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I’ve always been more of a water-based lube fan myself. Don’t know what changed recently, but I started to enjoy the feel of silicone-based lubes.

I have found about Penchant Premium after reading a forum post, where a user seemed satisfied by it and proclaimed Penchant Premium as a perfect lube for sensitive skin. So I decided to give it a try. I think it might be useful to share my experience with Penchant Premium, a personal lubricant advertised as the best lube for sensitive skin.

Using a personal lubricant that is safe is one of the most important factors when it comes to lube choice. I still remember how painful and irritating it was, when me and my husband used a “paraben lube” (which name I will not disclose). And that itching continued through the entire week.

Basically, when I’m picking lube for myself, I expect 5 things:

  • that the lube is safe and ingredient friendly;
  • that it won’t cause any sort of infections, irritation, itching or allergic reactions;
  • that the lube is long-lasting;
  • that it will never become sticky;
  • that the lube is edible (if its safe to eat, it’s usually safe to use as a vaginal lube).

I’ve heard plenty of positive recommendations online and in real life about Penchant Premium. But as I said I was always more leaned towards the water-based lubes. Personal lubricants that are based on silicone, weren’t my favorite ones, due to a bad experience with one of them since about 10 years ago.

The thing is, silicone does not absorb into skin and it’s hard to rinse off entirely. So using a wrong silicone lube may cause problems, for it will stay inside your vagina and wreak havoc in there, causing all kinds of nasty things that you’ll never wish to experience again.

If a lube is ingredient friendly, it shouldn’t be a problem even if there are traces of it left inside of you. That’s why picking up a lube for sensitive skin is vital for healthy and pleasurable sexual experience.

Below you can see an already used package and the bottle of Penchant Premium lube for sensitive skin.

Penchant Premium – Analyzing the ingredients

We have already emphasized about the importance of the ingredient and their safety. Several over-the-counter lubes may contain very harmful ingredients, including formaldehyde releasers.

Ingredients such as dmdm hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, quaternium-15, lilial, parabens, glycerin, propylene glycol – these are just some of the ingredients, that can be very harmful and toxic to human body.

If you check the above mentioned ingredients, you will find that rates their level of hazard on a 1-10 scale at 5 and even more. For example dmdm hydantoin is rated with hazard level 7, which is red alarm – and yet dmdmh is still being used as a preservative in many personal lubricants. Lubes that contain bad ingredients, should only contain ingredients rated below 3 (still very safe according to the

Let’s see what composition was used to make Penchant Premium. Below are the ingredients:

I’d say these are good results. Very good in fact. Two ingredients being rated as level 1 ingredients, while the other aren’t going over 3. We should now check each of the ingredients a bit more closely, and find out what are they doing inside the lube (function) and research a bit more if these are indeed safe ingredients to use as lube.

Penchant Premium ingredient 1; Dimethicone

Dimethicone is the 1st ingredient in Penchant Premium lube for sensitive skin. Dimethicone is the base ingredient in silicone-based lubricants.

It is rated with a hazard level 1-3 by (Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database), which is a very low hazard, meaning it’s safe to use for skin care.

Here’s what has to say about dimethicone: “Both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) confirm that dimethicone is a safe ingredient used in skin care. It calms irritation, minimizes redness and protects skin from any damages.”

Unlike water-based lubes, which come in variety of different compositions, textures, flavors, etc. silicone-based lubes do not come in so many different variants.

One of the main indicators of the quality of silicone-based lube is the ratio between dimethicone and other ingredients. In general we can say that the higher the amount of dimethicone, the better is the lube quality [source].

The lube with higher ratio of dimethicone included, will also cost more. But it pays of, because not only will such lube be healthier, it will also be longer-lasting compared to lubes with low level of dimethicone.

The count of ingredients is also a crucial factor. Given that Penchant Premium has only 4 ingredients, that’s a very good sign indicating that Penchant Premium is truly a lube for sensitive skin. You want the ingredient listed to be as few as possible. The more ingredients that a lube has, the bigger the chance one of them could be harmful.

Dimethicone formula - Silicone lube by Penchant

Penchant Premium ingredient 2; Cyclopentasiloxane

Cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone ingredient with lubricating properties. It allows the lube to spread more evenly and gives the slippery and silky feeling to the skin where applied to.

Cyclopentasiloxane is an ingredient featured in Penchant Premium and is rated by as a level 3 ingredient. It is not a level 1 ingredient, but still considered safe for use in skincare.

Here’s cyclopentasiloxane safety assessment published on International Journal of Toxicology [source]: “Minimal percutaneous absorption was associated with these ingredients and the available data do not suggest skin irritation or sensitization potential. Also, it is not likely that dermal exposure to these ingredients from cosmetics would cause significant systemic exposure. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel concluded that these ingredients are safe in the present practices of use and concentration.”

Cyclopentasiloxane is a colorless and odorless liquid with low viscosity. It is not merely featured in personal lubricants, it is also used in cosmetic products, skincare products, hair conditioners, etc.

There are no side effects connected with using cyclopentasiloxane. It is considered harmless when applied to skin. However, if you haven’t used lubricants with this ingredient yet, it is recommended you first test it on a smaller part of your skin. This is especially recommended for people with allergies.

Benefits of having cyclopentasiloxane in a lube are:

  • it will contribute to a better distribution of the lube on your skin;
  • when combined with heavier ingredients it will help disperse them;
  • it prevents skin from suffocating, yet it seals hydration by forming a permeable coating;
  • it is very lightweight, will make your lube feel lighter and friendlier to your skin.
  • it is considered a safe ingredient for sensitive skin.

Penchant Premium ingredient 3; Dimethiconol

Common uses of dimethiconol can be found in products such as: shampoos, hair conditioners, creams, lotions and of course personal lubricants (lubes).

According to, dimethiconol has zero possible concerns connected to it and is rated with the lowest hazard level of 1. Meaning it is a completely safe ingredient to be used in skin care, an ingredient that is great for people with sensitive skin.

Dimethiconol is a non-greasy substance, that adds shine and softness to your lube. It resembles dimethicone but has a chemical structure that ends with hydroxyl groups.

Like many other silicone ingredients, dimethiconol resists water and is a great ingredient when you want a lube that you can use under shower.

Not only dimethiconol but all other ingredients are harmless if ingested. This makes Penchant Premium an edible lube, safe for oral sexual acts. I’ve always admired lubes that are edible, because usually if it’s safe to eat it’s also safe to use on your private parts… usually!

To conclude. Third ingredient in Penchant Premium, dimethiconol, is safe and confirms the description of this lube to be “a lube for sensitive skin”.

3rd ingredient of Penchant Premium lube for sensitive skin is DIMETHICONOL

Penchant Premium ingredient 3; Phenyl Trimethicone

The last ingredient in the Penchant Premium silicone lube, is Phenyl Trimethicone. If we first take a look at and how they rated the hazard of this ingredient, we can see that it’s rated as a level 1 ingredient. This again shows that Penchant Premium carries merely safe ingredients without any toxicological properties whatsoever.

To confirm that Penchant Premium is indeed a good lube for sensitive skin, we should check additional sources – Below you can find the safety assessment of the substance done by the CIR Expert Panel.

Safety assessment of Phenyl Trimethicone concludes [source]: “Phenyl Trimethicone is neither an irritant nor a sensitizer to humans. No photosensitization data are available on Phenyl Trimethicone; however, the UV absorption spectrum indicated only weak absorbance at 327 nm. Based on the animal and human data included in this report, it is concluded that Phenyl Trimethicone is safe as a cosmetic ingredient in the present practices of use and concentration.”

Judging by the (Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database) and by Final reports on the safety assessment (CIR Expert Panel), it is safe to conclude that none of the ingredients used in Penchant Premium personal lubricant are harmful to a human.

Toxic ingredients that carry the properties of an irritant, skin sensitization, causing allergic reactions, dermatitis, and possibly even cancer, are not included in Penchant Premium.

If we recap this ingredient analysis which we just roughly performed, Penchant Premium seems like a good and quality lubricant. Such lube can be a perfect solution for people prone to infections (e.g. yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, etc.) Ingredient wise it is safe to say that Penchant Premium is one of the best silicone-based lube for sensitive skin.

Why people love Penchant Premium lube for sensitive skin?

I will here gather not only my experience and findings related to Penchant Premium silicone-based personal lubricant, but will also gather at least a few people opinion that I can find on the web.

I have mostly found these reviews on Amazon, but what I did was that I only joined the important parts of the review that actually matter. To simplify – I gathered relevant customer comments and shortened them so only relevant content stays.

penchant lube for sensitive skin

Let’s take a look at what some users had to say about Penchant Premium lube:

Me: I was happy to find a lube that feels good, is long lasting, and doesn’t bother my vagina. It is nice and silky, but may be too thin for people who like thick lubes.

Timothy L.: He says he and his wife are in their 60’s and people in that age usually need a lube when they make love. They tried lots of brand and types, and all became sticky. There was no such problem with Penchant Premium, it never became sticky and they only had to spend few drops, never reapplying it (a little goes a long way).

Amazon Customer: Sounds overwhelmed by the fact this lube didn’t burn her (of course it didn’t the ingredients are safe, the lube was specifically made for people with sensitive skin). She also recommends Penchant Premium due to its long-lasting properties.

Intermixture: Basically he first describes the problem that everyone who’s looking for a good lube comes across with. Bad lubes. And how they “just feel bad”, how many of them became sticky in the middle of the process, and how some lubes are simply just gross. He talks about Penchant Premium being pure, simple and ridiculously long-lasting. These are the words he uses to describe it.

Alain Edwards: First says very good things about the experience with Penchant Premium lube, and after also notes to everyone that you shouldn’t worry about the size of the bottle and the amount of lubes in the bottle (the bottle is 4 oz (ca. 118 ml). He says if you were to use merely 3 tiny drops, it’s still enough for the “full night session”.

Penchant Premium lube for sensitive skin, has a very god review score (ratings provided by users on Amazon) and it’s no wonder why.

Seems like everyone who tried it were satisfied by it. Even more, people love it, men and women and saying very good stuff about it. Penchant Premium seems to hit its formula “on spot”, when developing their lube.

Penchant Premium – The down sides?

Saying so much good about something may make you think this lube is without any flaws. Well, it just might be for ALMOST everyone the perfect lube with no flaws. But some people will definitely not like it. why?

1st: Silicone-based lubes cannot be used in combination with silicone sex toys. The material will dissolve.

2nd: Silicone-based lube can be used for shower sex, but that also means this type of lube is hard to wash off.

3rd: It is silky and thin lube, which might give you a bit of an “oily” feeling. People who like thick lube, will probably dislike Penchant Premium.

4th: A bit pricey. The bottle is only 4 oz for the price similar (or a bit higher) than other lubes. I myself believe this is not a problem, because so little goes a long way, but for some people this may be something that’s a turn off.

silicone-based anal lube - penchant premium lube for sex

So, these were some cons (disadvantages). We have to say something bad not just good things about stuff we talk about :) Anyway, it is important to always be honest and to view things from all the aspects. What are the advantages, what are disadvantages, in which conditions this product might not be the best, etc.

I hope that we’ve covered all about the pros and the cons. If not, we’ll add the content later. Lube for sensitive skin such as Penchant Premium has a lot of advantages compared to similar lubes, but as with everything in this world some people may not like it.


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