4 Totally Naughty Couple Sex Games You Can Play at Home with Your Adult Toy


With it being almost one year or perhaps more than that sitting at home and steering clear from the virus, it has become very easy and normal to get bored.

What is there left in life really! You are waking up, getting in front of your laptop, working, having food in the same place from the same plate, doing the chores, watching Netflix, and sleeping – there is no break from this routine unless you become a bit creative and a tad bit naughty.

When you are hitting the pandemic wall even harder than before, it’s time to spice things up a bit.

And that can happen if you are going to get down and dirty and trying some hot games with your partner and dearest adult toys. So, bring out your restrainers or the best dildo for beginners and get going. Take a look at the following points for some inspiration.

The Game of “mmms” and “Ahhhs”

According to all the sexperts around the world, communication is the best way to enjoy a more intimate time with your partner. And by communication, we just don’t mean explicit talking. We also mean the pleasure sounds, your little mmms and ahhhs. They say a lot about what you like and what you don’t. So, you can use this as a game with your partner and your toys. Pleasure each other in every way possible and make the other make the pleasure sounds. The more one can make the other go “mmm” and “ahhh”, the higher will be their score. You can use anything for this, vibrators, feathers, floggers, best dildos for women and body wand. You can also give sensuous massages to each other. Nothing is off the table.

Try the Kit for Oral Dice

If you get to explore the collections of various popular stores where you can buy dildos and dongs, you will come across sex toy kits for couples. This lockdown, you are getting the best time to try them at home. You can add a bit more intensity by going only with one type of pleasure and then mixing it more. Roll dice and find out which of you two will give the other oral stimulation first. While doing so, when your partner is on thrones of pleasure, mix it up with adding some surprise element like vaginal and G spot stimulation. Get huge dildos for sale for playing it up. 

Turn Them Frustrated and Aroused

Do you know that people can be really aroused with a visual treat? Maybe your man gets it off while watching the porn. Or maybe your woman loves to stare at your body while pleasuring herself. Now, add a touch of frustration with that. How? If you have been watching Netflix, you have surely watched 365 Days, the highly popular erotic movie where an Italian mafia Massimo kidnaps Laura and keeps her with him to make her fall in love. Do you remember the famous scene where Laura was tied to the bed while Massimo kept giving her the visual treat that made her more aroused while she could not touch herself? You can do that too! Get your hands on some flexible and comfortable restrainers. Tie your partner in the bed, perhaps naked. And then do your bit, taking your sweet time. Strip off your clothes, slather yourself with some lotion, use a vibrator on your clit, or rabbit for both clit and vagina, to climax right in front of his eyes so that he craves to even touch you.

Try Everything But

In this game, you can get hours to spend with each other, pleasuring each other, seeing the other, doing practically anything you want except one. There is only one rule. There will be no penis vaginal stimulation. You can use all types of adult toys including vibrators, rabbit vibrators, dildos, anal plugs and cock rings. You can enjoy really pleasurable and arousing foreplay while you both keep touching the other, making them moan. But you have to hold it till the end. The one who will crave the first will have to fulfill a fantasy of the other.

So, now as you know about these games you can try, don’t waste any more time. Get creative and naughty and enjoy some kinky time while at home.


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