Jade Roller: Are They Really The Miracle Cure For Aging Skin?


As kids, we’ve all had the pleasure of having our face massaged by our mom using the back of an ice-cold spoon.

They often do this as a form of massage to promote circulation in order to reduce the inflammation of the eyes and their fluffy appearance, and also as a form of acne treatment to subdue inflamed acne. The Jade face roller works in a similar way.

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The Jade face roller is a hand-sized facial tool that massages your face. The structure of the Jade face roller is similar to that of a paint roller. The Jade face roller is a face massager that helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation.

The Jade stone was initially sought after by the Chinese elites of Ancient China for its anti-aging properties. These stones were often used as massage tools in various Chinese anti-aging treatments such as the Gua Sha. In Ancient China the royalties would fight over the possession of Jade stones as they believed it to have therapeutic properties that could stop the effects of aging.

jade roller - Jade Face Roller

As the Jadestone and its magical anti-aging properties were kept a secret, it was not known to the rest of the world until recently.

The past few years have put the Jade stone in the limelight as a skincare product. The Jade Face Massager rose to popularity due to frequent social media posts by celebrities massaging their face and showcasing the various effects that it has had on their skin. Most of the followers of such celebrities sought after the Jade roller for its claims and the authenticity of using an ancient Chinese technique.

However, the real question is whether there are any true benefits that are offered or has it all been a show just for the sake of marketing?

According to dermatologists, the Jade face massager is as genuine as other skincare products that are available in the market as long as it is used properly but the key difference is the price. The Jade face massager is a fraction of the price for the same benefits offered by most facial tools.

jade roller - skincare solution

The Jade roller facial tool uses a rolling motion to help clear toxins and decrease puffiness without the aid of any experts. Over consistent use, the Jade roller can erase wrinkles, stimulate collagen, tighten pores, and also act as a form of acne treatment. The Jade roller tackles many skin related ailments, making your skin youthful and healthy, thus, it has also been dubbed as the anti-aging roller by many.

The difference between the Jade roller and other modern-day devices is that the Jade roller resorts to gentle ways when it comes to dealing with the skin, whereas, the modern-day devices do not do the same as they forcefully remove acne and pressurize the skin in different ways to get the same benefits. Facial skin is fragile, thus, a gentler treatment will always benefit more than a rigid one.

Overall the Jade Roller is a facial tool that can be an extremely beneficial skincare device that can be used around your schedule in the comfort of your home. Therefore, you get to skip on spa bills and avoid dermatologists and maintain your skin health on a regular basis without having to rely on anyone else.

Rose Quartz is another similar facial tool that aids with skin tone management. The Rose Quartz works similarly to that of the Jade Roller, however, the jade roller comes with better anti-wrinkle properties that make it the better solution for anti-aging. The combination of the two rollers can work wonders for your skin. Also, you will be able to avoid spa bills as you have the best skincare solution that works around your daily schedule.

The only drawback is the amount of saturation the Jade roller market is under since it’s resurfacing. Therefore, it is best to rely on trustable brands such as Makady, who have come out with the Chi Jade Roller, as it has been verified by many to be beneficial for the skin.

However, the key to using the Jade roller efficiently is through consistency and proper use. Be sure to read the provided instructions before you begin to treat your skin.

healthy skin

Over the years we have seen a convergence of science and ancient therapeutic treatments. Many of the ancient remedies are a hoax, however, only those that truly benefit can stand the test of time. One such therapeutic tool is the Jade stone. Although it was kept a secret for many eons, the jade stone and its mystical properties have without a doubt found a place in our modern world. Perhaps we might not be using it in the same form as the Ancient Chinese Royalties, however, it is the same stone that many sought after in their quest for a skin that doesn’t know of age.


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2 Replies to “Jade Roller: Are They Really The Miracle Cure For Aging Skin?”

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your amazing skincare routine.
    I’ve been searching for other routines where I can get ideas and this one is the best. Well done! For best results use 100% Natural Jade mined from the mountains of Himalaya.
    Anti-Age and Anti-Wrinkle, help you look younger by at least 3 times and eliminates wrinkles.
    Natural Chi Jade Roller

    1. Thank you for kind words miss Amanda. I agree that Jade Rollers are astonishing when it comes to anti-age and skincare. If you try using them in combination with organic aloe vera gel (preferably homemade) the results are even better. Did you know Cleopatra used aloe vera for her skin care routine? Anyway, thanks for your comment, and for reading our article about Chi Jade Rollers.

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