4 Hot Benefits of Using Sex Toys with Your Partner


Since the time Christian Grey has entered the world of fantasy, most of the women dream their partners, boyfriends, and husbands to be like him, the sex god in ripped low waist jeans who can go at it for hours and makes them scream in passion before he gets off. But sadly, in real life, this doesn’t always happen. Sexual intercourse is not as dreamy and pretty as they paint in the erotica. It is messy and at times, without climax. There is no one who is to be blame for it. But when you are lying there waiting for the ultimate wave of pleasure and your partner is done, it is surely not a pretty sight. This is where sex toys can come into the play for you.

Unlike popular beliefs, sex toys are not the replacement of a partner. Rather, studies have shown that it can be used to spice up even a dull relationship for many years and entice the fetishes and fantasies of the couple to enjoy some mutual excitement and pleasure. If you are thinking about whether you should buy adult toys online or not for you and your partner, then take a look at the following points for some inspiration.

Taking the Pressure Off

According to the Kinsey Institute, around 70% of women need clitoral stimulation during or after sex for achieving orgasms. And no matter how giving your partner might be, it is not always possible humanly to ensure that you are getting off nicely every time you both are under the sheets. And that can create some strain in your relationship. But all thanks to sex toys, this pressure can be handled in a much better and pleasurable way.

Multiple orgasm - sex toys are great for multiple orgasms

Perfect for Multiple Orgasms

Women are truly magical beings. And that is proved with their ability to achieve multiple orgasms. Now, no matter how hard a man tries, it is not always that easy to leave her moaning in pleasure and climax. But the top rated vibrators for women from the best online sex toy store can do the trick for you. Once the pressure is taken off from the partner, the woman can alternatively have some intense earth-shattering orgasms while the man can watch and pleasure himself perhaps. Nothing can enhance sexual satisfaction like this for a woman.

Exploring Hotter Encounters

Adding spice becomes necessary often when you and your partner are with each other for years. And that can sufficiently happen with the right sex toys. Using them opens the doors that can make you experience some inexplicable pleasures that you have never experienced before. If you are new to anal, then butt plugs can work like wonder for you. While receiving cunnilingus, using dildos can be great too. If you are willing to add some bondage and dominance game in your bedroom, blindfolds, whips, floggers, handcuffs, gag ball, and nipple clamps can be perfect choices for you. An adult toy store will be able to cater to every need of yours.

Mutual Pleasure is Amazing

A human being is a visual creature. When you are with your partner and planning to spend some intimate moments, pleasuring each other mutually and seeing that can help you achieve climax in unbelievable ways. This can also help you feel more intimate with each other. When you are getting yourself off, seeing you with your G-spot or bullet vibrator doing the tango will make your man feel amazingly lucky. And the same goes for you. So, why not take a peek at each other kinky sides just once in a while with the toys!

So, now, if you are already feeling quite hot and bothered, then let’s talk about the toys that you can bring in your play with your partner. In the following points, you will get to know about a few toys that will make your steamy session even more playful and intense. Take a look.


This is the magic tool that comes in a tiny shape but with so much potential and power. For a woman, it can be difficult at times to reach orgasm faster. Blame it on their anatomy if you want. But that is how it is. And that is why a vibrator can be a good tool to make her ready before you start playing your real game. If your lady is pleased with clitoral stimulation, then getting a bullet vibrator with multiple vibration modes can be the best idea. Once she has reached her climax once or twice, with this thriving toy against her clit, she will be ready for you to get it going and melt into a puddle quickly, if you know what I mean.

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Bondage and Wand

Does the thought of your lady being in bondage and totally at your mercy while you are making her moan in pleasure make you even hornier? If yes, then don’t waste time. Invest in bondage and body wand right away. You can go mild on her with some tying her hands and blindfolding her. Or you can go hardcore by keeping her completely tied up while you focus on pleasuring her or make her whimper while combusting with the body wand. Hold it against all the erogenous zones of her body, on her neck and throat, beneath her ears or around her nipples, her belly button, or on her inner thighs. You can also hold it against her clit as it is a place with thousands of nerve endings.


Investing in real life like dildos can be so much fun when you are focusing on mutual pleasure. Seeing each other orgasm and making all the sounds that are so primal and intimate that it directly goes to your mind, making you even more aroused, this is something that you can try for a change. That is why double-sided dildos are also in demand too for the couples who love to see each other pleasuring themselves.

So, invest in good toys and take a trip to the wonderland of pleasures with your partner. Rest assured, you will surely add some sparks to your life with these ideas.


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