How to make cornstarch lube | Easy 10-step DIY recipe with video


I’ve been searching around the World Wide Web and YouTube, only to realize there’s no good, structured recipe, on how to make a homemade lube from water and cornstarch.

So, it would be very irresponsible from us, as the top website on personal lubricants and sexual health, if we didn’t do the best guide on how to make cornstarch lube.

And to make user experience even better, we will record the process and show you the video of a step-by-step recipe for DIY cornstarch lube. If you find this article helpful, share it among your friends. Thank you all for reading.

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Below we are first going to answer a few common questions, to clear things up a bit. After that, we will jump to the recipe itself.

What is a cornstarch lube?

“Cornstarch lube” is a DIY personal lubricant made from nothing else but water and cornstarch. It is one of the best lube alternatives, which doesn’t only perform good but is also healthy for your skin. In this article, you’ll learn the recipe on how to make cornstarch lube at home.

Why should I use a lube from cornstarch?

Well, you may have just run out of lube, and happen to have cornstarch stored in your kitchen somewhere. Doing a homemade lube may save you from having dry sex tonight. And the 2nd reason is also that it is healthy – Probably much healthier than all those over-the-counter lubes, where most of them carry harmful chemicals.

cornstarch lube

Is cornstarch lubricant safe?

Yes. It is safe and healthy. It helps to prevent various skin issues and works against yeast infections. Even though it doesn’t provide as much nutritional value as natural oils, or the aloe vera lube, cornstarch lube is still pretty awesome. It is water based, so it can be used with condoms, and with your favorite sex toys.

Is it hard to make your own cornstarch lube?

Not at all. For example, coconut oil is a lot harder to be done correctly. All you’ll need is cornstarch, water, few pots, and some other kitchen utilities. However, the key is in the details. So you might need one or two extra attempts, to get it done right. One more reason to keep attention to detail when reading this article.

What should I do if my cornstarch lubricant comes too thick or too thin?

There are few things to master, but the logic is pretty simple – More starch, the thicker the lube will be. Less starch, the thinner. Apply this logic, you might need an attempt or two to get the feel of it, but you should get it done right pretty soon.


How to make cornstarch lube?

I was in a similar position as you are now probably. My girlfriend at the time informed me she’s coming to visit – she was studying back then, so we’d live separately during the week and got together on weekends.

Well, she surprised me with this call on Wednesday, announcing she’s coming two days sooner as I expected. And yeah, I was out of lube and had no time to order or to drive 50 km to a city where the sex shop is.

I began searching around the web what we could use for lube, because I knew she wouldn’t wanna have sex dry with me – She had this vaginal dryness problem, so we would always use lube. We did try without the lube once, but it was too painful for her.

Oils were out of the question, because at the time, we were practicing safe sex, and she’d made me wear a condom (oils break condoms). I had to find a way to come up with a water-based lube or no sex for me tonight. That’s how I stumbled across the cornstarch lube and that was my first attempt of making one.

Cornstarch lube recipe

our video: how to make cornstarch lube (step-by-step)

• Step 1 – Prepare cornstarch, water, a cup, a tea spoon, a pot, an airtight glass container, and something to stir with.

• Step 2 – Add one cup of cold water inside the pot, and then add 2-3 teaspoons of cornstarch.

• Step 3 – Stir the mixture before adding any heat. Stir it thoroughly.

• Step 4 – Slowly start adding heat. While it’s heating you should remain stirring (or it might clot).

• Step 5 – Once you have it heated, if it’s too thick add some water, if it’s to thin add more cornstarch. Keep in mind that when it cools down it gets thicker.

• Step 6 – When you bring the heat to the boiling level, take the pot off the stove. Remain stirring for another 10-15 minutes while it’s cooling down.

• Step 7 – Leave it to cool down to the room temperature. Get back to the pot every 5-10 minutes and stir it (yeah there’s a lot of stirring involved).

• Step 8 – First sieving. Take a glass bowl and a sieve, and sieve your cornstarch mixture. Do this to remove any possible lumps from the mixture. Also, if you want to add a bit of essential oil into it, this is the time to do it.

• Step 9 – Get a clean air tight glass container, put a sieve over it (2nd sieving), and store your new lube inside. Do not refrigerate, keep it at room temperatures.

• Step 10 – All done.

Some facts and tips

* When the cornstarch lube rests for a while, it gets more of a jelly-like structure. However, once it gets tempered with, it changes structure back again and works very well as lube.

* If you are not going to use it with condoms, perhaps try adding a teaspoon of some natural oil in it. Almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil … this will provide for longer lasting effect, and prevent the lube from drying out.

* The cornstarch lube is natural, meaning it is clear and odorless. If you’d like it to be scented you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Do not use synthetic fragrance oils, always go for natural. In the video I added one teaspoon of coconut oil. I did this to make it longer-lasting, and to get some coconut scent from it.

lube from corn starch and water

What to do if you get it wrong the first time?

No worries there. I had to make it like 2 or 3 times to get a grip on it. But once you learn how it behaves, and after trying a couple of times, you’ll master it.

The biggest mistake that I see people are doing is that they add too much corn starch into the mixture. I did the same mistake. Here’s why – When you get to the point when it’s boiling, it has this watery like structure. You think to yourself: “Oh I probably didn’t add enough starch!”. And so, you add some more to make it thicker.

This is a mistake, because when the mixture is cooling down it also becomes thicker. If it seems a bit watery when it’s boiling, do not fret. It’s gonna be just perfect once it cools down.

It is simple to be fixed, if you get it wrong:

  • If it’s too thick once it has cooled down, simply add some cold water and stir the mixture.
  • If it’s too thin (watery) once it has cooled down, add another teaspoon of starch into the mix, heat it up again, and cool it down again.

And don’t be afraid of failing the first time you attempt making your homemade corn starch lube. As Reigo Vilbiks said, we need not stress over our fails. It is better to stay positive, and learn from the mistakes.

The 2nd or 3rd time you are definitely going to succeed. Maybe you even get it right the 1st time, if you’re a bit lucky. So good luck!

Can you use cornstarch as lube

Conclusions – Can you use cornstarch as lube?

Cornstarch is one of the lube alternatives that are healthy and safe. According to this study, cornstarch lube carries medicinal properties beneficial to preventing yeast infections.

Corn starch lube is also very healthy for your skin. It makes your skin more elastic, because it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It also works against frictional injuries, and treats other skin problems.

Cornstarch lube is great for people with sensitive skin. Many over-the-counter lubes are made of ingredients that work as irritants. Cornstarch is the opposite – it is natural and soothing to your skin. If anything it will make your skin better.

When you use pure water-based cornstarch lube (without adding any oils into it), you also make it safe to use with condoms. Basically, corn starch lube can be used with anything – condoms, toys, props, …

We’d like to thank you for visiting us, and we hope this article was useful to solving your problem. Don’t be dry and better try making your own cornstarch lube straight away. Cya!


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