How to look good in a swimsuit in a week?


Every year, few months before summer, both ladies and men start thinking about their looks for the summer.

No-one wants to go to the beach looking unfit and obese. It’s in human nature that we feel a lot more confident having a good-looking body. However, is it possible to get that swimsuit sexy bikini body in just a week? This is a million dollar question, and we are going to check for best ways for looking amazing in a bikini for this summer.

Our article titled How to look good in a swimsuit in a week | Sexy in bikini is an in-depth research of easiest and the most effective ways to look hot for this summer. We will search through different approaches for looking good in a swimsuit. This article is not merely about a diet plan, or fitness exercises for sculpting your body. No! We will present smart ways and give you helpful tips, which will be beneficial for you each time when you decide on wearing your new sexy bikini.

PS: did you see our skincare tips, and how to use face rollers for making your skin look young and healthy again?

Here are the key questions we’d like to answer through our article:

  • Why is it important to look good in a swimsuit?
  • What are the most effective ways to look sexy in bikini?
  • Which tricks you can use for appearing great wearing a biking?
  • How to look good in a swimsuit in a week?
  • Which are some of the best diet plans for losing weight for this summer?
  • Which exercises are easy to do, but will grant results and make you look sexy in bikini?

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It is for serious women only and focuses on performing the most efficient exercises that work and bring actual results. You’ll also learn all the tricks and tips for looking great in a swimsuit. I know… it’s not a one-week bikini body plan, but it is a robust solution that brings actual results.

So let’s get on to it and have a look at our top tips and tricks on how to look good in a swimsuit in a week. We have here prepared an astonishing recipe for you to look sexy in bikini. Check it out and let us know if our bikini tips were any good.

5 hacks to look good in a swimsuit in a week

We will talk about 5 hacks, which you can take advantage of to look good in a swimsuit in a week. You’ll see that much can be done with almost zero effort.

While we say zero effort it does not mean that there’s no skill to it. There’s a lot to be learned. And mastering these tips can be everything but easy. However, it is a lot easier than going on a diet and training your ass off every day.

So, you will not need diet or exercise to look sexy in bikini? Yes, you read that right. While diet and exercise can be beneficial, they do not bring fast results. It takes weeks and even months to get the bikini body with diet & exercise.

Thus, we believe that you can benefit from the 5 bikini body hacks we are going to show you right now.

Before we begin, special thanks to YouTuber’s Laura Reid & Sierra Schultzzie from whom we got great inspiring ideas and image materials, and packaged those in a single helpful article. If you haven’t subscribed to their channels yet, you should do it instantly!

Sexy in bikini hack #1: Sitting down and showing those belly fat rolls?

how to look sexy in bikini when sitting down on a beach
Image source: YouTube, Laura Reid

Sitting on the beach while good-looking guys are passing by? And you just hate them staring at your belly fat rolls, it’s so annoying! You’ve been working hard to get in shape, but still those rolly polly’s are hard to get rid of, if not impossible even.

As you can see in the above photo, there are simple ways to fix that! Laura Reid presents a great method for looking sexy in a swimsuit when sitting on the beach. On the right image she also appears a lot prettier and sexier compared to the image on the left side.

All you have to do is:

  • lean back a little;
  • cross your legs and put one in the position as shown on the above image;
  • and use your arms to cover those belly rolls.

It’s great because you may switch legs once you get tired of this position, which feels like a completely different position, yet it provides the same function. Very simple but powerful hack to look good in a swimsuit instantly.

Sexy in a bikini hack #2: Correct posture for an amazing looking butt!

make your butt look sexy in bikini
Image source: YouTube, Laura Reid

If the previous hack was useful for those times when you’re sitting down, this one is for when your standing up.

Honestly, these first two bikini body hacks cover quite a lot! Anyway, there’s no worse feeling than checking a random photo taken at the beach and thinking to yourself: “Woaw, that flat butt… is that really how my ass looks like?!”

It is a terrible feeling I admit and the fact it looks like that in a photo, means it also looks like that IRL. Now you have two options:

  • start exercising your butt, doing bunch of squats & lunges;
  • or learn proper posture, which can make your butt look awesome instantly.

Let’s face it. Looking great in a bikini in a single week is practically mission impossible. Especially if you are trying to achieve that through exercises and diet. That is why you have to resort to our bikini body hacks, which work regardless of how much you weigh and whether you have or hadn’t exercised before putting on your favorite bikini.

Now, for making your butt look firm and round while standing, all you have to do is:

  • stand straight;
  • move one of your legs just a bit behind the other leg;
  • and also try to push your butt back-up a little.

As you can see on the above image, this works wonders. You can use this bikini wearing hack whenever you are taking photos on the beach, and also when your standing talking to someone.

Again, you can simply switch legs, once you get tired of doing the same position. If there’s an awesome trick that makes you look good in a swimsuit, this one is definitely one of the coolest.

How to look good in a swimsuit in a week tip #3: If you’re chubby ?!

look good in a swimsuit in a week hack 03
Image source: YouTube, Sierra Schultzzie

Well, I guess that we all feel a bit chubby, even if we’re not… I don’t know a single friend of mine who wouldn’t mind losing few pounds.

However, if you are on stronger side, there’s always this problem when you dress up in a bikini – tight, elastic, string side bikini bottoms might squeeze under your hips and highlight that extra fat. This is really annoying because it makes you look even more chubby than you are in reality. This spotlights all the wrong things.

This is why chubby girl’s best choice are wide band bikini bottoms. And here’s one of the sexiest and most elegant bikini bottoms (by Trina Turk), that you can get for this summer [link to Amazon], which will never expose your hip fat, while highlighting your best assets.

I see it even with skinny girls who sometimes wear tight and elastic bikini bottoms, that it makes their hip fat exposed. Everyone’s got some fat, and wearing tight, skimpy, string bikinis is bound to expose everything you surely wouldn’t want.

Besides. High waist is all the fashion lately. Everyone’s is slowly turning into that direction. Like here’s Kim Kardashian wearing high waist bikini. And here is another great example – just look how sexy that is, without showing any fat you might have around your hips. Wide band bikini bottoms and high waist bikini bottoms, are a real fashion trend in 2020’s and will make you look sexy in bikini. And the best thing is, they’re really comfortable to wear and make you feel more “secure”.

Look good in a bikini if you’re chubby #4: Don’t show the “underboob”

how to look good in a swimsuit if you are chubby 04
Image source: YouTube, Sierra Schultzzie

Oh, don’t you just hate when this happens? When you suddenly realize you’ve got that underboob showing? Ghastly feeling, really.

However, to my and everyone else’s big surprise, there’s a weird trend going on right now – Yeah underboob has become a popular thing. Just see this article, where women are purposely wearing clothes designed in a manner that your underboob gets exposed.

I think this will not last, and that it’s a fake trend. Showing your underboob is not only embarrassing, it’s also quite impractical to wear such clothes. I mean how can you even walk, or better yet, play volleyball in a swimsuit that tends to expose you breasts?

Anyhow, if your goal is to show your underboob, you can find the perfect recipe in the last linked article. If not, follow our tips. When you’re on the chubbier side, wearing a lose swimsuit which may expose your breasts is something you surely want to avoid.

Looking at the image above one can see the benefits of wearing sports bikini top and bandage swimsuits. Imagine how much more comfortable that feels on you, and besides it makes you look thinner and points out your best attributes, while covering those fatty areas on your body, that you might want to hide. It will definitely prevent that embarrassing underboob, which most of us hate. So even if you’re a bit chubby this is a great way to appear sexy in bikini.

Look good in a swimsuit instantly #5: Be confident of your looks

confident woman in a bikini

Regardless of which techniques you are using to look better in a swimsuit, there’s no stronger approach to look naturally beautiful than this one: Just be confident!

I know girls and guys who actually look good, but don’t posses that charisma because they lack confidence. Confidence is a truly powerful thing you need to start showing ASAP!

However, it ain’t easy. And you know what? Instead of thinking what you should do to become confident, simply do it – Fake it until you make it!

Here are 5 tips for how to act confident, until you actually become confident:

  • keep your chin up and your body straight;
  • walk as if you own the world;
  • always carry that little confident smile on your face;
  • never seek others affirmation;
  • don’t try to hide your skin or body parts of which you aren’t proud of.

I’ve seen so many people in life who aren’t able to pull this off. And it’s quite amazing how they are simply unattractive, and even repelling, to everyone around them due to their lack of confidence and constant nagging.

And the few of those who I have seen to master the looks of a confident person, were just outstanding. You know, when you see that girl walking down the beach and think to yourself: “Wow, she looks so happy and pleased with herself – she must have luck in her life and probably lots of money, or a rich boyfriend.” – Let me tell, it has nothing to do with the looks or the money. It is a skill to view life from the positive perspective, showing the world how happy you are to be enjoying this beautiful life, each day.

And these were our 5 tips to look good in a swimsuit in a week… actually even faster – How to look good in a bikini instantly! :)

Now try our amazing swimsuit summer tips to look sexy in a bikini, or go on a hardcore diet and train your ass off. It works, but it’s a hell of a lot harder and takes a wee bit more time (like 7-8 weeks more time).

To look good in a swimsuit in a week – Is it possible?

Nope. I mean, if you are talking about body transformation, it is just not possible in a time period of one week. Sorry. Even if you starve.

This is the reason we prepared the above described 5 hacks on how to look good in a swimsuit in a week, because these bikini hacks can be mastered in a one-week time. While the body transformation is just not feasible.

If we recap, this is what you can do to make yourself look hot in a bikini instantly:

  • learn to hide those belly fat rolls;
  • highlight your curves and make your booty look great;
  • wearing wide band bikini bottoms can be a great solution for hiding that bit of extra fat you got around your hips;
  • avoid the “underboob” by choosing the right bikini top;
  • be self-confident.

If you came here searching for diet plans or fitness exercises for full bikini body transformation, we are sorry to let you down. However, we will also create another article on that topic, which will also be reachable through this site.

We hope you enjoyed reading our sexy in bikini tips for women. This article was titled How to look good in a swimsuit in a week? – Stay tuned, new articles are comming out every week, and in every article something new, helpful and unique can be found.

Cya, and stay sexy in a bikini!

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