Is having sex every day healthy? 10 benefits of everyday sex


Which are the main benefits of everyday sex? And is having sex every day healthy or not? Here are 10 reasons, why you should have sex as often as possible!

In this article we want to research the benefits of having lots of sex. We would like to address physiological and psychological benefits. Both person’s mentality and physique are directly affected by sexual activity. We will be discussing how exactly is sex beneficial to your and your lover’s health.

Is having sex every day healthy?

In short, yes. We’ve mentioned 6 disadvantages of having too much sex in our related article. There are of course few concerns. However, having sex is generally a very healthy activity. Many processes in our body and mind are activated when we attend to sex. Regular sexual activity prevents prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and more. So, there’s no need to hold back due to health concerns.

What are the main benefits of having sex everyday?

  • Prostate cancer prevention;
  • Preventing erectile dysfunction;
  • Increasing vaginal lubrication;
  • Staying fit (sex is exercise);
  • Relaxed mind (less stress);
  • Building confidence;
  • Hormonal balance.

These are just the ones that first came to mind. There are plenty other positive effects, and those are all going to be presented in this article continuation.

Keep reading if you want to find exactly how sex is contributing to your health, and which aspects of your life can improve if you start having more sex.

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10 benefits of everyday sex

6 physiological benefits of having sex everyday

Let’s first go through physical processes, which occur in human body and how sex affects them.

Is having sex every day healthy? – You will find that there are certain positive outcomes of having regular sex, which suggest, that from a medical point of view, having more sex should be in everyone’s best interest.

Here are 6 key benefits of everyday sex on person’s physique.

1. Cardiovascular health – Reducing risk of hypertension

The 1st benefits of everyday sex we’d like point out is how sex affects cardiovascular health of a person. In the 2016 study (Hui Liu, Linda Waite, et al.) it was found, that sex has been beneficial in reducing the risk of hypertension.

Hypertension means high blood pressure. It is called “the silent killer”, because people suffering from it, usually don’t show any symptoms. And then suddenly boom – Stroke, heart failure, kidney failure … and these are just the 3 possible outcomes.

Hypertension is a condition that can truly mess your life up and result in a complete disaster. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you should be having sex on regular basis.

Of course there are other things that you should be doing also (handful of them actually), if you are suffering from high blood pressure. But if you aren’t having enough sex, consider changing that and your condition may improve.

2. Cancer prevention – Reducing risk of prostate cancer

You can find within this article about sexual health, how regular ejaculation affect the risk of prostate cancer. The Australian study included 2.338 men.

The results of the study were:

  • Men who ejaculated 4.6 – 7.0 times a week, were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 70.
  • Men who ejaculated merely 2.3 times a week, or less, had higher risk of prostate cancer.

It is therefore scientifically proven, that lots of sex can be extremely beneficial for men, when it comes to prostate cancer prevention.

You should know that this works even if you don’t currently have a partner. It applies for solo action just as well. The keyword is “ejaculation” so reaching it through masturbation will also work.

Benefits of everyday sex are important elements with which is good to be familiar with. And if you’re wondering is having sex every day healthy, the cancer prevention is just another reason to never hold back on having sex.

3. Vaginal dryness – Increasing natural lubrication

Several studies generated results, which indicate, that women suffering from vaginal dryness experienced improvements in natural lubrication, when they started having more sex.

This can however be difficult to begin with. Because from start you are going to be in pain. But human body is very adaptable. And when you are not having enough sex, female vagina will not accept the penis as “a guest” but rather as “an intruder”.

One of the benefits of everyday sex is additional natural lubrication of a female vagina. Sex experts will always give you this question when you’ll come complaining about your dryness: “Are you having sex on regular basis?” – If not, this might just be the cause of it.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the question is having sex every day healthy? can be confirmed when it comes to treating vulvovaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness issues with women.

4. Erectile dysfunction – Sex prevents E.D.

Imagine if you’d never use your arms… or legs… or brain. Would they work?

Same applies to a man’s penis – if you don’t use it enough, it may stop working. Well then, is having sex every day healthy? Of course it is! Because when you are having sex, you are using your penis, and thus sending signals to those nerves needed for a penis to function properly.

One of the best exercises for treating E.D. are Kegel exercises. Many of them are focused specifically on using the muscles around your penis. One of such exercises is a pubococcygeus muscle exercise.

This same thing that you are doing in this exercise, you are also doing during a sexual act. So, it is wise, that before your penis muscles and nerves turn up “sleeping”, that you take good care of them and prevent erectile dysfunction.

5. Staying fit – Having sex is same as exercising (only better)

Sex is sport. Do you know how after sex both of you are exhausted breathing heavily, harts pounding? That is what I call an exercise.

When you’re having sex you are using many calories, and training different muscles all over the body. Sex is one of the most intense exercises and it does have a positive effect on person’s physique.

Sexual experts advise that if you really want a high-calorie-burning sex, that two things are important:

  • sex should last as long as you can manage;
  • and the temperature of the air should be high.

If you live in a hot place, maybe near the beach, try finding a secluded area outside. Having sex on the sun, when there’s 86°F (ca. 30°C), can just be one of the most intense trainings you’ve ever done. Besides, you’ll also get nicely tanned. Just don’t get caught – or perhaps you want to get caught? :)

Therefore, burning calories and staying fit is yet just another one of the greatest benefits of everyday sex.

6. Hormone levels – Sex positively affects hormonal balance

Keeping balanced hormonal levels is crucial for health. For example, endocrine disruptors are chemicals, that can cause hormonal imbalances and promote breast cancer.

Hormone (im)balance is also associated with:

  • vaginal dryness;
  • menopause issues;
  • irregular, heavy and painful periods;
  • reproductive system health;
  • immune system strength;
  • and more.

Basically, imbalanced hormone levels may result in various negative outcomes. Hormonal balance is therefore very important.

And it is proven that sex is beneficial regarding this matter. Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, vasopressin … are just 5 hormones that get affected by sexual activity – in a positive way of course.

Hormone balancing effect due to regular sexual activity may not sound as revolutionary at first, but when you start researching you can find just how important hormones are for human health.

Is having sex every day healthy - Sex benefits for mental health

4 mental health benefits of everyday sex

This second chapter deals with psychology and persons mental health.

We will try to find main benefits of everyday sex on ones mental health. Is having sex every day healthy on person’s psych? – Studies suggest that sex is not merely beneficial to physiological processes of a human being, but that it also enhances person’s mental strength.

In these modern times, when there’s so much stress and tension among society, sex can indeed help us become stronger and keep us motivated.

1. Stress and anxiety | Having sex everyday eases stress

When people are stressed out, there are many activities that can reduce that stress. Exercising, for example, is a great way to “sweat out” your mind, release those worries and ease the stress.

Having sex works similarly and provides the effect needed to reduce that stress. Usually people are stressed out because their heads are filled with worries. Sex changes that. It makes your forget about the worries and cherish the significant other.

Easing stress is so important for your everyday productivity and also affects your physical health. People, who are constantly stressed, and unable to manage that stress, usually get ill or even have a break down in long-term. Sex can be great tool to manage that stress and ease it to some degree.

2. Happiness | Sex makes people happy

Sex makes people happy. End of story. We’ve recently written a complete article on how to achieve positive state of mind and become happy in life. The enlightenment process can truly make one a new person.

Well, sex is an element of achieving happiness. People who aren’t having any sex, who don’t feel loved, who don’t feel attractive, just can’t be happy.

Sexual activity releases hormones and triggers brain functions, which result in feeling pleasure and happiness. Large releases of dopamine (the pleasure chemical) is just one way to explain this.

Happiness is therefore yet another of the many benefits of everyday sex. When people ask me “Is having sex every day healthy?”, lots of times my reply to them is: “Not only it is healthy, it also makes you happier and relaxed.”

Mental health is so important, and eventually it affects your physical health. Being stressed out, unhappy, unsatisfied with your life, does eventually result in physical health issues.

3. Confidence | Level of self-esteem is correlated with sexual activity

People having plenty of sex are usually most self-confident. This is because you feel accepted and wanted. Even if you are not thinking about it, back in your mind, you subconsciously know that you are attractive.

People without sex, may develop tendencies to undervalue themselves. Thinking about what’s wrong with them, why nobody likes them, etc. Lack of sex may end in low self-esteem.

As we already said in previous chapter, sex does change your hormonal balance (to the better), and hormones also play an important role in how you feel.

Thus, confidence boost can be explained not merely by feeling attractive, but also as a consequence of physical changes in your body.

4. Love | Sex strengthens your intimate relationship

There’s no secret to this one. Having sex improves the relationship. This is also connected with hormones that are released during sexual activity. So there’s a bit of science behind this one.

Sometimes I read or hear someone talk about their relationship with a sex-buddy and how they are only having sex (no emotions involved). That there’s nothing more, just physical. Trust me, doing this for a longer time period, one of the parties will definitely fall in love with another. It is because sex does affect emotions, regardless of what you might be convincing yourself.

So, sex is good to strengthen your intimate relationship with your spouse. If you two forgotten about intimacy, maybe now’s the time to attend to it.

Sex in marriage is essential, and sexless life can only have bad consequences on a couple. Even if you are above 50 years of age, that’s not an excuse for not having regular sex. Go ahead and talk to your partner – your two must make use of all the benefits of everyday sex. It will not only have positive effect on your health, for it will also strengthen the bond between you two.

making passionate love is healthy

Conclusions: Is having sex every day healthy?

Yes, as we have been able to see throughout the article, that it was easy to scoop up 10 benefits of everyday sex. So, the answer to the question “Is having sex every day healthy?” is most definitely a big yes. Plenty of benefits, both for your physical health and mental strength.

However, in case of any physical pain, it is best to give it a rest for a while a let your private body parts heal. If you want to know how you can improve elasticity of vaginal skin, go ahead and read our olive oil lube article. Olive oil has so many skin nurturing benefits, and it can help you heal faster.

Don’t know what to say at the end of this article except: “Go ahead and make some passionate love!”

Thanks for reading our articles on sexual wellness. We hope we were able to answer your question: Is having sex every day healthy? Take care!


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