Red one shoulder cocktail dress: Under $60 sexy red dresses


Red, the color of love, passion, heat, lust and sexuality. If you’re looking for affordable red one shoulder cocktail dresses, you’ve come to the right place.

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We’ve picked 9 hot and sexy evening dresses that you can wear for special informal occasions. And the best thing is all of them are priced bellow $60. Most of them are even cheaper, costing merely $50 or even less.

This article is all about beautiful, sexy, elegant and most importantly, affordable.

What exactly is a cocktail dress?

A cocktail dress is an elegant attire meant to be worn for evening events and parties. A cocktail dress, sometimes also called a club party dress, is usually elegant, yet informal attire, featuring sexy detailing which are bound to make a woman stand out. The length of a cocktail dress is usually knee-high, and at many times combined with sexy high heels, clutch and other fashion accessories.

Why does wearing red make you attractive?

As we mentioned in the beginning, red is the color of love and lust. Women wearing red tend to stand out and usually get noticed by men immediately. There’s also a red dress effect, which is known to subconsciously attract people, and make women wearing red more sexually appealing. There’s even a scientific study available, that proved women wearing red were rated more attractive by men.

I mean have you seen Kim Kardashian wearing that beautiful red one-shoulder dress at LACMA gala event? She truly looked astonishing wearing red!


Therefore, we are here presenting 9 sexy red one shoulder cocktail dresses (that cost under $60), and we hope you’ll find something that you like. You’ll witness different styles, some are more on the sexy side, while the others are classy and elegant.

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… then we are sure that our presentation won’t let you down. And the best part is that you can buy just about anything your eyes find appealing, with one simple click.

So, here are the most beautiful sexy red one shoulder cocktail dresses for under $60.

The list of 9 affordable red one shoulder cocktail dresses that cost less than $60

One more thing before we spring into action. We’d like to share with you how exactly we picked these red outfits.

We can’t say we tested all of them, and worn them all by ourselves. We do have female writers here on this blog, but only 2 red dresses were tried by us (the Uonbox red dress and the Chyrii cocktail dress).

All other dresses were picked based on how appealing they seemed to us visually, the reputation of the manufacturer, and probably the most important factor, how customers reviewed them.

Basically, our algorithm was:

  1. Is the cocktail dress available in red color?
  2. Is the dress sexy, elegant and beautiful?
  3. Did we enjoy wearing it?
  4. Does manufacturer have a good reputation?
  5. Did other customers like it?

If the answer to all 5 question was a “yes”, then the dress would “qualify” into the second round. In second round we had 25 dresses overall, of which we than handpicked the 9 best.

Again, there is some subjectiveness involved in all of this, however we had done an extensive research all around the web and looked for what women had to say about the particular model.

Below you will find the list of the 9 classy, yet affordable, red one shoulder cocktail dresses to wear to a party, club, disco, girls night out, and other semi formal events. By the way, you can find the exact prices, with additional info and tons of reviews, by visiting the link to Amazon bellow each dress.

1) Sexy red one shoulder cutout club dress, by Lagshian

Cheap sexy red women sexy bodycon dress

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

Made of a really nice soft stretchy fabric, most customers praise the material of this beautiful night dress. It is a gorgeous looking outfit that you can wear for all special occasions to stand out from the crowd. And the best thing is, that even though it’s not a “see through” dress, it still slightly exposes outlines of the underwear you’re wearing beneath.

The material is 90% cotton, 10% spandex making the dress comfy and elastic. Reviews are remarkable and women seem to love the sexy look of this bodycon and the overall comfort. Beautifully designed red one shoulder cocktail dress to wear in summer.

2) Red women’s ruffle one shoulder split party dress, by Floerns

Affordable sexy red one shoulder cocktail dress for under $100

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

Sexy but also very classy. The design of this dress is perfect not only for girls night out, but it can just as well be worn to a formal event (weddings, ceremonies, company Christmas party, …).,

The mermaid style and the ruffled trim on one side work perfect when combined. The material is of high quality and the dress has elasticity to it. The dress will fit you tight and if you are curvy, your female attributes are sure to be accentuated by wearing this beautiful elegant red one shoulder cocktail dress, which is to our surprise also very affordable.

2 floerns red dress
Live view (source Floerns Amazon store)

3) One shoulder strap celebrity party red dress, by Meilun

Red one shoulder cocktail dress

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

Again we can say that material on this dress is robust and of high quality. Dress is made of 90% rayon 9% nylon 1% spandex having a good stretch to it. It beautifully shapes your body highlighting your seductive curves. While the shoulder strap is the key detail of this dress, not every customer loved it. Some reviews said it is mostly annoying. Most women conclude that the dress is suitable for those with a bigger bust. However, the dress is beautiful, elegant, and a perfect style to wear to a club. You are bound to make some heads turn wearing this sexy red outfit.

4) Elegant women’s one shoulder bandage cocktail dress, by Whoinshop

Red one-shoulder knee length cocktail dress

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

If you are not used to getting compliments, prepare for it, ’cause you’ll be getting tons of those wearing this astonishing red cocktail dress. Sexy, yet very elegant, it is a perfect choice for wedding parties, birthday parties, going on a date, and other celebration events.

This beautiful attire won’t let you down on any formal or semi-formal event. It features a nice thin strap that goes diagonally over your back, and a bodycon tight fit. So, if you aren’t used to wearing tight clothes, you should go for bigger size. However, the material is very stretchy and comfortable to wear.

4 whoinshop one shoulder cocktail dress
Live view (source Whoinshop Amazon store)

5) Ruched red one shoulder party dress, by PattyBoutik

Beautiful and affordable cocktail red dress

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

What a beauty! Also a perfect dress to hide that belly fat. Why? First, the dress is made to be thick and strong. It is not thin, therefore nothing can be seen through. There won’t be any panty lines and if you don’t want to wear a bra, you don’t even need to wearing this dress. While the ruching also helps a lot, camouflaging any unwanted detail.

I can’t take my eyes of the brilliant design this cocktail dress has. So sophisticated, so elegant. It is a winner for me, and the only thing I’d change on the model is to add a few extra fashion accessories (a red or black clutch obviously, a long necklace to fall over the dress, and an elegant crystal bracelet).

6) Batwing sleeve ruffle one shoulder bodycon cocktail dress, by Halife

Midi cocktail party dress red off one shoulder

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

The cape batwing sleeve truly adds to the exquisite elegance of this attire. If your goal is to appear strong and confident, instead just being cute little angel, than here’s what to wear.

Dress is thick, durable, stretchy, made of quality fabrics. The great thing about this dress is, that you can wear it with or without the shoulder strap. Yes, it is removable. Amazing, right?

This astonishing red one shoulder cocktail dress has so many possibilities. You can wear it to formal events, parties, to the club, for celebrations, work, pub. It is an all around, sexy, elegant dress, which basically transforms a woman into the queen!

6 halife club party dress red
Live view (source Halife Amazon store)

7) Sexy cutout red one shoulder cocktail dress (ruched), by Chyrii

red club party dress elegant and sexy

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

If you’d like to make guys go crazy on you, here’s your perfect choice. Showing lots of skin, while still appearing classy is how we’d describe this dress style. It is definitely one of the sexiest outfits on this list, however, it is in no way slutty!

I should warn you, since we tried this dress ourselves, that it is extremely elastic and that the upper part tends to expose your boobs (keeps trying to fall off). So, better go for a size less than usual, or wear a sticky bra beneath with some tape added. That should fix your problem (if you face it at all … just thought I’d mention it).

8) Red sexy one shoulder side split cocktail dress, by Uonbox

Best under 100 USD sexy red dresses

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

A very seductive dress. Other wives will be angry at their husbands for watching you come to the restaurant, unable to keep their eyes off of you dressed in this sexy & elegant outfit. If you ask me, the dress is completely worthy of being featured in James Bond movies. Amazing design.

The material is what makes this cocktail dress even better. Thick, durable, quality fabric, that has a nice shine and reasonable stretch to it. Getting the correct size, this dress fits great, holding curves at all the right places.

The left side split is quite high, making everything even sexier. While the zipper at the back is easy to zip and made with long term use in mind (trust me it won’t break easy). One of the best, most glamorous, red one shoulder cocktail dresses, available at an affordable price.

8 uonbox perfect cocktail dress
Live view (source Uonbox Amazon store)

9) Patchwork ruffles bodycon party dress clubwear, by Meilun

Woman party dress one shoulder

You can purchase this dress on Amazon

Not really a one shoulder dress, however the one shoulder ruffles on this one are astonishing, so we decided to feature it on our list. It is an elegant dress for gala events, parties, clubwear, and all sorts of celebration events. And truth be told, you’ll feel like a celebrity wearing this one.

The fabric on this dress is thick and does indeed have some stretch to it (polyester and cotton). About the length of the dress, it just falls about 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) below your knees, which is perfect. It fits a female body nice and tight, making sure to highlight your best assets.

Video (source Meilun Amazon store)

Thank you for viewing our article titled 9 sexy red one shoulder cocktail dresses for under $60. We hope you find something you like at an affordable price! See you.

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