How penis pumps work and what you need to know about them?


Penis pump is a vacuum device used on male genitalia for enhancing an erection. Many men use penis pumps and mostly it used for three reasons:

  • to create and maintain an erection longer;
  • to treat erectile dysfunction;
  • and for penis enlargement purposes.

However, before you rush to the sex shop or buy one online for yourself, there are a couple of things we should go through. Why? – 1st, so you don’t end up buying a bad product, and 2nd, so you don’t hurt yourself when using one.

We will also go through available data and see how exactly does a penis pump impact the size (mainly growth) of male sex organ, and can it really bring long-term results?

A lot of material is available online if you just go deep enough, browsing the hidden corners of the World Wide Web. We’ve done that for you, and merged everything there is to it into this single article discussing penis pumps.

How do penis pumps work?

This simple devices are designed to create vacuum, with objective to drive blood into penis and additionally stretch male genitalia to extents bigger than normal.

Doing this systematically, every day, can result in an increased penis size. Although many sources claim that it’s just temporary, we dare to challenge this “opinion”.

Anyway, here’s how you use penis pump:

  • Shave – It is recommended that you shave your pubic hair, because once the pump will press against your skin, it will be much more pleasant if there are no hair. The hair may also cause problems when trying to establish vacuum.
  • Lube – Before using the pump, lube-up your penis with a personal lubricant. Many men don’t know this, however, it makes whole experience a lot more enjoyable (and safe)!
  • Pump – When you are properly prepared take the pump, place it on your penis, and begin pumping (I prefer manual pumps, over the electrical ones). It will drive blood into your penis and produce growth.
  • Add pressure – You should never pump to the extent when it hurts. However, after the initial pump, you should give it a min or two, and continue adding vacuum once you feel comfortable doing it (add a little every 2 minutes). Remember, there shouldn’t be any pain. Stop immediately if you feel pain.
  • Put on a ring – After 20-30 minutes you should stop (yeah it’s enough). Slowly release the pressure, take off the pump, and put on a “cock ring” around your penis (place it at the base of the shaft) to keep the blood inside.
  • Repeat daily.

What are the risks of using a penis pump?

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, there are risks of using a penis pump. Injuries can happen if you overdo it, just as with any other thing in life. If you’re for example a fitness freak, you can also injure your muscle if you’re building to much.

The recipe is quite simple: if you are feeling any kind of discomfort, stop. Listen to your body.

The 5 most common risks of using a penis pump are (stop using (at least for a while) if you notice any of the below):

  1. Feeling sore in any way: If you feel pain down there, it means you probably overdone it. That’s why it’s important to do everything to a “normal extent”.
  2. Spots and strange colors: This can be due to ruptured blood vessels. It may not feel painful, however, if you notice any dark spots, you should back off a little.
  3. Strange “unnatural” erections: the feeling once you have an erection doesn’t feel natural, most importantly it doesn’t feel good.
  4. Orgasms and ejaculation become painful: Instead of feeling pleasure, you feel pain when you cum. Needless to say, that’s a good reason to stop using for a while.
  5. Itching: This may be because of the poor choice of a lube you’re using along with your penis pump, however, it may also be because you developed some kind of rash down there. Good luck.

It is normal to feel difference when using a pump, but in no case this “different” should be in any way uncomfortable. It should feel good for you. That is why it is very important to be aware of the risks, and to cancel your penis pumping events (at least for a while) if you identify any problems whatsoever.

What are the results of using one systematically?

As this study finds, the results have been very promising and are in fact long-term when the vacuum device is used for a longer period of time. Study finds that “patient + partner satisfaction” was 82% and 87% in group 1, and 84% and 89% in group 2. 216 patients were involved in this study, which lasted for almost 5 years (start: Nov. 1985 to Apr. 1990).

Second article I’d like to share was posted at and is also an exceptional read. It suggests that people who tried a penis pump, but didn’t stick to the routine, are the ones giving it bad reviews. However, they also state that doing it systematically and being dedicated to the process, can in fact bring long-term results. Gaining from 1-2 inches in length and an extra inch in circumference is something that anyone can expect.

Think of it as sports training. If you’re dedicated, if you do it systematically every day, you will see results. Sources say: Penis pumps do work, if you want them to work! – The journey on the other hand, is anything but an easy one.

So, which penis pump should I go for?

The choice of your “new friend” is of great importance. When you pick a penis pump that you end up not being 100% satisfied with, you will definitely be sorry that you didn’t invest some more time into research.

I can’t say that everyone will end up enjoying the same product, because people are different. However, I can recommend the one that I, myself have been using and been very satisfied with.

It is comfortable, robust, and what I enjoy most, it is manual. I may hold a grudge against automatic / motorized penis pumps, because of my single bad experience with one of them, however, since then I always use a manual pump.

Below you can find a penis pump that I personally like most!

best penis pump


  • It’s big, got a 12 inch tube (try to beat that!).
  • It has a pressure meter (you always keep control over pressure).
  • It is ease to use.
  • Great material, which is comfortable to use and friendly to your sensitive skin.

Thanks for reading! Now let the pumping begin ;)


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