How do I take care of my bikini area? 8 tips for a smooth bikini line


Since the summer is here and many people are already planning their trips to exotic places I believe we should share a few secret tips for how a girl can maintain a smooth bikini line free of bumps, blemishes, razor cuts and ingrown hairs in bikini area.

All these problems associated with bikini area are not only painful and irritating physically, for they also have a big impact on your confidence. Having cuts and red inflamed bumps down there, a woman just can’t feel comfortable walking around in a sexy swimsuit, even if you’re the most beautiful, gorgeous thing on this planet.

Leaving aside the psychological effects of these annoying bikini line problems, I remember coming home from work (or from a party with my friends) and how I couldn’t wait to slip into something more comfortable. Those tight jeans really made me suffer, and I believe that the itching and irritation only gotten worse when trying to dress sexy.

With this in mind we I would today like to share 8 tips for a smooth bikini line, and thus provide an answer to the question “How do I take care of my bikini area?”

annoying bikini line problems and 8 solutions

To fix this, we should first find the cause to the problem. Most bikini line issues happen due to ingrown hair. This is a condition when your hair instead of growing outside of the skin, starts growing below the skin surface. The result of this are pimples, bumps, discoloration, red spots, itching, etc.

Of course, another thing that can happen, being the cause of bikini line problems, are razor cuts. If you are not careful, or if you are using a bad razor and applying too much pressure, this can of course happen. Razor cuts are painful and days are needed for those to heal.

So, what are the 8 things every woman can do for a smooth bikini line?

  • Step #1: Trim your pubic hair with scissors
  • Step #2: Exfoliate the day before shaving
  • Step #3: Apply cold-pressed coconut oil before shaving
  • Step #4: Using a sharp razor blade for shaving
  • Step #5: Thoroughly clean your pubic area after shaving
  • Step #6: Use IPL hair remover
  • Step #7: Moisturize with fresh Aloe Vera gel
  • Step #8: Enjoy your beautiful & smooth bikini line
How do I take care of my bikini area - Smooth bikini line photo

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Step #1: Trim your pubic hair with scissors

If your pubic hair is too long to simply just shave, you should first trim that area. This will prevent clogged blades once you get to shaving.

Of course, trimming is also very efficient when you don’t want to shave near vagina, but only the area that is visible when wearing a bikini.

Nicely shaped pubic hair can make a woman feel sexy and gorgeous, and without trimming those, the hair will eventually grow too long, which is not hygienic and also doesn’t look good to be honest.

Make sure you wash before and after trimming your pubic hair to avoid any infections. While also making sure that you trim dry. Remember that trimming should be done dry, while shaving is best to be done wet.

To do this, the best tool to use are scissors. Don’t trim with anything that can come in physical contact with your skin. Scissors are best for this task for this exact reason – you can cut your pubic hair without touching the skin.

How do I take care of my bikini area? – As the 1st step says, make sure you trim those hair to a short length (about 0.25 – 0.50 inch) before doing any further steps. After you’re done trimming, wait 1 or 2 days before continuing to step 2.

Another important tip that I find to work great in my case, is to use scissors of a small size. Using big regular scissors, those are just too clumsy and actually quite dangerous. Nail scissors are just the thing!

exfoliate bikini area (scrub)

Step #2: Exfoliate the day before shaving

I am certainly not a fan of products with synthetic ingredients all over them, so I will not even be bothering linking to any. Most scrubs even contain fragrance ingredients, which will most definitely irritate the sensitive skin in your bikini area.

Instead, I recommend you make your own bikini exfoliating scrub from more natural stuff and with fewer ingredients. When it comes to skin, and what we are applying to it, the rule “less is more” should be followed. Those over the counter products can contain up to 10 ingredients and more, of which many can be harmful for your skin and vaginal health. How do I take care of my bikini area? – For starters, do not exfoliate with scrubs that contain harmful, irritating, synthetic ingredients.

There are also tons of DIY recipes that I have problems with. Most of them include sugar and anyone like me, prone to yeast infections, should stay away from using sugar down there. Sugar is a feeding source for Candidas.

The exfoliating scrub for a smooth bikini line that I find to work best is:

  • 0.25 cup of baking soda
  • and 2 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil (unblended, low acidity)

Mixing those two you’ll get a nice exfoliant paste that you can use on your bikini area.

Step into the shower, apply warm (not hot) water to open up the pores. After showering for about 5 minutes take the paste with your bare fingers and rub it into your bikini area. Gently massaging with circular motion. Do not press to hard, because as you know, your skin down there is more sensitive than skin on the other parts of your body.

When you’re done, rinse with warm water and pad with dry towel to dry. For the perfect ending apply some moisturizing Aloe Vera.

By doing this, you have removed the dead cells and old skin from the top layer, which will prevent ingrown hair after you shave.

Coconut oil instead of shaving gel

Step #3: Apply cold-pressed coconut oil before shaving

The shaving day is here. As we said earlier shaving shouldn’t be done dry, and for this purpose tons of products are available for men and women.

Most of these come in the form of a shaving gel, foam or cream. Again, god knows what exactly manufacturers put in there. If we take a look at a Gillette product (which is advertised “for sensitive skin”), these ingredients are just few that are listed amongst the other:

And as I said, this product is supposed to be “for sensitive skin”. Imagine the toxicity of a normal one. All these ingredients are harmful and toxic. Check the links and you’ll find info such as: irritant, corrosive, health hazard, flammable, etc. Why would anyone apply such ingredients to their skin is beyond me.

Cold-pressed coconut oil, is 100% natural, it contains lots of nutritional value, rich with vitamins, good for skin, and after all, a great alternative to your shaving gel.

The only problem you may experience is that the pubic hair might be clogging your razor a bit. But if you rinse the blades frequently that problem should be non-existent.

using sharp razor blade for a smooth bikini line

Step #4: Using a sharp razor blade for shaving

So, we came to the “main part” of how do I take care of my bikini area article – the shaving. As mentioned previously, before shaving, apply cold-pressed coconut oil to your skin to make your razor run smoothly.

Now there’s not much to be said here, however, there are few secrets when it comes to shaving your bikini area and achieving smooth bikini line.

I like to use 5-blades razor like Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women’s Razor Blade [link to Amazon], which I find very efficient for reaching those tricky parts on my body.

The next thing to make sure is that you always use sharp blades. If you use the same blade without changing it for a longer time, you have a higher chance for later having problems with ingrown hairs. Never use dull blades when taking care of your bikini area.

And the final trick to shaving your bikini area is the direction in which you’re shaving. Always shave with the growth of your hair, not against it! It might seem that you’ve done a better job when shaving against the direction in which your pubic hair is growing, however, this is a mistake that you should most definitely avoid if you want a smooth bikini line.

clean bikini are with water - smooth bikini line

Step #5: Thoroughly clean your pubic area after shaving

Hygiene is important, and when asking “How do I take care of my bikini area?” we have to put some emphasis on what are the dos and the don’ts when it comes to properly cleaning once you’ve finished shaving.

Not cleaning at all after shaving your bikini area is of course not OK. All kinds of nasty stuff can be caught that way (read infections). However, I see many women using all kinds of stuff when trying to clean their vagina and the surrounding area.

All women should understand that things like soaps, shampoos, and other things we sometimes believe make us more clean, are not recommended for being used down there – at least not too frequently.

The skin in your bikini area is extra sensitive. And the secret for a smooth bikini line, when it comes to cleaning after you’ve shaved, is simple: Merely use water.

Yes, just water will do the trick. Nothing less, nothing more. When you are done shaving go under shower and clean yourself with some warm water. Natural and efficient.

You may still feel coconut oil, which you used instead of shaving gel. Do not worry, it will get absorbed in the next 30 minutes and provide moisturizing effect. When drying yourself with a towel, don’t scrub, but merely pad it onto your skin.

IPL hair remover for a perfect bikini area

Step #6: Use IPL hair remover at home

This is just amazing. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and you can now get your own IPL device to permanently get rid of hair on every area of your body. Here is Safe & Painless IPL Hair Remover Device for Body Legs Bikini Arm Armpits [link to Amazon] that is not only affordable but also works 100%.

This device has 999.999 flashes capacity, different levels of strengths, and can practically be used for permanent hair removal anywhere on your body, including bikini.

How it works? – Once you’ve shaved, you take this device, you press it to your skin onto the area that you want hair-free, and simply activate the IPL device. This will produce a strong flash / pulse, which basically destroys a part of hair follicle without burning the skin whatsoever.

I strongly recommend you check the above link and read about what customers are saying about the IPL device we’re currently discussing. This exact IPL device (by Malanzs) is the best you can get.

Note that after the first couple of treatments, the hair will be getting thinner. But with regular use, you will permanently stop hair growth. This is great solution for making sure that your feminine body parts stay hair-free and thus all your problem associated with ingrown hairs are permanently solved.

Remember to shave first before using the IPL device. By using the device on shaved skin, the flash will reach further in depth, requiring fewer treatments to achieve final results.

Aloe Vera gel for bikini after shave

Step #7: Moisturize with fresh Aloe Vera gel

Regardless whether you’re using IPL or finished at step 5 (shaving) one of te most crucial tips for a smooth bikini line, which also answers how do I take care of my bikini area, is moisturizing.

Moisturizing your bikini area should be done with something that is soothing for your skin, something healthy, something absorbing, something that provides that has the highest amount of benefits for your sensitive skin. – Aloe Vera!

Forget about products that you can pick from a shelf in the store. We already checked ingredients of those, and trust me, every product contains some sort of synthetic ingredients that prolongs its shelf life but can be harmful and irritating to your skin.

Instead try to get a hand on the Aloe Vera plant. The leaves of a mature Aloe plant can be used to extract the gel, which is hidden inside. The Aloe gel is used for medicinal purposes for centuries and does wonders when it comes to skin health.

But it is of key importance that you use fresh Aloe Vera gel. In a matter of days, it will lose healing powers, and in a matter of weeks it will go bad (expire). You can read more about Aloe Vera, its benefits and how exactly you can scoop out the gel, here.

Aloe Vera is called “a miracle plant” and there’s good reason for it. More than 200 bioactive ingredients are contained within the Aloe gel, each improving the health of your skin. All you need to do, is get your hands on the plant, scoop out the gel from the leaves, and apply that slimy thing to the bikini area where you’ve been shaving.

Best bikini shaving tips - How do I take care of my bikini area?

Step #8: Enjoy your beautiful & smooth bikini line

And that’s about it!

I hope the tips we’ve shared will help you achieve a smooth bikini line. I didn’t plan on making this article so long, however, it turned out to be one of the most comprehensive articles talking about bikini skin care.

Let’s face it, we all know basic stuff, so I wanted to go a little deeper and talk about crucial details. I wanted this article to have value and to actually help women around the world. I know how painful and just how annoying the skin problems in a bikini area can be.

I believe that following the 8 steps for smooth bikini line that we’ve shared, should after all work for most women, even though I do realize each body is different and not a single person is the same.

But for most women, I think this method should work just fine, and prevent ingrown hairs, bumps, blemishes, razor cuts, and every other problem a woman can experience in a bikini area.

Stay well and hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article titled: “How do I take care of my bikini area? 8 tips for a smooth bikini line” – See you around!


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