How to make your date hate you? 7 tips to ditch a bad date


When we’re watching movies we are used to seeing those romantic date nights, where everything is perfect. That’s why they’re called movies – it’s fiction.

In real life, having a good date can be a real struggle. You already think he or she is great, only to find out they are complete psychos. And you think to yourself: “How can I ditch this bad date without hurting his/hers feelings?”

One of my stories goes like this: I knew this guy liked me for a while back then, and that he was into me. He would try flirting on regular basis. We were students, same class. And well, one day I thought to myself, that he’s not that bad looking and appears to be smart. Therefore, maybe I should give him a chance? – One of the Biggest mistakes of my life!

At that horrible date, I couldn’t think about anything else but to run away and to never see him again. So, at this time, I decided to share my experience with everyone and give a few personal insights on how to make your date hate you?, where we will go through 7 tips to ditch a bad date.

My worst date ever and my 7 tips to ditch a bad date

As I said before, after more than a year after the guy became hitting on me, I said to myself what the heck and agreed to go on a date with him. He really seemed well-mannered, intelligent, and had an okayish physical appearance. So, what could go wrong?

Well, just about everything.

We were scheduled to meet at 19h00 at this restaurant. Nothing special, nothing classy, just a normal restaurant. I don’t like to go out to places where they rob you of hundreds of dollars. And when you get home, you can go and make yourself another meal, because those expensive portions were the size that would leave a toddler hungry for more.

Anyway, here’s how it went:

#1: I waited for him 35 minutes before he finally arrived. I was already frustrated with him, and drank two glasses of vine while waiting. He had this great childish excuse, something to do about his mom. Could have at least sent me a text notifying me about his delay.

#2: When he got there, he kissed me – like on the lips. I mean WTH, I thought it was gonna be a cheek kiss, but he went for the mouth. I started to hate him in the first 2 minutes of our encounter.

#3: Most of the talking was done by him. He talked, talked, and talked some more. I heard everything about his future plans, his vision, his enlightenment process he was into at the time, his family, his hobbies, … I honestly thought I would fall asleep.

#4: He interrupted me a lot, and never shown any interest in what I had to say. Like I would start this topic about desserts (to kill his speech about sports), and boom – he jumps in, starts another 20-minute one-way conversation, explaining to me how he made a cake for his cousin’s birthday.

#5: I thought of him to be well-mannered, but he has shown on the 1st date that he likes to feel at home – he belched! Yeah, in a restaurant, on the first date, he dared to burp. What have I gotten myself into?!

#6: If you thought that the fifth would be the final, you were mistaken. The sixth one takes the 1st place. During our date, he would mention his ex-girlfriend at least 3 times. He would tell me, she did this and that and that he hated it. He would go as far to tell me how she dressed, what she wore, and that he doesn’t like that – So what? I don’t care? I dress however I want. And you are obviously still but hurt over her leaving you, even if you’re trying to appear as if you’re not.

Okay, I somehow survived through these two and a half painful hours, constantly thinking about how to ditch the guy. I knew that once we finish, he would ask me, when we meet again. If he’d try to ask me if we go back to his place, I already had 10 excuses well-prepared.

But I didn’t want to postpone it, and give the guy false hopes. I was looking for a way to ditch him fast, but in a classy manner. I didn’t want him going around saying bad stuff about me. I also didn’t want to hurt someone who is evidently still showing grief over his past relationship.

I wanted him to somehow foresee that we aren’t meant to be. Maybe the best way would be to make him hate me. But how to make your date hate you? Having the ability to make your date hate you (without being mean to him) sounds like a great way to ditch a bad date. I wanted him, to get a bad vibe about me and my personality. And here are my 7 tips to ditch a bad date, without them being butt hurt.

let him wait - best tips to ditch your date

1. Don’t show up and make it look like it’s not a big deal

This is one of the best ways to ditch your bad date. After you first realize he’s no good, arrange for another date. And then, simply don’t come and don’t answer your phone. Let him ring you and text you 20 times.

Reply in the morning with something lame. Like: “Oh me and my girl friends totally got hooked over a debate in a bar last night, so sorry, I completely forgot about you. Too bad you weren’t there xoxo.”

Let me tell you, this will piss him off, and he will probably start thinking if you’re the right choice for him. He might give you another chance. If not, just as well :) Oh, we girls can be so mean.

If you two arrange for another meeting, below are 6 more tips to get him off your chest.

tell him you don't shave

2. Tell him you don’t shave (works like a charm)!

Haha, one of my favorites. I do this every time now, whenever I get a bad vibe from my date. He gets all egocentric and manly, tries to seduce me, and then I’d come up with this topic.

“Hey, I couldn’t not notice that you are freshly shaved,” I’d say. Did you know shaving is bad for your health and skin? – Have something prepared, like some “scientific evidence” (cough, here you go). And I continue: “Since I learned about that, I don’t shave myself anymore. Hope you like hairy women?”

Sound of silence. And then he’d try to make it look like it’s OK. But trust me, getting another phone call from that guy, chances are you’d win the lottery prior to that.

I like to use this one, because I think it’s funny, and because of that face they make when their brain process what I just said. It’s gold.

How to make your date hate you - Let him know he will do chores

3. Let him know you need someone who’ll do the chores

When you want to make your date hate you, there’s nothing better than letting them know you ain’t no mamma, who’s gonna be doing the chores around the house. Tell them you are well classed, and that you expect them to help and give their 110%.

Start fantasizing about your daily routine and present it to them:

  • Every saturday morning I have fitness. I expect my man to do the laundry before I’m back!
  • I don’t like vacuuming, so I expect this to be done by my man.
  • I can’t cook. I hope you can, because I surely won’t be learning any new recipes.

Just 3 examples of what you can do, to make him run far away from you. Letting him know that you expect him to be the housewife, will guarantee you that you’ll never see his face again.

One of my favorite tips on how to ditch a bad date. Simply start talking about how you dream of getting a well-mannered guy, who knows how to vacuum, do the laundry, clean the house, do the dishes, etc. Confess that you’re lazy and that household chores are something you expect your man to do.

7 tips to ditch a bad date

4. Make him believe you are saving yourself for marriage (sexually)

If you do not have the status of a complete slut, you just might pull this off.

Before saying something like this, make sure he is not acquainted with one of your ex-boyfriends. They might start laughing if he’d ask them if it’s true. Because we all know it’s not, lol.

Anyway, when you start to feel this is not it, that he is just another douche who you despise, start talking about purity and integrity, and how important it is to you that your virginity is taken by someone who truly loves and deserves you.

Even if you are 30. Simply say that no man so far has been of the caliber you’re looking for.

And to make him even more frustrated, start asking him about how his first time was, and if the other girl enjoyed it or was it painful for her. Act like a total newb. If this “chastity belt” tip won’t ditch a bad date, I honestly don’t know what will.

Most guys are searching for “physical love”. If he’s okay with no sex rule, then you might reconsider him? Maybe he’s really into you as a person?

bossy woman

5. Be bossy and demanding. Never pay for anything!

Exactly like the heading say – become the bitchiest CEO out there. Full of yourself, confident, egocentric, only your opinion counts, etc.

When you two are together, never ever reach for your purse to grab a wallet. He is the one who should be paying. And make this visible to him. He should start to begin asking himself: “Is she just another money grabber? Will I get nothing from her, only few less Benjamin Franklin’s on my bank account?”

Those are to be his worries. While you simply act confident and bossy. Regardless of your social status or anything else. If you want to ditch a bad date, this is bound to work. No guy wants to be with a bossy, money grabbing, woman.

However, if you do it to often, people might start spreading rumors about you around.

ditch a bad date - make fun of him

6. Make fun of stuff he likes (one of the best ways to ditch a bad date)

Did he just started a conversation about how much he likes to do a certain thing?

Is he a muscle man who likes rock climbing?

You better tell him that’s a bit silly thing to do. And before saying it, have a few facts prepared. Like: “Did you know that every 12th alpinist dies or ends up in a wheelchair?” – I made this up, it’s not a real fact. But there’s 99% chance he doesn’t know facts either.

But there’s an even better way to do this. Make fun of it! Like it’s not any big deal. Like it is a ridiculous thing to do: “Hehe, you boys seem to have too much free time. Why don’t you attend to more important things in life?” – Present it like a comparison to building castles in a sandbox when you’re 30 years of age. Childish, immature, silly.

This is bound to let him begin thinking if you are the right person for him. You just insulted his passion by calling it a hobby. Good job, this is exactly how you can ditch a bad date.

ditching a bad date - mention your ex

7. Compare him to other people (also to your ex-boyfriends)

This one is the tip of the ice berg. No one likes to be compared with anyone. That’s a simple fact. Imagine if your mom said to you: “Oh, I wish you were like your sister. Kind and hardworking.”

Now, when you just realized your date is nothing what you expected him to be, it’s your turn to use this weapon. Compare him to other people. This will help you ditch your date in a matter of minutes. You’ll make your date hate you instantly.

For example, if he orders a beer and drinks it from the bottle, you can use this moment and say: “That reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, he also drank beer from the bottle. He was so manly.”

And vice-versa if your new date drinks beer from the glass, try finding some gayish figure to compare him with: “You are holding this glass really gently. You are so soft. My ex always drank from a bottle, but I hated that. It was too manly, I want softer, kinder, man for myself.”

Anyway, whatever he does, compare it to someone else. Like your brain is with someone else the entire time. This is bound to ditch a bad date and to make your date hate you.

How to ditch a bad date? – Final thoughts

I think with the above 7 tips we’ve covered some cool ideas on how to make your date hate you. You’ll be dateless in no time, and he will not resent you. Because you didn’t go personal at him.

It is so much better for your own sake to make yourself unattractive to him. He’ll be thinking to himself: “Wow, this woman, I really can’t be with someone like that.” – And he’ll probably just never call you again. And you’re saved!

Knowing how to date is important, but knowing how not to date, is even more important. And in this article I tried to give you some ideas. A woman needs to have a backup plan. What if he doesn’t turn out the way you think he is? What if he turns out to be a complete lunatic?

Pro-tip before we say our goodbyes: Never leave him over the phone. This will make angry and depressed, and when you’ll encounter him in public places, it’s going to be completely awkward. Don’t leave him at all. Let him do the leaving, you just sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for reading my article: How to make your date hate you? 7 tips to ditch a bad date!

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