10 most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves


“Yellow is capable of charming God.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Yellow, the color of gold. One of the most beautiful colors in the world. In symbolism, yellow represents the enlightenment, happiness and hope.

And you know what? Yellow ball gowns are in my honest opinion, some of the most beautiful ones. Instead of being provoking, as red for example, yellow is warm and welcoming.

We gave ourselves a mission to find the cutest, sexiest, most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves for you. By going through our article, we are positive that you’ll get an inspiration and find a number of new ideas on the style that you’ll be wearing for the occasion.

If you’ve been reading (or watching) the Beauty and the Beast when you were young (which is by the way one of my favorites from Walt Disney), then you know that the beautiful Belle has worn an astonishing yellow gown in that emotional fairy tale.

Here’s how Belle looked in her beautiful long yellow gown.


Amazing … it really brings back memories.

And what an astonishing man, Walt Disney. A person who died more than half a century ago, while his legacy still remains within the characters he created, who inspire children all around the world.

Note that Belle (the 5th Disney’s princess) is thought to be one of the greatest of the 12 princesses. And yes, her amazing yellow ball gown, has a lot to do with that!

We’re here trying to find the perfect long yellow prom dresses with sleeves, without merely copying Belle’s look. We want to find better, sexier, more fashionable yellow gowns, that might just be the perfect choice to wear to your prom.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Bellow we present 10 most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves! Enjoy your reading, and mostly, viewing.

amazing yellow gown with sleeves

1. Astonishing one shoulder yellow gown with a sleeve

Even though our list of the 10 most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves is not ordered (e.g. best to worst), we feel that for some reason this gown deserves to be displayed first.

It features the most beautiful golden-yellow contrast, one-shoulder, one-sleeve, while also showing a bit of skin at your waist. This astonishing dress provides that sexy look with pure elegance and style. Compared to dresses in the background, can you see how the yellow color stands out?

Image found on Annakoo

Uma Thurman wearing a beautiful long yellow gown (with sleeves)

2. Uma Thurman in a beautiful floaty yellow gown

The actress appeared for the 20-year anniversary of the now classic movie Pulp Fiction, in a gorgeously designed yellow gown. Walking on the red carpet in Festival de Cannes, Uma truly stood out in her yellow dress. She has shown to everyone that she’s still The Bride (reference to Kill Bill, where she also wore yellow). This dress is admired even years later, due to its astonishing details – featuring floaty sheer material on the sleeves and the back, elegant cross detailing, and a seductive front split showing Uma’s long beautiful legs. About the designer – of course, Versace.

Image found on PopSugar

beautiful dress in yellow color to wear to prom

3. Long yellow prom dresses with sleeves taken to a whole new level

Have to love the puffy sleeves for they make a woman appear thinner in waist. All those extra pounds are suddenly not that much of a problem. About the gown – if your prom is getting near, this yellow prom dress might give you a new idea for the design you are about to wear. Showcased mermaid design is elegant and classy, while exposing some skin at the top. Girls with bust and curves, should look amazing wearing it.

Image found on Cubejelly

Rihanna wearing the most gorgeous long yellow dress with sleeves

4. Rihanna’s sexy long yellow dress with sleeves featuring deep V neck

I’m not sure if any woman has “the balls” of Rihanna to wear such style to her prom – which in our opinion would also be a little inappropriate. It’s just too sexy!

The deep V neck and high slit at the front, make this unique yellow dress that Rihanna wore at 2014 Grammy Awards look more like a robe that’s about to fall off. Great thing to wear if you are trying to get all the attention, but not so great when your father is around, lol. Still, it should be featured on our list for it is one of the sexiest long yellow prom dresses with sleeves.

Image found on Pinterest

astonishing sexy yellow prom dress with long sleeves

5. Classy yellow velvet prom dress with long sleeves and tie belt

Wow. Every woman who’s a fan of velvet material will love this dress. Just look at the golden color contrast that this yellow has to it. What I personally love about this one is the tie belt, a little detail that changes everything!

The only part of the skin you’ll be showing are your legs. Occasionally, if you want to, you can also walk in a way that part of your thighs will show, making things even sexier. But other than legs, everything is left a complete mystery. Surely an elegant style designed by DesirVale to wear for your prom night and become the belle of the ball.

Image found on Etsy

yellow dress with one sleeve for special occasions

6. Golden yellow silk dress with one sleeve for special occasions

Not “that long” and something a bit different. This silk one shoulder dress is perfect for special occasions. It is a fashionable style to wear as your evening gown for the event.

Neck and shoulder details, make for classy and elegant look. While the side slit adds some sexiness to it. The fit isn’t tight, therefore it’s a great idea for women who wish to hide some extra pounds. Personally, I love the style, and think it’s really an amazing one. Hope it also gives you any new ideas!

Image found on OnlyWardrobe

10 most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves

7. Long yellow satin prom dress with sleeves and lace decoration

Featuring lace decoration on the top, and a long chapel train, we can’t find any word other than elegant for this astonishing yellow satin dress.

If you are not going for cute girl style, but rather a strong queen one, this dress is a perfect choice. The color, the design, and the beauty of it, will make sure that you stand out at the ball. The style may be described as vintage mermaid, which only adds to the classy look.

Image found on OnlyWardrobe

perfect yellow gown with sleeves

8. Gold yellow long sleeve mermaid Dubai prom dress

Oh, wow … Can’t say I’m not amazed looking at this one. Beautiful, gorgeous mermaid prom dress with sleeves in a golden yellow color, decorated with lace from top to bottom.

You’d think it costs fortune, when in reality it’s quite affordable, costing merely $150. It’s getting some excellent reviews from the customers, meaning it’s not only a good-looking dress, but also a good to wear dress. One of my favorites of all these long yellow prom dresses with sleeves presented here in this article.

Image found on Radia May

beautiful woman dressed in a yellow dress with a sleeve

9. Elegant and sexy long yellow gown featuring one sleeve and front slit

Wanna show some cleavage and thighs? Want to add some sexiness to what you’re wearing and do it in a classy style? This dress is elegant but also perfect for giving a tease to guys, who will have hard time looking you in the eyes during the conversation. The dress features an astonishing V neck design that seductively exposes part of your cleavage, and also showcases your long sexy legs via front split. One sleeve and the length of the train, make it just as elegant as it is sexy.

Image found on VanityPotionboutique

luxury long prom dress with sleeves

10. Beautiful luxury yellow prom dress for a prom queen

Astonishing dress. Merely glancing it with an eye, you can feel the luxurious vibe it’s expressing. Beautiful and elegant design, are bound to make you stand out from other girls at the prom.

Featuring trumpet design, long chapel train, square neckline, and satin material, this long sleeved yellow prom dress is probably one of the most gorgeous looking gowns on this list.

You can shop for it at Veaul, however be ready because the price for this luxurious beauty is anything but cheap!

Image found on Veaul

Thank you all for viewing our content. We honestly wish that our article, which we have titled the 10 most beautiful long yellow prom dresses with sleeves, gave you new ideas and inspirations for choosing your beautiful yellow gown.


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