How to Get Really Comfortable Having Sex on Top


How to Feel More Comfortable Having Sex on Top?

While some people consider the missionary position not so exciting, it’s a favorite for several reasons. First, the person on the bottom has an option of doing nothing while their partner pumps and grinds. However, people looking for where to get sex advice often cite the discomfort one may experience while on top. Good sex advice in a relationship should emphasize the need for balance in pleasure between the couple, so if one of you finds the position uncomfortable, you can switch roles. You can take 300 dollar loans to get some cool sex toys or seductive lingerie to experience new sex, and also you can try this common yet effective position!

For some women, it’s easier to reach an orgasm when they come on top as it puts them in control, while others say this position feels uncomfortable. If you’re in the latter category, here is sex advice for everyone that will help you feel more comfortable while having sex on top.

Keep an Eye on Weight and Pressure

If you’re looking for sex advice for long-term relationships, you should learn how to be gentle yet effective in the bedroom. While on top and you have considerable weight, you should be careful not to rest all the weight on them. This places your partner in an uncomfortable situation and could prevent them from moving their body, especially the pelvis. Instead, use your hands to balance your body and ensure your partner does not carry all that weight. This way, you can maintain the same position for some time without getting uncomfortable.

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Avoid Comparing Yourself to Porn Actors

An important piece of sex expert advice you should take seriously is avoiding comparisons between yourself and what you see in porn. One of the reasons many people are stressed out about getting on top is because of how it’s filmed in porn. Many performers bounce up and down, exerting effort, but this is not how it works in real life. If it does not feel right, it’s okay. You can enjoy cowgirl in a relaxed position by sticking to a smaller range of motion, grinding on your partner without bouncing, and moving slower.

All your partner needs is to lie flat on their back to allow you the freedom to straddle them. Next, you will lower onto their penis and start rocking back and forth gently. To get the perfect rhythm, you can experiment with counterclockwise and clockwise movements. If you want to change the angle, place your hands on the bed and lean towards them.

Practice by Yourself

This may sound like funny sex advice, but it’s one way you can start feeling more comfortable having sex on top. It’s suited as sex advice for beginners, but experienced people can also take it if exploring new things. If you don’t feel comfortable because you’re shy about doing it with your partner, you can practice by yourself to understand what the position requires. A position like reverse cowgirl is all about your hip movements.

To practice, get your knees on the bed and stuff a pillow between your legs. While it feels silly, this is a way to know what you like as you can easily master the movement. The next time you get into the action with your partner, you will be more in control and avoid the discomfort that comes from lack of experience.

Take a Class

Learning new things could also be sex advice for seniors who want to add a spark to their relationship. To learn about the position and ensure you’re doing everything well, consider taking a class. This will help you build strength and be more flexible. There are classes that highlight how to ride or do certain sexual positions, ensuring the comfort and safety of both involved. Being informed on things you should do helps you avoid awkward moments that could kill the connection while having sex on top.

Many educators who teach erotic fitness classes will offer you tips for how to have the stamina to keep up with the tempo in the bedroom. You can search online to see the people you can learn from. You don’t need to visit them as there are online classes that you can join from the comfort of your bedroom. This sex advice will transform how you approach sex with your partner.

Discuss It With Your Partner

When you feel discomfort, you should talk to your partner about it. Chat things out and share about your feelings before you enter the bedroom and attempt the position. If you’re nervous, let them know. Communication is important as it helps them adjust the sessions to match each one’s needs. Keep talking throughout and be open about what’s happening whenever you come on top so they can help you to fix the problem. Keeping the feelings to yourself will mean you will be missing a big opportunity to have fun.

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Get Your Body Involved

After figuring the best way to move your hips in this position, you will feel more comfortable practicing cowgirl. To get more pleasure, you should try involving the rest of your body. Things like touching yourself while grinding your partner will help you reach an orgasm faster. Also, your partner will love watching this, and it could serve as an element of arousal on his part. You can ask him to touch you or introduce a vibrator to make things more interesting. The more you’re both involved, the less awkward the sex will feel.


One of the reasons so many people embrace sex on top is that it’s simple to do. Also, you can look into your partner’s eyes and kiss, making the action more pleasurable. That skin-to-skin contact gets you closer and makes it easier for both of you to enjoy having sex. Consider these ideas if you feel uncomfortable having sex on top.

What’s your favorite sex position for comfort and pleasure? Leave a comment below.

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