6 tips for better sex: How to have great sex using lube?


This is a huge taboo topic and not many people are willing to talk about it. Not just in real life also online!

That’s why we would like to share a few tips & tricks that anyone can use to improve their sex life, focusing on the art of using personal lubricants for spicing things up.

If you’re wondering whether these tips are meant for men or for women, let’s clarify that what we’re going to present (our tips for better sex) are in-fact made for couples – meaning both men and women can use them to achieve the best sexual experience.

True, some tips will be more focused on men, while some are going to be more focused on women. But in general both should be able to apply these into their intimate lives and by doing so, improve sexual satisfaction and intimate health.

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Now, below you will find 6 tips for better sex with examples, which couples can use to spice-up things in bed.

Hope that you’ll find our sex tips helpful and that these will work for you, improving intimate moments of your relationship.

Here’s how you can have great sex using lube (intimate lubricants).

6 tips to have great sex using lube

Let’s first clarify, why using lube is such a big deal? – Well, I don’t know about you, but whenever personal lubricants are in use, I find sexual experience much hotter and the ambient is so much more arousing for both, me and my wife.

However, I can understand that not every couple is made to enjoy lubricants in their intimate acts. This is especially true, when a male might be less-endowed. I know this is hard to admit, however, you are invited to read our contribution on how to make a small penis feel big.

But in most cases, using lube should improve your sex life. That of course greatly depends on the choice of your lube. If you manage to find a lubricant that feels good for you, you can do magic with that slippery stuff.

We recommend that you check out lubes featured on our website. We only promote the best and the safest lubricants, that will provide an amazing sexual experience without causing any problems whatsoever (e.g. yeast infection, irritation, stickiness, etc).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at things couples can do to spice-up their sex life by using sexual lubricants.

Tips for better sex #1 : Picking a good sexual lubricant

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As we mentioned earlier, your choice of lube is crucial for a perfect sexual experience.

You won’t be able to have great sex using lube if problems occur due to poor choice of a lubricant. You don’t want to bash your head, when it turns out that the bottle you’ve purchased contains unusable and sticky liquid, that has no place on your private parts.

Below you can find high quality lube recommendations:

  • Aloe Cadabra water-based lube [1] – Perfect when condoms and toys are in game.
  • Penchant Premium silicone-based lube [2] – A little goes a long way (not compatible with toys).
  • Coconut oil [3] – Cold pressed coconut oil is an amazing lube (but don’t use with condoms).
  • Olive oil [4] – Yes! Olive oil is great for sensitive skin and provides a number of health benefits.
  • Flavored lubricants [5] – These can be tricky, but if you like a certain scent or taste, go ahead.

What’s the main difference between our recommendations and other lubricants? – We only recommend the safest ones!

A good lube is hypoosmolar and doesn’t include potentially harmful ingredients. A good lube won’t get sticky and ruin your sex act. A good lube will be slippery & slick, completely edible, while also improving the health of your most sensitive skin.

Picking a lube that is glycerin-free, without parabens, and most importantly doesn’t include formaldehyde releasing agents, you have zero chance of getting skin irritations, burning sensations or any kind of vaginal infections.

With this, we ensure that your sexual experience will be comfortable and healthy. That is why picking a good lubricant is the 1st and one of the most important steps to have great sex using lube.

You can check the exact process you can apply when choosing a lube here.

Tips for better sex #2 : Events leading to sex

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It is not just about sex, it’s about the events leading to sex. Sexual experience can be so much hotter if it happens spontaneously and if things are done right prior to an actual event.

How can things be spontaneous if you need to plan events leading to sex? – It’s simple, just don’t use the word sex, or imply in any way that you want to have sex. This mostly applies to men (men, be more discrete about sexual topics!).

In order to have great sex using lube, one should realize the importance of being spontaneous and how the events leading to sex are vital for the best and the most amazing sexual experience.

Avoid saying stuff like:

  • “Your looking gorgeous tonight let’s have some fun.”
  • “Hey babe, let’s go to bedroom I have sth to show you.”
  • “I sooo wanna have sex with you right now.”
  • Anyway, don’t be too obvious and avoid using vulgar language.

Here are some great ideas that may spontaneously lead to sex:

  1. Cooking! Make a romantic dinner for you two.
  2. Make yourself neat (shave, hair in order, don’t smell, etc.)
  3. Dress nice (wear something elegant).
  4. Take her dancing to a club and grab a few drinks together.
  5. For women, go and put on something sexy. Don’t forget about lingerie.
  6. For men, do the dishes and do some household chores.
  7. Give her / him a compliment or two.
  8. Go watch a late night movie and snuggle on the couch.
  9. Ask if she wants a relaxing massage.
  10. Use lube during massage, creating a sexual ambient.

If you manage to create the element of surprise, you have good chances of things developing into something more by the evening.

And one of the hottest thing you can do, is to hide the bottle of your favorite lubricant somewhere near the bed (like in a nightstand drawer), and when things start getting hotter you tell your partner: “I got a surprise for you.” – You then take the bottle and gently start rubbing lube all over their body.

Do not be too straight forward and vulgar with your words – well you can be if that’s something that turns your partner on. But in most cases the combination of being elegant and mysterious works better.

Make sure that you do good during the day, if you want something at night.

Tips for better sex #3 : Make sure both of you have high libido

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So, you have your favorite bottle of lube, you have a beautiful partner that you’re sexually attracted to, however, one (or both) of you are lacking libido?

Don’t worry, we’re definitely not saying to use Viagra or something like that. There are natural ways to increase your sexual drive. Only when both of you have high sexual desire you’ll be able to have great sex using lube.

That’s the reason our tips for better sex, also include ways to naturally boost male and female libido. You may not have this problem now, but maybe in future you are at some point going to face it. And then you can most certainly benefit from this advice.

Here are 12 tips both men and women can use to increase their libido:

  1. Getting enough sleep (6+ hours per day).
  2. Work on your stress and anxiety (relax, meditate, …).
  3. Do some sports (anything that makes you sweat).
  4. Try improving your relationship getting along with your partner.
  5. Drink one glass of dark wine per day, once finishing your daily tasks.
  6. Avoid unhealthy and processed food (here’s why!).
  7. Eat organic and homemade stuff.
  8. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  9. Consume black Maca powder (hormone balancing, natural Viagra).
  10. Drink Yohimbe Bark tea (increases the production of norepinephrine).
  11. Avoid too much sugar and too much salt.
  12. Don’t smoke!

The 12 things we point out above, can have an astonishing natural effect on your sex drive. How to start? – Try practicing one or two from the beginning, later adding others. Start with those that seem the easiest to you. It has to become your habit to follow these, which is anything but simple to implement in real life.

We believe that it is important to avoid any pharmaceutical products that promise to boost your libido. Natural ways are safer, healthier and doing things this way, you’ll enjoy long-term sexual health, thus being able to have great sex using lube with long-lasting erections.

Tips for better sex #4 : Using lube during foreplay

YouTube, channel “Nuru Gel”

There are so many ways you can enjoy using personal lubricants, and of course keeping closed bottle and waiting for the moment when penetration actually begins, is a missed opportunity.

We’ve already mentioned using lubricant for giving your partner a sensual massage. Just imagine that body all oiled up. Mere thought of that makes me wanna have sex. I hope you like the above video, to be honest, it is quite hot seeing that body to body massage, and both of them covered in lube. What do you think?

Now, we previously mentioned that choosing a high-quality natural product is essential if you want to have great sex using lube. The lubricant has to be edible and organic.

If you are having hard time finding a commercially available lubricant that suits your preferences, you may use certain household items instead of lube. You will find that these lube substitutes work perfectly well, providing that slippery glide, while being healthy for your sensitive skin.

Just think about all the possibilities of using lube during foreplay:

  • Sensual warming massage.
  • Full body-to-body massage.
  • Put some lube on your lips before giving oral.
  • Apply lube to clitoris and massage it.
  • Use lube for vaginal (or anal) fingering.
  • Add a few drops of lube inside the condom before putting it on.
  • Use lube in combination with toys.

Focusing on an intense foreplay is one of the most powerful tips for better sex. During foreplay, both partners relax and get in the mood. Kissing, caressing, giving cunnilingus and playing with fingers … and if you are really bold, you can also bring your favorite sex toy into the game. Lube can be used in every stage of foreplay, all you need is wild imagination and insatiable desire.

Hope this article is already giving you some new ideas on how to have great sex using lube with the tips and images we’re sharing with you!

Tips for better sex #5 : Stop vaginal dryness and painful sex

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When you use a good lube for sex, you are also effectively treating problems such as vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is very common for women entering menopause. And of the main symptoms is painful sex.

However, women of all ages may experience this problem. Even women in their 30s who are still far away from being menopausal, can sometimes experience vaginal dryness issues.

This can happen due to several reasons, but we’d like to share some general tips for better sex, that can help you overcome painful sex.

We’ve already talked about characteristics of good and healthy lubricants. It is worth mentioning that a good lube, will be beneficial towards solving problems related to vaginal dryness and painful sex, by moisturizing your skin and providing better elasticity when used regularly.

On the contrary, a bad lube (with harmful ingredients and high in osmosity), can make things worse, causing irritation and infections.

Below you can find tips for better sex that will help you overcome vaginal dryness and painful sex:

  • You shouldn’t stop having sex (avoiding penetration will only make things worse).
  • Always use hypoosmolar lube (osmolality should be below 400 mOsm/kg).
  • Avoid lubricants with harmful ingredients (complete list of bad lube ingredients).
  • Try moisturizing daily with a fresh gel of the Aloe Vera plant.
  • Eat foods that improve your estrogen levels (organic, natural, omega-3s, calcium, iron, fiber).
  • Avoid estrogen disruptors (pharmaceutical products, processed foods, personal care products, …)

The key tip here is that you need to fight the cause of your vaginal dryness, while also helping your skin by topically applying healthy moisturizing agents (such as Aloe Vera gel). This will create an immediate soothing effect.

Vaginal dryness and pain during sex because of it, can be fixed and lubricants take a big part in this treatment.

When suffering from dryness you may also notice skin lacerations (micro tears). Applying healthy lubrication to your vaginal area will work wonders fixing those.

In order to have great sex, you can use lubricants to solve problems related to any pain you may be encountering during sex, especially when the issue is the lack of natural lubrication.

Tips for better sex #6 : Lube-up and enjoy the best anal sex ever

YouTube, channel “Lovehoney”

As you are probably aware, going for a dry anal is quite impossible and can hurt like hell. However, with good preparation and with a proper lube, anal can be a very enjoyable act for both partners.

Why would anyone want to have anal sex at all?

  • 1st, because it’s soooo hot.
  • 2nd, because the forbidden fruit always tastes the best.
  • 3rd, because when done correct it can feel amazing for both partners.

So, how to have great sex using lube when it comes to trying anal? – As we already pointed out, lubrication will be essential … lot’s of it. The wetter the better! Which we can’t say about vaginal penetration, where being too wet just doesn’t feel good. For anal, you can’t be too wet.

Anus doesn’t lubricate itself naturally like vagina does. That’s another important fact implying that a good lube is needed.

Following the tips below is what you should do to have great ANAL sex using lube:

  • Mentally prepare yourself.
  • Don’t eat few hours before going for anal.
  • It is recommended that you empty your bowel few hours prior to an event.
  • Make it hygienic (shower, douche, make sure you wash thoroughly).
  • Go slow, start with finger penetration or use anal beads [link to Amazon].
  • Use a lube that isn’t too thick and doesn’t dry out.
  • Silicone-based and oil-based lubricants work best for anal.
  • Make sure you don’t use silicone toys with a silicone-based lube.
  • Start slowly, inserting just the tip of your penis, slowly advancing deeper.

With this we’d like to conclude our article on how to have great sex using lube. Following our tips for better sex, you can easily incorporate lubricants into your sexual acts and get the most out of the experience.

With this article our goal was to introduce new ways and creative tips couples can try during their intimate moments. It can be male-male, male-female, or female-female, everyone can benefit from what we’ve just shared with you here.

One one hand we have sexual health and on the other hand we have kinky stuff that we can try in bed. One depends highly on the other. You can’t have libido problems and have good sex. You can’t suffer from dryness and expect to enjoy sex to full extent. Our tips for better sex, are designed the way to help you achieve both – the health and the kinkiness.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 6 tips for better sex and how to have great sex using lube. If any new ideas leaped to mind, and if you found something useful here, our goal was achieved.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. Stay sexy. Sincerely yours, the lubeforsex.com team.


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