Pregnancy Miracle | 8 Extraordinary Fertility Treatment Tips


Pregnancy Miracle – I’ve been giving a great deal of thought, of what to write as my next article on sexual-health topic. As I talked to my dear friend Alice (who recently announced her pregnancy), she told me how hard it was for her, to conceive a baby. She also mentioned to me that after more than 2 years of trying to get pregnant, 2 failed IVF attempts, she started following these simple guidelines that helped her get pregnant naturally after merely 4 months. She told me it was due to the “Pregnancy Miracle” method.

As I went researching, I found that Pregnancy Miracle is a method developed by Lisa Olson. Lisa Olson is renowned fertility guru and her Pregnancy Miracles are present all around the globe. Her thesis is that any woman can be cured of infertility, with correct natural fertility treatment. Pregnancy Miracle fertility treatment is based on ancient Chinese medicine and is 100% natural method that can be of extraordinary help to all women experiencing problems trying to get pregnant.

I have therefore decided to write an article on Naturally Boosting Fertility. I’ll share what I’ve learned from my friend Alice and from Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle. Follow this link to download Pregnancy Miracle or the image below to find out more secrets behind Pregnancy Miracle method, which has helped many infertile women all around the world getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Miracle
Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle

This is not just an infertility treatment guide. This method is meant for anyone who cares about healthy pregnancy and having their baby born without any complication.

So, either you are having problems trying to get pregnant, or you just want to make sure your baby is born healthy, Pregnancy Miracle system can help you.

“Pregnancy Miracle will teach you how to conceive and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby (even if you were told by doctors that you are infertile)”

I may not know your problems, I won’t lie… me and my wife, we had no problems making babies. But like I said, my friend Alice had big time problems trying to conceive for more than 4 years. And here I’ll share everything that Alice taught me, and how she finally made it.

Alice learned from Pregnancy Miracle fertility treatment guide and told me, she is strongly recommending this method to all women seeking for a way to get pregnant naturally. Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson does actually work if you’re wondering about that. And it is not some voodoo stuff, it is a proven method.

If you are perhaps more interested in which personal lubricant is healthy to use during pregnancy, I’d recommend reading our article on toxic lube ingredients, or perhaps the article about the safest & healthiest lubricants to chose from.


Pregnancy Miracle – Who is Lisa Olson?


So after I talked to my friend Alice about her pregnancy issues and the success she had with Pregnancy Miracle, I just had to ask her for landing me the book. We made a printed copy and I read it. There is some stunning material inside, and I bet most women don’t even know about everyday stuff that are causing the problem.

Regarding the author, Lisa Olson – I was extremely intrigued by her story which is quite fascinating to be honest. She was just like everyone else who is experiencing fertility problems, trying to get pregnant and couldn’t succeed for years. She was eventually officially diagnosed by the doctors that she is infertile and that she’ll never have babies.

Well, basically she decided to fight, to research the topic in-depth, she visited exotic places, interviewed experts on alternative methods for fertility treatment, and eventually after completely changing her lifestyle, at the age of 40+, she managed to get pregnant. And it was without any modern medical procedures, or In Vitro Fertilization, or anything like that. No, it was 100% natural, and now she has 2 healthy babies.

The way she did it is described in the e-book titled “The Pregnancy Miracle”. I will now continue with 8 extraordinary fertility treatment tips which I’ve managed to remember best and which were also pointed out by my friend Alice who was in similar situation as Lisa Olson.


8 Extraordinary Fertility Treatment Tips for Pregnancy Miracles

get pregnant naturally have healthy baby

Are you curious what helped my friend Alice to get pregnant naturally, without any meds, after 2 unsuccessful IVF’s? Failed In Vitro fertilization can be extremely devastating for a woman. Here’s an article from, that gives insight about how commonly IVF fails and how devastating that can be for a woman. Pregnancy miracles indeed can happen, but the path to becoming pregnant with a baby might be extremely hard and emotionally painful for the couple.

The worst thing that is to happen (which is also mentioned in Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle book), is the stress that keeps adding up with time. You feel like you’ve tried everything and you are almost ready to give up entirely, facing the fact that you will never have babies.

“You CAN get Pregnant and have Healthy Babies with Pregnancy Miracle, no matter your current situation.”

We are now going to dive into 8 Extraordinary Fertility Treatment Tips that stayed in my head after my friend Alice told me her emotional (and motivational) experience. She had to completely change her lifestyle based on the pregnancy miracle book guidelines, and here are the top 8 extraordinary actions she took in order to conceive and give birth to her, now 1-year old, boy.

I really hope these fertility treatment tips will work for you, that you will be able to get pregnant, and that your pregnancy will have zero complications. Also note that these are not excerpts from the Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle book. These are our unique tips we have gathered from many sources after doing and extensive research on the topic. Lisa’s book did help, but this article is far from being based on her book alone. It is as always, our own unique content. And we hope it adds value to our readers, and help women around the world give birth to healthy and beautiful children. Enjoy your read.


Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson Tip 1 | Wanting babies too much

wanting babies too much

It may sound ridiculous, but when you are trying to conceive, you shouldn’t want a baby too much.

As Lisa Olson suggests, big desire to become pregnant, can increase stress and there is a very low chance that you’ll be successful in conceiving. Couples who are “planing” a pregnancy and “working” on it, have drastically decreased chances of success in comparison to couples who just have regular sex.

Basically, however unimaginable this might sound, you have to forget about the baby and go back in time 10 to 15 years, when you and your partner were having wild sex, without any obligations, stress. Your primary goal from now on must become to have a romantic, loving and orgasmic sexual experience.

Longer periods of failed attempts to getting pregnant, can drastically affect mentality of both partners. The man starts thinking it might be his fault and is completely depressed. The woman starts experiencing elevated anxiety. Overall the stress is becoming harder on both. This is due to the planning of having a child.

Just stop, cut it out, stop planning! Throw away all your calendars, excel sheets, uninstall “pregnancy apps” from your phone and whatever else you may have. It is important that both partner clear their head of having a child and become happy with the fact that you two are alone (for now). The correct mindset, low stress level, and the natural form of sex, are the foundation of getting pregnant.

We can recap Lisa Olson method, by stating: “If you want to get pregnant, you shouldn’t want to get pregnant.” – Clear your head, work on happiness!


Curing Infertility Tip 2 | Get rid of all (nonvital) medication

get rid of meds (pills) to get pregnant naturally

Most over-the-counter medication can affect ovulation and normal egg production. You should avoid pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceuticals. Some people take these as they were candy. Without being aware of the hazardous effects to human body. You can refer to this article to read more about health issues that can occur due to medication pills consumption in regards to fertility. As the article states, both male and female bodies, can suffer from fertility problems as a consequence of medication intake.

Most common over-the-counter drugs and prescription pills, are:

  • Barbiturates – Reason people are taking them: For anxiety and sleep disorders.
  • Benzodiazepines – Reason people are taking them: Another type of drugs for anxiety and sleeping disorders.
  • Sleep Medicines – Reason people are taking them: To sleep.
  • Codeine and Morphine – Reason people are taking them: As painkillers, as these drugs dull pain.
  • OxyContin, Percocet – Reason people are taking them: Another opioid / painkiller.
  • Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet – Reason people are taking them: Yet another opioid / painkiller.
  • Amphetamines – Reason people are taking them: For boosting energy and alertness.
  • Methylphenidate – Reason people are taking them: Another stimulant.
  • Dextromethorphan – Reason people are taking them: For cold and cough problems.
  • Pseudoephedrine – Reason people are taking them: For clearing stuffy nose.

All of these are non-vital drugs, and can be skipped without suffering any consequences. All the problems that are “being fixed” with taking these pills, can be solved by natural methods. It is described in Pregnancy Miracle in-depth all about how to replace your everyday meds, with proper food, with natural ingredients, and proper lifestyle.

You don’t need pharmaceuticals anyway, these substances mostly “heal” symptoms and not the root cause of your problem. Fixing root cause is your goal, and root cause should be treated naturally without doing damage to your fertility and reproductive properties. Here’s an article on how to change lifestyle instead going to the nearest drugstore.

Avoiding OTC drugs will immensely affect your chances of getting pregnant and provide for predisposition of healthy pregnancy. Also take into account that some drugs need days and even weeks to be cleansed from your body.

PS: not directly related, but here are formaldehyde releasing ingredients that you should avoid in your skincare products.


Healthy Pregnancy Tip 3 | Stop with the alcohol & smoking

drinking and smoking infertility issues

Smoking cigarettes and alcohol abuse is not only hazardous for health, it could as well be the cause of your infertility, while also being toxic for developing fetus.

Alice had a routine – every morning she would drink a cup of coffee with 2 cigarettes. She wasn’t into alcohol but at random parties and family events she might have drink. After reading Pregnancy Miracle guidelines, she decided to put an immediate stop to both, smoking and drinking.

Here you can find a quality article by about how smoking and drinking affects fertility. The source states a fact that 15,3% of women continue to report being a regular smoker. Most smokers are aware of negative respiratory consequences due to regular smoking of cigarettes, but only few are aware of smoking effect on fertility and fetus development.

Here are results of a scientific study [Am J Obstet Gynecol 2001;184:934-9]: Only a small percentage of women were found to be aware of the health risks of smoking which are specific to women. Such as:

  • infertility (22%),
  • osteoporosis (30%),
  • early menopause (17%),
  • spontaneous abortion (39%),
  • ectopic pregnancy (27%),
  • and cervical cancer (24%).

Knowledge of these health risks was not predicted by age, education, or smoking status. Health care professionals were no more likely than other women to have knowledge of these risks.


Regarding alcohol abuse, it might not be a problem if you drink a glass of red wine, here and there. Dark wine is even recommended as it contains ingredients that are health beneficial (resveratrol). But of course we are talking about low quantities here (like 1 dl / about 3.38 fl oz, once or twice per week), and it is also essential that the wine is ecologically made. Best thing to do is, to avoid any alcohol completely.

While alcohol abuse (drinking too much) can be extremely toxic to your body, and is affecting your fertility in a negative way. Both, alcohol and cigarettes have negative effect not only on female fertility but also male. Male sperm count drops and the quality of semen is decreased. Article from claims, that alcohol can affect fertility by altering sperm count, size, shape, and motility.


Pregnancy Miracle Tip 4 | Foods to eat for getting pregnant naturally

Best Fertility Foods By Pregnancy Miracle

Your diet is of extreme importance for boosting your fertility and chances of getting pregnant. Eating junk food, grease stuff, too much sugars and carbs, can indeed be a problem.


Avoid fast food and microwaved instant foods

We are all facing time problems. If the day had 30 hours, it would just be perfect. But all modern days obligations are forcing society to eat foods that are made fast. No one has time for preparing and actual meal, rich in nutrition and vitamins. Well this has to change. And you need to change it by yourself. Stop eating sh*t, period. No more McDonalds, French fries, instant pizza, premade soups, etc. Buy fresh organic vegetables, maybe even start your own garden. Buy meat directly from the farmer who you know breeds his livestock with in organic fashion. For boosting your fertility you must change your eating habits.


Avoid industrial RBD oils and trans-fatty acids

We’ve already written an article about dangers of industrial refined oils, due to hexane extraction process and several other reasons. Hexane is extremely toxic ingredient that is used for extraction process in many industrial oils. To remove hexane these oils are afterwards heated to extremely high temperatures, but traces of hexane are left in the approximation about 0,5% – 1,5%. To assure healthy food consumption use cold-pressed virgin oils in your cooking process.


Top 6 recommended foods for increasing fertility level by Pregnancy Miracle

Grapefruit and oranges

High in polyamine putrescine. Putrescine helps eggs and sperm cells maintain chromosomal integrity.

pregnancy miracle grapefruit healthy pregnancy 2020

Mature Cheese

High in polyamines. Research has found that polyamines may play an important role in the reproductive system.

mature cheese for better fertility 2019

Cow liver (aka beef liver)

Contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B, zinc (important for sperm health), choline (prevents serious birth defects), etc.

conceive a baby by eating cow liver


Asparagous is literally a boost of fertility vital nutrients. Rich in folate, vitamin K, zinc, selenium, thiamin and other fertility boosting ingredients.

Asparagus to cure infertility

Maca root

Reported benefits include improving energy levels, libido, fertility, and more. Maca is the most sexual food of all, and it drastically increases fertility. You can mix 2-3 spoons of Maca into your smoothy, daily.

MACA, the miracle root, for increasing fertility naturally


Eggs are rich with folate (folic acid). Taking folic acid can help protect your baby from serious birth defects like anencephaly and spina bifida. Take folic acid naturally, by consuming folate rich foods.

eggs are rich in folic acid (good for fertility)

Eating correct foods can play a vital role when trying to get pregnant. We have only given you 6 examples. There are plenty more foods and recipes to choose from, for increasing your chances of getting pregnant. We would like to recommend reading this article on best fertility recipes for even more ideas on what to cook. Your diet is the key for successfully getting pregnant (Pregnancy Miracle).


Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Tip 5 | Healthy lifestyle and fertility exercises

We already talked about not smoking, not drinking alcohol, eating properly… But without adding routine exercises into the combination, you have lower chances of getting pregnant naturally. Lisa Olson recommends exercising at least once per week.

There are many women asking, if exercising during pregnancy is even healthy, or should they be resting? Well, that’s not what we are talking about here. We are not pregnant yet! However, to answer that question: Yes, exercising during pregnancy is recommended. But you shouldn’t over do it. Here you can find recommended pregnancy exercises to do, and the ones you should avoid (might come in handy for you later).

And here I will present 3 exercise tips for women reported, which are guaranteed to beneficially affected your attempts to getting pregnant. I have consulted with Alice, who confirmed, saying she had 1-on-1 coaching with Lisa on few occasions and that these exercises are indeed recommended for women trying to conceive a baby. She followed same guidelines herself.

pregnancy - exercises for fertility boost

1) Regularly doing cardio exercises for getting pregnant

If you aren’t an active type of person, that might the reason behind you being unable to have kids. You must start training, and working cardio is one of the most important and beneficial type of exercise you can do for boosting your fertility.

Why? Because exercising positively affects your hormones – this applies to both, men and women. Men who are exercising have 73 percent higher level of testosterone, which has a direct correlation to the sperm count.

While exercising is advised, you should never take it too far. Do your training optimally twice to four times per week. Once might not be enough, and five might be overdoing it. Exercising may become addictive, but training too much can have negative results to your fertility. Research shows that exercising too much actually decreased the level of testosterone in men (by 28%).

So go ahead do some cardio: go jogging, go cycling, go rollerblading, hey perhaps just go walking. Everything is better than feeling sorry for yourself in a dark room, lying on a couch.


2) Curing infertility by regularly performing yoga exercises

Yoga is a great sport to start with if you are not into sports at the moment. There’s a known correlation between exercising and mental health. With doing yoga you are improving your mind and mentality. As we spoken of before, stress and anxiety can accumulate in your body, due to everyday challenges and tempo. By practising yoga, you can reduce stress, you can relax your mind, and this is crucial in regards to fertility.

Women diagnosed with serious ovulation disorders, such as:

  • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome);
  • endometriosis;
  • hypothalamic dysfunction;
  • primary ovarian insufficiency;
  • etc…

Have reported being able to get pregnant by changing their lifestyle, which also included practising yoga. Clear mind and relaxation are indeed the key elements.

I would like to advise reading an article on 7 yoga poses that work as fertility treatment.


3) Working on muscles and strengthening your core

So, why is muscle training important for fertility? Muscle training has quite a few benefits: First, training muscles has effect on hormones, therefore both partners should be active when trying to conceive. Second by training your core, you increase the level of your stamina and strength, which will result in better sexual performance. Better and more enjoyable sex, can lead to conception. And third, muscles have an important insulin related role, as they reduce insulin resistance.

Again, do not over do it. Going to fitness trying to lift heavy weights is the most inadvisable action you can take. Start slowly, go for light weight and repeat the process. Work on endurance. Besides, our research shows that the most effective muscle workouts, are [click the link for demonstration]:


Here we conclude the chapter about fertility beneficial exercises. I believe that without an active life, your chances of conception are very much decreased. You may think about it, but if you are still unable to conceive, maybe you should try some of the recommended fertility boosting techniques.

It is very important not to search for excuses, and reasons why not to do it. Just do it. You’ll see, that once you start exercising your energy will boost up, and your everyday productivity will increase dramatically. You are going to be able to do more tasks, faster, without spending all the energy and feeling tired, exhausted and stressed all the time. Trust me, try it.


How To Naturally Conceive Tip 6 | Have strong belief even if diagnosed as infertile

pregnancy - man and woman believing in each other - true love

There are indeed pregnancy miracles happening all around the globe. Women who were diagnosed by gynaecologists as being infertile, have fought, believed and succeeded.

Same thing goes for men, who were told that they are shooting “blanks” and that there’s nothing to do about it. Our bodies are miraculous, and even if you are infertile in one point of life, it does not mean you cannot reverse it. This is also the purpose of our article – To gather tips, that have been proven to work in the past, and packaging all of them into one single valuable article, that will serve as a helpful guide to all women who are having problems with conceiving a baby. I believe in you, and so should you believe in yourself!


Which proofs you ask? Here are just 3 out of many:

An excerpt from “Many women aged up to 36 years with a history of infertility can achieve spontaneous conception and live birth without using fertility treatment.”

An excerpt from “Shahin Ghadir, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, a reproductive endocrinologist says, that the majority of patients who walk into their offices are the people who are diagnosed with infertility, and the majority these same patients eventually end up being pregnant.”

An excerpt from “Ellen Picton walked out of the hospital in tears. The consultant had not only told her she was infertile, but that the only way of eliminating the excruciating abdominal pain caused by endometriosis was to induce an early menopause – either with drugs or a hysterectomy. Ellen took matters into her own hands and within a year had transformed her life in the most remarkable way. She had cured her endometriosis, met the man of her dreams, and had a baby girl.”


If both partners believe that some day it will happen, if you both support each other in those hard moments… And finally, if you’ll give it some time without stressing out (I know it’s hard not to stress about something like that, but you mustn’t believe everything that doctors tell you), you may one day give birth to a healthy child and live to the pregnancy miracle of your own.


Pregnancy Miracle Tip 7 | Best pregnancy sex positions & the effect of “lying down with feet up” after sex

lying with feet-up after sex for increases chances of getting pregnant

Are sex positions relevant for successfully conceiving? Can getting pregnant naturally be related to how you are performing sex? Is lying down after sex with your feet up a silly thing to do, or does it actually work? Let’s dig into scientific studies and research articles to find out. Is there indeed a correlation between how you are having sex, and the pregnancy itself?

We already talked about interesting, most orgasmic sex positions to try in an undependable article titled Revolutionary Sex. These positions are indeed “interesting” and fun to experiment with, but are not proven as the “pregnancy positions”.

Very important thing to note is, that probably more essential than the position itself, is the fact that for successful insemination, a woman must remain lying down for 15 minutes, after the end of a sexual act. You thought it was funny, when you heard some women are lying down and lifting their legs up? It’s actually scientifically proven, and here is the study proving it.

The results of this 2 year study were:

  • From “immobilisation group” of 199 women who remained lying down after sex, 52 women got pregnant.
  • From “control group” of 192 women who weren’t allow to lye down after sex, only 30 women got pregnant.

This means that the 1st group had success rate of 26%, vs the 2nd group having success rate of 15%. It’s not such a tiny gap now is it? Therefore, it is advised that you remain lying down after sex, thus increasing chances of conceive a baby.

Here’s the conclusion from that same study: “We found a clinically relevant and statistically significant improvement in ongoing pregnancy rates after 15 minutes of immobilisation, confirming the results of a previous study.5 As immobilisation is easily done and carries very little cost, we suggest incorporating immobilisation as a standard procedure in intrauterine insemination treatment.”


Now that we determined that lying down after sex with your feet up (for 15 minutes) indeed is an important thing to do for getting pregnant naturally, we should now also check into sex positions that are according to trusted sources the best sex positions for conceiving a baby.


4 best sex positions for conceiving a baby (explained)

Legs-On-Shoulders demonstration; Best sex position for healthy pregnancy
Doggy sex position for best chances of conceiving a baby (pregnancy miracle tips)

Best sex position for getting pregnant #1: Missionary

Might just be the most used and popular positions of them all. Why is it classified as a top position to try if you want to get pregnant? Because “man on top” principle is basically better, when compared to the “woman on top” alternative. With man-on-top, sperm has to swim down, and has all the benefits of gravity. While man is also helping with pushing it down.


Best sex position for conceiving a baby #2: Doggy style

Basically all positions that allow deep penetration are good for getting pregnant. To conceive a baby, doggy position is just perfect. Woman is on all four and can fully relax and focus. While a man can enter from the back, in this position, very deep. Doggy style is also one of the hottest positions to try, so go ahead and practice it repeatedly.


Best sex position for conception #3: Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a well known position, so I probably need not explain anything about it. Why is it on this list? It is said that for women who have a retroverted uterus, this is the best sex position to practise in order to get pregnant naturally. You do not need an IVF if you are told you are infertile. Keep trying, experimenting different positions, and most of all, do not worry and stress yourself. You’ll make it one day, believe it.


Best pregnancy miracle sex position #4: Legs-on-shoulders

Same as with the doggy position, legs-on-shoulder enables that needed deep penetration. And again the gravity is in favour of the sperm, which has to travel down in this particular position. This position can also be considered as one of the best positions to stimulate cervix, and provoke the full body orgasm.


These positions are considered as the most successful positions to practise when trying to conceive. Pregnancy Miracle can happen for you, but you have to follow these guidelines to maximum precision. Not just the guidelines from this chapter, but all chapters combined. I suggest you make priorities, which actions you will take first and sequentially, with time, also start following other recommended actions.

We are now going to view our last pregnancy miracle tip for getting pregnant (even if you were told you are infertile), which is: “Do not have sex when ovulating if you want to get pregnant!” – What??? Yes, I am serious, read the next chapter for explanation.


Reverse Infertility Tip 8 | Do NOT have sex when ovulating

ovulation - when to have sex to conceive a baby

I couldn’t believe how many women think that the best time to have sex for conceiving a baby, is during the 24 hours period of their ovulation. This is however not the case! To increase your chances for pregnancy, you should have sex PRIOR to ovulation.

Ovulation is that time in the month, when the ovaries release a mature egg, which is ready to be fertilized. The egg travels down the fallopian tube, where it has great chances of getting fertilized, when there are healthy active semen waiting for it. If the process is successful, the result is an embryo that is going to develop into a baby.

Technically, there is a possibility of getting pregnant during the ovulation period, but based on available studies, it isn’t the optimal time. The optimal time for having sex to make a baby, is 1 to 4 days prior to your ovulation.


Facts [source]:

  • The egg is released from the ovary and can only live up from 12-24 hours.
  • While the semen (sperm) can live up much longer, up to 5 days.

By having sex prior to ovulation, the semen is going to be actively searching for the egg and waiting for it to come. You are sort of “setting an ambush” for the passing egg to be fertilized.


Let’s also talk about The myth of “Day 14”. Another mistake I see sometimes is that women blindly believe that Day 14 (of their cycle) is the ovulation day. Therefore they logically assume, that having sex on day 11 to 13 might be the best days for making babies.

Day 14 might be the ovulation day with most women, but it doesn’t mean it’s the ovulation day with ALL women. Your ovulation might be anywhere from day 10 to day 20. Therefore you should first determine, at which day of your cycle, you actually experience ovulation. Thus establishing the correct time window.


Three things we see here as the key points to note for bringing Pregnancy Miracle tip no. 8 to a conclusion:

  • Determine the exact day of your ovulation – here are some helpful techniques for determining exactly when you are ovulating.
  • For achieving the pregnancy miracle, have sex some time prior to ovulation day – preferably 1 to 4 days before actually ovulating.
  • The technique which can also be effective is called “don’t care about anything,” and simply have sex on random days, without any strategizing and date setting. Might just work best.

Conclusions – Can Pregnancy Miracle Really Happen?

pregnancy miracle - happy parents with baby

Of course it can! This is the main reason we even sat down to write this article titled Pregnancy Miracle. Because we believe, that miracles can happen!

The tips you’ve just read, aren’t some random mambo-jumbo. These tips are scientifically proven to work, providing positive effects on fertility and all of them are supported with articles from trustworthy sources.

To back up all my claims, here’s an article talking about two women who were told they’d never have babies, but later conceived and gave birth to beautiful and healthy children. There are hundreds of “miracle babies” all around the globe. And most of them were born because their parent believed in themselves and never gave up.


There are indeed ways to reverse infertility. And Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson is a great book, written by an amazing person, that will show you an in-depth, step-by-step process for curing infertility and being able to conceive 100% naturally.


Here’s my logical explanation why naturally reversing infertility is in-fact very much possible.

1 – The term “infertile” is used as a clinical state for any person who is unable to get pregnant for more than 1 year after having regular sex, without using birth-control (definition by AOCG – American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Technically, all that infertility means, is that you weren’t able to get pregnant for 1 year. And that’s it. “Being infertile” means that you weren’t able to conceive so far, and nowhere does it say that infertility suggests that you will not be able to conceive in future. “Infertility” as a term itself refers to the past, not the future state.

2 – Being diagnosed with medical conditions that affect fertility (e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, hypothalamic dysfunction, primary ovarian insufficiency, thyroid problems, submucosal fibroids, etc.) does not mean you can’t get pregnant. It does make it harder to conceive, but in no way, does it mean that you are 100% infertile. As an example, here is an authority article by about PCOS. They state that healthy pregnancy with PCOS is possible, but it might take more time to happen. Trying, not giving up, living according to the 8 guidelines we just shared, is the key.


I really wish that you succeed in getting pregnant soon. And I wish you lots of luck, stay strong, and keep faith. I hope our article titled “Pregnancy Miracle | 8 Extraordinary Fertility Treatment Tips”, did in-fact provide you with some useful information, and that you’ll be able to take positive actions according to our guidelines. And I KNOW that one day, you’ll give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby, thus achieving your own Pregnancy Miracle.


Thank you for reading, and thank you Alice for sharing your experience with me. Have a good day!


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