Prom dress ideas: 12 sexy yet elegant and classy prom styles


So, your prom is coming near, and you just wanna see some beautiful prom dress ideas to help you decide on what you’ll be wearing? Or is it not prom, but rather another type of gala occasion where nice dresses are to be worn?

We’ve got you covered!

You want every boy there to notice you, you want to be the queen of the evening, but you do not want to appear slutty! You want to be elegant and classy, while still having that sexy vibe.

If you’re searching for the answers to:

  • “What is the most popular prom dress?”
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… you’ve come to the right place!

Fret not, we have made ourselves a mission, to find the best, sexiest, and yet elegant and classy prom dresses out there. In this article you will witness some of the most beautiful evening gowns in various colors and styles.

Why only 12 prom dresses? Why not give 100+ prom styles? Because when you pick the best of the best, 12 is enough. We could give you 500+ prom dress examples, but that wouldn’t showcase what’s the best. We decided to present only the top – the best of the best.

In this article titled “Prom dress ideas” you’ll find 12 sexy yet elegant and classy prom styles, which are bound to make everyone turn their heads.

We’ve taken our time to inspect some of the trendiest prom dress styles that will not only make you look beautiful, but make you stand out. We want you to be the prom queen, the queen of the evening. So, go ahead and look at some of the sexiest, yet elegant and classy, prom dress ideas.

Prom dress ideas #1 : Elegant simple blue sweetheart long prom dress

prom dress 01
Source: [1]

Do I even need to comment on this one? This dress is just too beautiful to be true, and is bound to make you stand out. It is a choice for the girls who are primarily looking for the elegant “Elsa” look. Imagine this dress in a combination with braided hairstyle.

Prom dress ideas #2 : Women’s sexy satin deep V neck evening dress

SheIn Womens Sexy Satin Dress
Source: SheIn Amazon store [2]

Amazing dress and and amazing model to be honest! This satin V neck elegant red prom dress by SheIn, tends to be one of the greatest “affordable” evening gowns. The price being less than $40 is pretty hard to beat. And based on the reviews this dress is getting, it has to be featured on our list.

Prom dress ideas #3 : Sexy and elegant spaghetti strap prom dress

loverlovebridal Sexy Spaghetti Strap White Prom Bridesmaid Prom Dress
Source: [3]

When a girl wants to look like an angel, but with a naughty twist to it, the above gala dress should be your perfect choice to wear for prom. I mean just look at these spaghetti straps and the split that shows just enough skin, to make every guy want to be on your left side.

Prom dress ideas #4 : Hot Mermaid Off-Shoulder Red Long Prom Dress

Hot Sexy Mermaid Red Long Prom Evening Dress funkrdress
Source: [4]

Oh, wow! This red mermaid prom style is the definition of sexy yet elegant and classy. Your shoulders are exposed, the cleavage area is beautifully designed, and the front split gives this red dress an astonishing appearance. To all girls who want to stand out at prom, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Prom dress ideas #5 : Beautiful and elegant yellow / gold prom dress

homdor yellow-gold sexy but elegant prom dresses
Source: Homdor Amazon store [5]

Is yellow your color? Do you want to look more like a queen, rather than a princess? This strong golden/yellow dress is perfect for a self-confident appearance. It is designed to fit beautiful on all types of bodies, so if you have lately gained some weight, this dress is incredible at not showing that at all.

Sexy prom styles #6 : Elegant and sexy ivory lace gala dress

Strapless Ivory Lace Sexy Prom Dress (Nude Sweetheart)
Source: [6]

On spot number 6 of the sexy yet elegant and classy prom dresses, we have this beautiful ivory lace gala dress. Nude Sweetheart strapless sexy prom dress, shows all your attributes. From legs, to body curves, to upper body. Just be careful that some guy doesn’t “accidentally” step on your gown, fully undressing you.

Sexy prom styles #7 : Astonishing red prom dress one shoulder split

Floerns Womens Dress For Elegant Prom Queen
Source: Floerns Amazon store [7]

Wow! Another beauty of a dress. When wearing it, do not forget red roses to match with it. The material is strong and the dress is very well made (what else can you expect from Floerns). I love how one customer (Jessica) said, that she ordered a size too small, but instead returning it she gave that to a friend, and ordered herself yet another one but in a larger size.

Sexy prom styles #8 : Mind blowing deep purple elegant prom dress

Deep Purple Prom Dress Sexy Slit Evening Dress
Source: [8]

For a girl that does not want to “show it all”, this beautiful deep purple dress is perfect to wear for a prom night. Purple is truly a beautiful color. Purple is a color of royalty, luxury, wisdom and creativity. If that’s you, and if you want all the boys turning their heads, then by all means go for this style.

Sexy prom styles #9 : Yellow beaded sequin classy evening dress

scala yellow beaded sequin prom dress
Source: Scala @ [9]

Now this one is a cutie and a beauty. Scala did a perfect job when designing this elegant piece. However the price on this one is a bit higher, but I personally think well worth it! The glorious sequin design, will provide the bliss effect that no one will ever forget, from the second you enter the ballroom.

Classy prom dresses #10 : Sexy and incredibly classy blue evening gown

Elapsy High Class Evening Gown 2020
Source: Elapsy Amazon store [10]

Is blue your color? Is your primary target to wear a prom dress that is sexy yet elegant and classy? I remember my own prom, and I know that blue was a rare color. Most girls wore white, pink, turquoise and red. Blue was an exception. This Elapsy dress is very beautiful while also being offered at an affordable price. Definitely check this one out.

Classy prom dresses #11 : Flutter sleeves elegant green evening dress

Ever Pretty - Classy Green Prom Dress With Flutter Sleeves
Source: Ever-Pretty Amazon store [11]

Was just mentioning turquoise color in the previous chapter and here we have it. An astonishing green dress, with a fashionable design. Even without the glitter decor, this dress would look amazing. I just have to mention, how much I enjoy the flutter sleeves on this one.

Classy prom dresses #12 : Classy long sleeve prom dress with lace

AmyProm - White elegant prom dress with long sleeves
Source: [12]

“Is this real or is it heaven,” the boys will say when you come wearing this angel white dress with long sleeves, fully exposing your back and nothing more. This is gala, this is fashion, this is incredible. The only downside can be the weather, so make sure that you only wear it indoors.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope that we were able to give you some new prom dress ideas and helped you in some way.

PS: If you want to look for some sexy dress styles to surprise your husband, don’t forget to read our related article.

Thanks again, and have an amazing prom!


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