How to Make a Romantic Relationship Work During COVID


Whether you’re newly dating or are in a long-term relationship, it’s far too easy to get distracted by the demands of life. With the COVID pandemic slowing down the globe and the uncertainties it brings, it becomes even easier to direct the energy and attention you’d otherwise give to your other relationship elsewhere. That’s why many relationships are suffering during COVID.

Those who are in long-distance relationships or dating but not living together find it harder to meet, especially with the stay in place orders in many states. At the same time, the longtime married or cohabiting couples are spending more time together than ever. There is also a challenge for singles, which struggle with finding relationships during COVID. That’s why we recommend trying out some of the best dating sites for dating and relationships during COVID.

Now more than ever, you need to find ways to foster closeness in your relationship. Keeping a spark of romance is the key to creating a stronger physical and emotional connection. Below, we’ve compiled four strategies to get through the COVID-19 pandemic as a couple and emerge in a stronger and healthier relationship.

1.         Plan Date Nights to Strengthen Your Relationship During COVID

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While you may have dinner with your partner every night due to the COVID pandemic, it is important to find some time for a date night. Planning for date night is the best way to maintain your relationship during COVID-19. It gives you a chance to spend quality time connecting with your partner and reducing stress on your relationship during COVID.

Although date night during COVID is still within the same four walls of your house, you can get creative and change the setup. You can arrange an indoor picnic, transform your dining room with romantic candlelight, white linen tablecloth, or push the furniture out of your living room to create a dance floor. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to center your conversations on each other since the goal of healthy relationships during COVID is to fall into each other again.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship during COVID, you can set up Zoom dates or schedule FaceTime meetings. Face-to-face interaction helps you feel close even if you aren’t.

2.         Check-in Regularly

Even if you’re in a long term relationship during COVID and can usually anticipate your partner’s needs, checking on them is the best way to foster a healthy relationship during COVID. If your relationship is still new and you’re still figuring out each other, regularly checking how your significant other is doing is important.

Take time to specifically ask them what they may need from you by asking questions like “how can I support you today?” or “it seems you’re handling the COVID pandemic really well, but I just wanted to check on you to make sure.” This will ensure you’re both on the same page so you can maintain mental health and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic and become stronger together.

3.         Commit Little Acts of Love During the COVID Pandemic

It’s no secret that small gestures that express appreciation and fondness for your partner are crucial for healthy relationships during COVID. These everyday gestures are great for feeling close and connected to your partner and are a part of amazing foreplay. With the increased amount of time you’re currently spending with your partner during COVID, it’s the perfect time to commit at least one small act of love every day.

Even though everyone is unique in terms of gestures, they’re likely to appreciate the most; you know your significant other best. Try to commit thoughtful gestures like shooting them a lovely text in the middle of a workday, give them little kisses and hugs whenever you can, make them a cup of soothing tea or snack, or perform a dreaded chore they usually tend to dislike. If you’re in a long-distance relationship during COVID, find small ways to let your partner know you’re thinking about them, such as sending them a box of their favorite chocolates.

4.         Reminisce How Far You’ve Come

It can be easy to get lost in the chaos of the COVID pandemic, but looking back at the good times you’ve had helps strengthen your relationship. Recalling sexy, pleasant, and fun times can bring you happy memories and remind you how far you’ve come. If you’re in a long-term relationship during COVID, you can go through your Facebook photo reel, photo album, look through mementos or recall heartwarming and hilarious memories.

If you’re in a relatively new relationship during COVID, look back to your first few days, those flirty conversations in the early days of your relationship, or hilarious moments when you met your respective families. For those in long-distance relationships during COVID, dealing with the long stretches apart and trips that didn’t go as planned has been tough, but taking the time to remind each other of how far you’ve come can help ease the disappointment and remind you why you’re holding on during the COVID Pandemic.

5.         Widen Your Support Network

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Stress on relationships during COVID is immense, especially if you’re dealing with financial concerns, illness, job loss, long stretches without seeing your partner, children at home, and the general uncertainty during the COVID pandemic. While leaning on your partner during these times is natural, relying on them for all your emotional needs can put them under undue pressure.

It’s important for anyone in a relationship during COVID to have a support system other than their partners. Talk on the phone with your friends and family and use technology to stay connected. It’s important to take care of your mental health and relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic, so don’t be afraid to reach out remotely to a therapist or any other mental health professional for mental health support if you need it.


It’s a hard time for everyone and we need to be optimistic, inventive, and patient to get through. Remember to take care of yourself first, keep safe and healthy to deal with dating and relationships during COVID.

What do you do to make your relationship work in this unusual situation? Do share; we’d love to learn more.

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Rachael Sullivan is a family lawyer for many years with a sole practice in family law. She met her husband on Dating Ranking and now she enjoys sharing healthy tips for relationships so that it can be as easy and happy as possible because words are powerful and can change everything.


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