I am ugly! How can I look prettier naturally?


Look yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Do you feel insecure and unattractive? Is there no one in your life that wants to be with you? And you haven’t been intimate with a man for a long time?

There’s always someone, some girlfriend of yours, that manages to get that guy that you felt attracted to. While he never noticed you, he was instantly into her. You’re starting to feel jealous, and you’re starting to feel ugly.

So are you going to surrender and live in a world as the Ugly Duckling, walking around depressed and all alone? – Or are you willing to do something about it?

“I am ugly and nothing I do can change that!” – Are you sure about that?

“How can I look prettier naturally?” – There are a couple of tips and tricks which you can use to improve your looks and become attractive. And we’re presenting them within this article.

I mean just look at the example below, where you can see Jennifer Aniston in two completely different appearances. Left: not so attractive. Right: simply amazing.

Jennifer Aniston - looking ugly and looking pretty

Not only you can look prettier. You can become sexy! You can be that hot girl that gets all the attention and win any man that you target. You can be the one making your friends jealous. And that can all be achieved naturally, without any medical procedures at all.

Regardless whether you are a mom reaching her late 30’s or a teenage girl, all women can use this effective method to improve their looks in a 100% natural way.

13 tips and tricks to become prettier naturally

Here we’re going to present 13 simple tips for women that want to become sexy and improve their looks. Even if you are at the time of reading this article feeling like an ugly girl who can never become hot like her popular friends, let us first tell you that you are completely wrong!

You can become pretty, you can become sexy, you can change your looks and physical appearance in a way that every guy is going to be into you as soon as he lays his eyes on you.

And here’s how.

1. Self esteem is half the beauty

strong self esteem is sexy

Every time someone asks me “How can I look prettier?” my 1st answer to them is “You can’t look pretty if you don’t feel confident about yourself!”

I know so many people who don’t have physical properties, which would make them sexy, but they’re self-esteem makes them truly hot.

It is also the other way around. I know lots of beautiful people who appear unattractive due to their lack of confidence.

Building up your confidence, being proud of yourself, of who you are and what you look like, is the key. Here’s a good formula for how you can build-up your confidence to another level, without appearing as an egocentric prick.

My advice to all women is following these 5S’s of self-esteem:

  1. Smile and be positive,
  2. Socialize,
  3. Stay strong in difficult moments,
  4. Stop worrying about the past,
  5. Start doing good stuff (add value to yourself and to people around you).

2. Socialize, hang out with people

pretty girls hanging out

Loneliness equals depression. And depression equals ugly and unhealthy physical appearance. Even if you’re good-looking, being depressed will “bounce” people away from you because of your negative energy. It is that simple.

If you find yourself in the dark place, where you somehow managed to cut off most of your (now ex-) friends, you should do something about it. The smallest thing like a phone call can change your life.

No one will blame you for whatever reason you’ve ditched them in the past if you’re sincere about it and show good intentions.

Anyway, go ahead, get together with old friends, make new friends, meet your family regularly and COMMUNICATE. Socializing, communicating, hanging out with people … these things are going to fill you with positive energy.

Meet an old friend for a coffee. Go out to a party. Organize a trip and visit your favorite band live concert. Do some sports with another friend (like jogging). Becoming a socially active person is an obligatory step that one must take, in order to look prettier naturally.

3. Become active to feel and look prettier

I am ugly - How can I look prettier naturally

“I am ugly! How can I look prettier naturally?” – Here’s an idea. Start exercising!

“Whatever I do, I’ll never look as good as the model on this pic!” – Yeah, true. Neither will I nor the other 99,9% of women trying to improve their looks. However, being active and doing sports regularly, is not only healthy and highly addictive, but will in most cases result in you feeling better and with a bit of persistence, also physically looking better. You can become prettier naturally if you’re active.

And if you think this rule applies solely to “big girls” you’re completely wrong. Even the thinnest women should sweat it out. Why? Because you want every pound and every piece of fat distributed to the right parts of your body – the feminine parts.

Getting stronger thighs, increasing your but size, and losing that belly fat can indeed result in you getting smoking hot. Putting on those tight jeans will turn heads as you walk by, trust me.

And if you don’t believe me, read here how important are sports activities for one’s mental health, energy, and physical beauty. According to James Blumenthal, PhD, exercising is the key to feeling good, looking good and shining out beautiful energy.

4. Healthy diet is of key importance for good looking appearance

healthy diet can help a woman to become pretty

When we mention “diet” we have no intention of saying “you should eat less”. Instead we’re pointing out the importance of what you’re consuming, rather than how much.

Food for you, is like gasoline for car. Bad gasoline will make car get worse eventually. The same happens with a human body, when food you’re consuming is mostly of low quality and not natural.

The beauty of your skin, the level of your energy, your general health … these are just 3 mayor areas that largely depend on what you eat.

I like to get as much food as possible straight from the source. E. g. vegetables from my garden, meat from a farmer whom I trust, fruits from the trees and bushes I grow. It is hard to sustain this through entire season. But going ecological is possible (even-though it comes with additional costs).

Avoiding processed foods, harmful preservatives and pesticide residues in food, is of key importance when trying to improve your looks. USDA organic is the label to keep an eye on.

5. Avoid bad habits

bad habits make you look older

I believe there’s no science here. Bad habits won’t make anything positive for your looks.

The answer to “I am ugly! How can I look prettier naturally?” is very simple: You should drop all bad habits.

With this we have in mind smoking, alcohol, fast food, not being active, drinking too much caffeine … and the list goes on. I believe everyone knows for themselves which are those habits that they should drop.

Don’t wait for the new year’s resolutions. Start now. First few days are always critical. Once you get pass the point of few weeks, you’re on the safe side. It is however not simple at all to quit something that you’ve made a habit.

6. Wear simple minimal makeup to cover up your imperfections

simple minimal makeup 001

Every extreme is bad. What I have personally witnessed in my life, are the 3 types of women: Those who don’t wear makeup at all, and those who put on too much makeup.

The 3rd type is rare to find – These are the women who wear simple & minimal makeup, which is almost unnoticeable but makes for a complete difference. Enhancing the beauty and covering up imperfections.

You do not want to appear artificial, that’s why minimalism is so important. While there’s also another thing to pay attention to – we are of course talking about the ingredients.

Similar as with all skin care products, it is so much healthier if you go with natural. Avoiding parabens, formaldehyde releasers, and other harmful stuff that are commonly featured in mascaras, is going to benefit your skin to a great extent.

7. Use natural facial skincare routine

natural skincare routine for beautiful skin

The smoothness of your face skin, the glowing younger look, can be considered as one of the key elements for a good-looking appearance.

Skin problems, such as acne, dark spots, discoloration, wrinkles can be avoided with a proper skincare routine.

The mistake I see many women doing is not using organic and natural remedies for improving their skin. While skin care is important, it is even more important that you don’t apply harmful chemicals, which can in the long run makes things even worse.

What is the best facial skincare routine? – I personally had very good results using fresh Aloe Vera gel, which you can scoop directly from the plant and use it as a moisturizer. It is also advised that you exfoliate once in a while. See these 13 DIY recipes for natural face scrubs.

8. Shape your eyebrows

shaping your eyebrows to perfection 2020

Just take a look at this before vs after example, and you’ll quickly understand the importance of elegantly shaped eyebrows.

The area around your eyes, is something that shouldn’t be neglected when trying to look prettier. Especially eyebrows.

So get a hold on your favorite tweezers, pencils, brow brushes, and other required accessories that you’ll be requiring … but mostly, make sure that you have enough time on your hands!

At thetrendspotter.net you can find an amazing guide on the best types of eyebrows for you, and how you should approach shaping them. There’s a lot to learn here and even the most savvy women may pick up a new trick or two. If you’re not feeling pretty, if you’re thinking “God, I’m Ugly! How can I look prettier?!” one of the 13 things that you should check is the state of your eyebrows and whether you can improve their shape.

9. Be picky about your clothing and make it sexy

sexy female clothes - hot style

“The dress makes a person” – What you wear is going to have a great impact on your physical appearance.

So, is that all? Dress nice, look nice? – Not at all! Research shows that feeling comfortable and attractive in your choice of clothes, also stimulates thinking processes.

How do most women that you know dress? Do you know of any girl that has a good style? If yes, that’s great. Take notes, but don’t copy it. Improve it!

How do you dress sexy, but still avoid that slutty look? I believe that is the key. You need to find the right balance between elegant and sexy. You don’t want too appear to formal, while you also don’t want to wear a style that makes you look trashy.

I believe Pinterest is a great source for getting fresh ideas about the best classy, sexy, yet casual styles to wear. It is a great way for how to look prettier naturally. One should never underestimate the power of clothes.

10. High heels can make for a huge difference

elegant high heels on beautiful woman legs

Once my girl-friend asked me: “What do you think I should wear to a date? How can I look prettier?” At the time I didn’t know the answer, but once she changed from regular shoes to high heels, the answer was clear: “Wear these, you’re beautiful in them,” I said.

What’s so special about high heels? Why women in high heels appear so sexy and elegant? Why wearing heels makes you prettier? – There are several reasons, but the one I see as the most relevant is that the legs form a completely different, seductive shape, when a woman is wears them.

You also get to look taller and slimmer when you put these on. But remember, the thinner the heels and the bigger the size of the heel, the better. Thick short heels just won’t do. And yes, we do have in mind wearing heels for almost any occassion. High heels should become your standard footwear. Whenever you leave your home, your Stilettos should be with you.

11. Build up your curves

sexy curves - round booty

When talking about being pretty we should not exclude curves. And by that I don’t mean being fat or skinny. I mean having more “meat” at the feminine parts.

But isn’t that purely genetic? – Nope! Having a nice round booty, and increasing your breast size, can be done in a natural way. It largely depends on your diet and your lifestyle. The size of your feminine parts mostly depends on hormones. If you’re lacking estrogen production, you’re gonna be flat – in front and at the back.

But with correct diet and some exercises thrown in, you can in-fact get thinner in waist but increase the size of your bust and your buttocks, doing it in a completely natural way.

A problematic thing can be the so-called endocrine disruptors. Chemicals that are found in processed foods and many personal care products. They mess up your hormonal levels and if you’re using the same stuff and eating the same food for years, you may want to think about starting to check the ingredients of what you’re buying (yeah, those hard-to-read chemicals at the back-end label).

My advice: if it doesn’t expire fast, avoid it.

12. Good hairstyle can make you look so much prettier

top hairstyle for hot looking women

My apologies to all women who like short hair, but purely from the aesthetic point of view, longer hairstyle makes a woman look prettier.

But it’s not just the length of the hair, of course. There are so many things you can do with your hair. So many different ways to wear them. So many color pallets to dye them.

It may require finding a truly competent hairdresser. You may need to switch several hair salons. But, eventually you’re gonna get there. However, it mostly depends on you. How much work are you willing to put into your beauty, before leaving the house in the morning? That is the real question.

I mean just take a look at this before and after example. It can be seen that hairstyle plays a crucial role in how attractive a girl can look. Besides everything else, sure. But hair are an important factor. To look pretty, you should have lots of them on your head, and as less as possible on your body!

13. Add some jewelry to your everyday style

elegant jewelry

Jewelry? Yes, jewelry. If you have some saved money, adding a couple of fashion accessories can truly make you stand out.

Earrings, neckless, bracelet, a diamond ring perhaps … All of these can help your looks become elegant and pretty. You’re going to become a diva in the eyes of everyone around you. And let’s face it … classy look is a sexy look.

However, once you build that confident classy woman personality, many guys might be afraid to approach you. Most will think you’re taken and out of their league. It may require you to make the 1st step. Or you can simply enjoy how they will feast their eyes on you, without having balls to speak a single word with you. Would you have the confidence to speak to Brad Pitt? Or whoever is out of this world in your eyes? – Exactly. What we like most, we also fear of.

This is not necessarily bad. It works as a filter – at least you’ll be free of those guys who have no confidence to approach beautiful women.

How to look prettier naturally? – Conclusions

One thing is certain – looking good takes time, engagement and lots of effort. Every single person can become prettier, and a woman can improve her looks if she is willing to invest some time. Those with good genetic predisposition will have it easier, while all of us “normal” girls are gonna have to work a lot for achieving this.

The hardest task is however not achieving the sexy looks, but maintaining those. Something that you work very hard for, for a long time, can easily go to waste in a much shorter time. You have to make your beauty activities a routine.

Making it a routine in this modern world, where working 10 hours shifts is nothing out of the ordinary, and where stress had become a normal element of life of every individual, can be extremely difficult. And doing it in a healthy and natural way is even harder. Natural beauty is achievable but it takes time.

My advice? Small steps can lead to big changes! – Organize yourself, and invest a bit of time each day into your beauty. That’s the only way you can come from ugly to pretty.


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