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One day, when I was attending this conference, my mind was entirely somewhere else… wondering if I can make my own personal coconut oil lubricant? I researched this topic thoroughly, and then just decided I should give it a try. What I came up with is so good, and so natural, it would be a crime not to share this recipe. So, how do you make your own 100% natural coconut personal lubricant, at home, from fresh coconuts?

Used ingredients – just one: coconut meat. Making this 100% natural coconut oil-based lube. I used fresh coconuts from which I got my meat from. But the trick is in the process. After a few tries, I learned to master all the steps – and here is my recipe.

I recommend using this 100% natural coconut oil for treatment of your hair, teeth and skin (all body parts head-to-toe). It is great for sensual massage and most importantly, it’s eatable.


Why Should You Make Your Own Coconut Oil? Any Benefits at all?

Are there any benefits of making your own organic 100% natural coconut oil? Why not just buy one?

First of all, you are never 100% entirely sure about the ingredients used in an industry oils. Mass production will always be different from homemade. I’m not saying buying a coconut oil is bad idea (hell, we even recommend some tested quality oils on our website).

What I’m saying is – when you make it, you know how it was done. Period. What kind of procedure did you use? Were you using any additives? Were your hand clean while doing it? Were your pots and tools clean, when you were doing the procedure? These are just few of the questions you can be 100% sure of if you make your own homemade coconut oil.


I was always wondering what is the power of coconut oil? Why is it so popular among people? Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. Coconut oil is very healthy for your digestion – Eating a spoon of coconut oil first thing in the morning eliminates toxic bacteria from your stomach (source: thestreet.com);
  2. Coconut oil massage reduces cellulite – Cellulite, a woman’s worst nightmare. Applying coconut to your cellulite affected body parts (focusing on thighs, legs and stomach area) has proven benefits to reducing cellulite (source: stylecraze.com);
  3. Coconut oil for sensual massage – Besides all the health benefits, there are also sexual benefits. Using coconut oil for sex acts, is going to increase your sex drive, and make you a better lover overall (source: blueosa.com);
  4. Coconut oil for hair treatment – Prove to reduce protein loss from your hair, coconut oil is one of the best natural resources for protection and regeneration of your hair. You should apply coconut oil to your hair before washing it. Hair washing doesn’t do any good for your hair. And using shampoo makes it even worse (source: healthline.com)
  5. Coconut oil for your teeth – One of the most important coconut oil benefits. Making your teeth cleaner and stronger. Coconut oil fights the bacteria and gum disease. Brushing your teeth with coconut oil, will have positive effect for on dental health (source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov).

How To Make Coconut Oil From Home: Complete 17 Steps Recipe

Here, within this article, we are presenting how to make your own coconut oil using a DIY technique by boiling. If you want to go for a cold pressed process of getting extra virgin coconut oil, you should see our recipe for DIY Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Sensual Massage. Cold pressed procedure is longer and a bit more tricky, but we explain it to every detail, so even beginners should be able to understand how to do it with ease – if you have any questions, you are always welcome to ask those in the comment section below.



  • Fresh coconuts (you can expect to get ca. 50-65 ml of oil from 1 coconut, so do your math about how many you need);
  • No other ingredient (100% coconut).

Time needed:

One evening + one morning.



#ActivityAdditional comment
1Get some fresh coconuts.Do not go for green coconuts. For this recipe to succeed you need fresh brown coconuts. Make sure you get them from trustworthy source.
2Prepare your tools.You will need: something to break coconuts with, meat cleaver, knife, blender, sieve, filters, stove, some pots and other types of containers.
3Break the coconuts - open them.Drink some cocos water while doing this - it's tasty and healthy! Did you know coconut water is very rich with nutrition and minerals?
4Carve out the coconut flesh (meat).Separate coconut flesh from the shell. Do it with a knife or use special coconut meat removal knife. Cut coco meat to semi small cube-like pieces.
5Wash the coconut meat.Thoroughly wash away all impurities from the coconut meat under tap water. There should be no additional pieces left on the meat after you rinse it.
6Warm up some water.Important step. Do not use cold water or boiling water. The temperature of the water shouldn't be boiling, it has to be moderate ca. 50-60°C (ca. 122-140°F).
7Use blender for grinding. Put your coconut meat inside the blender, mix it with moderately hot water. Then grind the mixture in the blender.
8Separate milk from meat pieces.Your main task now is to separate water part from all the meat pieces. Using sieve first worked best for me.
9Squeezing out last drops.Squeeze the last drops from the mixed meat with your bare hands. It's important to get out all those juices out, for minimal loses.
10Repeat steps 7 to 9.Put the leftovers of coco meat back inside the blender, add some more water and grind. Then use sieve and squeeze out the final drops of coconut water.
11Sieve. Get pure coconut water.Once you have separated big chunks of meat from the water, continue sieving to get out the little parts. Using coffee filter or cheesecloth works really well here.
12Cool down.Put container (pot) in the refrigerator overnight. This process will separate oil from water. By the morning you will have coco oil in a solid form as the top layer.
13Separate oil from water.Separate the solid top part (coconut oil) and put it in a clean pot. Let's start cooking. Use a clean pot!
14Cooking at low temperature.Set stove to low to medium heath, cook for 1h10 - 1h30, make sure you don't burn it. There should be no smoke. Mix occasionally.
15Let it cool down.After cooked, there will be brown particles on the bottom of the pot. You need to sieve those once again.
16Final filtering and bottling.For the final filter use coffee filters or a cheesecloth laid over a sieve (you can make multiple layers). You are now doing the final step. Let the oil drip into a jar.
17All done.Congrats! There you have a perfect, one ingredient only, 100% natural, oil lube. Use for any reason your heart desire. Use it with your partner for full body massage ;)

Choosing Correct Coconuts For Your Coconut Oil Lubricant

what kind of coconut is best for making homemade coconut oil

Choosing the correct coconut is vital. Do NOT go for young GREEN coconuts if you want to make coconut oil. Green coconuts are good for drinking – they have more water, but less coconut meat. Oil is extracted from the coconut meat, therefore you have to go for mature brownish coconuts in order to make your perfect coconut 100% oil-based lube.


A Tricky Process Of Opening A Coconut

how to open a coconut

Opening a coconut can be a tricky process. I suggest you use a meat cleaver for opening a coconut. Hit the coconut a few times around its equator with the blunt side of a meat cleaver. Once it cracks use the sharp side to fully open the coconut, splitting it in two halves.

To separate coconut meat from coconut shell, you can try our useful tip of freezing the whole coconut overnight, before opening it. Once it’s frozen, the shell will easily separate from the meat, as soon as you crack the coconut with a meat cleaver.

Or you can just do standard procedure of carving out the coconut meat with a sharp knife or by using a special coconut meat removal knife (go to Amazon).

Basically, all of the most important tools are shown on this picture.


Carefully Rinsing The Coconut Meat Under Tap Water Before Grinding It

rinse coconut meat under tap water

Wash the coconut meat with cold water before grinding it with a blender. This process is going to make sure the content of your coconut mix (once you grind it) is pure, without any unwanted subjects floating inside of it.


Using Blender To Grind The Coconut Meat

lube for sex coconut oil - grinding coconut meat with a blender

After rinsing the coconut meat, you should cut it into small cube-like pieces. Now it’s time to grind your coconut meat from which you are gonna get your best, most amazing 100% natural homemade coconut oil.

The best way to grind it, is with a blender. We recommend one of the best solutions for this Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base (get it from Amazon). This is top quality blender you can use for just about anything (stats on October 20th, 2019 –> 1988 customer reviews | average rating 4.4 out of 5) .

Before grinding it, pour some moderately hot water inside your blender. The water should be at the temperature that you can still put your finger inside, without burning your skin. Do not use cold water!

Insert the cube-like coconut pieces and the moderately hot water inside the blender and grind the whole thing.


Using Sieve To Separate Coconut Milk From The Meat Pieces

coconut oil for sex lube - sieve to separate coconut milk from the coconut milk

After grinding, use sieve to separate coconut milk from coconut meat particles. Press with your hands on the meat leftovers to squeeze out the remaining juices (you want all that milk to come out of the meat).

After you’re done, repeat grinding of the meat leftovers. Add some water to blender and repeat the grinding process. Now do the sieving, and the squeezing, again.

This way you will extract the maximum amount of coconut milk from the coconut meat.


Leave Coconut Milk Inside The Fridge Overnight

Homemade Coconut Oil From FRESH Coconuts - 100% Natural

Put the coconut milk in the fridge overnight. This process will make the coconut water split from coconut milk ( – oil is in the milk). In the morning you will have coconut milk separated as the top layer, above the water.

Use spoon to separate top layer (milk) from the water. Put the milk in a pot (stainless steel preferred) to start the cooking / heating process.


Cooking (Heating) The Coconut Oil At Low Temperature

heating cooking coconut oil - coconut oil-based lube made from home

Once you’ve separated solid parts from the water (the temperature in the fridge did the process of separation), use a draining spoon for placing top layer (solid parts) into a separate pot.

The “cooking” (heating) should be done at low temperature, and you should be mixing frequently. The cooking process takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. There should be brown pieces in a pot at the end, and the oil should be a bit of a golden color. (If you want pure white color, you need to stop the cooking process premature).


Coconut Oil-Based Lube: Final Sieving And Filtering

coconut oil-based lube DIY homemade natural organic sex oil

Once the heating process is done, you have two components in your pot. The bits of chunk and the coconut oil mixed altogether. You should first let it cool down a bit. Next you need to sieve the content of your pot, thus separating the chunky pieces from the liquid (oil).

Once you’ve completed the sieving process, you also have to do the “fine filtering”. The fine filtering is the last step of getting the coconut oil. For this process you should use one of the below materials:

  • Coffee filter;
  • Paper towel;
  • Linen dishcloth or
  • Cheesecloth.

Let’s say you go for the cheesecloth. To do the final filtering, put your sieve over a glass container or a clean pot. And over the sieve, you place the cheesecloth. That way any particles still left in the oil, are going to be filtered, and only liquid (pure coconut oil) will remain. Useful tip – for maximum purity use 2 or 3 levels of sieve + cheesecloth, stacked one on top of another (see the above photo). When the oil drains, press down the bits of chunks with a spoon to squeeze out the maximum amount of coconut oil.


Packing And Storing Your Organic Homemade Coconut Oil

DIY Homemade Sex Oil-Based Lube - Best Glass Jar For Coconut Oil

We recommend storing your homemade coconut oil in a glass jar. Because plastic is not natural and may affect the molecular structure of your coconut oil-based lube. Therefore we advise to not use plastic packaging. At the picture you may see the type of glass jars we recommend using. If you don’t have any jars at home, you can get those from Amazon here.

Using round wide glass jars is the best way to store your coconut oil lube. This is due to the reason coconut oil may go to a solid state, and you will be unable to get it out from an elegant thin neck high bottle.


You should be storing your coconut oil-based lube at the room temperature. Putting it in refrigerator and taking it out, and putting it back in, will produce “shock” to your oil. It should be stored in a room with a constant temperature.

Can my organic 100% natural coconut oil expire? How do I know when It’s bad?

Yes, your oil may expire. But the expiration dates are quite long – more than a year and up to five years. Instead counting days, you should know when your coconut oil is bad by physical signs.


Here are 3 signs that your coconut oil may be expired:

  • Change in color – If you originally made clear white oil (turned down heating premature with the purpose of not making your coco oil gold) and when some time passed (months) your coconut oil lube went from clear white color to yellow, that’s a bad sign! Toss it, make new.
  • If you see bits of chunky pieces floating inside your coconut oil, origin of which you can’t seem to recognize, your coconut oil is probably expired. The structure of coconut oil should be nice and smooth. When applying it to your skin, there shouldn’t be any third-party “weird” pieces felt in your hand.
  • If it smells bad, it probably is bad. The Scent of your coconut oil should be nice and fresh and you should be smelling sweet coconuts. If you smell it’s sour or just bad, throw it away and stop using it on your skin.

DIY 100% Natural Coconut Oil-Based Lube: Conclusions

If you did everything right, used clean equipment during the process and followed our steps from this coconut oil recipe, you shouldn’t have any problems. You should get nice clear coconut oil (white or golden depends of your heating process). You can now enjoy your new 100% natural coconut oil in every imaginable way you desire. May it be for sexual purposes, sensual massage, in kitchen, for hair, and maybe even as a cure for cellulite – make your husband massage your thighs 2-3 times a week with this coconut oil, and you will see results in just couple of weeks. See this article on how to get rid of cellulite and how coconut oil may help.


And by the way:


Congratulations, You’ve just made your own 100% Natural Homemade Coconut Oil From FRESH Coconuts! Enjoy your lube ;)


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