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3 Essential Healthy Sex Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

2 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Use Sexual Lubes | Lube For Sex

There are many ways couple can try spicing up their sexual relationship. From very expensive sex toys to bizarre sex techniques.

Collecting data from 10 different sex stores from around the world, the results show that lubricants are in fact the most bought sex product among couples. Sex lubes are not as costly as other sex toys, and the effect lubes can have on your sex life, is significant.


We will now present top 2 reason why using lubes is not just healthy but can have a very positive impact on your sexual relationship.

PS: Note that using lubes for medical purposes only is a myth. We, at Lube For Sex, recommend using lubes to all couples. Even those without any sort of sexual health motives. Simply because lubes are an amazing addition to your sexual activities and will make you enjoy sex at another level.

1) Preventing Vaginal Dryness Due To Low Estrogen Levels

All women experience vaginal dryness at some point of their lives, but many of them are usually too embarrassed to come forward asking for health tips. Experiencing vaginal dryness can be painful and most certainly does have some negative consequences on couples relationship due to the lack of sex. This is why lubeforsex.com has prepared some quality quick tips to use for treating vaginal dryness.

We must tell you at this point, that using the right lubricant can prevent such disorder. In combination, we also recommend eating correct foods to avoid vaginal dryness. Food consumption is crucial for your estrogen level. Not only does it prevent vaginal dryness, it also boosts woman’s sex drive.

vaginal dryness solution lubricant lube for sex

Study by qsensei.com/scholar shows that 2.451 women aged between eighteen (18) and sixty-eight (68), have overall preferred having sex while using personal lubricants for their intimate moments. They describe the experience as feeling wetter and generally enjoying sex more than without the lube. 9 out of 10 women said that using sex-lubes made them feel more comfortable. When a woman isn’t relaxed during bed activities, sex is usually more painful rather than ecstatic experience it should be.

Women can have sexual desires but in some cases still might not be able to get wet.

One should understand that a woman can have sexual desire but still might not be able to get wet. Most common reasons citing the webmd.com are: “Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, smoking, antidepressants, and antihistamines can all cause vaginal dryness. Many women also have less lubrication after menopause.”

Using lube for sex results in more comfortable sexual intercourse for both men and women, and prevents several risks such as vaginal tearing and vaginal dryness. These are the main reasons doctors advise using lubricants, and so do we at LubeForSex.com website. We also want to point out that you will not find such unique content focused strictly on topics of better sex and quality lubes anywhere on the web, so please sign up for our newsletter and follow us to stay updated with the newest articles.

2) Using Lubricants To Keep Your Penis Strong And Healthy

Impotence or more professionally called the ED (erectile dysfunction) is every man’s worst nightmare. Some people are born with it, while other may experience difficulties in “getting hard” at a certain age. There are several factors which contribute to erectile dysfunction. 5 most common (in no particular order):

  • Stress and anxiety disorder;
  • Cigarettes and smoking;
  • Insufficient lubrication of your penis during sex and masturbation.
  • Long-term alcohol addiction and usage of other drug substances;
  • Improper diet and bad quality food consumption.
erectile dysfunction

At Lube For Sex we have found studies, which prove, that lubricants can have beneficial effects on treating erectile dysfunction. Especially when ED is being caused due to lack of sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction can also be a consequence of a) nerve damage and b) insufficient blood flow. Damaged nerve tissue can be hard to heal, but it is not impossible. I know a patient who had damaged nerves on his foot, but with correct physio exercises (which included oil massage!) he managed to fix his leg and recover 100%. Same rule applies to all other human body parts.

So, if you are already suffering from ED, do not give up, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But you need action. Only crying about it and feeling sorry for yourself, will not improve your sex stamina and heal your ED. You need to work, in order to bring results. Do exercises – we recommend Kegel exercises for men and using some of our recommended lubricants to exercise your penis.

Do not give up after few tries, you will get good at it, and you will overcome the disease!

Keep in mind, you need to be very careful of what you are applying to your sensitive skin. Oils made for face or some other parts of body, may not be appropriate for using at your most private body parts. What we recommend is 100% safe, so use information and recommended products only from this website.

Otherwise, you may stumble upon some 3rd grade quality lubricant, which can result in you having irritated skin problems or even allergic reaction due to using it. We vouch for what we recommend, it’s safe, tested, researched and in most cases 100% organic.


Let’s take a look at some proven organic ingredients which have been recorded to have positive effects on healing Erectile Dysfunction (study supported by medicalnewstoday.com):

Aloe Vera Lube - Healing ED
  • Aloe Vera; not only does Aloe Vera have positive effects on treating ED it also increases the level of testosterone.
  • Watermelon; NO (Nitric oxide) helps your blood vessels thus being crucial to your penile blood circulation.
  • Nutmeg and Clove; both of these have been proven to increase blood circulation and blood flow through your penis. Nutmeg and Clove are nerve system stimulants.
  • Cinnamon; in long-term cinnamon can help your penis health since it has been proven to reduce blood sugar and harmful LDL cholesterol.
  • Ginger; extracts from this plant are considered as a high level aphrodisiac.

You should be consuming these ingredients and using lubricants containing their extracts in order to cure ED. All products recommended here at Lube For Sex, do in-fact contain these organic ingredients.


But there is one more fruit which has healing powers in terms of treating erectile dysfunction. This fruit is also widely used as a main ingredient in sexual lubricants and various other oils for skin. Yes we are talking about Coconut (see our DIY coconut oil recipe here).



Because coconut is a rich resource of sodium (Na) – There are many articles out there talking about how not to eat sodium (salt) and how to replace it with something else. Why? They generalize this topic while it is not “black and white”. It is important to understand the resource where your choice of sodium comes from. Coconut sodium is different from your everyday industrial salt. It’s healthy and organic and you need coconut sodium for many reasons. One of them being that it’s essential for moving water and fluids around your body. For more information about sodium benefits for healthy human body look at this scientific article.

“low-salt” movement is likely causing more harm than good.

coconut oil for treating impotence

Another essential ingredient derived from coconut is potassium (K) – High potassium consumption has been proven to reduce human mortality rate by 20%. This is about 15 years longer life compared to an average man. Why is this the case? Potassium intake has beneficial effects to your blood pressure, cardiovascular system, nerve system, bone and muscle strength.

But nothing should be over-done… recommended dosage for an adult is 4.500 mg of potassium per day. Over do it, and you can end up having hyperkalemia, which can bring to kidney disease. Your potassium blood level should be from 4.0 to 5.0 mmol / L. But do not be frightened of over doing it, since less than 2% of US citizens consume enough potassium in their daily meals. The usual case is under consumption.

Potassium being crucial to your nerve system, it is also essential ingredient for curing erectile dysfunction. At Lube For Sex we recommend healthy diet in combination with high quality organic sex lubes. For more information on how important potassium is for ED treatment, we recommend this educational article on erectile dysfunction management.

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