Can I eat lube? Is it safe to eat lube? – Here’s the answer!


In this short work, we are going to talk about whether eating lube is a safe thing to do. As we know, personal lubricants are used for sexual acts. And sexual acts include oral sex.

So, if you apply lube and then indulge in some oral fun, is that safe? Here’s our attempt at answering the question Can I eat lube?

Is it safe to eat lube?

If you get an ingredient friendly, organic lubricant, it should definitely be safe if consumed. However, eating a lube that contains toxic ingredients, is in no way a healthy thing to do. As a matter of fact, applying it to your skin is in that case also not a good idea. Irritations, burning sensations, allergic reactions, vaginal infections … these are just some risks when using a bad, non-edible lube.

Ok, now let me tell you something to chew on. The question should be the other way around. I mean, are you honestly fine with applying something to your private parts, that is not edible? Every lube I try nowadays, and every brand that I recommend to my friends, is safe to eat. But, not every personal lubricant has such features. Far from it.

Note to self: If it’s safe to eat, it’s safe to apply.

During my work, I meet many couples, asking about personal lubricants and sometimes about troubles they have experienced with some (bad) products. And when I am told about which product that was, I think to myself “Wow, it’s a wonder she only gotten away with a yeast infection!”

Many lube manufacturers include dangerous ingredients, that have no place on (or in) the human body. Mostly these ingredients serve as preservatives, however sometimes they might be used as fragrances, humectants, or even flavors (yep, flavored lubes are more dangerous to eat than the ones without any flavors).

Can I eat lube? How do I know if my lube is fine?

Whether or not your lube is edible, you will have to find out yourself by doing some digging. Of course, you are always welcome to ask us in the comment below, and we will do it instead of you, and provide you with an answer. But if you want to determine yourself, how safe your lube is, you can do that by following our tips below. This is how you get your answer to “can I eat lube”.

can i eat lube 01

1. Before buying a lube carefully examine the ingredients.

Go to lube specifications. For example, if I have my eye on Aloe Cadabra water-based lube, I go here, to get the list of ingredients. Check carefully, because ingredients are always written with the smallest possible fonts.

Next step I take one ingredient and check it on database. Just type the ingredient into search box, and click on it. The ingredients are rated from 1-10. 1 being the safest and 10 being the worst. If the lube contains any ingredient that has EWG rating above 3, I refuse to try it, because I don’t believe that it is safe anymore.

is it safe to eat lube 02

2. Check for certificates (e.g. NSF organic)

If all ingredients are fine, I go to manufacturers page, and see what certificates they have and do a quick peek at what they stand for. I can immediately see that they have FDA cleared, Vegan and NSF organic certificates, which is good. They can only use organic stuff and the safest ingredients for lube creation.

is lube safe to consume - can you eat lube

3. See if the lube is officially labeled as “edible”

And the last thing, I check lube specifications and try finding if the lube is officially labeled as edible – That means that manufacturer has labeled the lube as being edible, and he carries the responsibility. Here we can see that that is indeed the case with Aloe Cadabra. The manufacturer confidently and proudly proclaims the lube being safe to consume.

These are the 3 steps to take, if you want your answer to the question “Can I eat lube?” It may take about one hour to get all necessary data per one lube. Basically if you want to check 10 lubricants, you’ll need about 10 hours to do that.

That’s why we are here to help. Only recommending top of the line, and checking the ingredients for you. With the lube you shouldn’t get wetness only, but also a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience.

[1] Some time ago, we’ve written a guide on ingredients that you should avoid in personal lubricants. It might be of help to you when eliminating the ingredients.

[2] And recently we also made a quality assessment of 18 lubricants. Choosing the ones from the top of the list, is to be the best and safest option. It might help you find your favorite lube.

Can I eat lube? – Final thoughts

I am sorry that we didn’t really answer the question with “yes” or “no”. It is because it is not that simple. Personal lubricants can be divided into two groups:

  • the group where manufacturers aim for the health and quality;
  • and the group where manufacturers aim for reducing costs.

I am sad to say, that in my time investigating and experimenting with hundreds of personal lubricants, the 2nd group is larger in volume on the market.

That is the reason most people try more than 10 lubes before finding the one that suits them best. Well, at least I had to go through this process.

Therefore it is irrelevant, whether the lube is water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based. Each type of lube can come in healthy form, or it can come in an unsafe form.

One thing is certain: In the long run the good will win, and the bad will slowly get eliminated.

Below are some healthy recommendations to try (all edible and safe)

Organic water based lube

natural ALOE CADABRA lube

Natural water based lube


Skin friendly silicone based lube

Safest Silicone Lube - Penchant Premium

Natural oil as lube

anal 100 percent coconut oil for anal sex (oil-based personal lube)

Hope this helps, and that our content comes in handy. I wish you pleasant and enjoyable nights. Have fun and stay in love!


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