Mastering Cunnilingus – How to lick a girl out like a PRO


Hi! My name is Anna. And today we’ll be discussing the art of cunnilingus and talk about how to give a woman the most orgasmic experience by stimulating her with your mouth.

For a guy one of the hardest sexual acts to master is cunnilingus, while it is also one of the most enjoyable things a girl can experience when done right. For those of you who hear the word “cunnilingus” for the first time – It means to go down on your girl and pleasure her orally.

In this article we’re going to talk about how to lick a girl out like a pro, using your tongue, lips and fingers, introducing her to a whole new pallet of orgasmic sensations. Mastering cunnilingus is something that can make a woman crazy over you. It is one of the most important elements of foreplay that can eventually lead to the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced in her entire life.

A guy who can orally satisfy a woman is the ultimate lover!

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Now, we’d like to present a couple techniques that work like a charm. We ain’t going to talk about the obvious ones, we rather expose fewer but focus on those that you may not know.

By learning these cunnilingus techniques you’ll be able to lick a girl out in a way that she might get completely addicted to you. She will not be able to resist you, because she’s subconsciously going to be aware of the fact, that you are the only man who can show her “heaven”, giving her oral pleasures that result in strongest orgasms she’d ever experience in her life.

So, how to lick a girl out like a true cunnilingus master?

1. You need to fall in love with her vagina

Let me ask you – would you be into a girl if you had the feeling she’s avoiding putting her mouth onto your penis, and that the idea of giving you blowjob is repulsive to her?

Or would you rather see that she was totally addicted to your cock and couldn’t control herself once you’d take your pants down?

Yea, you got my point. You have to achieve the same when it comes to yourself. You need to fall in love with her vagina and you need to crave for it. Going down on her shouldn’t gross you in any way whatsoever.

When she sees that you are genuinely enjoying going down on her, she’ll be able to relax and fully enjoy receiving oral from you. Without doing so, all your efforts are in vain. Learn to appreciate her vagina, caress it, kiss it, obsess over it … show her how much you want it.

2. Understand that every woman is different

Some guys think that if a certain technique worked with a certain woman that they’ve slept with in the past, that this same oral technique will work on every other woman also.

While there are high chances that you discovered something great, there’s no guarantee that this will be the case. Every female body is different, and every woman likes different things when it comes to erotic pleasures.

That’s why it is of great importance that you follow her responses and that you identify which moves she loved. Also don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t like a certain thing you do. How to lick a girl out like a pro? – You must accept that even you can do something wrong occasionally, and learn from your mistakes!

Be an explorer – try finding which spots on the surface of her vagina trigger her responses, while also exploring the deeper parts. You will soon find what she likes, and you’ll be able to focus on that.

3. Play with her clitoris

anatomy of vulva - all outer parts of vagina

Clitoris is one of the most delicate parts of vulva (external female sex organ). It shouldn’t be hard to find, however, the way you’re orally satisfying a girl via clitoral stimulation, is a very delicate issue.

Most men make a mistake by going to hard on a girl. Sucking and rubbing the clit like a maniac will only hurt instead creating joy. Clitoris is a small delicate thing and it should be treated that way.

Kiss it, lick it gently, play with it using fingers, but never be too hard on it. Start slowly and if you see she likes it, increase tempo a bit. But be gentle at all costs.

4. Don’t forget to focus on other vaginal erogenous zones

Clitoris is not the only female part that is sensitive. There are so many things you can do down there, and that’s the real secret to how to lick a girl out like a cunnilingus pro. By knowing the spots that trigger sexual response in a woman.

For example, labium minus (aka vaginal lips) are often forgotten during oral sexual acts, while licking on those can result in a strong orgasmic sensation.

There are also other erogenous zones to attend to:

  • Mons pubis (the area above the vulva).
  • The G-spot (you can find it with fingers on the upper inner side of vagina).
  • Inner thighs (some women may find it ticklish but many will love your kisses there).
  • The vulval vestibule (are with a great amount of nerve endings located between labia minora and vaginal opening.
  • Breasts (playing with breasts, caressing nipples with your hands, while focusing your mouth to her vagina).

By “attending to”, we have in mind just about anything, from kissing to sucking upon, to playing with fingers, caressing with hands, etc. Just use your imagination and dedicate yourself to the task.

5. Use vibrator, toys, and lube to spice things up

use vibrator to spice things up in bed

So many men are ashamed to bring props to bed, thinking it somehow implies that they are too small or not good enough to satisfy a woman on their own.

Come on, grow up, can your penis vibrate on its own? Yeah, thought so. Give a girl some extra pleasure and take the buzzing thing out. Place the vibrating part on her clit while licking her yourself.

She’s gonna go insane from all the pleasure.

The best time to do this, is when she’s already in the mood. Let’s say after like 5 minutes of pleasuring her. Just say to her: “I got a surprise for you today,” smile, and reveal her your new trusty sidekick. Persuade her into giving it a try.

If she’s dry, consider bringing an intimate bottle of a lube into the game. On our website you can find tons of healthy and best performing lubricants for sexual acts. Don’t be afraid to try them in combination with toys, just keep in mind that silicone-based lube doesn’t work with silicone toys.

6. Switch positions

When you go down on her, don’t just let her lie on her back like a dead person while you eat her. Switching positions can result in enhanced pleasure.

You need to keep things dynamic, you need to make her switch position – not to many times, because then she won’t be able to focus, but here and there it shouldn’t hurt. It should be perfect.

Turn her around, make her raise her booty a bit and do her from behind. Don’t you just love grabbing her ass while eating her? It can be so hot. Especially if you take your time and oil her booty with a lube before continuing giving her oral.

Another thing – Have you completely forgotten about 69 position? Why should she have all the fun, if you both can satisfy each other. When it comes to sex, creativity has no limits. Experiment and avoid routine. And that’s how you lick a girl out like a pro!

How to lick a girl out – Final thoughts

I’d like to thank you all for reading my article. You can expect more juicy topics like this from me! I hope you guys find something useful in my content and that next time you’ll go down on a girl, she’s going to be amazed by your new moves.

I love discussing sexual tips, and the cunnilingus is really an art that is so hard to master. You’d think there’s nothing to it, but to send her into heaven you surely need both knowledge and practice, while also possessing some kind of natural talent for these things.

Thank you once again. Truly yours, Anna ;)

best tips on how to lick a girl out like a cunnilingus master


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