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Hello there. Just for your information… This is not some lame review (you can find tons of those on the web), no, this is in-fact our own unique valuable article about dating tips and a truly unique sex guide for men.

Regardless, if you are looking for The Obsession Method by Kate Spring (who I love and appreciate her work deeply), you may get it by clicking the link. Just to clarify – The Obsession Method is an outstanding, masterful sex guide written by a woman for men. And I do recommend it to anyone who is wiling to expand his love making / dating / girl seducing knowledge. You will definitely not regret going for the Obsession Method.

But, rather than writing a review of Kate Springs Obsession Method, we are here presenting you with our own unique content, which does indeed follow Kate’s philosophy to some degree, but mostly this content is based on our own experience, our own knowledge and months of research.

We are not here to sell products, we are here to provide value added and unique sexual advice content for our readers. This is our article, our work, our sweat, for you! We hope you will enjoy your read, and most of all, we believe following our tips may improve your sex life. Good luck and have fun ;)

Obsession Method : 8 essential dating & sex tips for men to win women

And here we go full-in, presenting you with 8 powerful dating and sex tips, that you can start applying into your love life immediately.

Do you know what is the best thing of this whole thing? It is a win-win situation. If you learn to master the things we are going to share, you are going to be “the man” and she’ll also be happier and satisfied to a much higher level.

Just as Kate Spring teaches in her Obsession Method, we are also going to use methodological approach to this topic. Every claim we are going to make is going to be supported by facts. Yes, facts. You may find tons of websites writing useless and sometimes even misleading material. We aren’t one of those sites. We are a trusted source, and every claim we make, we support it with another trusted source or sometimes even a scientific study.


Using your true personality trying to seduce women

sex guide obsession method sex tip no1

Never try to hide your true personality, acting as someone you’re not. It’s not sexy.

Our first obsession method dating tip is: never try to fake your personality, trying to act as if you are someone you’re not. This is a real problem, which we see lots of men and women usually do in their first encounters. You should always be honest with who you are, and be proud of who you are.

Being afraid of what she might think about your real personality may get anyone, trying to present their appearance and personality in a different way of who they really are. Acting different, talking different, wearing clothes they’d never wear otherwise, etc.

Person will eventually sense you act, and they’ll start to feel weird around you. You are going to appear fake to them, as if you are hiding something.

When trying to act as someone you’re not, you can’t fully relax. This is noticed by others. They see you have some level of tension and anxiety, and this is not sexy. It looks as if you have no confidence and confidence is an extremely important factor for establishing that sexual attraction with a girl.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be polite, well-mannered and a gentleman. But be yourself. This will show her how confident you are and that you are proud of who you are.


Using pickup lines that actually work with all women

obsession method dating - pickup lines that work

Use confident pickup lines that work and successfully approach any woman.

Approaching a woman is your first step, regardless your intention wanting to date her, or just having a one-night-stand in your mind.

This can either go very well, or it can ruin everything you had been hopping to achieve. Worst mistake you can do, is to treat her like a piece of meat, disrespecting her, appear sleazy, or approach with a line that makes you look like an arrogant prick. Here are 5 of the worst pickup lines, which you definitely wan’t to avoid using:

  • “I’m hot, you’re hot, we should go to my place with my Mercedes-Benz.”
  • “You ass is the only thing I’d die for.”
  • “Are you accepting applications for your fan club?”
  • “Hey baby, we weren’t introduced yet. You don’t know what you’re missing! Let’s have a drink together.”
  • “Let’s have breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you?”

The above pickup lines might end with her spilling a drink over your face or otherwise turn her down. You might wanna use different approach! Best way to approach a girl is by following obsession method advice, which is that a woman should be treated as a queen, with respect, but with a little naughtiness built into it.

She has to sense your intentions with her are sex related. But she also has to know you are a confident, well mannered and a true gentleman. Here are our top 3 pickup lines, that will guarantee your success with even the most desirable women:

  • “Hi, my name is (your name). You are really pretty! May I invite you for a drink?”
  • “Hey there. Sorry for being so straightforward, but I have to say that I had never seen lips as beautiful as yours. Would you like to dance with me?”
  • “Hi love. Besides being the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen, what do you do for a living?”

Talking to her in a style that will make her sexually want you

kate spring body language advice obsession method

The style of talk, your body language… those are key factors for winning her.

For improving your dating skills or trying to get her to have sex with you, your body language and talking style play great importance. These here are as simple as can be, but extremely efficient tips you can use to present yourself as an alpha male.

Let’s take a look at a few body language techniques you can use from this moment on. Note that you must do all of this accordingly to the situation. If you are at the party (high energy situation) you may exaggerate in you execution, but when to energy is low, like being at a business event, conference, etc. you should act accordingly and do it more in a James Bond style.


1 Stopping and taking a pose during your entrance

So, you enter a room full of people (for example a bar) pretty girl are there and you want to become the alpha male at the very moment, you appear in the room. There is very simple thing you can do, to present yourself in a great way. Simply STOP.

Most people will walk in, continue walking to the table, or to a friend they are meeting. But not you. When you’ll enter the room, you’ll stop. You will take a stance, push back your shoulders, and lean your head up a bit. You will stand straight, as a solid, elegant, classy gentleman.

And the next thing that is very important to do, while you are still standing there, is to give a look around (as if you are searching for your friend) and stop your head movement at the woman you like for a second or two. She should notice that your eyes suddenly, for a moment stopped on her, giving her the information you are interested in her at that very moment. You should at that point either move to your friends, which you were “looking for”, or you can chose to directly step up to the woman of your interest and speak up to her.


2 Touching

Once the talk has begun, you should occasionally touch her. Not to frequent and definitely without touching any private spots. The best thing to do is, when you two are talking and maybe there is too much noise, you can place your arm around her shoulders and move your ear closer to her lips, basically as if you want to hear her better.

Another thing you can do is, if there’s a good song, you can sing a line and grab your drink with one hand lifting it up above as if you are about to toast to something, while the other hand, you can place around her hips, hugging her. Move your hips and keep the rhythm, gently moving both of your bodies left and right.

Third one we’d like to share is, when there’s something funny and both of you are laughing you can try placing your hand for a brief moment on her shoulder. Or if you think she won’t consider it inappropriate maybe even place it on her thigh.


3 Smile and be positive

No woman would like that half-dead guy, with no will to live, who is always nagging and talking about negative, depressing stuff.

Smile. A lot. And talk about good moments of your day / life. When she talks about something, try emphasizing the importance of that topic, and try to add in a humorous part here and there, to make her laugh.

Be happy around her, be motivational and be funny at some moments (not too much though). Girls love to hang with guys that make them feel good about themselves. So keep elevating her topics, support her, give her confidence, while it is also extremely important not to agree with everything she says. Always try to make a counter argument, but do not devaluate her statement. Debate, don’t negate.

As we mentioned, for mastering the obsession method, the way you speak and the way you move, is essential. These skills can be learned fast, and can get you a date fast. You will appear to her, as a classy, confident guy, who knows how to treat a woman, and how to make a woman feel good.

When you leave, she must miss your presence. If you won’t end up in bed the first time, let her call you, do not be the one who calls her. Maybe text her, that you enjoyed and that you’ll be waiting for her call for a second date. And let it be like that, until she is the one reaching out to you.


Taking advantage of pheromones to create sexual desire

pheromones obsession method kate spring

Ever tried how sexually powerful can pheromones be? Create instant attraction.

Pheromones. The secret of all sexuality. We have recently wrote a completely independent article about pheromones, where we describe this magic sex trick to detail. Basically, what pheromones are: “Pheromones are types of chemicals that are released by organisms as a means of communication with organisms of the same species. They are detected using smell. Pheromones can be released for a variety of reasons including readiness to mate.”

There are tons of products that you can find online, that proclaim themselves to be “the best pheromone spray to attract women instantly”. Only few worked for me. The one I found to actually make changes (increase my luck) in sex life is the Pheromone Secret Seduction Spray by Troy Valance. I can’t say for sure it will work for you, but like I said, I tried many and with this one, I had the feeling women are actually more attracted to me.


But wait a minute, are pheromones even the real deal? Is there any proof their scent actually work? Can obsession method validate the legitimacy of pheromones effect on women? – Sure we can. Below you can find excerpts from scientific studies, which prove, that pheromones do actually have effect on women.

Study #1: “Currently, the 16-androstenes, and in particular androstadienone is fairly well characterized as a pheromone for women. They are present in male axillary sweat and possibly in other bodily secretions. Androstadienone improves mood and focus and modulates biological endpoints as well. A positive mood and heightened focus are important for women’s sexual response and sexual satisfaction.”

Study #2: “According to an article in Psychology Today, how our body odors are perceived as pleasant and sexy to another person is a highly selective process. Seventy-four percent of the people who tested a commercial pheromone called Athena, developed by Dr. Cutler, experienced an increase in hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse.”

Study #3: “This finding suggests that there are two different types of neurons, ESP1 and predator neurons, and only the former controls sexual behaviors in female mice,” Prof. Touhara explains.


The pheromones are still being under great deal of research studies, but latest studies do confirm, pheromones existence and their sexual attraction impact between the same species. We recommend you gear up with pheromone spray, and wear it when going out to the club, or any other social event where you might be “hunting” for women.


Obsession Method – Be the best sex partner she’s ever had

sex skills for best sexual pleasures

Lasting longer in bed, having control, being creative – Become a Sex God.

The Obsession Method has thought us, how to be the best lover she’s ever had. Obsession Method is truly an inspirational and revolutionary sex guide. One of the best quality of a great sex partner, that every girl wants to date, is how good he performs in bed.

By good sexual performance we mean:

  • using innovative sex positions that will amaze her;
  • knowing the female erogenous spots (article 1, article 2);
  • knowing how to tease her with dirty talk during sex;
  • being able to last long during your sexual acts.

We have linked to the material that is already existing on our site or external resources. What want to talk around here is how to last long, how to get the control over you ejaculation.

Here is our dating tip or better said “sex tip”, for lasting as long as you want, even when you hook up with the hottest women. This might just be the perfect sex guide for men, by the obsession method.


Penis excercieses – Train your “buddy”

By training, we are suggesting penis exercises. What works for me personally is, when I am doing solo action, I try not to cum holding it inside for at least 30 minutes. It’s sort of an “edging jerk-off”.

What happens is you’ll notice the pre-cum start dripping out at about 10 to 15 minutes into the practice. The first few times it’s going to be really hard not to ejaculate, but after that you’ll get used to it – you will notice the “training” results.

A very important thing I found is, that during the process and after you cum, you need to stop the hand action, try to relax and focus on physically moving your penis. Yes, there are these muscles in the penis, with which you can (if trained) move your penis physically up and down (same as moving your hand or any other limb). To do is, you must almost act as if you are trying to pee, but it’s a bit different. So use the toilet before performing this exercise. This is also called the Kegel exercises.

When you get used to hold it for 30+ minutes, and when you are able to physically move your penis, you will feel the control you have over your ejaculations.

Even meeting and having a one night stand with the most beautiful women, you can control the timing of your ejaculation.


Sometimes when I have the problem of a woman simply being too hot for me, I also do this simple thing that makes me last longer in bed – I start thinking about something else in my head. Like something totally unrelated. While having sex with the hottest women, I’m thinking about who is playing football tomorrow in the UEFA champions league. Or where did I put my tuxedo, which I’m unable to locate at my apartment for the last 3 days. This sex trick might seem funny but it works. When on the edge stop looking at (and thinking about) her gorgeous ass and tit s- focus on something completely irrelevant and really start thinking about it.

The last one might be the hardest, but my personal experience is, that with some work and effort, it can be done. If I can do it, all men can do it.


Introduce her to sexual pleasures she’s never experienced before

erogenous zone stimulation by obsession method

Knowing her erogenous spots and mastering how to stimulate her is an essential skill.

The erogenous zones (aka erogenous spots), are the parts of female human body, that can be stimulated (sexually) if you do it the right way.

90% of men, know only about the famous “G-spot” and the “clitoris”. While they are completely unaware that a woman’s body is full of other erogenous spots, which are particularly important during the “warm up” – the foreplay.


Yeah, but no man does enjoy foreplay as much as the “main course”. Of course not, but for a woman, the foreplay is extremely important. Why?

  • First: The foreplay establishes her “mood”. If a woman isn’t in a mood, for her the sexual experience will not be as enjoyable as it could be. And of course you want her to reach the best orgasm, she’s ever had, and tell her friends all about it.
  • Second: While dancing, drinking, talking, you might be able to touch her. If you touch the right parts of the body in the right way, you may make her horny. And again, making her horny is your goal. You want her to want you. You want her to be sexually attracted to you.
  • Third: Don’t be selfish. While the only spot you care about is your penis, women are different and you need to understand that. A guy has one switch (on / off), while a woman has thousands of complicated variation of switches. If you know how to manage those switches you are the winner. And she is also most satisfied woman on the planet. She’ll love you for your skills, because most women know, 90% of guys have no idea how to satisfy a woman, let alone know how to make for a good, sensual foreplay.

You may read about erogenous zones in our article Revolutionary Sex. We do not want to repeat ourselves so here we will include different and exclude those from the linked article. Here are 5 new, most sensitive erogenous female zones and ways to stimulate them.

  1. Ears – It can be extremely stimulating for a woman when you try kissing, licking or gently biting on her ears.
  2. Inner wrists – Right there where you usually check for pulse. When sitting with her take her hand, and gently caress her on that spot with the tips of your fingers. It is extremely sensitive spot, and can provide for a good mood.
  3. Behind the knees – If it happens that you are giving her a massage, you can use your new knowledge and stimulate her erogenous zone behind the knees. Give it special attention with your mouth, tongue and hands.
  4. Lower part of the stomach – Being extremely close her vagina will make her being turned on even harder. She’ll beg you to get down on her vagina, while you’ll be teasing the heck out of her. Doesn’t matter what you do there, you can just lay your hands on her lower belly, or you can kiss it, suck on it a bit, lick it, caress it… All works!
  5. The A spot – This stands for the AFE zone (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone), and is located a bit deeper inside, closer to the cervix, on the upper side (the belly side). To stimulate it, it is best to use your index finger and instead going in and out, you just gently rub it with the skin of your finger – don’t use your fingernails! That might hurt her instead give her joy.

Following our obsession method sexual attraction tips and guidelines (originally created by Kate Spring) you may just become the best player in bed, perhaps even the Sex God, who’ll be able to show what heaven is to any woman you’ll end up with.


Powerful obsession method sex tip by Kate Spring: Learn to listen

listening key skill to seduce her

Listening – the essential skill most man lack. Our 8th obsession method sex tip.

Listening? – Yes listening!… This is a virtue of true leaders and one of the most important people skills.

You will not get the woman of your dreams if you are not a good listener. Or any woman at all for that matter. Women love when a guy is able to truly listen, maybe the best expression would be, to truly hear and understand them. Listening is your way to start dating a girl or having sex tonight. Learn how to listen with the Obsession Method.


Many people believe that they should be good speakers. Why? Are you a lecturer in class? No, you are a man, who is there to give your chosen woman a support. And nothing beats, when someone is able to listen, understand and motivate you.

The topic does not matter. She might be talking about her problems, or about something wonderful that has happened to her. It makes no difference. If you are able to truly listen to her, if you are able to show interest of what she is saying, if you are able to strengthen her emotions, then you are the winner.


Here is a good article on what it means to be a good listener. But we also have our own brain, our own experience, and we know what worked for us. So here are our 8 unique guidelines for how to be a good listener, and thus make your way to having sex with any woman you might share a conversation with:

  • A good listener looks in the persons eyes while they are talking.
  • A good listener will show interest in the topic discussed.
  • A good listener will discuss and share their own mind about the topic being discussed.
  • A good listener will use body language and signs (nod, smile, express surprise …)
  • A good listener will support other person when she feels insecure about her actions.
  • A good listener will mentally lift the person he is communicating with.
  • A good listener will let her talk more than himself.
  • A good listener will add value not only to the conversation but also to the woman speaking, herself.

Trust me. Even when you want to talk, don’t if you sense she has more to say to you. Wait for the so called organic pauses and then jump in. At that point share some of your experience and let her know, how you also lived through something similar and what your advice for her is. Never try to devalue the importance of the conversation. If it’s important to her, it’s important to you. Period.

Merely following (or should I say mastering) the “listening skills” by The Obsession Method, may get you a date (or maybe even sex) the first time you make an encounter with her. This is our final Obsession Master sex tips, or should we say dating guide.

Obsession Method conclusions: Winning the most desirable women

With this we’d like to bring our Obsession Method Dating & Sex Tips to a conclusion. We have learned through 8 essential sex tips, how to basically approach any woman, regardless of her age and how hot she is. We guarantee if you try implementing our tips into real life you will get results. Women will love you, and you will appear as an alpha male.

We discussed not only how to behave to get a date and how to approach women, we also discussed:

  • how to last longer in bed;
  • which are the female erogenous zones;
  • we pointed to articles with some interesting sex positions;
  • we gave you some guidelines on how to exercise your penis for better performance;
  • and other dating / sex tips which we talked about.

With great pleasure we’d like to recommend to you a fascinating read by Kate Spring (a sexual wellness expert) a sex guide for men, written by a woman, entitled: The Obsession Method by Kate Spring.

The Obsession Method by Kate Spring (click image for more info)

If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the most desirable women, how to approach them, how to have the most amazing sexual experience with a woman of your dreams, or just looking to score a one night stand, this is the guide for you. You can get more information by clicking the image above.


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