Is Sex Important in a Relationship? 5 Things to Consider


Do you believe that sex is important in a relationship? In this article, we will cover 5 things that every couple should consider.

Sex sounds to be an important aspect of the relationship, but the question that arises is it really so crucial? Do you need only sex for your relationship to strive? Sure, romance plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship, but it’s not the only one. Successful relationships are not only governed by one factor and there are varied ones. Sex is something that is a must to make your life better. Hence it is important to know that what role does sex play in the relationship.

According to a fact when you are having regular sex and everything according to intimacy is going well, you are 15 to 20 percent satisfied with your relationship. But be aware that this is not a one size fit all equation. In a relationship, two people are involved and know that both of them might not be at same-sex frequencies.

List of things to consider about sex life:

Tip 1: Sex is one essential factor that matters

For innumerable individuals, sex is important for certain relationships, and some prioritize sex as the prime part of their connection. Sexuality depends on little-to-no sexual attraction, while some people have a high level of attraction. Hence people have different affinities to sex, they will have different approached to sex. Sometimes due to men’s sexual issues, the couple can’t enjoy the special moment so many mens sexual health products can be used that can help men with these sexual issues. When both partners can enjoy the sexual experience for a long time, your relationship improves.

There are other people across the globe who are living a happy and fulfilled married life without having sex.  Yes, sex is important to maintain that grace in the relationship, but it is prime to consider all other factors too. There are varied reasons why a person is not interested in sex like:

  • Decreased desire
  • Low libido
  • Sexual dysfunction

Hence this is not the only one governing healthy relationships. Sexual intimacy is not a major part.

Tip 2: Sex is needed for different reasons

Sex can provide benefits

There are a plethora of reasons for having sex in a relationship such as:

  • Great opportunity to strongly bond with a partner.
  • Great opportunity to show love and affection towards the other half.
  • While you have sex you will feel your relationship to be more secure and safe.
  • It will be a fun and pleasurable experience.
  • Opportunity to become pregnant.

Tip 3: Sex can provide benefits

Sex is not only a pleasurable activity and can provide you with varied benefits. Here are some:

  • Emotional: Having sex daily can improve and boost your self-confidence, and make you feel positive about your body. Help relieve stress and bond better with your better half.
  • Physical: Sex can help you boost immune function and is a light exercise. Also, it can help you with cognitive function and support heart health.

Tip 4: Sex is not a single way to intimacy

top sex tips for couples in marriage

What comes to your mind when you hear intimacy? Sex, right? But that’s not true, as intimacy doesn’t always relate to sex. Also having affectionate touch can be a way to get intimate. Here is a non-sexual form of intimacy:

  • Massage and kissing
  • Holding hands and cuddling

Ditch physical intimacy and involve emotional intimacy to make it safe.

Tip 5: Being compatible as per sexuality is important

You might face a situation where one partner is interested in sex while the other isn’t. This situation can lead to a gap in the relationship. Also, it will be difficult for a person with low libido to face the other one. Hence you can manage this by having healthy communication and talking. Also getting treatment can do wonders.

Tip 6: You can expect a change in sexual frequencies

couple just before having sex

With time several factors can affect your libido. Some of the factors are:

  • Stress: Inappropriate lifestyle and events can lead to stress that affects sex.
  • Responsibilities: Varied responsibilities are on the shoulder of people that can affect libido
  • Age: With increasing age, you will experience decreased libido.


To wrap up you must understand that not everyone needs sex to have a healthy relationship, but for some people yes. Find a partner that understands you and supports you in each situation. And having frank and open communication with your partner is important. Be romantic and understand the aspects.



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