life to its maximum potential. You have to live for “now”, not for tomorrow or any other day. Focus on NOW, and enjoy this very moment to its full potential.

  • Value people and give value to them. Cherish the moments with them and help them to become even better.
  • Value moments that life gives you. We forget to stop, simply just stop, and look around ourselves and admire the beauty we are given at that moment.
  • And most importantly – we forget to value ourselves. You are important, you do have impact, and your life carries the biggest value of all.

Once you understand that people, things and moments are valuable, and that adding value brings happiness, you will become magnetic and without even trying you will attract good things in life. Suddenly women will be interested in you, suddenly lucky things will become happening to you, and suddenly you’ll be faced with business opportunities.

2) Keep focus on good things

Why are some people always in good mood, how they manage to stay positive all the time no matter what problems life throws at them? – They manage to focus on good things in life. Simple.

But it is not that simple as it sounds is it?

focus on good things

Especially in case of tragedy, or with the loss of your bellowed one. When one of your relatives perish or when your relationship with a person is broken – how to keep it together at those times? It is nearly impossible.

But there are still good moments that can lift you up. You may not recover from a tragedy instantly, but keeping focus on good things is the key. Even by the words of Reigo Vilbiks in his Enlightenment Is For Dummies course, keeping focus only on good things is one of the essential factors for getting enlightened and becoming a better self.

I once had a great relationship with the most beautiful person, who got sick and died due to cancer. I was devastated. I was thinking of ending my own life at the time. What saved me were contacts with other people, other beautiful people who managed to add value to me and lift me up. I focused my mind on living each day as it was my last day with everyone I loved. Each day I tried to do something good, something that would make me happy or someone else happy. I focused on “now” and I focused on good things.

I didn’t think about that I had no money at the time. I didn’t think about how I completely screwed up something that I was supposed to do better. I didn’t think about sad and depressing things that happened to me in life.

  • I thought about how good is this morning coffee and how blessed am I to have the opportunity to enjoy it at this fine weather and the sun shining over me.
  • I thought about how great is it to hang out with a friend of mine and talk with him about things that he is interested in.
  • I thought about how lucky I am that I have a healthy body, being able to go out for a run and manage to get below 45 minutes for 10 km run.

I focused on small but good things, and I learned to enjoy them. Small things in life, can become big. Cherishing small good things can have significant impact on your happiness and motivation.

3) Reigo Vilbiks tip: Smile and stay positive

What to do when there’s an awkward moment? What to do when something goes wrong? What to do when something embarrassing happens to you?

The answer is quite simple: SMILE …Sounds pretty silly, but it works.

In his course, the Enlightenment Is For Dummies, Reigo Vilbiks says: “I smile. Even if it’s fake. It is only fake for few seconds.” – he is referring to the fact, that if you smile even when there’s nothing to smile about, that fake smile will eventually become real.

We all know that yawning is contagious. And so is smiling. When you smile, you will “contaminate” other people with it, and you will contribute to improving the mood of everyone around you. Smiling and positive attitude have large impact on your mental health and on attraction to other people.

I remember reading John Maxwell’s book Developing the Leader Within You, where he also says, that a true leader will be a positive one, with a smile, and with the ability to motivate his employees with desire to establish trust with them.

Many writers and renowned experts, not only John Maxwell and Reigo Vilbiks, have discussed the power of “the smile” and maintaining positive attitude.

It is quite simple:

  • Depressed, sad, selfish and negative people will bounce other people away, and will not be able to attract good things in life.
  • Positive, happy, cheerful, ambitious people will attract other people, and work as a magnet to good things.

4) Have goals and ambitions

Always in life you should have set goals, which you want to achieve. And once achieved set new goals.

Do not mix goals and vision. Vision is something much greater. When I speak about goals, I think about something that you evaluate as being possible to achieve.

Goals shouldn’t be easy to achieve, but they also shouldn’t be impossible.

Create vision, set goals, take actions

I bet Micheal Jordan never set a goal in his youth to become a millionaire and the best basketball player in the world (he might have had that vision, a dream, but in reality it wasn’t his goal). Instead he loved playing basketball and rather set his goal to try hitting 10 out of 10 3-pointers when playing alone on an empty court yard.

To become the best basketball player ever, is a goal that you can set when you are at the top 100 players in the world already. Prior to that your goals should be more down to earth, more real and achievable in less than few months.

5) Failing is not something to depress over

I see people fail and get depressed over these fails. I see people fail and say things like: “Well, I guess I’m just not the right person for this,” or “I should stop trying because it seems I’m no good,” etc.

Do you really think, that successful people have never fail? They failed many times, but they didn’t give up due to their fails. Instead they learned from mistakes and improved.

Richelle E. Goodrich once said: “Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.” – Wow. What a powerful quote.

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself and depressed over your failures, you can use failures to improve. Reigo Vilbiks meditations, affirmations and spiritual growth, which are thought in his Enlightenment Is For Dummies course, is a great way to change your negative aspect towards failing to a positive one.

Here are some questions, to which you need to find answers, when trying to improve (4 step methodology):

  • Define fail: What did I fail at, what have I not achieved but wanted to?
  • Analyze causes: Why did I fail, what were the root causes?
  • Set goals: What should be achieved next time?
  • Action plan: Define (and realize) actions to take for not repeating the mistake, to improve, to achieve goals in future attempts.

Such methodology can be applied to all areas of life: When being unsuccessful with girl, for improving in bed, in sports and in business life. But without smart actions for improvement there can be no improvement. You will keep repeating the mistake if you keep doing everything the same.

Therefore, it is crucial to make wise decisions on what changes should be implemented in your future attempts.

Enlightenment Is For Dummies by Reigo Vilbiks: Conclusions

In this article, we spoke about enhancing your mental strength and practicing the law of attraction in real life. We have titled this article Reigo Vilbiks – Enlightenment Is For Dummies, based on one of the most interesting and helpful programs for strengthening your inner spirit.

Everyday life gives us many challenges and obstacles. There are people who depress over problems and there are other people who enjoy challenges and who have the ability to stay positive, regardless what life might throw at them.

The key is in self-improvement in changing how you view life, in developing the skill for enjoying life. Yes enjoying life is a skill, it is an ability that everyone can develop.

And you know what. When you genuinely start enjoying life, good things will start happening on their own. You will become a magnet for good things. It is a phenomenon that I am not able to explain, but positive people with good thoughts are rewarded by life events that they have no control over. They are lucky with women, they are successful in their work, suddenly a business opportunity comes towards them and they are able to maintain healthy body and healthy soul.

Your spirit, your thoughts, your inner self is the key for your success in life. And remember – You will not become happy after you manage to succeed in something in life. It is the other way around – You will succeed in life due to your positive character and strong inner spirits. And Enlightenment Is For Dummies is a course that can really help you achieve such state of mind.

Thanks for reading.

Enlightenment Is For Dummies by Reigo Vilbiks - Your spirit, your thoughts, your inner self is the key for your success in life.
Enlightenment Is For Dummies by Reigo Vilbiks

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