How to cheat on your wife and not get caught? – 8 best tips for cheating husbands


How to cheat on wife without getting caught? – Have you done it already or are you planning on doing it? Had she been cheating on you first, and you just want to return the favor (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth)? Did your marriage and sexual life simply became too dull in the last years?

And here’s how you can catch your cheating spouse and reveal his infidelities.

Well, regardless of your motives, you have stumbled upon this article, meaning that there are thoughts of infidelity going through your mind. And you can get some helpful information here, for we have prepared for you an article with 8 best tips for successfully cheat on your wife and get away with it.

So, how to get away with cheating on your wife?

How to cheat on your wife and not get caught? – I think there’s no need to emphasize on just how wrong cheating is. Before doing it, imagine you’d get cheated by her… Well perhaps this is exactly what happened to you? We don’t know your situation, but since you are here we will reveal our top 8 tips, which you should take into account if you’re going to be cheating on your spouse. Also, if you want to learn how to attract other women and improve your seduction skills, read this article.

However, all these methods can work for quite some time, but the fact that you and your wife will probably split in the next years, remains. For it is hard to love someone who you are cheating on and stay in a good relationship.

She will notice that something is wrong, and she is going to feel that there’s no more love between you two. And perhaps she’s even going to catch you, regardless if you are to follow all our tips to the very detail. Once she’ll get suspicious, it will be easy for her to reveal your indecencies. The key is in not letting her to suspect anything about your affairs with other women.

The key is in not letting her to become suspicious.

You should realize that having complete control over this can be extremely hard, if not impossible. She knows you best, she knows your personality into the very detail, and your wife will be the first one to determine that your act is fake.

You should also take into account that women have strong instinct []. Women intuition is proven to be better compared to men. Women have better abilities to read facial expressions, emotions and other non-verbal signs of communication. If something “feels” wrong, and they have no reasonable proof of it, they will listen to their inner voice. So even if you do everything perfect and hide all “evidence”, the smallest glitch in how you act, in how you talk, in how you plan your schedule, can be a trigger for her to become suspicious of you.

Stay calm and never panic.

Even if she’s up to you, the worst thing to do is to panic. Be calm and never answer her questions directly. Try to smoothly answer everything without giving her any concrete information, on which she can investigate. Once it comes to cheating, women become better detectives than Columbo himself.

A short story: I personally know a guy who cheated on his wife, with whom they have 2 kids – multiple times. Her suspicions started due to many things, but the worst was the fact that she was hinted by other women that the guy is cheating on her. However, the guy has truly admirable skills of not being concrete with his answers, which somehow always gets him out of trouble.

When asked where he was later that night, he simply makes up some story, that is in no way provable or disprovable.

For example, he once told her, that he didn’t come home, because he was a bit nervous in the evening due to some work issues. So he went for a quick beer to the pub. And to his surprise, he ran there into a high school fella, with whom they drank a few beers together. – And of course, that he doesn’t have his phone number or any contact at all. Making the situation harder for her to verify, because in order to do so, she would have to find out where that guy lives and go knocking on his door.

But he did one crucial cheating mistake – He made himself a suspect. So wherever he goes now, she is 100% suspicious of him and constantly checking all his actions. The poor fella failed miserably. Let’s learn how not to make the same mistakes he did.

Within this article we are going to discuss:

  • How to cheat on your wife and not get caught?
  • Which are the 8 crucial tips you must follow so that your wife doesn’t become suspicious of you cheating on her?
  • Which things you should do, when cheating on your wife?
  • What things you should never do, to not get caught?
  • How to act while cheating?
  • What are some common mistakes cheating husbands do, to get caught?

8 essential tips to cheat on wife without getting caught

Such a nice article, isn’t it? Filled with good intentions and moral authenticity. As I already said, we do not approve cheating, and you should reconsider doing anything stupid, before ruining your marriage.

However, if there’s nothing we can do to change your mind, in continuation you will be presented with 8 tips for how to cheat on your wife and not get caught.

For you to be able to cheat on wife without getting caught, you will have to master skills which you won’t be proud of. You will have to become master manipulator and your life will become one big lie. You have to be prepared for this, and you have to ask yourself: “Am I able to pull this off?” – If yes, than continue reading.

Also, before becoming a cheating husbands, you might wanna read a few of our revolutionary sex tips, to better satisfy your new mistress.

set rules with mistress - cheat on wife best tips

Tip #1 to cheat on your wife: Clarify rules and synchronize with your mistress

Yeah I know that you will not start setting up rules first, you’re probably gonna bang each other first. However, if it’s not a one-time thing, and that your dates with the new mistress are a recurring thing, you two should definitely set some basic rules.

These ground rules are the fundaments of your relationship, which should be almost non-existing. Here are some key points, which you should establish with your mystery woman:

  • Is it only sex or does any one of you want something more? (Based on this you should decide on whether you should continue having an affair or put an end to it.)
  • What are the fixed times for your communication? (More on this in chapter 3.)
  • What are the standard channels for your communication? (Phone, email …)
  • What times are best for your meetings? (Is it during the day, or late at night?)
  • What is the standard place for your meetings?
  • How you should act if you meet in public, possibly accompanied by your spouse? Should you greet or simply ignore each other?
  • None of you should wear perfume or any sort of specific fragrance when you’re together.
  • Who will provide condoms?
  • And other possible questions, that need to be synchronized, between you and your mistress.

Once you answer the above questions (for successfully cheat on your wife without her finding out about it), you will have a lot easier job managing all your secret activities regarding your affair.

So go ahead, and sit down with your babe, and let her know that it’s time you two set few things straight. Tell her that the purpose is, because you will both have much easier time organizing things, if you find agreement regarding the questions above.

dont use primary phone when cheating on your wife

Tip #2 to cheat on your wife: Never use your primary phone when it comes to cheating

On our featured photo in the beginning of the article, you are given a hint on how guys get caught in most cases. Through the phone messages or through history of incoming / outgoing calls.

Do not fall for this. If you are going to cheat, at least do it decently and don’t use your primary phone for communication with your mistress. It is a rookie mistake, and she will one day accidentally find those conversations that you’ve had with the woman you were cheating with.

There are 2 options that are available to you:

  • Buy yourself a secondary phone; It’s wise to go with the prepaid one, because your wife will get suspicious if bills for another phone suddenly start coming with mail, lol.
  • Do not use phone numbers, use mails service instead. Make a deal with your mistress to only communicate through e-mail. You both simply create fake e-mail account, which you’re going to use for setting up your meetings.

Both options work just fine, just don’t forget to hide the fact that you own these. If you want to cheat on your wife and not get caught, she can never find out about your secondary phone or the fake email.

The guy I told you about before, he told me he once almost got caught because he was on his fake e-mail on his primary phone. And even though he was using “private browsing mode” which doesn’t save history, he somehow forgot to sign out, and the phone beeped the new e-mail message just when his wife passed by. Luckily, he said, she didn’t notice. But she could just as well have stopped, pick up the phone and check who’s sending him messages.

schedule your affair and dates with your mistress

Tip #3 to cheat on your wife: Have fixed time schedule for chats with your mistress

Even if you follow Tip #1 to exact detail, you still need to be cautious and your communication with your mistress is best to have some pre-planned time schedule.

Basically you both should agree to some kind of communication process. Like:

  • Make a deal that you will only check your new mail and messages at 10pm, when your wife goes to sleep.
  • And that you can only talk on phone from 13pm to 15pm when you are usually at the office, where you’re mostly not disturbed.

Setting a sort of “fixed schedule” is a very recommended thing to do when you’re cheating on your wife. Just imagine if for some reason you might have left a phone or an opened e-mail somewhere through the day, and that she finds out about it.

If you have set schedule, you know at which times you need to worry. So you are cautions only at those scheduled times, and you can be prepared. Many men do a mistake of getting caught off guard by their wives. That won’t happen if you folow our Tip #2 on how to cheat on your wife and not get caught?

wife spy on husbands facebook - cheat on wife and not get caught

Tip #4 to cheat on your wife: Avoid social media and online presence

It is of key relevance that you avoid using social media and minimize your online presence as much as you can.

I have a personal experience when a certain woman started writing to me. I don’ t know, she must have mistaken me for someone but she was telling me on Facebook chat how she loved when we were together and that she’d like to repeat that. Imagine if my wife was using computer at the time.

If you’re going to cheat, it is essential that the amount of communication channels, where people can reach you, is as low as possible.

There are hundreds of cases where wife found out about cheating through communication channels, and social media is big in this section. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … avoid using them all during your adventures.

And if you already have accounts set-up there, do not delete them! This might seem like a suspicious activity.

The best thing to do when cheating on your wife and don’t want to get caught, is that you simply say to any women that asks you about social media contact, that you are not using those. That you have an account which you created long time ago, but that you haven’t been there for like a year or two, and have no intention of going back.

Make an excuse that social media goes on your nerves and that you prefer live communication, however you really should stop using social media at that point, and it’s best you don’t publish anything there for the time of cheating your wife.

credit debit card payment guy gets caught cheating by wife

Tip #5 to cheat on your wife: Don’t use credit/debit cards payments

I can’t remember how many times when my wife went online to pay our bills she started asking me about why I was somewhere and what did I buy there.

You should realize that whenever you use credit or debit cards payments, you are leaving an informational trace behind you. There are full records of your location and the amount of money spent available for your wife to find.

So, it would be very strange if you told her that you were at your office working, and she goes check transactions and sees that you were actually at the restaurant, 30 miles (ca. 48 km) away from your office, buying stuff for $100. You will have quite some explaining to do.

The best thing is to have cash with you at all time when you are cheating on your wife. Cash can’t be traced. And she will not know where you were, and what amount did you spent.

So, whatever you do, never use credit or debit card payments, when you are with your mistress.

I still remember how I had to explain to my wife, that no, I wasn’t cheating on her, when she was questioning me about my payments in unusual places. Of course, I was telling the truth at the time. But imagine if was a cheating husband, meeting with a woman, and using card payments. It would make it extremely difficult for me, explaining all those transactions.

Therefore, our 5th tip for cheating husbands on how to cheat on your wife and not get caught, is to never use credit / debit card payments.

wife catches husband cheating - finds condoms

Tip #6 to cheat on your wife: Don’t leave stuff hidden around

I can’t remember how many times a guy got caught, by his wife, due to leaving stuff in various places.

Most common (and probably the biggest mistake) is when your wife finds condoms in one of your jacket or neatly placed somewhere in your car. If you are using condoms (which is a wise thing to do if you don’t want to get your mistress pregnant) you should never bring those home.

Even if you think: “she will never look here” you are risking a chance that she finds out. She didn’t check that spot for 5 years, but as if it was the work of the devils, she will pick that incorrect moment to look at that spot for some reason. So just don’t.

Pick the place of which you know she never visits and have your condoms hidden there, or simply buy one by one when needed.

The same goes for anything else. Jewelry, clothing, perhaps your mistress gave you her panties, or perhaps you two used a lube which you’ve hidden in your car somewhere, etc … never have any physical objects hidden in places where there’s a slight possibility of your wife finding out.

That is if you want to cheat on your wife and not get caught in the process.

cheat on your wife and not get caught

Tip #7 to cheat on your wife: Stay lovable to your wife (act if you need to)

When people start cheating on their spouse, there’s usually the problem that that person stops loving and caring for their spouse. It is notable that he or she lost interest in their partner.

And that’s a very good reason for your wife to became suspicious. You should never start acting as if you lost interest in her, especially not when you start cheating.

Things to follow when you cheat on your wife:

  • do not stop having sex with your wife (show her you still physically want her);
  • occasionally make a romantic dinner for her;
  • tell her that you love her;
  • be good to your wife and give her attention even if you’ve just come from the date with your mistress;
  • you shouldn’t start coming home too late too often.

So, how to get away with cheating on your wife? – Never lose love for your wife (if you don’t love her at least act like you do), remain doing husband/wife things with her, and never give her the feeling that you lost interest in her (physically or in any other way).

She will not become suspicious if you follow these tips. The fact is that you are a cheating husband. You should at least make sure that you are good at cheating. If you get caught, you know what’s on stake – your money, your house, your children, and the list goes on.

So once again, if you haven’t cheated yet, think about it. Ask yourself if this is really what you want to do, and possibly lose everything you created so far in your life.

how to get away with cheating on your wife

Tip #8 to cheat on your wife: Never admit that you’re guilty, and always have an alibi

Most times guys get caught by admitting themselves once they are pressured and unprepared.

Even though you are doing everything correct, hiding things super effective and being careful to the maximum degree, there’s always a chance of your wife getting triggered by something and confronting you.

When that happens you should realize that she probably has no concrete evidence. Only suspicions. She will cry and attack you, but be strong and never confess. Once you confess – verbally or with physical gestures, it’s over.

What happens once you confess to your wife that you were cheating on her?

  • Most probably you will lose her and the children (that is if you have any);
  • Prepare yourself that she will tell your kids only bad things about you, even if you are a good father.
  • She will tell everyone what a bastard you are making you look like the worst person on this planet (which you are, let’s face it);
  • She will after her sadness is over start thinking about how to get back at you (women love revenge);
  • And you will definitely have to find yourself a place to stay, which can be a logistical, organizational and financial challenge.

Therefore, you should never admit, even if she has full proof evidence like a video of you having sex with the mistress. Make something up. Tell her a friend gave you something to drink and that it was probably drugged or something and that you have no recollection of the events that happened that night. And most of all how terrible you feel about it and that you love her so much, etc.

For this reason, it is wise to have an alibi ready. Whenever you are with your mistress have some evidence that shows that you weren’t.

  • Have a buddy to vouch for you.
  • Stop somewhere and take a receipt and tell her that you were there the whole time.
  • Sign yourself up for some event and don’t go there, but have a proof of signing up.
  • Stop at your office on the way, and take a photo of some documents or something, and when confronted you can say: “Look, I was at the office, just look how much work I had to do… It’s crazy I even took a pic!”
  • Or whatever the case may be, which will prove to some degree, that you weren’t with your mistress.

Anyway, it is much safer to invest a few minutes into creating yourself an alibi, in comparison of getting caught unprepared.

However, your alibi can also work against you. If she confronts you and you immediately start pulling out evidence from your pocket that prove your innocence, it will be suspicious that you have all these proofs prepared. So it is best to wait a bit and show her the alibi later. Telling your wife something like: “I was going through my phone, and found a pic of me yesterday in the office, I forgot I took picture of work that I was doing. See, stop blaming me of things I didn’t do!”

There, smooth and elegant. You stay with the woman you love, and get sexual gratification from the woman you like having sex with. Win-win. And these were all of our 8 tips for cheating husbands on how to cheat on your wife and not get caught?

How to cheat on wife and not get caught? – Conclusions

cheating husband

It certainly isn’t nice to be a cheater. It is the most degrading and disrespectful thing that can be done to the person that loves you.

You should take a look deep inside you and try to figure out, if cheating your wife is really what you want to do? – Imagine if she did that you, if it was the other way around.

Imagine if she was cheating on you behind your back.

However, to many times we’ve seen husbands getting caught cheating, due to rookie mistakes (like their wife finding condoms hidden in their jacket, etc.), thus we wanted to write an article as a guide for cheating husbands. If you are going to cheat on wife, at least do it like a pro and don’t get caught in the process.

We hope you enjoyed reading though our guide for cheating husbands titled: “How to cheat on your wife and not get caught? 8 best tips for cheating husbands”

And stay tuned, for we are soon going to publish articles on:

  • How to get your wife back after she dumped you for cheating on her?
  • How to become loyal husband and stop cheating on your wife with other women?

Thanks for reading, stay faithful to your spouse, and see you around!


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