Naturally Increase Your Penis Size In 5 Simple Steps


So, you came here searching for an inch or two? Well, I can’t give it to you, but I have news for you: With some persistence and by following a few guidelines you CAN increase the size of your penis without surgery.

Why isn’t everyone doing this already? – Because it aint really that simple and because it requires time. Also many men are sceptical about this, or have already accepted that the size of their manhood is the way it is.

But for those that aren’t willing to surrender that easily we have a treat for you that actually works. How we know it? Because it worked for me personally, and ever since I shared this method with my colleagues, a few of them told me that it’s working for them too. And if you want even faster results see this guide to naturally increase your penis size.

Why penis size DOES matter?

  • Regardless of what women may be telling you, it is a fact that most females are attracted to men with bigger penises.
  • A good friend once told me (he is really big, like 8″+) that because of his size, he was able to have sex with most girls in school (like 100+ girls). Rumors spread among women, and they can’t resist the temptation once they get the chance.
  • If you don’t believe me, see this public research, where 81% of women answered they would rather be with an average looking guy who has an above average penis, than with a great-looking guy who’s penis is small.
  • Size affects stamina and ability to stay hard – This is due to psychological effect, since men who are satisfied with their penis size can fully relax instead being subconsciously insecure about themselves.
  • Men who are gifted with larger manhood have higher level of self-esteem and feel good about themselves. This helps them perform better in other areas of life.
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What can you REALLY expect by following our penis enlargement guide?

If you’re expecting extra 4 inches, I must disappoint you. In real world that’s just not possible.

What I can promise is that you will gain an extra inch or perhaps even two in length, and also add an inch to your girth. To see noticeable results it will require a few weeks time. Some people told me they see results in 2 weeks, while other needed longer (6-8 weeks). It depends.

Anyhow, the difference may not be huge, but there will be a lot of work needed to achieve permanent results. Hope this doesn’t discourage you, because the difference will most certainly be there, and your wife will be able to feel it! I just wanted to clarify that there is no magic button and that results aren’t going to be massive. If you are 4.5 inch, don’t expect 8 inches. However, with some persistence, you can in reality expect 5.5 – 6.0 inches.

Some men have been gifted a large penis (genetics), while for the majority that isn’t the case. But it can be achieved through work and change of lifestyle. There IS a way to naturally increase your penis size.

What to do to naturally increase your penis size

What to do to naturally increase your penis size for an inch or two?

Before going into specifics, I must warn you that some of these techniques can be dangerous and can cause permanent damage to your penis if you exaggerate.

So, it is very important that you carefully read manufacturers guidelines before you start practicing any of the below mentioned techniques!

I don’t want to scare you. With a “normal level of commitment” you should be fine. But there is that 1% chance that if you overdo it, something can go wrong. Follow this simple rule: if you feel any discomfort, stop doing it. Just listen to your body.

Now, here are 5 steps to naturally increase your penis size!


1. PROPER DIET | Eat foods that improve testosterone level

Does penis size really depend on what you eat? It does actually. Some foods are proven to increase libido and testosterone level in men, while also increasing blood flow.

These foods are usually recommended for people with ED (erectile dysfunction) and for those that are experiencing the lack of sexual desire. However, for a healthy person, eating penis enlargement foods, can positively effect the size of a person’s manhood.

There are 2 key ingredients that shown to be extra important when it comes to that: zinc and folate. According to 2016 study men suffering from ED, shown great improvements. This is because zinc helps your body with production of sex hormones (e.g. testosterone and prolactin).

There are many supplements (pills) available, but I suggest avoiding those. Better try eating natural non-processed foods that contain first or the second.

Here are 10 best foods to naturally increase your penis size:

  • Avocado – Rich source of vitamin E and zinc.
  • Coffee – A cup of coffee a day (no milk, no sugar) is healthy.
  • Chili peppers – Spicy foods have been shown to increase testosterone.
  • Spinach – An astonishing source of folate that will boost your blood-flow.
  • Carrots – Have been proven to improve sperm count and penile health.
  • Maca – Black maca powder can help with hormonal imbalances.
  • Beef liver – Rich in zinc and vitamin B12 (folate).
  • Garlic – Great for the health of your liver and body cleanse.
  • Oysters – Referred to as food for Casanova, contains loads of zinc and folate.
  • Eggs – Eggs contain a natural penis health ingredient choline.

penis pumps do work

2. PENIS PUMPS | Use penis pump to enlarge your penis

All pornstars use penis pumps. And there’s a reason for that – it helps you maintain erection, it drives blood to your penis and with a long term use it adds size and girth to your penis.

By using a penis pump daily for about 20-30 minutes, you will see significant results quite fast – in a matter of weeks. But you need to be careful. You have to go slow and you shouldn’t overdo it.

If you feel any pain, you need to stop immediately. It is best that you stick to manufacturers guidelines, which are included when you purchase the pump.

How does a ‘penis pump’ work? – Well, it’s quite simple. You stick your penis inside it and start pumping. It creates a vacuum, stretching your penis up (length) and around (girth). Once you had pumped it to a maximum extent, you leave it on for a while, adding a bit more vacuum to it every 1-2 minutes. Here’s a success story from a guy from Quora, who had long-term success with the pump, increasing his previously tiny penis to over 4″ flaccid.

The choice of pump is crucial, you don’t want bad quality pump. And here’s one that we think is best for the money! Pro tip: lubing-up before using a pump is a wise thing to do.

Most important is to do it routinely – Every day, 20-30 minutes. By sticking to the schedule you can naturally increase your penis size.


3. TRACTION DEVICES | Wear penile traction device daily

Traction devices are one of the key accessories on this list. Even studies confirm results penile traction devices have on the penis length.

Originally, this device was made to cure health condition called Peyronie’s disease (PD). If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a condition that makes a man’s penis become curved (up, down, sideways, …). By wearing penile traction device, doctors helped men cure PD, straightening their penis back to normal.

However, besides curing Peyronie’s, patients have reported increased size of their manhood. It was an unexpected “side effect” that wasn’t originally planned, which was only discovered by the time many patient already finished the treatment.

That’s why today many people without any penile deformities, wear traction devices with one simple goal – to enlarge their penis. And it works!

One of the most advanced and comfortable to wear traction device is Andropenis. What you do is put it on in the morning, and remove it after 6-10 hours of having it on (e.g. when you come home from work). It can’t be noticed through your pants, and there are no discomforts once you get used to it. More specific info can be found at the link above.

With time you adjust the device to extra length, extending the traction. Doing this repeatedly, every day, will result in an increase of your penis size.


4. JELQING | Practice jelqing penis stretching exercises

Another technique used to naturally increase your penis size is called “jelqing”. What you do is lube-up your penis and then grip it firmly within the hole you’ve formed with your thumb and the index finger. Then you start the jelqing process.

Now, to perform the jelqing process you should do these steps:

  • You start at the base of the shaft.
  • With you fingers surrounding the shaft, you then pull towards the glans of the penis.
  • You should do slow movements (slowly moving from the base of the shaft to the glans). One movement should take around 2-3 seconds.
  • Lighten the grip once you get to the glans (don’t squeeze on it).
  • Release your hand and repeat.

Here’s a sketch showing how it’s done for the better visualization of the process. You should perform jelqing daily for about 20 minutes to achieve noticeable results.

Why is jelqing effective? – By doing the movements from the base of the shaft towards the glans you are doing two very important things: 1st, you are driving extra blood into your penis. Second, you are stretching your penis. Both elements are necessary for penis enlargement.

Here you’ll be able to find more secrets to penis enlargement by AJ Alfaro.

naturally increase your penis size - causes of penis shrinking

5. LIFESTYLE | Avoid doing things that are proven to shrink penis

If we’ve been talking about things you should be putting inside your body in the 1st step, in this last 5th step, we should warn against certain things that have been proven to work against the size of your penis.

There are certain lifestyle habits that can in-fact shrink your penis. You wouldn’t want to waste your energy on all 4 steps previously explained, and on the other hand, do things that are working against you.

That’s why we must point out 7 worst things that will stop you from naturally enlarging your penis size:

  • Cigarettes – It’s not only bad for your lungs it also shrinks penis in long-term.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Drugs, pills, medication… great if you want to screw up your hormone levels.
  • Weight gain – Penis will look smaller, ’cause it will be swallowed by the fatty parts of your body.
  • Not being physically active – Without physical activity you never increase blood flow.
  • Alcohol – In large amounts alcohol is problematic not only for your liver, but also for your penis.
  • Riding a bicycle to much – Excessive cycling can be bad for your penis and erection.
  • Sitting with legs crossed – Sitting in such position, you obstruct blood flow into your penis.

OK so what’s the recipe to naturally enlarge your penis?

We’ve talked about 5 steps, 5 different techniques that any guy can use to grow his penis. Does it work? Yes it does. Can it be dangerous? Sometimes it can be, so if you feel sore, you should stop immediately and give it a rest. Will results be long-term (permanent)? With persistence and dedication, yes.

To sum it up, here’s a daily schedule that will help you naturally increase your penis size:

  • Obviously, avoid things that cause penis shrinkage and put emphasis on those foods that benefit penis size and genital health.
  • Every morning put on the penile traction device and leave it on for about 6-10 hours.
  • Once you get home and have some alone time perform jelqing exercises (cca. 20 minutes).
  • Give it some rest (about 10 minutes) and go for the penis pump. Slowly increasing vacuum power, doing this for about 30 minutes.

Considering that wearing a traction device isn’t really “work”, you will have to invest merely 1 hour per day into these techniques. 20 mins jelqing, 10 mins rest, 30 mins penis pump. And that’s it. But do not underestimate the power of healthy food and active lifestyle. They are just as important as the physical techniques you’ll be performing on your penis.

Anyway, that’s it. Come thank me later, in a month or two, when you see the results. Bye.


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