Lube Launchers and Shooters – Your Guide to Anal Lube Injection


Whether you’re a man or woman if you ever tried to have anal sex you’ll understand the importance of lube. The anal tract doesn’t naturally moisten itself just like the channel or mouth. It is really important to use high-quality anal lube made with premium ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or cause condoms to break while using them. We’ve said in the Dos and Don’ts of Anal Lube. Here we will be explaining the lube launchers and shooters.

When you try to apply anal lube with your finger, you might not be applying it in an effective manner. Unless you’re getting around a lot, there are chances that your anal sphincter is going to be very tight as you try to enter it. No more จิ๋มกระป๋อง with lube. As you insert your lubed-up finger, a lot of that lube can drip from your finger and stay outside of your anus, especially if you like coconut oil.

So if you are preparing to take the penis in your anus, how do you lube it up properly? Your fingers are only so long, and they can only carry so much lube up there reliably. The answer doesn’t lie in จิ๋มกระป๋อง or ไข่สั่น. The real answers lie in lube launchers.

What is a lube launcher?

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Lube launchers are also known as lube shooters/lube syringe/lube applicators. These devices shoot lube in your anal tract, giving the penis/toy a lot of lubrication to work with. These are designed in such a way that it gets easily into your anal tract, more like enema. If you’re having sex regularly then it is better to lube deeply and thoroughly. There are various types of lube shooter available in the market like disposable lube launchers, preloaded lube shooter, and the standard reusable lube shooters. You got to wash them before use.

Top 4 Lube Launchers

1.      Shibari Lube Applicator XL

Shibari Lube Applicator XL is an extra-large lube shooter that is 7.5 inches in length. This lubricator goes deep inside you, making you and your partner happy. There are no obvious problems of leakage with Shibari Lube Applicator XL. The design is sleek and delicate. However, few people have said that the tip can feel a little jagged and hurt a little when you are pulling it out. You need to be careful. You need to perform things without any rush. Later if you want to try จิ๋มกระป๋อง or sextoy you can use it without any trouble. Overall, it’s extremely smart to lubricate a syringe for anal, and you don’t essentially need to use the complete length.

2.      Pop Ejaculation Dildo Lube Shooter

The POP ejaculation dildo is not technically a lube launcher but it can be used according to your choice. This 7-inch long dildo is made from medical-grade silicone. It is safe to use and comes with a unique pump system that allows you to pump lubricant deep inside yourself or your partner. It is completely opposite of จิ๋มกระป๋อง or ไข่สั่น. Some kinky couples may want to use this dildo for a more realistic version of Trans men also want to use it. If you’re about to get fucked in the ass, it can be a good idea to warm up a bit little by stretch out your butthole. Make sure when you get fucked by a real cock, you don’t feel any discomfort. If you start by fingering yourself and work your way up with this dildo, you can simultaneously acclimatize your ass to the big dick that’s about to be inside it while also using the pump function to fill your anal tract with the lubricant.

3.      ‘Lube Tube’ Applicator Syringe

Love honey is too good at stocking bare-bones sex toy essentials. This 2-pack of lube syringes from the lubricating Tube isn’t any exception. These affordable syringes are designed to be clear and also easy to use. They are ideal for anal beginners who are curious about exploring their bottom safely and comfortably. This thing you cannot expect from จิ๋มกระป๋อง or ไข่สั่น. It’s easy to lose the silicon/rubber tip that comes at the end of the syringes. This syringe is disposable. The syringe is a bit tricky to clean.

4.      Clean stream XL Lube Launcher

Clean stream designed to kick it up a gear and create the XL version for all the guys and gals who prefer their anal play a little deeper than the average Joe. The 5-inch-long launcher is insertable in nature. Though it is not extra-large, we think it’s enough to lube you up. It is additionally a one-handed style that is convenient once you’re making an attempt to lube up your ass with none assistance.

Lube launchers are a great way to better prepare you for sex, especially for anal sex. Although fingers are adequate but using a lube shooter means you’re more likely to feel comfortable. If you’re not sure whether a lube launcher is a good investment to keep your eyes on this website. 

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